tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend Business, Baby

Weekend Business, Baby


I spend many weekends on extra-curricular business activities; Private side business I procure via my day job. Not strictly ethical but who cares; I haven't a wife nor kids and I enjoy it so I have no plans to stop.

A lot of my weekend jobs are spent in the same area, so I have a frequent customer arrangement with a cozy little hotel-motel. The bar portion of the establishment has a certain air of trashiness about it from the working class folks who congregate to drink off the memories of their weeks.

At the end of one such week, I found myself on the dancefloor with a young lass called Bessie. A bunch of her friends were hovering around for a while, but gradually drifted off until I found myself alone in a sea of strangers with this hot little thing.

I'd been buying her drinks for a few hours now. She had a tiny frame, so it was hitting her hard. That I was ordering doubles probably didn't help anything.

Before long, she was wasted and I was twitching in anticipation. I began whispering sweet dirty nothings and kissing her deeply.

Her judgement was out the window and lying at a bottom of a metaphorical ravine since hours ago. She responded, grinding herself against me. I cupped her ass and she only ground against me harder and kissed back hungrily. She was so totally mine.

We made our way upstairs to my room and she was wrapped around me before the door even closed. I carried her to the bed and laid her down, and began to fondle her melons through her top. They were a decent c-cup and firm.

I snaked my hands down to her midriff and peeled her top from her leaving a sheer black lace bra. I rubbed her nipples through this for a moment until their buds rose. She helpfully slipped her arms out of the straps leaving it hanging limply and revealing her mounds to me. I fumbled the clasp open and removed the bra completely.

My mouth went first to her right nipple, sucking and twirling my tongue around it, and then to the left.

I pushed her back on to the bed and began pushing her skirt up around her waist. She wore nothing but a gstring underneath, which I pushed it aside and rubbed around for her little nub. She moaned and squirmed as I found it. I put my head down and took it in my mouth, sucking gently. The moans got louder and she began to gyrate against my face, her juices soaked in to my goatee.

She was ready. I unzipped and unbuckled and stood back up. My trousers fell to the ground and I pitched a tent in my briefs, which I quickly discarded. I threw a condom I'd taken from my pocket on to the bed beside her.

I crawled up on to the bed, straddling the girl. She looked quizzically at me until I started batting her boobs with my dick playfully then stuck it in her cleavage and mashed the mounds around it. It protruded at the other end, just within lips reach. She wsa clued on, and craned her neck up to lick and suck on the now throbbing head of my cock.

About an inch of my cock popped in and out of her mouth as I rocked back and forth, rubbing my cock up and down her cleavage. I was so incredibly hard now.

I released her tits and reached for the condom, ripping it open and slipping it on.

I dragged her through my legs further towards the middle of the bed, my ass dragging her skirt flat again, and my heavy balls dragging along her surfboard flat stomach, I had to wriggle back down a bit myself, then I was ready.

I pushed her skirt back up and my cock was now positioned right at her juicy folds. With one hand I grasped her left hip, and with my right hand I guided the spit-covered head of my cock up and her saturated slit.

I thrust forward, burying a few inches of myself easily in to her muff.

"Oof! Mmmm. Yes!" She moaned.

She was tight, but so very wet. I withdrew and thrust again, harder, and went most of the way in, and she moaned again.

I placed my right hand on her trimmed mound and rubbed her clit with my thumb, then pushed my weight in to her, burying myself to the hilt.

"Ooh yes!" She squealed.

I took her by both hips and began to pound in and out of her viciously. She squealed or moaned with every thrust and gasped sometimes when I withdrew.

"Ooh baby yes! Oof! Aaah! Oh, ahh, fuck me! Aah, oof, that's sooo good!" she cried.

I pounded her like this for a few minutes then pulled out. I flipped her over and raised her hips up so she was on all fours.

Quickly I pulled the rubber off, flinging it down to the pile of trousers and briefs. I rubbed my naked cock up and down her slit, greasing it up with her dripping cunt juices then, grabbing both her hips firmly, I pulled her back on to my throbbing cock.

Oh fuck she felt good. So good. She saturated, steaming host and gloriously tight.

The alcohol was taking more of an effect on her now, and she was beyond words. Each thrust was met with a moan or a happy high pitched grunt. She eagerly pushed herself backwards after each withdrawl, fucking herself on to my meat. Our juice and sweat coated skin slapped loudly in sync with her noises.

I pounded her brutally, one hand reaching underneath to massage her clit and the other holding on to the skirt around her waist, like reins.

Her grunts and moans gained got louder and more urgent. I too was approaching climax, and rubbed her clit even faster. I wanted her to come first.

Come she did. A loud, shrill, gushing and quaking orgasm shook her, and she collapsed in to the bed. She had passed out from the pleasure.

A few thrusts later I buried myself as deep as possible inside her and erupted right at the entrance to her womb.

I remained buried inside her for several minutes in that position, rubbing back and forth gently as my cock twitched and oozed the remnants of my balls in to the baby factory of this drunken unconscious girl.

I pulled out and gently rolled her over, shoving pillows and bunching the bed covers up under her lumbar to keep her ass in the air, for gravity's sake. She didn't even stir.

After catching my breath I fetched the discarded condom. I swooshed a few mouthfuls of spit up in to a foamy consistancy, spat them in to the rubber before tying it off, and tossed it on to floor on the bathroom side of the bed.

I felt utter glee at having tricked this naive girl, and the glee turned in to arousal. Within a matter of about 20 minutes I was rock hard again, recounting the events in my mind.

I sat on the bed heavily, and she didn't stir.

I manipulated her legs so that she was wide open as though in stirrups, and she didn't stir. The sight of her like this turned me on so bad and I knew I'd come in a matter of minutes. I decided to chance it; I doubted that if she did wake that she'd realise it was a different session.

Positioning myself at her opening I pushed forward gently, sliding in with nearly no effort. Oh god she was hot and I could feel the wetness so much more with the pool of my cum already deep within her.

Over the next 10 minutes I slowly pushed in and pulled out, and she began to gasp quietly. I quickened my pace and was soon at the brink. I pushed in gently but firmly and spurted a few more globs of cum in to her.

I was exhausted now. I cleaned us up, pulled the bed clothes from beneath her and covered us up.

Surprisingly, she remembered me the next morning, which was a relief. She collected the rubber from the floor on the way to the bathroom for her morning piss.

"I don't remember coming, but I must have come a bucket. I gushed when I went to the bathroom!" she proclaimed happily but somewhat disappointed.

"I'll be back next weekend if you want an encore." I offered.

She agreed. The next weekend, well, the Friday evening in fact, we met at the bar. She didn't bring her friends.

She wore a stunning blue skin-tight dress, and looked smoking hot. She liked tight clothes, it seemed.

We dined and after a few bottles of wine headed to the dance floor. She ground against me and I rubbed her ass through the dress. She'd not even bothered to wear a g-string.

I couldn't bear to wait any longer, and we retreated to the room. She wasn't anywhere near as toasted this time, so there was no way I'd be able to pull another uncloaking, so instead I resorted to a safety pin in advance.

Within seconds of the door being closed, she had peeled herself bare and spread herself wide.

I fucked her brains out the Saturday night too. It was several weeks before I returned, and when I did, I couldn't find her at the bar. I didn't see Bessie for a while after that. Several months, I think.

One Friday I saw her in the bar with a group of friends, including some who were with her that first night. She was wedged up the corner in one of the group booths, and looked really quite bored. It looked like a function of some sort, so I decided to not interrupt. Approaching midnight, they rose to leave.

I saw now why Bessie was refraining from boozing it up with her friends.

She wasn't huge, but her penchant for tight clothes made it bleedingly obvious. Bessie's form had changed; A belly was now burgeoning forth from her middle.

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