Weekend Adventure Ch. 02


Now back in our room I asked Ed what the hell did he think he was doing. He told me that he was only doing what I had asked of him. He said that he always had things planned out and that although he would sometimes be out of my sight that I would never be in any danger. He would always be looking out for me one way or another. he told me I needed to trust him completely and if I didn't that this would have to end. He told me to think it over and let him know if we were to continue.

I took a shower and while in there enjoying the hot water, I began to think about all that has happened to me recently. How I had gone from someone curious about being naked and staying in the safe confines of my home to someone who was totally naked in a bar full of strangers. I was getting so excited recounting all my feelings and thoughts and events. It was long before my hand was down between my legs bringing me to a tremendous orgasm. I knew that it was the result of the feelings of fear, embarrassment, my vulnerability when I was naked and alone. I knew it was because of Ed and I wanted these feelings to continue.

I wanted to be pushed to boldly walk naked, to be looked at and envied and desired. I needed to put my trust in Ed totally. I stepped out of the shower and didn't bother to dry off. I went out and saw Ed sitting there with clothes laid out for me. I told him that I trusted him completely and that I would do as he said. He told me we need to have a drink to celebrate, but we need ice. I didn't give it a second thought I grabbed the ice bucket, went out the door and down the hall naked and wet.

I met a few other hotel guests, I simply smiled and said hello, as if nothing was unusual. Back to the room, we had a drink and talked about the day. I told him all of my feelings and thanked him for making me feel alive and happy. We had our drinks and I went to get dressed. I came out wearing another one of my skirts that has buttons down both sides so you can decide how much leg to show and another crop top that buttons down the front. It was cut low and showed a lot of cleavage. I thought to myself that I liked this outfit and was going to hate seeing it cut up. I mentioned it to Ed and he assured me it would not be cut up.

I was relieved but then wondered what is he up to this time. I was told to button only the first few buttons on each side of my skirt. So as I walked my legs were bared to the tops of my thighs.. The top was buttoned all the way but still came to just below my breasts and was low cut. We went and had dinner which was pretty uneventful. I had my skirt between my legs so that lots of leg was bared to anyone who looked. The waiter couldn't keep his eyes off my legs each time he came to our table. We finished dinner and headed to the car.

Once again the weather was cold, it had to be maybe 35 degrees or even colder. There I was walking through the parking deck, legs flashing, belly bare, no coat and freezing. I asked Ed where we were off to and he said he had found a little local bar that had a pool table and was told it had a nice crowd on weekends. I like to shoot pool, enjoy seeing what songs an old jukebox may have on it and looked forward to a great evening.

The place looked small from the outside but was surprisingly big once inside. Again I got some funny looks as I walked in from the cold half bare and no coat. They had some of the small high tables over near the pool table with bar stools to sit on. When I tried to sit I am sure I gave someone a nice view but that's fine. I was sure or at least hoping that they would be seeing more of me later somehow.

This time Ed went over and got us some drinks, chatting with the bartender as he waited for them. Ed brought the drinks back and after a few minutes I said I wanted to go check out the tunes on the jukebox. There was nothing very recent but some good older songs that I would enjoy. I picked out a group of songs as I noticed I was being eyed up by some of the guys in the place. I was standing so that the slits on my skirt were open enough to show a good bit of skin. This was getting the attention of the guys .

I was watched as I walked back to our table and knew they all hoped to see something more when I went to get onto the bar stool. I think a few may have gotten a quick flash which seemed to keep them interested. I love to shoot pool and so Ed asked me if I would like to play. I of course accepted and although I tried my best I lost the few games we played to Ed. There was a guy who had come over and put some quarters on the table to mark his turn. So I went back to sit at our table which was only a few steps away from the pool table.

The guy asked Ed if he wanted to play for drinks and Ed of course agreed. It was not long before he was up buying us a round of drinks. They played another couple of games and I think Ed lost one of them. It seemed the guy was either getting better from the drinks or he was going to try and hustle Ed. Well before long the guy challenged Ed to a game for $50 which he readily accepted. It was a close game but Ed lost when the cue fell into a pocket after shooting the eight ball. I knew Ed hated to lose and fully expected him to challenge this guy to another $50 game.

It seems Ed had other ideas as I should have known. Ed said if he won that he would get his $50 back but if he lost my woman here will take her shirt off and leave it off. Well I knew it was about to start for me again. I was ok with this as I had been naked in a bar before and I was only going to be topless anyway, if Ed lost. Well not surprisingly I was soon unbuttoning my top, as everyone watched. I had told Ed earlier that I was still pretty pissed about him leaving me in the movie so he assured me that he would not leave me alone tonight which made me feel better.

I sat there with my blouse unbuttoned, took a sip of my drink for courage, took off my top and placed it on the table. The next game was played for drinks as I was getting thirsty and soon I was told to go to the bar and get our drinks as Ed gave me the money. My nipples were standing at attention as I anticipated my walk to the bar with my bare and bouncing boobs, all eyes on me. I stood up showing a lot of leg and walked over to the bar.

Naturally the bartender had a big smile on his face as I approached. He made no attempt to avert his eyes from my jiggling tits and I made no attempt to cover them. I got our drinks took them back over and sat down again. No sooner had I sat down when Ed called me over by him. He gave me some money for the jukebox and undid all but one button at the top of my skirt on the one side. Now when I walked my skirt opened on the one side all the way to my hip. If I leaned over enough while selecting songs I am sure some folks would get a glimpse of my pussy. I concentrated on picking music and paid little attention to the game.

I saw that it was another close game as I went back to the table I asked Ed if they were playing for more drinks. He said no we are playing for your skirt. he said if he lost I would have to stay naked for the rest of the night there. I could feel my nipples grow a bit more and could feel that very familiar sensation between my legs as I thought about being naked once again in a bar full of strangers of whom most were men.

Well I thought this will be easy, I can sit here naked all night, no problem. I'll get dressed before we leave and be very excited thinking about what had occurred. I was beginning to wonder if he was losing on purpose because I soon was standing up undoing the last button that held my skirt up and there I was naked in just my heels again.. My skirt was on the table now with my top. I was relieved when I asked Ed if he had any scissors he laughed and said no honey I don't. Well that was a relief anyway and I was so enjoying being the main attraction. As the night went on I was told to go get us drinks, play music and dance some for the crowd.

I was telling Ed I hated him but deep down I was ecstatic and so turned on by this. I felt safe because he had not left me and I could really enjoy it all. I did feel chilled from time to time but over in the corner there was a fire in the fireplace where I could go to warm up. I was on cloud nine, all eyes watching me as I stayed naked the whole night.

It was getting a bit late and we were going to get going soon. It was then that they agreed to one last game. I was about ready to get dressed and get back to the hotel. They talked about the stakes of the game and Ed said if he lost the guy could decide the fate of my clothes. I could get them back or not, I could get the top but not the skirt or the skirt but not the top. I was horrified, it was so cold out now I was sure if the guy won that after a bit of teasing I would get my clothes back.

As it was they were barely enough to keep me warm. Well the game seemed to last forever as I sat hoping that Ed would win or at least that this guy would feel sorry for me and give me my clothes. At last the end of the game, I sat in disbelief as Ed handed my skirt and top to the guy telling him he could give me all, part or none of them back. He contemplated his decision out loud thinking what a turn on to see me walk out into the cold night with just my shirt on . As he thought more about he said he knew that we had extra clothes in the car so I could get dressed. He was assured by Ed that there was no place I could get anything to cover me if my clothes were gone.

This seemed to really excite this guy and me as well. He said well if she walks out of here naked and you have her clothes she will get dressed . So we tried to assure him that if Ed said I would not get dressed that I surely wouldn't. It seems that it is not only me that is very turned on at the thought of being naked with no clothes available to cover myself. The guys seem to love knowing that a woman is naked and has no way to cover herself. He finally said that he wanted me to agree to stay totally naked. We agreed , well I should say Ed agreed. I protested saying that it had to be very cold out now and how could I possibly be seen walking into the hotel from outside naked in weather that was barely above freezing.

I really wanted my clothes as little as they were but no luck. I pleaded with the guy one more time, for him to please give me my clothes. I even went as far as to offer to let him feel my tits and pussy in return for my clothes but he said no deal. Well the moment of truth had arrived it was time to go. I was enjoying the warmth of the fire before stepping out into the freezing night. We said goodnight and I tried once more to get him to give me my clothes but he said no and that he did trust us to keep me naked for the trip back to the hotel.

It happened so fast , I had no time to react. As the guy started to hand my clothes to Ed he quickly switched direction of his arm and my clothes were in the fireplace. It is incredible how fast clothing ignites. In a matter of seconds my clothes were history. Now there was no option for me once again. I have to admit that the thought of being naked and cold is a huge turn on for me but it also frightens me We walked toward the door to the astonished looks of those still at the bar.

They as well as I could not believe I was going to walk out into the freezing night naked. As the door opened I could feel the freezing air rush across my body and I was immediately covered in goose bumps. It was then I saw that it was snowing out. I was going to freeze to death. We stepped outside and a crowd of people came to the door to watch me walk naked in the snow and freezing cold. Once at the car Ed took the time to wave and smile at all watching us, he then slowly got in, started the car and then opened my door to let me in. I looked to see if just maybe there was something in the back to wear but I should know better.

We pretty much followed the same routine as the previous night. I walked naked from the farthest corner of the parking deck and into the hotel. We went to the coffee shop as I felt myself being stared at by all those around. It was earlier than the night before and so many more people were milling about. I watched hotel security watch me walk past and waited to be stopped but nothing happened. We went into the coffee shop and sat at a table just as before.

The same waitress came over and smiled, this time she asked why I am naked every time I am there. Ed told her that it was a little game we play and that I always lose. If only she knew that deep inside I knew I was winning. We finished our coffee and I walked boldly out and to the elevator, smiling and saying hello to all who looked. I went in to take a nice hot shower and masturbated till I came.

The next day Ed checked us out and then he came back to the room to get me. I left the room naked and stayed that way for the entire ride home. It was not as exciting as I knew that I did have some clothes in my bag that was in the trunk. I hope someday to leave my house naked, with no clothes for an overnight stay. I am sure with Ed around that will happen sooner than later.


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