tagMatureWeekend at Mother in Laws Pt. 02

Weekend at Mother in Laws Pt. 02


Saturday Morning

The banging of car doors stirred John from his sleep, a sleep that had taken an age to come. He had sat on the bed waiting for the door to the room to open. In one instance it was Jayne coming to replace her battery companion with the real thing in another instance it was Paul coming in with a meat cleaver to remove john of his own little companion. He had finally fallen to sleep just as the sun had begun to lighten the horizon. He now lay there half asleep listening to the many voices that were filling the hallway and felt a weight lifting from him, with so many people about he could take his mind off yesterday and concentrate on the party.

The kitchen was alive with noise, four children ran in and out of the open French doors while their parents stood drinking large cups of coffee. "Morning sleepy head," Said Holly, Michelle's younger sister and quickly poured him a cup of coffee. Her husband Dave stood chatting to Michelle's brother Owen about football while Owen's wife Petra stared at the children a look of mild worry etched on her features. He greeted each one warmly and managed to stop the children long enough to get an hello or two before they were off again.

Paul walked in looking worse for wear a heavy bathrobe tied round his tiny frame, "Rough night dad?" Owen asked. Paul nodded and cracked a smile that seemed to cause him some considerable agony, the joys of a hangover. He grabbed the glass bowl of coffee and poured one with shaky hands. Owen popped his head out of the French doors and called out, "Mom! Dad and John are finally up."

Jayne walked in from the garden, face flushed and a thin sheen of sweat on her forehead one child tucked under her arm. This morning she wore a front buttoned blue summer dress that reached her ankles. She lowered the child to the ground who immediately screamed and charged back outside after his siblings. "Well it is about time, we were thinking of calling the mortuary to have you both carted away before you stunk up my house." Her eyes lingered on John for longer than he expected, his heart raced into his throat, he had convinced himself that he had gotten away with last night's visit now he was less certain. Jayne blinked and turned to her husband complaining at him once again about his drinking.

John splashed cold water onto his face, when he looked up from the sink he was met with his own pale reflection in the bathroom mirror. The voices of the family downstairs were blissfully muffled in the tiled room and it gave John the chance to gather his thoughts, which really consisted of one, 'I am screwed.' It repeated in his head like a Buddhist mantra over and over. The tap at the door was barely audible, John flushed the toilet and unlocked the door and opened it, "Sorry, I hope I did not keep you waiting long." His false smile dropped from his face the moment he saw Jayne leaning back on the bannister, she stood up and gently pushed him back into the bathroom closing the door behind her with a kick of her foot.

Jayne waggled her finger in front of her face, "You have been a naughty boy John." John shook his head slowly and Jayne narrowed her eyes, "How long were you at the door?" She asked. John gave no reply, "What did you see?" Again no reply just another slow shake of his head. From a pocket on the dress Jayne pulled out her mobile phone. "I wonder what Michelle would make of this picture, or how about Holly downstairs," Jayne smiled wickedly, "I am sure we would get an instant reaction from her."

"I didn't see anything," John blurted out. "Well, that is to say I saw your foot," Jayne waggled her phone in front of John, the static image of himself almost a blur with the movement. "Honest, that is it nothing else, Paul coughed and I ran."

Jayne held the phone still and looked at John for what seemed an age before slowly lowering the phone. "Were you disappointed you did not see more?" She asked, John swallowed hard and nodded his head barley moving it. Jayne reached down and taking the hem of her dress in both hands lifted it up revealing a red pair of knickers, a mound of hair just visible through the floral stitching on the front. "Do you want to see more?" She asked and John nodded.

Jayne pulled at the buttons on the dress they gave way from the hem to her waist, leaving her ample top half still covered. She let one side of the dress go while she raised her right leg and rested it on the white porcelain bath tub. Her sneakered foot curled slightly on the tub holding her in place. She ran one hand along her right leg from the knee to her inner thigh then over the front of her knickers. Her hand cupped her sex and she began to push down and rotate on her hand.

John stared with incomprehension at what he was seeing. He was excited and terrified all at the same time, it was a sight he had only ever fantasised about late at night but now it was real and he wanted to run and to stay all at the same time. Jayne's breathing became heavier, her eyelids fluttered and she leaned her head back all the while her hand worked away between her legs. She moved her hand letting John see the damp patch that was forming, he reached out with his own trembling hand and she batted it away. "Ah, ah, ah no touching." She said with a smile.

Jayne hooked two fingers under the seams of the knickers and pulled them up and over to one side revealing her hairy mound her labia puffy and wet clearly visible with her legs parted. She moved her hand into place, running a finger from her clitoris, between her labia and back up again a shudder travelling over her body and a small gasp escaping her lips. John inched closer catching the scent of Jayne's sex the sound of her hand travelling over her hairy bush in his ears, he had to know what it felt like, what it tasted like and he licked at his dry lips. Jayne was lost in her own world, head flung back and her black hair trailing behind her as one finger disappeared into her.

By now Jayne's breathing was a ragged song of gasps and groans, her raised right leg shook uncontrollably her free hand groped at her covered breasts while her other hand, a slick mess of her juices worked mercilessly at her pussy. John's cock begged to be released, begged to feel the tug of Jayne's labia as they helped it glide into her hot centre. Jayne's breathing came quicker, "Fuck!" she exclaimed husky and high pitched, her fingers worked quicker and soon were almost dripping in her juices, "Fuck!" she moaned as her whole body now shook, her hand stopped working her pussy and she ground down on it, her right leg gave way finally on the bath tub and she stood there back arched as her orgasm worked its way through her.

"Take off those shorts," Jayne said out of breath, she had pulled her knickers back in place and a dark damp patch was already spreading, her right hand glistened with her juices still. John unbuckled his shorts quickly and dropped them to the ground. "Now take off those boxers," He duly did as he was told pulling them down frantically letting his cock free. It slapped him in the belly and stood rigid for Jayne to see. She stepped forward her right hand reaching out and John held his breath and prayed that when Jayne gripped him with her sticky hand he would not shoot straight away. Instead Jayne's hand dropped away and reached for her knickers. She pulled them down her legs, picked them up and held them out for John to take.

John took the knickers, feeling their warmth and the sticky mess they had been soaking up. He held them to his face, closed his eyes and smelt his mother in laws sex, his cock twitched with anticipation. "Put them on," Jayne said. His eyes flicked open he looked at her questioningly she gave him a wicked smile back, "Put them on," she repeated more firmly. John slipped one foot in then the other and pulled up the red knickers. They were tight round his thighs tighter still around his hard cock. He felt the sticky, juice stained knickers instantly cling to his cock head and shaft and for an instant he thought he really was going to blow. "Be a good boy and leave them on," She lowered her dress smoothing it out across her body. She looked in the mirror tilting her head slightly one way then the other, checking her makeup "maybe you will get a reward in the evening." And with that she turned, unlocked the bathroom door and left John standing there erect and in her stained knickers.

Saturday Evening

The day had dragged out endlessly for John, he was certain everyone knew what he was wearing. Perhaps it was the look on his face or the way he walked. He kept waiting for someone to approach him and ask "why are you wearing Jayne's knickers?" but the question never came. He tried to keep his thoughts straight but the task was too great, the feeling of the material also was too great. His cock was in agony with the constant erections he was getting.

At lunch they sat in a restaurant and chatted away. Jayne talked as if nothing was out of the ordinary as if going out with no knickers on was the norm, John had a feeling that for Jayne perhaps it was, a quick flash to some lucky man here and there perhaps. The thought brought on another erection. Jayne looked at him as if she could sense it, he knew it was stupid but the way she looked at him, there was a trace of a small wicked smile on her lips then she returned to talking with Holly.

Once they got back to the beach house John had hoped to find some piece, the chance to get to the bedroom and at least let his cock breathe a little. The family had other ideas, without a word everyone gravitated to the back garden, the French doors were flung open and some bad soft rock came rolling out from the kitchen's portable stereo. Paul had, somehow by magic, already had a tumbler of whiskey and ice in one hand as he took a match to the Barbeque. "Is that wise?" John asked Owen.

Owen laughed and patted John on the back, "Probably not, but are you going to tell him?" He shoved an open bottle of beer into John's hand.

"If he's there he cannot be somewhere else causing trouble." Jayne came up on the other side of John. Owen wandered off handing out the remaining bottles of beer he had clutched in his hands and under his arms. "Have you been a good boy?" The whisper was soft in his ear, Jayne's head had not moved and her relaxed smile as she watched her husband light the barbeque did not slip.

John took a big gulp of ice cold beer, "Yes," he said lowering the bottle, his cheeks began to burn and his heart thudded against his chest.

"Good," Jayne said and walked over to her husband to help out.

The food was eaten with enthusiasm and by the time the sun had started its descent turning the sky a tinge of gold and orange, everyone was lounging about with bellies full. Jayne ran around like the dutiful mother, she had already gotten the grand children bathed and in bed and was now dealing with her own children. Offering them beer or wine which was accepted without hesitation or more food which was declined, usually with a big sigh. "Right who's up for watching the sun set on the beach?" She sang out dancing around the chairs and sun loungers. Her question was met with groans and drawn out 'No's'. "Well I am not going on my own," She put her hands on her hips looking at them all in turn. "Fine, motherly charm clearly is not going to work so I volunteer John to come with me," this was met with cheers and 'hurrah's' from the rest of the family.

"Thanks for taking one for the team John," Owen smiled, his eyes watery with drink, "welcome to the family, we owe you one."

As the moved down the sand dune the beach house disappeared behind them, John looked over his shoulder and watched as the top of the house sank beneath the sand, "lovely evening." Jayne said and John nodded. "Warm though," she said reaching up, undoing the first few buttons on her dress. John tried to look ahead but found he was looking down at Jayne's tanned skin and the darker line and swell of her cleavage. He almost yelped out in surprise when Jayne's elbow poked him in the ribs, "caught you looking," she said laughing.

Sand dunes now rose on either side of them and an almost buried wooden path was beneath their feet. A bench, weathered, sun bleached and sand blasted sat off to the left, looking anything but sturdy to sit on. Jayne took John by the hand and led him to the bench. "Let me see." She said. John looked around nervous that someone could come walking along, nervous that it could be Paul or even Owen. "Let me see," Jayne said again this time pulling at the clasp on his shorts. John reached up to stop her but the shorts were already sliding down his legs, "Oh," Jayne exclaimed, seeing John still in her knickers, "You have been a good boy." John gasped as Jayne cupped his cock and balls in one hand and gave a gentle squeeze and tug. His cock began to stiffen and Jayne let go looking down and admiring the bulge that stretched at her knickers. "Sit down,"

The bench groaned under his light frame as he sat down, the smooth wood warm on his skin. Jayne kneeled before John and took the knickers on either side and pulled them down releasing Johns cock. His moan came out louder than he expected as Jayne's hand curled around his sticky shaft. She worked him slowly for a few moments then said, "Would you like me to suck it?" John swallowed hard and nodded, his nerves had been left behind. Jayne smiled up at John, "Tough." She replied and continued to work his cock with her hand.

After a few minutes she let go, letting his pre cum tip slap against his belly leaving a smear. Jayne undid a few more buttons on her dress, slipping it from her shoulders so that it bunched round her waist and exposing a red lacy bra beneath. She reached behind unhooking the clasps and the bra fell away from her ample tits. She remained kneeling between John's legs and reached up cupping her heavy tits holding them up for John to see. Her index finger and thumb on both hands reached out and gently squeezed her dark nipples and pulled them. When she let go they stood firm and meaty, dark mountains on tanned flesh.

John watched open mouthed as his mother in law toyed with her large tits, cupping them and playing with her dark nipples her eyes never straying from his. "Would you like me to give you a tit job?" She asked. John nodded hard in response. She moved on her knees closer to him, sitting up straighter she took hold of John's cock in one hand and guided it between her tanned bosom. The heat enveloped his sticky warm shaft as Jayne's tits closed around him. He had never felt anything like it, Michelle was a good size at 34c but these, these were truly something else. He caught a glimpse of his cock head popping free of the heavy mounds before sinking back in, the pre cum tip smearing it's mess over Jayne's flesh.

Jayne held her tits together forming a meat sandwich with John's cock as the filling. She worked him quick then slow alternating the speed. John lifted his hips trying to fuck his mother in laws tits as much as he could, loving the sensation. "I'm cumming," he panted out. Jayne let go of her tits letting them flop free and hanging just above John's cock, she grabbed his cock in one hand and worked it for only a few seconds before the first ribbon of cum erupted free spattering onto her hanging tits and hard nipples. She worked him until his groans diminished and the last of his cum dribbled onto her hand.

Jayne sat down next to John, her cum covered tits still exposed. She turned slightly on allowing John full view of them. He reached up with a shaky hand and cupped the left breast feeling its heavy weight and his sticky mess. He ran his hand up spreading his cum across the curved surface and onto the dark nipple. He did the same to her right breast, smearing his cum across the tanned flesh and dark puckered areola and nipple, leaving behind a sticky sheen. Hesitantly he leaned forward mouth hovering over her left nipple, Jayne groaned feeling his warm breath on her nipple followed by a sigh as his mouth closed round it and his tongue flicked across the meaty nub.

John could taste his salty mess on the nipple and lapped at it with a carefree abandon, his mouth relinquished the nipple and his tongue ran across the tanned plump tit, tasting his cum and Jayne's sweat on it. One of his hands, dipped beneath her dress, ran along her hot knee, across her thigh and down to her inner thigh her legs already spread and eager. His palm tickled as it ran over her heavy bush and down to her already wet labia. His middle finger slipped between the lips feeling them parting at his touch, trying to suck his finger into her. Jayne rested a hand on John's head holding him by her breasts as his tongue continued to lap up his earlier mess and send sparks of electricity across her body when his tongue or lips made contact with her erect nipples.

John worked her quickly, his finger being pulled into the heat and the wetness before coming away and finding her clitoris. Jayne's legs closed round his hand, a mewing noise deep in her throat as her body began to shudder. John's finger disappeared into her meaty pussy, curling up finding her g-spot and prodding it gently as she let loose her orgasm. His hand felt crushed between her legs and his head was pushed firmly onto one breast as Jayne cried out her body spasming as she came hard.

Jayne's gripped loosened on his head and hand and he came up taking in gulps of fresh sea air, his cock stood erect ready for action once more. John eagerly slipped from the bench pulling Jayne's legs apart wanting nothing more than to get his cock buried deep in her. Jayne reached out with both hands resting them on his chest and held him at arm's length, "No, no, no. I think that's enough for tonight." John looked at her with surprise his lower jaw hanging limp. She gave him a firm push that unbalanced him and sent him arse first onto the sand. Jayne stood up smoothing her dress and putting her bra back on, John's spittle still drying on her skin. "You've been a good boy, but not that good."

Jayne held out a hand and John took it, he got to his feet and felt a little ashamed for trying to fuck his mother in law, he was a little lost for words all of a sudden. "We should go see that sunset." Was all he was able to come out with.

Jayne laughed and gave him a small hug, "My dear, I think that boat has sailed." She motioned with her head to the horizon. The ball of fire had disappeared now only a deep red haze stretched across the horizon. "Perhaps we should head back to the house, don't want people getting worried about us now do we." She held his hand until the roof of the house began to rise above the sand dune, at its peak she hurried ahead of him calling out to Paul.

John stayed on the top of the dune for a moment, his mind spinning and his heart still beating hard, had he dreamt the last hour? The taste on his lips was too real to ignore, he had just seen his mother in law in a different light. A light that he never knew existed but only dreamt of. He wanted her even more now, forget his hidden file on the PC he had gotten a taste of the real woman and wanted more. John was determined by the end of the weekend he would have more of Jayne.

End of Part Two...

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