tagInterracial LoveWeekend in Memphis

Weekend in Memphis


Teri lay in her bed this Monday morning and thought about the weekend. It had been the first time she had been sexual with a person other than her husband and with his permission, in fact with his encouragement. She dreamed about how she had sucked Daniel's cock six times while he was there, and how he had fucked her while her husband watched and later joined them. As she thought about the first time she tasted another man's cock she masturbated and exploded in orgasm after only two or three minutes. She licked her fingers when she finished and wished Daniel was with her right now.

She remembered when she had finished eating his cum Daniel and Roger had taken her upstairs and took turns fucking her. She had been so sore on Sunday morning that she could hardly walk, but she had wanted more when Daniel said he had to leave and go home, so she gave him one last mouth massage until he filled her mouth again with his cum and when he had left, she had sucked her husband's cock again and he held off until he couldn't stand it any longer and had filled her mouth with cum for the second time that morning.

She had loved kissing Daniel and they had spent most of Saturday night kissing and cuddling on the couch while the three of them watch TV.

She remembered the first time that Daniel had entered her pussy, she felt it stretch to accommodate him and she never felt so wonderfully full of man. They had made love for an hour before he came inside her body and she had begged him not to stop, and after he came, she had immediately gone down on him, tasting the pungent taste of his cum. Her husband then spent the next 10 minutes fucking her while she looked at Daniel, thinking of his black cock buried in her.

Saturday morning when Roger had been taking a shower she and Daniel spent the time kissing and making plans to see each other again, soon, alone. When Roger came back Daniel went to take a shower and Teri told Roger that she really had enjoyed the time she spent with Daniel and would love to have him again as soon as Daniel would like to invite him.

When Daniel came out of the shower, Teri went off to take hers and Daniel and Roger talked. Daniel told Roger that he would love to have Teri come to his house to visit if it would be all right with him. Roger said he thought it would be a great idea, and the next time he had a business trip, he would suggest that Teri spend the time with Daniel. Daniel nodded and thought to himself, that would be fine, white boy, I'll send her back to you different than you sent her to me, and he thought of the friends that would love to have this beautiful white whore that Roger so easily wanted to give away.

The days flew by, and Teri would dream of her time with Daniel, although she still loved her husband very much and they made love almost every day, she still wanted the feeling that Daniel gave her, his dark skin, his thick veiny cock, and those big balls that had produced so much cum. She love the thick consistency of his cum and she liked knowing that men did taste different. She still didn't want to be with other men, that is except Daniel.

Roger told Teri that he was going to have to go out of town for a convention. This was normal, he was a doctor and he did attend quite a few conventions over the course of a year.

Roger asked if Teri would like to spend the week with Daniel, while he was away, and Teri thought about it for a few hours and then told Roger "If it's okay with you, I think I would like to go see Daniel while you're gone."

Roger called Daniel and told him that everything was go, and her plane would be landing Tuesday at 1:00 in the afternoon, and she was his until she had to come home on Saturday morning. Daniel prepared for the visit by calling a few friends and letting them know that she would be visiting. (He had already told them about her, when he returned the weekend before Christmas after the weekend she and Roger had invited him to spend the time with them.)

Roger kissed Teri passionately and put her on the plane and sent her off to see Daniel, then turned went to his boarding area and left for Seattle. When they met again, Teri would not be quite the same.

The plane landed in Memphis, and Teri was excited as she could be, she was going to see Daniel again and her panties were already moist with excitement. Daniel on the other hand had already started his plan in motion and when Teri looked around for Daniel and didn't see him she was worried, but then a stocky black man walked up to her and asked if she was Teri Sloan, she told him yes and he went on to explain that he was a friend of Daniel's, his name was Ahmad, and Daniel had sent him to meet her because he had been called to a last minute meeting with his boss. He told Teri that he would take her to Daniel's house and they could wait for him there. Teri agreed, although she was a bit apprehensive about going with a man she had just met, but she did want to see Daniel again, and it was either this or go home and stay at an empty house. The drive to Daniel's home was uneventful and when they arrived Ahmad let her in and showed her the bedroom where she would put her clothes, and took her on a tour of the rest of the house.

Ahmad and Teri talked a little and got to know each other, and she discovered that he knew quite a bit about her and he was eyeing her with the look of an animal in heat, but she thought it must be her imagination when the phone rang.

Ahmad answered and told her it was Daniel and he wanted to talk with her. He explained that he was going to be tied up for a little while and that she should make herself at home. He wondered if Ahmad was being nice to her, she told him yes, but she would like to see him soon. He said it might be late tonight before he would get home, but he was sure that Ahmad would keep her amused before he said goodbye and hung up.

When she got off the phone, she told Ahmad what Daniel had said, and asked what he would like to do. They decided to relax a bit and Ahmad put some Barry White on the CD and told her that Daniel had told him that she just loved Barry White and he chuckled.

He asked if she would like to dance, she thought about it a minute, and not wanting to seem racial, she agreed. When Ahmad took her in his arms, he pulled her close and they began dancing. She was afraid this was going to get out of hand, but she put her arms around his neck and began to enjoy the feeling of his hot hands on her back. She looked up at him, and he looked at her and bent down and pressed his lips to hers. This took her by surprise and she struggled as she felt his tongue probing at her mouth. He held her tight and his cock was pressing against her as her mouth opened and his tongue found hers and her mouth filled with his saliva.

Her body took over and she kissed him back as she hugged his neck and her pelvis pushed against him. They broke the kiss and he looked at her and said "I guess you really do like Barry White, don't you?"

He bent down and their lips came together again, this time her mouth opened and her tongue sought his enjoying the taste of his mouth. Her body was betraying her and she could feel her cunt moisten as they kissed. His hands went down her back and cupped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart and he thought to himself "Damn this little whore is hot as hell, and I'm going to fuck her today."

Teri swayed to the music as she kissed Ahmad, and she already knew that she had to be on her knees in front of this large black man, pleasing him the way she knew that a woman should please her man. It had only been four weeks since she had had her first man besides her husband and she was going to have another man today. She loved her husband, but she wanted to taste the fluid that this man produced and she wanted to feel his meat in her body. She felt Ahmad move his hands up under her shirt and push her bra aside exposing her tits to his touch. Her nipples were as hard as rocks as he roughly tweaked them, she reached between them and put her hand on his crotch feeling his cock through his trousers and she moaned. He pulled her shirt over her head, took her bra pulled it free of her body and his face was at her nipples as she felt his teeth bite softly. His other hand was busy undoing her jeans as she felt the cool air, realizing that her body was about to be exposed to him. He kissed her again and his hand grabbed the waist of her panties and pulled them down and they slipped down her legs and she stepped free of them.

When their kiss broke, she dropped to her knees and began to undo his belt as she told him, "I want your cock in my mouth, I want to taste you."

Ahmad looked down at her and said, "Then open your mouth, because I'm going to give you a mouth full of Ahmad."

Teri opened his belt buckle and reached for his zipper, the familiar sound as she pulled it down, she reached into his pants and gasped as her hand found his cock, it seemed huge and she tried to free it. Ahmad undid the button hold his pants together and they dropped to the floor and Teri held his cock in her hand, she marveled at the size, it must have been 9 ½ inches long and so big around she couldn't close her fingers, and it was very black and like Daniel uncircumsized. His balls were not as big as Daniel's but they were covered in black curly hair as was his lower belly around his cock. The tip of his cock was very wet with precum and he took his cock in his hand, pulled the skin back exposing the head, then pushed it forward and the amount of liquid was copious as he pushed it against her lips and told her to get a good taste of his cock. She pushed her tongue into the opening of the foreskin and her taste buds went crazy as her tongue was covered with precum and she began to probe toward the glans. Her lips were covered in precum as she pulled back and the strings kept them joined. She loved to do this, it turned men on to see their precum and her lips joined like some spider web material and then it broke and it hit her body and she dove back for more. He pulled his foreskin back and she took his cock into her mouth and felt it rest on her tongue. She began to swirl her tongue around the head, working on his piss hole with great fervor. She reached up and took his balls in her hand and began to knead them as she sucked his cock.

Ahmad moaned as he reached down and grabbed Teri's head and began to pull her closer, his cock going deeper into her mouth. "Daniel said you were a great cocksucker, I've been thinking about putting my black cock into your mouth since he came home that weekend."

Teri moaned as she heard his words and tried to pull back as she felt his cock hit the entrance to her throat, but Ahmad would have none of that and pulled her until his balls slapped her chin, then flexed his hips a couple of times, letting her know that she was his. He then pulled his cock back a bit and let her breath before he again pushed his cock into her throat and slowly began a steady grind as he fucked her in the throat. He would pull out to let her breath a little then he was back in her throat and she could feel his balls bouncing on her chin as he fucked mouth. She was gagging now and then, but he didn't care he just kept fucking her, and she began to understand and she was beginning to enjoy the feeling. She looked up at him and he smiled and pushed his cock deep and started to release his cum directly into her throat, she could feel it slide down her throat into her belly and she reached back and held his ass tight as he emptied into her body. When he finished he pulled his cock from her mouth and she gasped for air, a drop of cum hit her cheek as he let go of her head.

"You are truly a cocksucker, my little whore, I can't wait to bury my cock in you. First take my cock in you mouth and make it hard.'

Teri moved over to where he sat down and took his cock in her mouth and began to lovingly work it to make it hard.

"Before you go home this week, you'll know what it's like to make Daniel's friends happy. You are going to be out slut for the next few days. You'll get used to black cock before we're through with you."

Teri continued to suck Ahmad's cock and didn't hear the door open when she heard Daniel say "Hello Teri, I see you have been listening to Barry White again." He laughed and high fived Ahmad, who was telling Teri, put my cock back in your mouth and get me hard.

She looked over and saw that Daniel was removing his pants and wondered what she had gotten herself into.

Daniel walked up to her and said "Teri, I think you need to make me harder for the next phase of our get together" and offered his cock to her.

She pulled from Ahmad's cock and took Daniel's into her mouth. Daniel looked at Ahmad and told him "Get behind her and fuck her while she's getting me ready. Did she give you good head, man?"

"Yes, best I've ever had. You were right when you told me she was an excellent cocksucker, and I know she's going to one hot piece of ass too. I hope she likes the video I made of her sucking my cock. Think you will you little slut?"

Teri couldn't believe what she just heard, but she was too caught up in the moment and actually she started sucking cock even harder, wanting these men to be pleased with her. She hoped that Daniel would fill her with his hot cum before he stopped. If she only knew.

She felt Ahmad behind her pushing her legs wider and she felt his cock head against her cunt and then he pushed forward and filled her with his meat and didn't stop until his balls slapped against her clitoris, then he began to fuck her slowly at first and she moaned around Daniel's cock and she felt him grab her head and pull her forward onto his cock. Here she was, a month ago never having been sexual with another man other than her husband, and now she was being fucked from both ends by two large black men one of whom she just met a few hours ago. She had worked on Daniel's cock until it stood at full attention and he pulled from her mouth stood up and told Ahmad he wanted some booty and moved behind Teri to the place Ahmad had just deserted and he pushed his cock into Teri until those big balls slapped against her body and Ahmad moved to her face and grabbed her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. Daniel was fucking her hard and with each forward push she was impaled deeper onto Ahmad's cock. The phone rang and Daniel said "Fuck" and got up to answer it. Ahmad pulled cock from her mouth and pushed her onto her back, crawled between her legs and shoved his cock balls deep into her. She heard Daniel saying, "Yea she's here, in fact, Ahmad's fucking her as we speak, and she's still wanting more. Why don't you come on over, I'm sure she will be happy to meet you. I'm playing Barry White on the CD right now and it seems to make her fuck even harder." She heard him laugh and hang up to phone.

She looked up and saw a cock in front of her mouth so she opened and took the meat into her mouth. Daniel said "Man, that was Jerome and I told him to come over and get some of this pussy. That is okay with you isn't it Teri?"

Ahmad and Daniel both laughed as he asked that question. Ahmad said, "Yea, I think she has an opening that needs filling, what do you think?"

They high fived each other and continued pounding Teri's body, the sweat breaking out on their body. They switched places a couple of more times and finally they told Teri to sit back and open her mouth, and first Daniel then Ahmad grabbed their cocks and jacked off until they shot their sperm into her waiting mouth, then put their cocks into her mouth so she could do the final cleaning before they sat back, and Daniel told her, "I'm so glad you came to spend the week with me, I hope you will enjoy your stay."

Teri said, "Daniel, what in the hell have you made me do?"

"Nothing, when I got home you were sucking on Ahmad's cock, so I thought you wanted to do some more of my friends this week while you are her to visit, so I invited Jerome over to sample some of what you got."

"But I came to see you Daniel, only you."

"Then why was it so easy for Ahmad to get into your pants, sorry, mouth?" Ahmad and Daniel let out a laugh and Teri smiled.

"I guess that I am becoming a slut since I made it with you the first time."

"Then let's make it complete, you will be my gift to my friends when they come over this week. Anything they want you to do you will, is that okay?"

Teri thought about it and finally said, "I guess so."

Daniel asked "ANYTHING, then, right??"

Teri said "Well almost anything."

Daniel said, "I would hate to have our video get back to Roger, but….."

Teri pleaded "No, okay, I'll do anything you want me to do."

Ahmad looked at Daniel and said "I'm glad that is over with, I know how much Jerome likes running his cock into a woman's ass and I'm sure that is what he'll want from you."

Teri looked startled as she spoke "I can't do that there is too much pain involved in it. Roger tried to fuck my ass and he had to stop. Please don't do me there. Please"

There was a knock at the door and Ahmad stood to open it. Teri watched as a short black man came through the door. He stood about 5'4" tall weighed about 150 or so and they introduced him as Jerome. She saw he walked with a limp would find out later he had polio as a young man and that is how it affected him. She thought to herself, "Well at least if he's going to fuck my ass hole, he shouldn't be too big and that will make it easier."

Jerome came in and Ahmad sat back down and Daniel told Teri "Jerome is a friend of ours, welcome him to our house." Teri stood walked over to Jerome and said "Happy to meet you Jerome" and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply.

Jerome immediately put his hand between her legs and thrust a finger into her cunt. Teri jumped as his finger went in as far as it could go. He said "Looks like you've already primed this slut for me, God her cunt is soaked."

He pulled his finger free and stuck it in his mouth enjoying the flavor then reached between her legs and this time reached back a bit farther and found her ass hole. His finger pressed against the wrinkled opening and he pushed it in deep and she screamed as he probed her. She stood on her tiptoes as he fingered her ass hole. The pain began to subside and she felt herself begin to lower back onto his hand, her ass relaxing as her hole opened welcoming the advances of this man. She looked him in the eyes and put her lips to his and shoved her tongue into his mouth and he began to finger fuck her ass and he knew she was his. His finger was deep in her ass and the palm of his hand was wet from her pussy and he continued to probe her ass. Teri moaned as she began to get excited from the contact and also from the fact that two men were watching as this man invaded parts of her body that had never been used by anyone before, and she pushed against his hand. Jerome broke the kiss, pulled his finger from her ass and offered it to her mouth saying "Make it wetter for me, you whore."

She took his finger into her mouth and sucked on it using her tongue to make it wet. Jerome looked at Ahmad and said, "This whore is on fire, I'm going to enjoy running my cock into her ass, then make her clean it while I cum in her mouth."

Teri was on fire, she took his finger deeper into her mouth and made love to it like she would a cock. Jerome pulled it free, told her to get on her hands and knees and when she did, made a show of running his finger deep into her ass and then told her to "Fuck it, bitch"

Teri began to rock her body back and forth on the finger working it like it was a cock inside her. He pulled his finger free and stood up and began to undress and when she saw his cock she was surprised. It must have been 8 inches long and actually quite thin and he walked up behind her and put it against her ass. The he told her to "Fuck me, whore"

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