tagInterracial LoveWeekend in New Orleans

Weekend in New Orleans


It was a crisp November morning in New Orleans. She sat at a small table in the completely packed Café du Monde eating a beignet and drinking café au lait. It felt so good to be back in the city that she loved so much. She was there on business, but business didn’t start until Monday and today was Saturday. She had flown in early so she could spend the weekend shopping and walking the streets, stopping in small jazz and blues bars, simply enjoying the solitude and the atmosphere of the French creole city. It had been a hassle explaining to her husband that she was going to be away for a whole week, but she needed a break from her busy life and her husband knew it would do her good, plus she hadn’t been in New Orleans in years.

As she sat thoroughly enjoying her breakfast while listening to a small jazz quartet she heard a deep southern voice say, “May I share your table? It seems there is a full house here today.” She looked up to see one of the most striking men she had ever seen. He was tall, maybe more than 6’ and incredibly well built. His skin was chocolate brown and his smile was pure sunshine. He wore navy trousers and an open neck white golf shirt that set off his color beautifully. She was speechless for a moment and although she may be many things, she’s never speechless.

“Of course, please sit down” she said once she found her voice.

“Thanks, I’m James.”

“I’m Maggie, nice to meet you James.”

She watched as he moved the chair back and settled into it; like a big jungle cat, graceful and yet dangerous. God, he was gorgeous. She had a hard time concentrating on her beignet, it seemed like the food would not go down her throat. She gave up and instead looked up shyly at him. “Are you a native?” she asked in what sounded like a whisper to her.

“No, no. I’m here on business. How bout you?” He flashed that smile again and her stomach did a somersault.

“I’m here on business too but I have the weekend free. I got in early to spend time in the city. I love this city.” God, she was babbling. What was wrong with her, she wasn’t in high school, she was a forty-something year old married woman that had never cheated on her husband and that hadn’t felt this nervous about talking with a man since she was sixteen.

“I got in early too, my meetings don’t start until Monday. Maybe we could see some the city together, how does that sound?”

Oh my God, she thought, no, tell him no. He’s trouble with a capital T, he’s too gorgeous, he moves entirely too well, say no! “I’d really like that. There’s this great place on Bourbon Street where they play jazz all night long, it’d be great to go there with someone, I mean you, and not by myself.” What was wrong with her???!!!??

“Sounds like a date, where are you staying?” She had his full attention now. As he looked her over slowly he noticed her shy smile again. Now that’s a pretty smile, he thought. He noticed how her eyes were brown and gold at the same time and how her skin looked so soft. Her hair was below her shoulders, dark and straight and silky; the kind of hair you wrap around your fist and pull on just a little while you fuck her from behind. He could tell she was tall, about 5’6”, he figured around 145 lbs, not fat but not skinny either. She had curves; and at that moment he really wanted her to stand up so he could see the rest of her. Of course, he could see her breasts; big, heavy breasts that looked soft and kissable. He could make out the shape of her nipples through the cotton fabric of her button down white shirt. He wondered what color her nipples were and whether or not they’d get long and puckered between his lips. He thought about how it would feel to take off her shirt slowly and press his lips to the swell of her breasts right above her bra then kiss all the way to those little nipples, making the material wet and sticky with his tongue.

“I’m staying a couple of blocks away, at an old inn. I walked over here, didn’t want to drive on such a gorgeous day.”

“It is a very gorgeous day,” he said as his eyes roamed over her, “how about I walk you back once we’re finished and then we can finalize our plans for tonight?”

God, why was he looking at her that way? She knew she would not be able to resist this man and the torture of knowing she should was turning her on. Incredibly turned on, she could feel the wetness seeping from her pussy and onto the lacy silk thong she wore beneath her skirt. “Sure, whenever you’re finished. I’m ready to go.”

“Well let’s go then” he said and stood up.

“But you didn’t finish your breakfast,” she whispered.

“Neither did you. Let’s go.” He walked over to her chair and pulled it out for her as she began to stand. He was standing so close to her and gawd, he smelt so good! Like cologne and man. The juices dripped freely from her pussy now. She sighed; she knew she was in trouble. But she also knew that she hadn’t gone looking for trouble, it had found her and sometimes you have to take what life gives you. She didn’t want to be an old woman and think about what could have been or what could have happened a long time ago in New Orleans with a sexy stranger. She was going to be open to it and play it out.

He scrutinized her as she stood up. Starting with her strappy, low sandals that showed her perfectly pedicured feet then up her long shapely calves to the curves around her hips and waist and up to those huge, heavy breasts, to finally rest on her eyes; wide, pretty eyes that looked a little scared but were full of excitement.

“Mmmmmm, you smell good. What perfume are you wearing?” He asked as he leaned into her.

“I’m not wearing perfume,” she replied, “this is me and a little moisturizing cream.” She laughed, but not shyly this time. Others had told her this, but she was still glad he noticed.

“Well then girl, you smell good.”

They slowly walked the 3 blocks to the inn where she was staying. He wanted her to be comfortable when he got her to the inn; he knew he was staying. During that time he told her of his life and the more he spoke the more obvious it became that they had much in common. They liked the same kinds of things, and laughed at the same kinds of things. He was easy to talk to, smart and funny. Was there anything on this earth better than an intelligent man with a sense of humor that looked like a god? No, she couldn’t think of a single thing.

Soon they were at the second floor of the inn, in front of the door to her room. She looked up at him with big, golden brown eyes. “Would you like to come inside?”

He didn’t answer, just leaned into her a little as she opened the door. “Wow!” he said as he looked around the large room, his gaze first drawn to the huge antique bed, flowing in white linens and mosquito net. He looked then to the armoire, where he guessed the TV and mini-bar were hidden and the small end table with the tiny control panel that worked all the lights and the air-conditioner. As his eyes continued to roam the room they fell upon the far right corner of the room where a huge, claw-footed bathtub sat, large enough to fit two people. She watched him as he perused the room and saw him suck in his breath at the site of the tub.

“Incredible, isn’t it? It’s the reason I chose this room... I, um, I have a thing for water.” She said as she smiled shyly up at him.

“I can think of some things to do in that tub woman.” He said, the first true sexual innuendo of the day. He couldn’t wait to undress her and get her into that tub with him.

“James, there’s something I need to say before we do anything. I’ve never cheated on my husband and I don’t know how to feel about all this. About you being here or about what we’re going to do, or not do.”

“I understand, the way I look at it, you are a gift that I was somehow given today. I want you to feel comfortable about whatever we do. So anytime you want to stop, just say the word and we will.”

That was such the right answer. She smiled, feeling like she had been granted a wish as well as a gift. She let herself stare at him then, his smooth dark skin, his long hands and fingers, his perfect body. And then she touched him, lightly on his arm and ran her fingers tentatively up and down feeling all the muscles there, all the way to his fingers, stroking and feeling his smooth skin.

He turned to her and kissed her, his thick, soft lips against her lip-glossed ones. Mmmmmmmm, he tasted so good, his tongue dancing with hers, deepening the kiss; making it more urgent. “I love to kiss,” she moaned into his mouth, “and you taste so good baby.” He answered by kissing her deeper still, raw, even more urgent. She felt that urgency too and let her fingers roam his back. She could feel the muscles there through the shirt and wanted to, no, needed to take it off and feel her fingers on his skin. She broke from the kiss, “James, let me take this shirt off.”

“Okay,” he said with a smile as he started to pull it over his head, “but let’s close that door first.”

She slammed the door shut, but he didn’t kiss her again, instead he started to work on the buttons of her shirt, kissing and licking the skin as he revealed it. Her hands were on his back, rubbing those strong muscles, feather light touches all over his shoulders and down his spine. He opened her shirt all the way, pulling it out of her skirt so he could unbutton all of it, and cast it off her body. His hands rubbed her creamy, pale shoulders and her neck; moving down to her ribs and the part of her belly that now showed. He didn’t touch her breasts and it made her ache. Here was a man that knew what he was doing, she thought, a man that was going to tease her and drive her crazy with longing.

As soon as the thought was formed she felt his hands on her breasts, her whole body was awake and alive and so ready for his touch. He touched them lightly over the see-through lace bra. Her nipples becoming hard under his feather light touch. He bend down to kiss the skin around her bra and then his lips were circling her nipples and drawing them hard into his mouth. A long moan escaped her lips. What sweet torture! She wanted his lips on her bare breasts, she wanted it this instant.

As if reading her mind he reached behind and unhooked her bra, tossing it to the floor. His tongue licked at her nipples, like a lollypop or a piece of candy. “Mmmmm girl, you are so sweet,” he whispered right before he closed his lips around the pink nub and sucked. He suckled her sweetly at first, but then he drew her hard against his teeth, flicking his tongue around the very tip as he sucked.

“Oh god, James…yesssss. Yes baby, that feels so good.” Her eyes were closed and her hands were on his shoulders, holding on.

“Open your eyes Maggie. I want you to see my lips around your pretty pink nipples, sucking on your big, white tits. Open your eyes baby.”

She did, and the contrast of his dark hands and face on her milky white skin was enough to make her shake. She knew she could not stand there much longer, her knees were weak.

“James, let’s move to the bed. Please, please baby.”

He took her by the hand and laid her on the white duvet and then laid himself beside her. He had all day, hell, he had all weekend if it went the way he thought it would and he was going to enjoy every second of it. There was no need to rush.

He ran his hands all through the top of her body and she also explored his. She wanted to taste him so she leaned in and licked his neck. It tasted sweet and salty and delicious. She moved her fingers over the muscles in his chest and rubbed his hard nipples with the pad of her index finger. He softly moaned. “Oooh you like that, do you baby?” she said as she leaned further down and took one hard dark nub into her mouth, sucking and licking like he had done to her.

“Yeah Maggie, I like that a lot…mmmmmmmmm.” She could see his erection through his pants and reached down and stroked it through the soft cotton. He was long and hard and ready. She undid his belt and his zipper and pulled his pants and his boxers down, all the way off. She got off the bed, folded them neatly and placed them on the chair. When she turned to face him again he was lying on his back, his arms under his head, his cock hard on his belly, staring at her. She involuntarily licked her lips. He was like a delicious treat, much better than the beignet she had that morning and that’s saying a lot; she loved her beignets!

She walked to the edge of the bed and then crawled, her hair framing her lovely face, to where his cock laid waiting for her. She took the hard black shaft in her manicured hands, the red nail polish setting off the contrast with the black of his cock and the cream of fingers. She stroked it lovingly. “Baby, you have a gorgeous dick. I can’t wait to feel it in my mouth and in other places…can I kiss it now baby? Can I suck on you?” He couldn’t know that talking like this turned her on like crazy, all he knew was that he wanted what she wanted.

“Go ahead girl. It’s all for you.” Before the words had finished coming out of his mouth she had bent over his hard, long snake. Placing open-mouthed kisses around the head and down the length of the shaft, all the way down to his balls. She licked him on the way back up, using lots of saliva to make him wet for her hands and mouth until she got to the head. She put the head in her mouth and sucked, using her tongue to lick around it, drawing in more and then more still.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned. He tasted so good, so different from her husband. He was so much longer, so much more.

He watched her through heavy lidded eyes. Damn, this woman was making him crazy. She looked so good with her lips around his hard cock. Her hair splayed over his belly, one warm, soft hand stroking the base of his cock and balls, the other rubbing his nipples lightly. She continued to suck him deeper into her mouth, she had more than half of him inside, her hand making up for the rest as she made a soft, tight sheath for his cock. She started fucking him then, with her hand and mouth, sucking hard on the upstroke, dripping spit onto his cock on the downstroke. She wasn’t fucking him fast; it was obvious to him that she knew what she was doing. He grabbed her head as he tried to control her pace; he wanted more. She let him lead her, she wanted to taste his cum in her mouth, she wanted to swallow all of it and then clean him up and start all over again. She craved it.

He was talking to her while she sucked him. “You like this black dick baby? Does it taste good girl?” And on and on, making her hotter and hotter until she thought she would explode. All she could do was moan around him. She never wanted it to end; she wanted him in her mouth forever.

She continued to fuck his hard cock with her mouth and hands until she felt him grow even bigger in her mouth. “You want me to cum in your mouth Maggie? Are you sure? I’m going to give so much cum baby…oh god, yeah, yeah, I’m going to cum now…mmmmmmmmm.” She felt the first load hit the back of her mouth and she quickly swallowed but he followed with 2 more spurts in quick succession and some leaked out of her lips and onto her chin.

He tasted so good, just like she knew he would. She could hear his voice far away, calling her back to him and away from the still semi hard cock. “Come up here baby…I want to kiss you.”

He met her half way and kissed her deeply, savoring the taste of his own milky cum along with her sweet lips. “That was great baby, I really enjoyed that,” he said as he licked her bottom lip.

“I enjoyed it too baby, more than you know.”

“It shows that you love to suck cock.” He smiled as he said it.

“I loved sucking your cock, James.” The truth was that he could have gotten dressed right then and left and she would have been satisfied. She loved to give pleasure, it turned her on as much as receiving it and he had such a gorgeous cock; long and smooth, topped with a big, plum-shaped dark head. She had never had a black cock in her mouth before and it was incredible. He tasted and felt better than any myth she had ever heard.

So caught up was she in the thought of how good he felt in her mouth that she didn’t hear him speaking to her. “Finish taking your clothes off Maggie, I want to look at you.”

She knelt on the bed and pulled down the zipper of her skirt, revealing the sexy black thong to him. He could see that she was completely shaved and already thoroughly wet, her pussy glistening with moisture. She sat on the bed, finished taking off the skirt and threw it on the floor. “Stand up by the foot of the bed Maggie.”

God, he wasn’t going to touch her. She was on fire and he wanted her to stand far from him. But she obeyed and went to stand near the foot of the bed. She felt very vulnerable to him, very exposed. He was in total control of the situation now and she was very anxious about it. “Touch your breasts Maggie, let me see how you make your nipples hard for me.”

She turned to fully face him and lightly touched her nipples, feeling them get hard beneath her fingers. “Wet your fingers Maggie and touch them again.”

He was lying back on the bed, his arms beneath his head, his incredible body laid out before her. And suddenly, she wasn’t so shy anymore; she was turned on by it, by him. She wet her middle finger slowly, rubbing it lightly over her bottom lip then slowly inserting into her mouth. She made a show of it, teasing him, teasing herself.

This was different, she thought, sex with her husband was very predictable, orgasm being the prize and the only reason for even doing anything. She could tell that with this man, the journey was going to just as much fun as the destination, if not better. She had no idea.

She brought her finger from her mouth and made tight little circles around her small pink left nipple. The saliva got cold on contact and made the nipple very tight and hard. She felt it everywhere, the tightening and the pressure. She drew her finger back into her mouth to wet it again and then repeated the action on her right nipple. She felt so wanton, so alive. She loved the feeling of touching herself for him. She wanted more, she wanted to touch everywhere but her instincts told her to wait for his instruction.

“Maggie put your foot on the bed and let me see your pussy,” he whispered to her with that thick, sexy voice.

Slowly, she took off her thong. Shaking her ass as it fell past her hips. She threw it at him after she had scooped it up from the floor and he immediately brought it up to his nose to smell it. “Mmmmmmmmm, you smell good girl. Good enough to eat.”

She put her foot up on the bed, showing him everything. His words were making her crazy, looking at him was making her crazy, the fact that he was drawing this out and playing with her was making her crazy. She loved it. She could feel her power and it was amazing to her.

“Touch yourself darling. Touch your pussy. Let me see how wet it is. Let me see how much you want me,” he said while keeping her thong close to his face.

She moaned at his words, so badly did she want to touch herself for him. She reached down with her left hand and lightly touched her pussy, her right hand still on her breasts, squeezing her nipples, making them ache. She rubbed her pussy harder, her middle finger sliding from her clit to her wet, aching passage. Up and down, never entering, never taking too long on her clit, just a constant motion. She closed her eyes, and hung her head back, so acute was the feeling.

“Look at me Maggie. Look at me while you touch yourself.” His voice brought her back, her eyes locked with his.

“James, I need. I need….ohhhhhhhh.”

“What do you need Maggie?

“I need you in me….please.”

“Oh we’ll get there darling, just not right now. Besides, I’m having too good a time watching you. Just don’t cum Maggie. I want you to stop before you cum.”

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