tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend at the Lodge Ch. 08

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 08


This is a series and will best be enjoyed by reading them in sequence.


Untying each of my captives, I retied them with their wrists in front of them and let them eat breakfast. After eating, I let them each go into the bathroom to wash up and clean themselves out. As each of the girls returned, I clipped her elbows together in front of her and sent them to stand against the far wall of the living room. When they were all in place, I had the guys sit on the armchairs and I was ready to begin.

"Squat down." I said and we watched as the girls leaned against the wall and bending their legs, slid down to a squatting position. Their thighs opened slightly as they tried to keep their balance and their wrists slid between their open thighs. "Spread them wide." I instructed and they each pressed their legs open for me.

"Now, I want to see you play with yourselves." I said as I let the lash brush across their open thighs as I walked past them. Almost immediately the girls began to stroke their open pussies. Mindy did not obey and I lashed her inner thigh with a strong stroke of the lash. She screamed and then began to first rub her beaten thigh and then, when I looked at her, she slid her fingers up to her pussy and began to rub her engorged labia.

"Much better." I said to Mindy. "Now, with a little more enthusiasm." I taunted them and they all began to masturbate as I watched their fingers begin to disappear between the soft folds of their engorged pussy lips. Steve and John watched the girls as they began to moan softly and succumb to their own caresses.

From the kitchen I brought six very large carrots and then walking past the girls, dropped one in front of each of them. They all looked down at the carrots as they continued to caress themselves. They did not look happy.

"Guess where?" I teased them. Annie was the first to pick up her carrot and rub it across her moist pussy lips. She gasped as she felt the hard carrot slide deep into her open pussy. The others began to slide their carrots into their pussies as they really felt humiliated. "Get them good and slick because in a minute you're going to shove them into your asses." I said. I watched the girls pale as they started to protest.

"Suit yourselves. I thought you'd prefer to ease them into your asses gently, rather than have the guys just ram their cocks into your tight assholes when you're tight and dry." I explained. Judy was quick to begin pressing her carrot against her tight asshole. She remembered the pain of her ravaging from the day before when she had been tight and dry. The others, seeing her example, began to rub the carrots across their tight assholes and gently insert the carrots into their asses. The guys watched as the girls fucked their twin holes with the thick carrots and their cocks were fully at attention as they wondered whose ass they would find themselves fucking in the next few minutes.

"When you get it all the way in, stand up." I instructed and the girls rose one at a time, the ends of the carrots protruding from their assholes. "Over here." I said and the girls walked behind the sofa, the green tops of the carrots tickling their sensitive inner thighs as they walked. "Now bend over." I said and the girls each bent over the back of the sofa. Six beautiful, young asses in a row, carrots sticking out and sphincters stretched open. I picked up a bottle of baby oil and then squeezed some into the crack of each of their asses. Then pulling on the carrots, I pumped them in and out a few times until the oil had lubricated their stretched assholes. Time to begin.

Stepping up behind Leslie, I gripped the carrot that stuck out obscenely from between her smooth asscheeks and pumping it in and out, heard her whimper. Pulling it free, I pressed her cheeks apart and rubbed my cock against her open asshole. Pressing the tip into her stretched sphincter, I leaned forward as my ramrod slid deep into her tightness. Leslie grunted as she felt her asshole stretch even further and my cock filled her beautiful ass to the hilt. Grabbing a handful of her long hair, I twisted her head and then pressed the carrot to her lips. I forced it into her mouth and she sucked on it as I began to ravage her ass.

"Okay Steve, you take Mindy." I instructed and he slid off of the chair and with his cock waving in front of him while he walked, he took up his position behind Mindy's magnificent ass. Reaching forward, he prodded her tightness with the carrot and then pulled it out of her asshole. Looking down, he could see that her puckered asshole had been stretched open and pressing the tip of his cock to it, he leaned forward as his cock slid deep into her recently ravaged asshole. Mindy grunted as she felt his cock fill her to the hilt.

"Steve, you take Joan." I instructed and in an instant he was standing behind her and pulling the carrot out of her tight asshole. She gasped as she felt the carrot ripped from her ass and then grunted as he shoved his cock all the way in. The three of us began to ravage the girls as the others remained draped over the sofa back. Leslie's tits weren't very large, but Mindy's and Joan's bounced wildly as the guys thrust deep into their bowels and their bodies lurched back and forth.

Pulling my cock from Leslie's ass, I stepped behind Sandy and pulling the carrot from her tight asshole, I shoved my cock deep into her bowels as she grunted. Placing my hands firmly on her sculptured cheeks, I began to ravage her beautiful, young ass.

"Okay Steve, try Leslie." I said and he pulled his cock from Joan's ass and stepping to the side, shoved it into Leslie's as she grunted. Once again she felt a cock begin to ravage her beautiful ass.

"John, you take Judy." I instructed as the young beauty braced herself for her second assfucking that her boyfriend had always wanted her to submit to. She gasped as she felt his hands pull the carrot from her asshole and then she grunted as she felt his cock slide all the way into her tight asshole. As he began to pump into her tightness, he got carried away and really began to rape her. She whimpered as she felt his cock piston in and out of her tight ass and he got carried away and couldn't stop himself as his cock plowed deep into her bowels and with a loud grunt, he filled her ass for the second time.

Don't cum in her." I said to Steve as he pumped his cock into Leslie's asshole. "I have other plans to be fulfilled." I said. Steve nodded as he continued to ram his cock into Leslie's tightness. Some of the girls began to look at Annie since she'd been spared any anal assault. Pulling my ramrod out of Sandy's sweet asshole, I walked over and started to work on the chair, moving it to the corner of the table and adjusting the brackets and the backrest.

"Okay Steve, over here." I said and the young man pulled his cock out of Leslie's tight ass and walked over to the chair. He wasn't sure what was going to happen to him, but having seen what I'd done to the girls in the chair, he wasn't very happy. "Give me your wrists and stop worrying." I said. He raised his arms and I unclipped his manacles and then pulled his arms behind him and clipped his wrists together. Pulling his arms up over the seatback, I attached them to the ring at the base of the chair and he stood between the brackets with his back arched and his hips thrust forward. I pulled Annie out of the armchair and walked her over to Steve. She felt the soft end of the carrot tickle her thighs as she walked and then she looked down at his ramrod as it stuck straight up in front of her pussy.

"Spread your legs as wide as you can." I instructed and Annie slid her feet apart. Grabbing her around the waist, I lifted her body upwards and stepped forward. Steve watched as her open pussy moved forward over his ramrod and her open thighs slid over the brackets. As I lowered her body, she felt her thighs press open by the brackets as his ramrod prodded her swollen labia. Annie lifted her bound arms over Steve's head as she felt his cock begin to enter her tight pussy. She gasped as her pussy slid all the way down onto his raging cock. The sensation of having both of her holes filled at the same time was new and exciting. Steve moaned as he felt her tight pussy descend all the way down onto his cock. He had a little bit of movement and began to ram his cock into her tightness as she pumped her young body onto his invading shaft. Everyone watched as Steve fucked her and the green head of the carrot shook as it stuck out of her beautiful, young ass. I stepped up behind her and wrapped my fingers around the end of the carrot.

"Oh, no!" Annie screamed as she realized what was about to happen to her. I pulled the carrot out of her ass and then pressed my cock into the crack of her beautiful ass. She grunted as she felt the tip of my cock replace the carrot and I shoved my cock all the way into her wide open asshole. Annie liked sex and had fucked a lot of men and licked a lot of women and even been part of a menage a trois with one of her girlfriends and her lover but she'd never been fucked by two men at the same time. She was overwhelmed by the feeling of both of our cocks filling her twin holes. Reaching around to her panting tits, I filled my hands with her breasts and began to ram my cock deep into her tight asshole. As her young body bounced with each thrust, her pussy rose and fell on Steve's cock. We quickly got into a rhythm as we began to ravage her young body. Annie felt her body bounce up and down on our cocks as we fucked her thoroughly.

Her chest heaved as the two of us rammed deep into her split loins. I could feel my cum beginning to boil and I could see by his face, that Steve was also ready. I nodded to him and the two of us rammed deep into her body and with a loud grunt we filled her loins with our hot cum as Steve sprayed into her tight pussy and I filled her ass with my seed. Annie gasped as she felt her body flooded with cum and then screamed as the most powerful orgasm of her life overwhelmed her. Exhausted, she sagged forward onto Steve's chest.

I pulled my cock from Annie's tightness and walked over to Joan. Sliding my fingers through her silky hair, I pulled her face to my crotch. She could smell the powerful scent of Annie's asshole on my cock and swallowing hard, she knew she would have to lick the cum from my cock. I moaned deeply as I felt her soft lips wrap around the head of my cock and then felt her tongue begin to lick my spent shaft.

To be continued...

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