tagInterracial LoveWeekend Cuckold Ch. 06

Weekend Cuckold Ch. 06


Sam was busy putting a CD in the player so his wife Julie could dance seductively for her boyfriend Frank. He selected a song and started the player and watch as Julie began swaying her hips to the beat of the music.

Julie was wiggling her hips with her back turned away from Frank who was intensely watching her ass. Frank was unbuttoning his shirt maybe because he was hot watch Julie or maybe he was getting ready for the song to end.

Sam's heart was racing as he watched his blonde wife dance for her black boyfriend. Sam had a nice view of his wife as she danced close to Frank as he began to unbuckle his pants. She allowed him some room to take the pants off and stood with only a brief pair of thong style underwear.

Sam starred at Frank because he really never looked at the man's physic and thought how Frank reminded him of one of those body builders he had seen on television. Frank had a large muscular chest and big arms and small waist and massive looking legs.

The white thong he was wearing was made of thin material and his black skin could be seen through the material. Frank was known as the most hung of all the black men at the club and he took great pride in holding that honor.

Julie danced near Sam now smiling and shaking her hips with her arms over her head as he thought how she resembled an exotic dancer. Julie kept dancing close so Sam took hold of her teddy and pulled it up around her head and through it on the floor as Julie never stopped or missed a beat of the music.

Julie's beautiful tits jiggled as she moved in Sam's face letting her nipples graze his face. Sam made a bold move and stood up and held Julie's waist as her hips swayed. Sam's dick was so hard feeling his wife move in his hands as he held onto her waist just above her hips.

Sam had something on his mind as his dick throbbed while thinking about what he wanted to do. Julie kept dancing as Sam slowly backed his wife toward Frank and his eyes met Frank's as he nodded his head and offered his wife to the large black man.

Frank was extending his arms out around Julie's waist and placed one palm on her belly and the other one cupped a tit. Sam kissed his wife passionately as he pushed Julie onto Frank's lap.

Julie's body kept swaying to the music as she reached behind her body with her arms over her head and felt Frank's face while he kissed her bare shoulder. The song ended and Julie had moved her head around and kissed Frank on the lips where they remained for almost a minute as Sam watched and saw their tongues entering each others mouth.

Sam was getting a rush watching his wife and his imagination was bouncing everywhere as he watched them kiss and saw Frank's hand squeezing her tits with his jet black hand. Sam thought how Frank resembled a giant black man with a little white woman sitting in his lap.

Frank had been right when he said that he would be excited taking full advantage of his cuckold status because his dick felt like it was going to bust at the moment.

Julie stood up and took Frank's hand and Sam was surprised when she took her other hand and held it out to him as they all walked together into the bedroom. Once inside the bedroom Sam let go of Julie's hand while they stood kissing.

Julie took the material of the thin thong in her hand and pulled it down Frank's legs letting his huge black cock pop into view. Julie held the massive cock in her tiny hand and stroked it as Frank said to Sam. "Sam. Walk into the closet and bring me the small blue box that you see near my shoes."

Sam retrieved the small box and brought it to Frank who was sitting on the bed next to his wife. Frank gave Julie the small box and said. "Open it up and take a look inside but don't show Sam what it is yet."

Sam carefully watched Julie as she opened the box and looked inside keeping it tilted so he couldn't see. Sam knew by the expression on his wife's face that she didn't have any idea what was in the box even as she looked at it.

Julie finally looked at Frank and said. "What are these things for?"

Frank leaned over and whispered in Julie's ear and explained to her what the objects was in the box. Sam saw Julie looking toward his bulge in his pants and gently closed the lid on the box and placed it on the bed and said. "Sam. Would you like to get naked and join us on the bed?"

Sam Took his clothes off and waited for them to stop kissing and fondling each other. Julie patted the bed right next to her indicating that she wanted Sam to set on the bed. Julie kissed her husband and said. "Frank brought a new toy for us and he wanted to try it on you to see if it fits. I never saw one before so we'll have to let him explain how it works and what we have to do."

Julie was very naive and had no idea what it was Frank had brought even after Frank told Julie what purpose its use was.

Frank started giving Sam instructions and said. "Sam. We'll start by having you get a small bucket of ice and a towel and bring them back in here."

Sam walked out into the kitchen and got the ice and a towel and when he got back into the bedroom he found Julie on her knee's giving Frank a blow job.

Frank taped her on the shoulder and said. "Honey. Your cuckold is back."

Julie stood up and looked at Frank and said. "Darling. What do I need to do to him first?"

Frank grinned as he said. "First. I want him to lie on the bed and you can suck on his dick and get him nice and aroused for me and I'll tell you when you can stop. Whatever you do, be very careful not to allow him to have an orgasm because it will ruin his rush as a cuckold"

Sam was on the bed as Julie started licking his cock which was already hard and placed her soft hands on his thighs as she sucked on his dick. Julie used her tongue expertly worked it over the head and along the side flicking her tongue at the little veins.

Frank smiled as Julie worked her tongue on her husband and took hold of her leg and leaned over and began to lick her pussy. Julie was moving her hips into Frank's tongue as she sucked her husband's dick.

Several minutes later, Frank stopped licking Julie's pussy and said. "Honey. I think he's had enough pleasure for now. You better stop before he shoots his load all over the bed."

Frank said. "Honey. Have your cuckold stand up next to the bed and I'll wrap the ice in the towel for you."

Frank laid the towel on the blanket and placed about a dozen ice cubes in the center of the towel and looked at Julie and said. "Honey. I want you to take the towel in your hands and keep the ice cubes on top and wrap it around Sam's dick for me."

Julie sort of giggled and said. "Frank . . . That's going to be too cold for him . . . Do I have to?"

Frank chuckled as he replied. "Sam will be just fine now go ahead and wrap the ice around him."

Julie picked the towel up and cradled it in the palm of her hands as she placed it under Sam's dick and wrapped the towel around him and said. "Ah . . . My poor baby . . . It will be all right in a couple minutes."

Frank said. "Hold the towel there until you feel him getting soft and we'll take a peek and see how he looks in a few minutes."

Frank left the bedroom and returned a few minutes later with a plastic container filled with cold water. Frank put his hands on Julie's waist and kissed her on the neck and said. "Honey. Take the towel away and we'll check and see how he is doing."

Julie carefully opened the towel and looked at Sam's cock which not only lost its erection but seemed to shrink as Frank chuckled and said. "Let me put a few ice cubes in this container and we'll have him soak it in here for a few minutes."

Frank has Sam hold the plastic container under his dick and balls keeping the submerged in the ice cold water. Frank had picked the box up and was whispering to Julie and seemed to be explaining to her what he wanted her to do.

Sam spent the next fifteen minutes with his dick and balls in the cold water and during that time Julie and Frank were kissing and fondling each other on the bed until Frank finally said. "Why don't you check and see if he is shriveled enough to put this thing on him?"

Julie took a peek and said. "Honey. Sam's penis is shriveled and really small."

Frank replied. "Good. Sam. Keep your dick in the water until Julie is ready for you."

Frank gave Julie a few last minute instructions as she kneeled on the floor with the object and said. "Baby. Go ahead and remove the container so I can dry your dick really quickly."

Sam moved the container of water and Frank gave her the towel and she dried him off as fast as she could and Frank said. "Sam. Take the towel and hold it over your eyes until Julie is finished."

Sam covered his eyes and felt Julie touching his genital area which was numb after being frozen for the past half hour. He could feel Julie holding his dick and slide something on him than he felt her hand lifting his balls than heard a snap which sounded like a pair of handcuffs being locked.

Julie finished after several minutes and allowed Sam to examine it to see if she had done everything correctly. Frank chuckled looking at her work and he said. "That's my girl."

Sam could hear them kissing again and felt Julie kissed his own belly as Frank said. "OK. You can remove the towel."

Sam dropped the towel and looked down at his cock and saw what he had figured they were doing but very different from anything he had ever seen. Julie had put a chastity tube on his dick.

It was a chrome chastity tube which completely encased his cock which kept it bent in a forty-five degree angle. There was a chrome ring around his balls and attached to the tube that resembled one side of a pair of hand cuffs.

The head of Sam's dick could be seen pointing toward the floor which would allow him to pee. The tube was small in diameter which explained why they had to shrink his penis with the cold water.

Julie put her arm on her husband's hand and said. "Baby. Don't be afraid of it. It's only an adult toy. Frank thought you would get a thrill out of wearing it."

Julie leaned over and kissed Sam on his cheek than said. "Baby. Frank said it's a toy that husband's wear when they want to practice the role of being a cuckold."

Frank was watching Sam's reaction as Julie spoke to him and added. "You can even take a shower with it on because it won't rust."

Julie took hold of Sam's hand and said. "Baby. Come with me into the front room for a minute."

Julie took Sam out into the living room and told him. "Baby. Frank wanted to be alone with me for awhile but I promise to come and get you later once he wants you to join us."

Julie hugged Sam and kissed his neck and a few more kisses along his cheek than looked at the chastity tube and said. "Baby. Don't look so sad, it's only a toy and you can take it off when Frank leaves on Sunday."

Sam hugged Julie and said. "I know. I heard some of the men at the club had them and one guy I spoke with had to wear his almost every day."

Julie was staring at her husband and replied. "Really?"

Sam replied. "Yeah. He said his wife's black boyfriend kept the key and would only unlock him a couple times a month."

Julie was staring at her husband thinking about what he just told her and gave him another kiss and said. "I'll see you later."

Sam sat on the sofa and leaned back feeling the metal tube on his dick and trying to get a better look at the way it was made. It fit tight and secure and there would be no way he could ever slip this thing off without having it cut off or opening it with the key.

Sam hadn't heard Julie mention anything about having a key for this thing but he was sure she would have one before she locked him into it.

Julie had progressed over the last ten days more than Sam would have ever imagined as if she had experience in cuckolding and interracial swinging. She's so eager to fuck Frank on these dates that Sam hardly believed this was his wife. He had no complaints other than wanting to know how she got hooked on Frank so fast.

Sam fell asleep on the sofa and had been sleeping when he was startled by a noise but looked around and only seen the dark room with the moon shining through the window. A second later and the lamp went on next to the sofa and when he turned his head he saw Frank standing next to him.

Sam looked at Frank and saw the man standing naked in front of him with his cock semi-hard and still wet most likely from being inside Julie's pussy. Although Frank's cock was not fully erect, it still appeared huge dangling down in front of him.

Frank said. "I'm glad to see you're awake because your wife is in the bedroom waiting for you to come in and join her."

Sam slowly got off the sofa and stood up and walked into the bedroom to see Julie. He was surprised that Frank had come out to get him and wondered what was going on. Sam entered the room, and he saw Julie laying on her back with her ass propped up on a pillow. She was holding her legs back against her chest and looked at Sam and smiled.

Sam walked closer as Julie said. "Baby. Come here and give me a kiss."

Sam leaned over and kissed Julie's lips as she reached out and held his hand and said. "Baby. I want you to climb on the bed between my legs and eat my pussy clean for me."

Sam noticed that Julie was still sweating and smelled of sex and looked totally used along with the bit marks on her tits and neck as she had last weekend.

Sam kissed her thigh as he climbed between Julie's legs and looked at her gaping pussy and seen a puddle of white cum puddled inside the opening. Sam realized why he had been called into the room when he saw Frank come in and leaned over and kissed Julie's lips and held one of her legs up and said. "Sam. Be gently with your wife when you lick her she's really sensitive after all the screwing we've had."

Sam put his tongue along the slit and gently took a lick and thought to himself that it was now or never and dipped his tongue inside Julie's pussy and began licking and sucking out all of the cum Frank had deposited inside Julie's pussy.

Julie was playing with Sam's hair as he licked her pussy and said to him. "Baby. Does it taste good?"

Sam held his hands on Julie's ass to help hold her legs back and replied. "It tastes different."

Sam spent at least fifteen minutes licking and cleaning Julie's pussy until she got out of bed and gone to pee and came back into the bedroom and said. "Frank. Lie down on the bed for me and I'll suck your cock."

Frank lay on the bed as Julie lay on her side on the other side of him and said. "Sam. I want you to lie on the other side of Frank and watch me while I suck Frank's cock for him."

Julie began to lovingly lick Frank's cock and held it in her tiny hands as she worked on his balls as well as the shaft. Julie took the large head into her mouth and sucked and teased it than moved her tongue along the side.

Julie was taking her time with Frank's cock and lifted her head and leaned over and kissed Sam sending her tongue into his mouth. Sam was stroking Julie's hip as he watched his wife continue sucking Frank.

Frank began getting an intense expression of his face several minutes later and Sam figured the big man was getting ready to shoot his load into Julie's mouth. Julie was focusing on the head while moving her hands along the side pumping the giant cock until it finally happened.

Sam's face was only a foot away from Julie's as he watched and listened to Frank groaning and flexing his large hips and sending his load of cum inside Julie's mouth.

Julie reached out and touched Sam on the shoulder indicating that she wanted him to come closer and when he was only inches away from her face she lifted off Frank's cock and gave Sam a kiss.

Sam realized what Julie was doing as soon as she put her tongue into his mouth. Julie was spiting Frank's cum into his mouth as they kissed and mingled her tongue into Sam's mouth sharing the load of cum with her husband.

Sam and Julie continued their kiss for almost a minute as Frank watched them sharing his cum. Julie continued kissing her husband than kissed his face and whispered into his ear and said. "I love you more than ever."

Julie kissed Sam again and moved around and took hold of his cock which was confined to the chastity tube and rubbed her thumb on the head of his dick and looked into his eyes and said. "Baby. Your dick can't have an erection locked in this thing but we'll get to screw this week when Frank isn't here."

Julie kissed Sam again before he got out of bed leaving them alone again and when he got into the hallway and looked back and seen Julie climbing up next to Frank on the pillow. He waited in the hall for a few seconds and watched them as they lay cuddling as Julie moved her leg and rested it on top of Franks thighs.

Julie seemed to love the lifestyle and hoped she really meant what she had just told him about loving him even more. Julie only knew Frank for a week but had got very cozy other than having sex with the man.

Sam figured the lifestyle had its good moments but Frank was the sort of man that always wanted more.

Sam entered the guest room for the second time in a week and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

It was Sunday afternoon and Frank was kissing Julie goodbye and said he would see her the following weekend. Frank rushed out the door and Julie got into the shower as soon as Frank left and Sam was wondering about the chastity tube key.

Julie was in the bedroom and had just finished drying off as Sam asked. "Honey. Do you have the key for the chastity tube?"

Julie put her hand over her mouth than said. "Oh. God. Frank must have the key."

Sam had a shocked expression on his face as Julie stepped closer and put her arms around her husband and kissed him. She than dangled a tiny key in front of his face as she smiled and said. "I was only teasing you."

Julie unlocked the tube and carefully pulled it off her husband and put it away in a drawer than wrapped her arms around Sam giving him a loving kiss and said. "Did you find wearing that little thing exiting?"

Sam replied. "Its fine but I'd rather be able to play with myself when your getting screwed by Frank."

Julie and Sam had sex that night and although Julie had stretched from Frank's massive cock, she still knew how to work her pussy muscles and made love to her husband that entire night.

That was nine months ago and Frank spent almost every Saturday night with Sam and Julie only this weekend was going to be the last for a while. Sam and Julie wanted to have a baby and Frank was going to have to wait before enjoying her again.

A new couple were moving into the house across the street and she was a pretty redhead with a nice looking husband. Sam and Julie had an idea to take care of Frank while Julie was out of commission. It had something to do with a lonely man coming home from the war in Iraq.

Julie was going to call her friend Becky and they would pay the new wife a visit tonight. They would have to take her out shopping for a new dress and have a good talk about having variety in their marriage.

The club's members would be growing by two over the next two weeks but if I told you what happened next than we would be telling a whole new story.

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