tagAnalWeekend Getaway Pt. 04

Weekend Getaway Pt. 04


Part 4 - The Weekend Heats Up

Christina had led Doc into the huge shower. They teased one another, as their hands went everywhere. As soon as Doc started to play with Christina's ass cheeks, she did the same with to his. After making sure Doc was clean on the front side, Christina turned Doc toward the shower wall and began to lather his back and lower back before concentrating on his ass cheeks once again. Christina sat back on the marble bench as her attentions were now on Doc's backside and allowed one hand to slide between his legs and again lather his cock and balls. With the sweet smelling shower gel on her fingers, she returned to his puckered rosebud. Slowly she began to once again work her fingers into his ass. When she felt him loosen up for her, her two fingers slid past that muscled ring. With her fingers toying his ass, Christina stood so she could once again nibble and bite Doc's neck and shoulders while her other hand continued to toy with his slick cock and balls. When Doc began to moan from the pleasure she was giving him, Christina knew her tease was working. Slowly she withdrew her fingers and her other hand. Doc moaned as if begging her to continue.

Christina knelt down and picked up the large nozzle she had spotted and used herself earlier. As she continued to nibble and bite her moaning lover, she began to slide the nozzle between his thighs bringing it higher and higher until she had the tip sliding slowly up and down the cleft of his ass cheeks. When the tip of the nozzle came to rest at his now relaxed anal ring, she pressed the tip slightly. As Doc instantly pressed back against the tip, she knew once again she had him exactly where she wanted. Stopping her nibbling, she stood on her tip toes so she could first blow her warm breath into her lover's ear before whispering to him.

"Oh my! Doesn't that feel good? No need to answer my sweet as I can tell by the way you are reacting you like the attention. Well, we need to make sure you are really clean for me, as you never know what I might want to do later. I found this little jewel earlier and it does work wonders. Believe me. You simply take this long end, and put it right ..... well I'm sure you can figure it out. When you're finished, why don't you join me in the hot tub."

Christina once again emphasized her coy instructions by pressing just the tip into Doc's ass before removing it and placing the nozzle back onto the marble shelf. Just as quickly, she turned and was out of the shower. Doc turned as if to stop her and while she glanced back she could see his hard cock as well as the look of desire and frustration on his face. With a giggle, she was out of the master bathroom and headed back to the hot tub. Once in the hot tub, she settled back and took a sip of her wine. As she then leaned back, her fingertips began to softly toy with her pussy and clit. She had thoroughly enjoyed their shower and her continued teasing of her lover. But that teasing had also caused her passion and lust to rekindle as well. Closing her eyes, she began to concentrate on the heat that was building inside her - not from the hot tub, but from the heat being created by her fingertips on her clit.

After Doc finished his shower and following Christina's instructions to insure he was truly clean, inside as well as outside, he dried himself and returned to the hot tub. Once he approached the hot tub, he saw Christina with her head back. As he observed the rising and falling of her breasts in the water, he could tell she was on the road to another round of pleasure. As quietly as possible, he was soon standing right beside her. From his vantage point, he could make out her hand wedged between her thighs and could also hear the beginning moans that were escaping her lips.

His cock began to dance in front of him as he watched his lover continue her self-induced pleasure. His gaze locked on her face and her closed eyes as he crept into the hot tub. Soon he was standing directly in front of her with his legs on either side of her hips. Looking down he could see her actions picking up speed. He could also hear her moans and whimpers becoming more frequent. Recognizing the signs of her building orgasm, he slowly began to stroke his cock as he stood in front of her allowing pre-cum to cover the tip of his cock. He leaned forward slightly so he could guide the tip to Christina's pursed lips. Continuing to stroke his cock, he also began to slowly paint her lips with his pearly white pre-cum.

Christina's eyes shot open only to be eye to eye so to speak with Doc's swollen cock. As she watched Doc's hand slide up and down the length of his cock, her fingers increased the rhythm on and around her clit. Snaking out her tongue, she licked the glistening drops of pre-cum from her lover's cock. As Doc's pre-cum hit her tongue, Christina's taste buds sent a signal down her spine and straight to her clit. Another moan escaped her lips and again she leaned forward to suckle the tip of the swollen cock before her. After savoring the rich cream she again leaned back and concentrated on her approaching orgasm. With her fingers now working a furious pace on her clit, she stared at her lover's cock as it began to throb and swell before her eyes. She was barely cognizant of Doc's words.

"That's it baby, work that clit. Cum for me Christina. Cum for me and I'll cum for you. That's it baby. You're almost there and so am I. Now open your mouth for me so you can take my cum."

Christina arched her back and dug her hand deep into her pussy as her cum hit her. Her mouth opened and a long moan began to escape. Her eyes were transfixed on her lover's cock as the first long rope of cum erupted. The first jet of cum landed on her outstretched tongue and her left cheek. She moaned again as the next jet landed in the back of her throat. Another jet landed across the bridge of her nose and across her right cheek. As her cum continued to rock her body, Christina leaned forward so her mouth could entrap her lover's erupting cock. Her free hand reached forward as well to cup and massage his balls. The last two eruptions bathed her tongue as she milked his balls. Her hand rose from between her legs and she immediately had both arms wrapped around her lover's hips pulling him deep into her throat.

With her nose pressed against his pelvis her hands spread his ass cheeks allowing her fingers to slide into his ass. When she found his prostate, she began to massage it and milk it as well. Feeling the last pulses of her lover's cock subside her in mouth, she pulled her fingers free and began to lean back. Inch by inch, Doc's now softening cock began to slide from Christina's mouth. As it pulled free, there was a long, single strand of cum and saliva that linked the tip of his cock to Christina's tongue. As that strand snapped, it was as if that was all that was holding him upright as Doc's legs buckled at the same time. His body lowered so that his knees were now on either side of the still quivering Christina. Leaning forward, his lips soon found hers. As their tongues intertwined in passion, he could taste his cum still on her tongue and in her mouth. When their lips parted, Doc raised a hand to first caress her neck and face, then used a single finger to scoop the cum on her cheeks and nose only to then slide it into her mouth. Christina lovingly suckled the rich mixture from his finger before they kissed again.

Doc rolled to sit beside Christina. As they relaxed their hands continued to caress and tease one another. Their eyes gazed at the stars overhead and spotted the lights of ships on the horizon. Their caresses became more passionate as did their kisses. Doc wanted Christina's sweet ass. And tonight, he was determined that she would beg him to fuck her ass.

Spotting a strategically placed jet in the Jacuzzi, he scooped up Christina and then lowered her so the jet was directed right at her clit. Holding her there he heard moans of pleasure soon begin to escape her parted lips. With his hands on her shoulders to hold her in place, he leaned forward and began to kiss and suckle her breasts. Her nipples immediately began to respond and were rock hard little nubbins in no time. His lips would kiss and then suckle each nipple, going back and forth. Christina's moans began to increase in frequency and he knew she was approaching another orgasm. With an evil grin he thought, "Closer my sweet, but not this time. Allow the heat and passion to build as I have plans for you."

As Christina became closer and closer to going over the edge of her orgasmic bliss, Doc again picked her up. Her whimper was met with his lips as he kissed her passionately. Carrying her, he stepped out of the hot tub and walked to the sex swing. Slowly Doc lowered her into the swing. Once she was balanced in the swing, he leaned forward and again kissed her - their tongues dancing together keeping their lust for one another at a peak. As their lips parted, Doc whispered to her.

"My sexxxy goddess. You always drive me crazy with passion and lust for you. Now, I am going to instill the same intense desires in you. So just relax a moment while I get a few things."

Breathing heavily, Christina watched Doc go to the patio table, reach to the side and retrieve his little black bag. Upon his return he sat it on the deck between her legs. Opening it, he took out the leather blindfold. As he brought it up into Christina's view, an uncontrollable slight gasp escaped her lips. It was not a gasp of fear, rather a gasp of undeniable lust. Christina inhaled the deep rich aroma of the new leather as the blindfold was placed around her head and secured tightly. She could now only hear the movements of her lover and the bubbling water of the Jacuzzi behind her.

Another gasp was released as she felt the wrist restraints being applied to her and to the O-rings of the swing above her now outstretched arms. Yet another gasp when the ankle restraints were applied and fastened to the O-ring of each stirrup. In her minds eye she could see herself spread completely for her lover. Her body was now his for the taking. A low guttural moan began to flow from deep in her lungs as she felt Doc's fingers sliding along her now soaked pussy. His fingers pried her lower lips further and further apart before sliding deep into her yearning pussy. Christina heard another even louder moan as Doc's thumb began to roll her clit, then she recognized it was she who had issued such a loud moan.

Doc began to tease her pussy and clit, allowing her heat to again be rekindled. The Jacuzzi had been just the first of many warm ups he had planned for her tonight. Doc watched intently as Christina soon tried her best to thrust her hips against the invading fingers and rolling thumb. As her moans increased he knew she was climbing closer and closer to orgasm. And that is exactly what he wanted, to bring her to the precipice, but not allow her to go over the top. When she was really close, Doc slowed and removed his fingers which brought a deep sigh of frustration from Christina. Doc walked around so he could whisper in her ear.

"Poor baby you were so close weren't you? You wanted to cum so very badly didn't you? Believe me, I want you to cum as badly as you do. But, you have to do one little thing first before I will allow you to cum. I think you know what that is. But just to remind you, all you have to do is beg me to fuck your ass. Only then will I allow you to cum. But rest assured, you'll also have my cock and my cum deep in your ass when you do."

Christina was panting, as she had been so close to cumming. She was so very close. Even though she heard Doc, the words had yet to fully sink in as she began to plead.

"Oh baby please. You had me so close. Please make me cum. I want to cum so badly, I'll do anything if you make me cum. I'll do anything ... what did you say? Oh! I don't, I mean, we talked and teased, but, oh shit!"

Doc smiled and returned to his previous position. He leaned down and retrieved the lube from his bag and squirted a liberal amount on his fingers before squirting a stream right at Christina's winking rosebud. Her sudden quiver was a welcome sign. He kneeled and slowly lowered his tongue to her lovely swollen mound. In the moonlight he could see the rich nectar that coated those rosy lips. As his tongue began to slide along that tasty slit, his lubed fingers began to tease Christina's ass. Doc timed his assault on her clit with the penetration of his first finger into her ass. Christina moaned and tried to buck as she felt the dual attack. But her bucking was not away from the invading duo, rather toward the erotic sensations.

Again Christina began to moan and coo as Doc's tongue worked her clit. With each rising moan, Doc worked more and more of his finger into Christina's beckoning ass. Soon a second finger joined the first. On each outward stroke, the two fingers began to spread wider and wider. The tight muscled ring began to loosen as the heat continued to build within Christina. Doc's tongue began a broad licking across her clit as his fingers worked their magic in her ass. Christina was again moaning deeply as her orgasm was once again approaching a crashing crescendo. And just as before, Doc abruptly pulled away from her clit and removed his fingers from her now quivering ass.

"Oh baby. I was almost there. Please don't stop. Please, I need to cum. Don't tease me like this."

Doc again approached her only to again whisper to her.

"If you wish to cum so badly, you know what you need to do. Rest assured, I'm going to continue until you do."

If not for the restraints, Christina would have had her hands deep in her pussy seeking out that sweet relief she so desperately needed. Doc smiled as he watched her writhe in the swing as he reached into his bag and pulled out the anal bead toy. Once it was lubed, he again kneeled between her thighs and slowly began his oral assault on her soaked pussy. His lips formed an O around her sweet tunnel and created a deep suction as his tongue dove as deep as possible to suckle her sweet nectar. As Christina began to moan, the anal beads were slowly worked into her ass. One by one they popped past her muscled ring. Each progressively larger bead caused a series of spasms to cascade up and down Christina's spine. And with each spasm, another torrent of sweet pussy nectar flowed into Doc's waiting mouth. Doc again slid his tongue to Christina's clit and began another series of broad licks while at the same time increasing the tempo of the anal beads sliding in and out of her ass. Christina' moans began to again increase in rapid succession. Just as she was almost to the point of her orgasm crashing down upon her, Doc again pulled back and removed the anal beads. And just as before, Christina's moans were replaced with whimpers of frustration.

After Doc could see her urgency had passed, he picked up the smallest anal vibe. This time, he just used the vibe to tease her ass. Faster and faster he worked the vibe in and out of her ass. Her moans returned and her hips were trying as best they could to buck back onto the vibrating wonder. He leaned forward and began to blow short warm breaths across her clit. Goosebumps broke out all around her clit and along her inner thighs. Christina was beginning to moan even louder signaling her approaching orgasm. Yet again, Doc stopped all actions and pulled back from his writhing lover. He waited for her to gain some composure and waited for her to tell him her desires.

Christina knew how to end this torment and be allowed to cum. Yet she still did not ask her lover. Her body was saying yes, but her mind was still struggling with begging her lover to fuck her ass. Her heated frustration though was beginning to get the best of her, and yet she still would not allow herself to succumb to her lover's simple demand.

Not wishing to wait any longer and knowing the previous pending urge had subsided, Doc took the middle sized vibe, lubed it well and quickly pressed it against Christina's still quivering ass. This time there was little resistance as it slid deeper into her ass. His tongue began to lightly tap out a staccato of tiny licks against the throbbing tip of her nubbin. The dual pleasure was quickly sending another torrent of electrical sparks racing from her toes all along her spine and setting off tiny explosions in her head. Christina's moans soon grew louder as another crescendo was fast approaching. And just as before, when she was right at the very edge, Doc pulled back and again stopped all pleasurable movements. Her deep sighs told Doc the entire story. He knew she would soon be at the point of no return. He knew she would soon be begging him.

His hands slowly massaged her inner thighs to make sure she was still comfortable. As his hands slid closer to her pussy and clit, Christina's reflexes tried to encourage his hands to touch her pussy and clit to provide her with the release she so desperately desired. But Doc would have none of that, as he knew exactly what he wanted from his lover. He reached for the largest vibe, one that was the size of his own cock. Once it was well lubed, he placed the broad tip at the entrance to Christina's dark passage. He flipped the switch and the vibrations sent a rash of chills and goose bumps all along Christina's inner thighs and across her ass cheeks. As he lowered his tongue to the wet slit between her coral lips, he slowly began to push the vibe into her. Christina moaned as she felt each inch slide into her. She could feel the veins along the entire length ripple into her. Doc's tongue began to tongue fuck her pussy as the vibe began to slowly fuck her ass. With an increasing tempo, Doc soon had Christina again writhing in pleasure. Her moans were growing louder and louder. He could see her clit dancing before his eyes. She was close, very close. In a way, he wanted to push her over the edge and watch her cum. But he was determined to hear those special words. With a quick deep suckle of her clit, Doc pulled his head back, with a slow twisting motion, he withdrew the vibe from her ass.

Christina was panting. She had been right there, so very close. The knot around her spine felt like it was about to explode when Doc had stopped. Christina wanted Doc now. She wanted her lover deep inside her. She wanted to cum with his cock deep in her ass. She wanted to feel him cum in her ass, to fill her.

"Oh baby, yes, please, please fuck my ass. Slam your cock in my ass and fuck me. Fill me with your cock and cum. Fill my ass damn you. Fuck me and make me cum."

Doc quickly removed her blindfold, as he wanted her to witness his every move from this point forward. Stopping long enough for her eyes to once again become accustomed to the dim light, he waited until her eyes were locked with his. As she finally was able to focus, her eyes were transfixed to Doc's hand lathering lube up and down the entire length of his cock. Her stare followed the purple head as it soon disappeared from view. Then she felt the heat of her lover's cock pressed against her winking ass. She was wide open for him now, beckoning his cock to impale her - to fill her completely.

"Of yes baby. Give it to me. Fill my ass with your cock. I want it so bad. Please fuck my ass now. PLEASE!"

Doc pressed forward until he felt the head of his cock pop past her muscled ring. Christina let out a gasp as she felt the head push into her. Taking her hips in each hand, Doc began to rock the swing so that with each rocking motion, Christina was taking more and more of his cock deeper and deeper into her ass. Finally Christina could feel Doc's balls slowly slapping her ass cheeks. She had all of him inside her now. The new sensations were driving her wild with excitement and lust. The orgasmic freight train began running up and down her spine again as well. Out of nowhere, her orgasm came crashing down on her.

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