tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend at the Lodge Ch. 04

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 04


This is a series and will best be enjoyed by reading them in sequence.


Steve was ramrod hard now and I was ready for Judy's next step. I pulled her to her feet, leaving Joan sprawled out in the armchair as cum oozed out of her luscious, young body. I pushed Judy over to where Steve was sitting. She looked down at Annie as she sat between his legs and his ramrod as it stood straight up in the air as she licked it from top to bottom. I reached down and taking some of her hair in my hand pulled her face from his cock. "Climb on." I instructed and Judy lifted her leg over his and straddled his body. He looked out to see her huge tits as they bounced gently in front of his face.

"Annie, put him in." I said and the boy moaned as first he felt Annie wrap her slender fingers around his ramrod and then felt Judy slowly lower her amazing body onto the tip. Once she'd wedged the tip of his cock between Judy's moist labia, Annie released her grip and then watched as Judy slowly lowered her frozen pussy all the way down onto his shaft. The icicle I'd shoved into her twat had melted but the walls of her pussy were still very cold. The sensation of his warm cock filling her frozen pussy, the feeling of her cold pussy around his hot shaft were sensational. Steve had no ability to move his body from the way I'd bound him. Judy would have to do all of the work. "Fuck him until he cums." I said as I gave her a slap on her rounded ass.

Judy reached up and grasped the posts of the chair and planting her feet firmly on the floor, lifted her body up and then plunged down hard onto his cock. We all watched as this beautiful woman skewered her pussy onto his shaft. Her huge tits bounced wildly before his face as Steve watched her fuck his brains out while her boyfriend watched. Under other circumstances he would have been furious but with his cock buried in Sandy's warm, wet mouth it was hard to complain. John leaned his head forward and tried to bite at Judy's bouncing titflesh as he mashed his face against her magnificent breasts.

I moved over to Mindy and lifted her out of the special chair. "Go over there and suck on him for awhile." I said as I pointed her in John's direction. I motioned Sandy to come to me and she paled as she realized that she was about to be strapped into the special chair. Slowly she walked towards me, her magnificent, young breasts bouncing gently with each step. I eased her arms over the chairback and then lifted her into the chair, strapping her thighs open in the brackets. I gazed at her magnificent, young body as she trembled with fear. She was totally defenseless and her virgin pussy was spread wide open and fully available. I sat down in front of the nicely spread virgin and brought my hands up to her open thighs. She jumped slightly as she felt my open palms on her satiny smooth skin. I looked up at her beautiful face and let my hands slide down the insides of her open thighs until they met at her drenched pussy. My thumbs spread her labia and I gazed down through her fine, blonde curls and saw her clit standing erect before me. I let my thumbs press to the sides of it and teased it. The naked beauty gasped as her body began to tremble. No one had ever touched her naked pussy before and the sensations were most powerful. I peeled her open and leaned forward as I sucked her most sensitive bud between my lips. She screamed softly as a powerful orgasm rippled through her magnificent, young body. I let my thumbs tease her labia as my mouth teased her clit. I sucked her most sensitive nubbin between my teeth and by adjusting the pressure and suction I was able to drag her clit over the hardness of my teeth and bring her to repeated orgasms. Female cum is always sweet but a virgin's cum is a special treat. I loved it. She was totally humiliated as her body surrendered to my mouth. She'd never had an orgasm before except for using her own fingers. This was new and powerful.

"Annie, I've got another pussy for you to lick. Keep her hot and wet." I said as I guided the slender, young blonde into the chair. She pressed her soft lips to Sandy's spread pussy and Sandy moaned with pleasure as she felt Annie's talented tongue slip between her engorged love petals. Annie really seemed to enjoy sex, no matter who was involved. I toyed with Sandy's firm breasts as Annie licked her oozing quim. I looked over at Judy who seemed to be close to making Steve cum.

Steve moaned loudly as Judy rammed her tight pussy up and down the length of his shaft. She was tiring and as she shoved her pussy down, she began to roll her hips slightly and he grunted as his cock exploded deep in her tightness. He moaned as he felt her powerful inner muscles milk all the jizz out of his cock. She looked down at him and then wrapping her arms around his head, she drew his face to her panting breasts and practically smothered him as she pressed his face into her deep cleavage.

While all of this was going on, Leslie slipped into one of the downstairs bedrooms and putting on a jacket, snuck behind me and quietly opened the door. The others, who saw her, got hopeful as they watched her run to the van. I knew she was going but decided to let her go. As she ran, she could feel the coldness of the air against the naked skin and in particular against the moistness that oozed from between her soft thighs. She climbed into the van and tried to start it. Without the distributor cap, that was not a possibility. She got out of the van and started to run down the long dirt road, barefoot in the snow. She quickly realized the futility of her escape and turned to walk back to the lodge. When she climbed up the stairs she was shivering and in tears.

"What shall I do with you?" I asked sarcastically as Leslie came back into the lodge. Leslie shrugged her shoulders. The warmth of the room warmed her frozen body. "It'll have to be something that will leave an impression on you and on the others, so they won't try anything so stupid." I said as I came around her shivering body. Taking hold of the collar of her jacket, I slid it off of her shoulders and down her slender arms. Once again she stood naked before me. She was still shivering and snow clung to her legs from her running and falling in the snow.

"I should wrap your thighs around that chimney pipe." I said and Leslie turned ghost white and started to cry. "I know!" I exclaimed and Leslie looked up at me, her face filled with fear as I smiled. Walking over to Sandy, I pulled Annie's face from her open thighs and had her sit back in the chair. Both of her cheeks and Sandy's open thighs were covered with cum.

I lifted Sandy's body out of the special chair and helped her to stand up. "Over there." I said to the beautiful blonde and Sandy went to sit down on the sofa, relieved that she'd been spared. I nodded to Annie and she followed her friend.

"Over here." I said to Leslie and the young beauty slowly moved in my direction. I pulled her arms over the back of the special chair and then clipped her elbows behind her. Her tiny breasts were pressed forward as her body arched over the chairback. I reached down to her knee and lifted first one leg and then the other into the brackets and strapped her legs open. She now found herself in the same spread position that Sandy and earlier Mindy had been in. Her body was totally exposed and available for anything I wanted to do to her. I picked up the lash.

"I want you to all understand what happens to stupid, little girls." I said as I beat Leslie across her breasts. She screamed in pain as the leather kissed her taut nipples. Before she'd recovered from the first lash, I hit her hard across her breasts again and she screamed as angry, red welts appeared across her soft, white skin.

"The whip is an interesting tool for punishing the disobedient." I said as I wrapped the leather strips around Leslie's slender neck as I pulled her face close to mine. "You can use it as a lash and beat it against the skin as I have just demonstrated." I said as I pulled the lash from around the terrified beauty's neck. "However, it is also possible to tease the body with it." I said as I held the handle tightly in my hand and began to spin the leather strips in a fast circle. Leslie watched as the leather strips spun before her body and she could feel the cool breeze that the whip made and hear the whirring sound it made as it spun. I brought the tips of the lash closer to her breast and she began to scream as she felt the tips kiss the soft, tender skin of her naked breast below her very hard, red nipple. I let the lash run over her taut nipple and then moving my hand slightly, brought the tips of the lash to her other breast. Leslie's body shook as she felt the lash punish her tender nipples. Her breasts were turning a deep shade of pink as the lash moved back and forth from one tortured breast to the other.

"Lastly, it is possible to use the lash as you would a towel at the beach." I said as I stepped back and pulled the leather whip tightly between my hands. Leslie and the others watched as I stood directly in front of her body and then took aim at her beaten titflesh. Flipping my wrist forward, the leather straps of the lash flew out towards Leslie's beaten breasts but then just as the tips were about to touch her soft skin, I pulled my arm back and the lash snapped against her breasts. It sounded like a gunshot as the lash tips snapped hard against her soft skin. Leslie howled as an angry, red mark appeared on her soft, white skin of her breast. Again I flicked the lash against her other breast and she howled as I beat her breasts. She was almost hoarse from screaming as I tortured her breasts. The others watched in horror as I beat the poor girl's naked titflesh.

"Now to make sure you remember." I said as I drew the whip back and beat the young beauty across the soft skin of her inner thigh. Leslie screamed as her face became a mask of terror. Without saying another word, I hit her across her other thigh, barely inches from her spread pussy. I beat her open thighs repeatedly, coming closer and closer to her oozing pussy with each stroke of the lash. Her body was bucking wildly as she screamed in pain. Pulling the lash back, I flicked it at her spread pussy and just as the lash kissed her swollen labia, I pulled my arm and the lash bit hard into her quivering pussy as she screamed at the top of her lungs. She could not believe the pain in her twat as the lash cut across her swollen pussy lips. The others watched in terror as I beat her one more time across her open gash.

Then stepping up between her open thighs, I wrapped the lash around her slender neck and rammed my cock all the way into her beaten pussy. Leslie screamed as my cock stretched her tight pussy and my hips mashed up against her beaten flesh. Holding the lash around her neck, I began to shove my cock into her aching pussy as I heard her screaming in pain. My cock rammed deep into her quivering pussy until I shoved forward and with a loud grunt, filled her pussy with my load. When I stepped from between her beaten thighs, everyone could see her ravaged body as she hung from the special chair. I had just done her a favor but she didn't realize it yet.

Walking over to Mindy, I wrapped my fingers through her lustrous, dark hair and pulled her face to my crotch. Reluctantly, she parted her lips and swallowed my cock. She was not new to licking pussy juices off of a spent cock, but she'd never licked another woman's juices from a cock. She could taste the cum on my ramrod as I pressed my cock all the way into her mouth. I felt her tongue begin to lick my cock as I held her face to my crotch and her huge breasts pressed against my thighs.

Releasing my grip on Mindy's head, I walked back over to Leslie's spread body and grabbing the edge of the table, pulled it over under the loft. I retied her wrists in front of her body and then tied them to a rope that hung down from the loft. Everyone watched as I pulled on the end of the rope and Leslie's beaten body began to rise. I raised her body almost a foot into the air as her beaten breasts were drawn tightly against her chest and her thighs remained spread apart by the brackets of the special chair. Leaning forward, I sucked her beaten nipple into my mouth and began to caress it with my tongue. The young beauty's nipple had never felt so sensitive and my ministrations quickly brought a moan to her lips and quiver to her body. Reaching to the side as I sucked on her tender nubbins, I slid the huge plastic dildo I'd brought into a slot on the base of the special chair. The head of the plastic cock pressed up against Leslie's beaten pussy lips. She pulled with her arms as she tried to lift her beautiful, young body off of the plastic prick. I let a little more slack out of the rope and Leslie's body descended back onto the huge dildo.

The dildo was a bit over a foot long and about the thickness of a Coke bottle. Leslie pulled up hard and flexed her open thighs against the metal brackets of the special chair as she tried desperately to keep this huge invader out of her aching pussy. All the muscles in her body flexed and strained as she tried to keep the plastic cock from entering and ripping her pussy to shreds.

The girls were horrified and the guys fascinated as everyone watched in utter amazement as Leslie's strength began to wane and her slender, young body began to slide down towards the hard rubber cock. When the head wedged between her bruised pussy lips, Leslie began to scream as she tried to pull herself off of the huge, rubber cock. As her strength continued give out, the huge cock entered her tight pussy. She'd been very tight when I'd fucked her only moments earlier but at least she had the benefit of our mixed cum lubricating her tight pussy.

"Help. It's splitting me apart!!" she screamed as the dildo forced its way into her beautiful, young body. "Help me! It's killing me!" she screamed as about four inches of the plastic cock was buried in her tight pussy. "Take it out. Please, take it out!" she hollered as more and more of the thick cock filled her tightness. "Please, I'll do whatever you want just take it out!!! Please," she begged. Everyone watched in horror and fascination as the huge, rubber cock slowly slid, inch by inch, all the way into her beautiful, young body. Leslie slumped forward in her bonds as nearly a foot of the huge cock filled her tight pussy. Her pussy would eventually return to its normal size but right now she couldn't believe how stretched it felt as the thick, rubber dong filled her body to capacity. To her it felt like she was sitting on a telephone pole.

Reaching for the base of the dildo, I turned it several times in her body but she was too exhausted from her struggles and the pain in her pussy from this huge invader was too much and she was almost in a daze. I picked up the lash and stepped beside the suspended, young girl. Pulling my arm back, I let the lash fly across her beaten breasts and Leslie screamed as her body lurched and her tortured body bounced on the huge invader.

"Anyone else want to run away?" I asked as I hit her once again across her beaten breasts. Moving over to the table, I wrapped the lash around her slender neck and the ends dangled across her beaten titflesh. Sliding the dildo from its bracket, Leslie's body sagged in her bonds as her thighs were once again spread and lifted and her back leaned against the chairback as the huge dildo stuck obscenely from between her bruised pussy lips. I reached between her open thighs and pumped the dildo into her several times before shoving it all the way back in. I would leave her to hang there with the rubber cock sticking obscenely from her pussy until is finally slid out and fell to the floor between her open thighs.

Untying her body from the chair, I helped her to her feet. Pulling her by her tortured nipple, I led Leslie over to Steve. She walked very awkwardly as her aching pussy made her walk with her legs wide apart. She would be sore for days but in time her pussy would return to its original tightness. I tipped Steve's chair back until it lay flat on the floor. I positioned Leslie above his face and pushed her down until her ravaged pussy hovered over his eager mouth.

"I think that she's learned her lesson. Why don't you kiss her pussy and bring her some pleasure?" I said to Steve as he gazed up into her very open yet still inviting pussy. "Enjoy." I quipped as Leslie's bruised cunt descended onto his eager mouth. She was glad to feel the softness of his tongue on her beaten pussy after the punishment she'd just endured. I heard her moan as his tongue licked her bruised pussy and he moaned as he enjoyed licking her open twat.

To be continued...

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