tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWeekend Challenge Conclusion

Weekend Challenge Conclusion


I apologize for the delay in concluding this adventure. I hope you continue to enjoy all that I have posted and will post in the future.

I spent the first few minutes ranting and raving at Ed. I kept asking him how was I supposed to travel over 400 miles wearing only sandals. He told me that first of all I did not need to worry about the rest stops on I-95 because he had mapped out a less traveled route that I was happy about. It was however going to be a longer drive in order to avoid the interstate.

I told Ed maybe he could just let me have the mans shirt to wear as a cover up and we could take the shorter more direct route. It was then that he told me that he had left all of my clothes at the hotel. I was still apprehensive about how I would be able to make it so many miles naked. I was also starting to feel the very familiar pangs of excitement as I realized that I was more than 400 miles from home without a stitch of clothing.

There was really nothing I could do about it and so I decided I should just put my trust in Ed once again and try and enjoy the ride home because Ed is really only trying to help me fulfill my fantasies. I have fantasized many times of traveling far distances naked and although my fantasies involved much longer distances I am thinking 400 or more miles is quite a challenge.

So would I really be able to make it and if so would I want to try for a greater distance at another time. Too much thinking now, I need to first survive this current situation. We had moved onto what seemed to be a less traveled road for which I was grateful. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to be naked but I always worry about trouble with the law. I always figure most policemen would probably not haul me in for being naked but I really don't care to find out.

I have to admit as we drove along I became more comfortable with my present situation and began to relax that is until I felt the need to pee. I looked around to see if there was something I could pee in as we drove but there was nothing. I kept my legs clamped tight and tried to hold it as long as possible. I knew I would have to go sometime and maybe it's best to go while we are in what seemed to be a rural area of Virginia.

Finally I told Ed I really needed to pee and could we find a secluded area for me to go. The road was not totally deserted but maybe we could pull off and I could go behind some bushes. I was feeling as though I would burst when Ed pulled off to the side of the road near a small area of bushes and small trees. I would be able to go behind the bushes and not be seen by any passing cars.

I grabbed some tissues from the glove box and waited as the car coming toward us passed. It looked all clear and I made a mad dash from the car to behind the bushes. I felt so much better once I emptied my bladder. I could not see far up the road ahead but the road behind us was clear and I tried to hurry back to the car. Just as I was near the car Ed stepped on the gas and moved about fifty feet forward leaving me naked and out in the open. No cars coming as I walked rapidly toward the car.

Once again the high school prank was played on me as he moved away from me once again. This time I saw a car coming toward me from behind and then I heard the horn honking as it passed me standing naked on the side of the road. I saw the brake lights come on and I stepped up my pace to get to Ed in the car. This time he did not pull forward and I was again back in the safe confines of our car.

We drove for quite awhile when Ed said it was time to stop and get some fuel and something to eat. I am not even sure where we were then, just some out of the way road. Ed had mapped out for us. Soon I saw one of those small country gas stations coming into view with nothing else in sight. I am not sure if I was happy or just a bit disappointed when I saw no other cars at he station.

We pulled in next to the pump and I waited for an attendant to come out. Being from New Jersey one of only two states that does not have self service gas stations I forgot that you had to pump your own gas. I sat there waiting for Ed to get out but he didn't move. He handed me some cash and told me go inside and tell the attendant we were filling the tank.

I should have known I would be the one to go inside to pay. Still no other cars in sight as I got out and walked toward the door of the station/mini-mart. As I walked in it was very obvious that the young guy had never seen a female walk in to pay for gas stark naked. In fact from the way his jaw dropped he may have never even seen a totally naked female before.

I nonchalantly walked up and told him we were filling the tank. He just stared and nodded his head as I turned and went to find something to eat and drink. I could feel him watching my naked ass as I walked away from the counter and down the aisle in search of some snacks. I found the snacks and moved down toward the coolers to get us some drinks. The cool air caused my nipples to stiffen even more than they had from being naked in the mini-mart.

I made my way back to the counter to pay for everything and saw that Ed had finished filling up and must have gone to the restroom before we got back on the road. Just after I paid I could see a car approaching the gas station as I looked out the window. I hurriedly grabbed my stuff so I could get out and into the car before the car pulled up to the pumps.

I just got to the car and as I went to open the door I realized it was locked. It seems Ed decided to lock the car when he went to the bathroom. I suspected he knew I would look to get into the car if I saw anyone approaching the station. I was pretty much certain of getting caught by whoever was in the car. I decided to stand at the side of our car and wait for Ed to return.

The other car pulled in on the other side of the pump and an older man got out and walked toward the entrance to the station. Just as he passed he glanced my way and I watched his eyes open wide. He didn't say anything he just looked and continued inside but I could see him through the window talking to the clerk and pointing in my direction. He was having quite an animated conversation with the clerk as I saw Ed returning. He had that grin on his face I have seen so often. I didn't give him any satisfaction by complaining about him locking the car.

After all I want to be naked, all the time if it was possible. On the road we went without incident for quite a while and then it was bathroom time again. I was willing to pull off into a deserted area but Ed insisted we look for someplace to stop insisting he was looking out for my well being. He didn't want me to get bug bites, poison ivy or worse. Yeah right! He wanted me naked in front of some more strangers.

We finally spotted what seemed to be a diner that had just two cars in the lot. Ed pulled in and parked then said "let's go" I told him I wasn't just going to walk naked into a diner in fear of police more than anything else. I feel pretty sure Ed can protect me against anything else but the law. So after much pleading Ed said he would go in and check things out. I sat in the car as Ed went in and talked to whoever was inside. I still don't know for sure what he really told the people working in there.

He told me he had used the old "she lost a bet and has to stay naked everywhere we go" for a few hours. He said there was a cook and a waitress and that neither had a problem with me being naked. They had no customers at the present time so I didn't need to worry about offending anyone. I walked in and was greeted with smiles from both the man behind the counter and the young waitress. She led us to a booth that was next to the window which would allow me to see anyone who may be coming inside.

We ordered and I was enjoying a nice meal when I saw a police car coming down the road. This is my greatest fear, being caught naked by the police. My heart was pounding and I was ready to run off into the ladies room when the patrol car past the diner and continued down the road. The rest of the time at the diner was uneventful and we were told we would be welcome back anytime.

After the scare with the patrol car I was ready to see this latest adventure come to an end. We had a pleasantly quiet ride the rest of the way home and after an amazing trip I was finally home. I had plans with Jenna in the next few days and knew there were more adventures to come. After a nice hot shower and a wonderful nap I called Jenna to make plans to get together in a few days.

I have a few adventures backed up that I need to post very soon



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