tagBDSMWeekend Adventure with My Boy Toy

Weekend Adventure with My Boy Toy


"Let's see what should the weekend hold for you? Hummmm. Ah yes, I know."

I am having a very special party for a very special set of friends and you are invited to come. I have rented the Monticello Mansion for the weekend. I am having a black ball there. I have you meet me early in the afternoon in order to prepare you for my guest.

"Strip and get into the tub slut!"

"Yes Mistress."

My slave girl joins you. She is caramel colored with long waist length hair, a pert nose, a full sensuous mouth, green almond shaped eyes, high round breast with dark nipples and an ass so succulent it makes you want to weep. Her nimble fingers begin to wash your body. She then begins to apply shaving cream to your chest, arm pits, pubic area, asshole and legs and arms. She shaves your body completely bald except for your head. She then shaves your face and waxes your eyebrow into a nice high arch.

"The slut is ready Mistress."

"Thank you Mai take the slut into the other room please."

Mai leads you into a large bedroom, lays you down on a massage table and starts to apply oil into your skin. You're thinking Mistress has never pampered me like this. What is she going to do to me. You want to panic but the nimble fingers of Mai has you feeling so relaxed that you can barely keep your eyes open. You feel another set of hands spread your cheeks and you feel warm oil being rubbed and pressed into your ass. You try to lift your hungry asshole towards the intrusion, but you are quickly disciplined with sharp smacks to your bottom.

The oil on your asshole is getting hotter by the minute. The same oil is rubbed into your cock, balls and nipples. You are writhing now and your cock is hardening. Nipple clamps with weights are placed on you. Cock and balls are separated and restrains your harden cock. A black breast-filled latex bra and a special thong comes next. The thong has a special bump beneath your balls against your taint and the strap that goes between your cheeks has a butt plug attachment which is eased into your ass. Next long latex gloves and Six inch stilettos that lace up your calves are added. I come in and do your make up and finally I add a long dark wig to complete the look.

"Look at yourself slut. You are a gorgeous little bitch. Put your hands behind your back so I can cuff them. That's my good little slut. Keep your eyes down and follow me."

You feel so sexy as you walk. Your asshole is constantly being rubbed by the plug and you can feel your ass sashaying as you walk. You catch a glimpse of your self in a mirror and cant believe how much like a woman you look. You notice that I have what looks like a key starter in my hand and in the other you have a riding crop. The stimulating oil has your privates so aroused that you need some on to release the sensuous torture. I lead you to a ball room that is decorated in black linens, crystal sex toys, black leather straps, devices and there is a fountain of lube in the center of the room and right next to the bench I have brought you to.

I lead you to a special bench and tell you to lean across it. You are able to rest on your stomach and there is a special indentation for your swollen cock pouch to go into so you don't smash them. The angle of the bench leaves your ass out perfect for fucking. There is a sex swing near your head. I take your cuffs and chain your arms down to the your sides. I kiss your mouth and whisper into your ear.

You are going to be the cum slut for the night. Every one (men and women) at the party tonight will use your mouth and your ass. The special thing about that little bump in your thong is two fold. One when the strap and plug is removed from the crack of your ass, that pocket your dick is in helps to keep it in place and it covers your balls in such a way that no one will really know it you are a girl or not. The second special thing about that bump is this. I press a button and you feel deep vibrations along your prostate and a moan escapes your lips.

"You are to answer only when spoken to and you better use your best girl voice. When ever I think you are not pleasing one of my friends with your mouth or your ass and I use this to help you get into the mood. I give you a lick of my crop on these beautiful ass cheeks and that will also be the number of days I will not fuck you as punishment for displeasing me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I kiss your mouth again and pull down the strap and remove the plug from your ass. I lick your asshole and stick my tongue in deep. I squeeze your cheeks and walk away. You are frightened. Mistress has never let a real man use you before and you did not want to displease her. The thought of her not tonguing your asshole and filling it up with her cock has you on the verge of tears. Suddenly a white very handsome man and his leggy blonde date come along side of you. "I want her to eat my pussy Todd. Look at that luscious mouth!" She leans over to kiss you. She gets up into the special swing seat that leaves her pussy and ass exposed and tells you to lick it. You hungrily obey tonguing the creamy pink folds before you. You feel the man named Todd go behind you and you feel his strong hands on your ass squeezing and kneading your cheeks. You suddenly feel his hot breath on your asshole and you moan as he sticks his thick fat tongue into your asshole to make you wet. He reaches into the fountain and slathers his 7"cock with lube and begins to ease himself into your tight asshole. His dick is hot and hard sliding into your ass. You lick the blondes pussy in earnest to keep from letting a manly moan escape your lips. You're being fucked by a man and it feels so good. The pussy has appreciated your efforts and squirts you with its cum. The tightness of your ass squeezing the cock in it is rewarded with several hot spurts of cum. "Mmmmmm." The blonde gets out of the swing and Todds cock leaves your ass. But it is immediately replaced with a woman with a strap-on and swing is replaced with a real 8 inch black cock that looks to be really thick. You can barely get you mouth open wide enough for the cock before you, but you want to taste the cum that is in it.

You suck on his balls and tongue his asshole and in a long lick back up to the tip, you get as much of it into your mouth as possible. The woman in your ass is driving you nuts with the cock in her harness. It has tons of speed bumps all over it and the stimulation is making want to slam back for more, but youre are concentrating on the cock in your mouth. You pretend that it is my cock and you want desperately to taste my cum. You work that cock like the little cocksucker I know that you are. I am proud of you as I watch spurts and spurts of cum hit your lips and tongue as you do your best to swallow his heavy load. All night long men and women use you filling your ass and your mouth with their cum. At the end of the night I have Mai bathe you again. She does not remove the cock restraint but she does remove the nipple clamps. She washes your aching ass, inside and out getting all of the cum out of you. She puts a soothing cooling gel on your nipples and in your ass and brings you to me. "I was very proud of my slut tonight. You did such a good job that I am going to reward you by letting you suck and fuck my ass tonight while I eat Mai's pussy. You can remove your restraint now. Mai come and spread that beautiful ass for me. Go on slut tongue me and fuck me while you're in my good graces." You are so happy to have pleased me that your eagerness made me cum several times before falling off to sleep.

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