Weekend in New Orleans


“Yes James.”

“Fuck yourself Maggie. I want to see your fingers disappear in that pretty hot pussy.”

“Oh gawd….yessssssssssssss.”

She inserted one finger, then two, slowly pumping, her other hand on her breasts. She was open to him, touching herself for him, fucking herself in front of him. And she loved it.

She saw that he was touching himself too, he had her silky thong in his hand and he had curled it around the width of him. He was very lightly stroking, the black silk caressing him as he watched her. He was hard again, he was hard for her and she was on fire.

“James, I’m going to cum. Oh baby, I can’t stop it.”

“Come here baby.”

She took her fingers out of her pussy with a small cry. She wanted to finish! She wanted to cum. But she was going to play this his way.

Oh, but she was turning him on. He could tell she had never done anything like this before, that she probably got laid 3 times a week in the missionary position for about 5 minutes and that was that. Well she was getting more than that this weekend. He hoped she’d be able to handle it. As the thought formed in his head he saw her instinctively take the fingers that had been in her wet pussy and lick them slowly. God, she was sexy, open and trusting and so damn sexy. He wanted to please her all weekend long.

She reached him on the bed and rubbed those same fingers lightly on his lips, a trace of her taste and scent still on them and then she bent down and kissed him again. “I loved touching myself for you. I am on fire for you baby.”

He brought her down to him, rolled her on her back and kissed her. Hard, raw and urgent. He wanted her to know that he was on fire for her too. She could feel his cock against her belly and she squirmed beneath him wanting him inside her. She reached down with her hand, trying to hold him and take him where she wanted and needed him to be. He took her hand by the wrist and brought it up above her head, pinning it there. Oh god, she was going to explode if he didn’t fuck her.

“What do you want Maggie?”

“Oh baby, please please please…I want you inside me. I want your beautiful black cock inside me baby. Please, fuck me James,” she finished with a whimper.

Instead he brought down his free hand and entered her tight wet pussy quickly with one finger, then two. He started to slowly stroke her, telling her how wet she was, how soft she was, how good it was going to feel when finally did fuck her, how incredible her pussy would feel around his hard dick. It didn’t take but a few minutes of this and she felt herself start to cum harder than she had in a very long time. He let go of the hand above her head as he felt her orgasm start and she instinctively clutched him as her hips bucked against his fingers. She cried out his name at the peak of it, and he whispered in her ear how incredibly sexy she looked while she came. He kissed her while she was coming down, slowing his fingers down until she quieted below him and laid back content, a smile on her pretty face.

He brought the fingers that had been in her pussy up to her face and spread her juices on her lips before he bent down to lick and kiss her mouth. Her tongue came out to join his as she grabbed hold of his hand and brought his fingers into her warm mouth. They kissed and sucked on his fingers together and she reached down and gave the head of his dick a small squeeze in order to take some precum and taste that too. What a delicious cocktail! She was panting by the time they were done and he stood up and walked over to the tub.

She loved watching him move. If he had looked like a jungle cat while reclining on the bed or earlier in the cafe, he looked even more like one while he moved naked around the tub. Bending to open the faucets so the tub would start to fill, walking around to the shelf to pour the magic, scented oils into the warm water. His dick was still hard and every once in awhile his hand would grab it and stroke it. Lightly. Watching him was the greatest treat. He was all that and so much damn more.

He climbing into the tub and held his hand out for her. “Come and join me Maggie. The water feels so good.”

Oh yes, she thought as she hurried off the bed and walked over to the tub, his eyes never leaving her body as she moved next to him and started to climb into the tub facing him.

“Wait, Maggie, come and sit on top of me, your back to my chest.”

She did as he asked, the water instantly turning her on more, his fingers grazing her nipples, his lips so close to her ear, his cock so close to her pussy. He whispered, “What did you mean before, about you ‘having a thing for water?’”

She put her hands over his, putting pressure on her breasts, kneading them with his hands. “Well I discovered at a very young age the water spout. I think I must have been 8 or 9. I loved taking baths, and one day discovered that with direct water stimulation on my clit, I could, um, have the most indescribable feeling. I later discovered it was called an orgasm,” she chuckled, a little embarrassed, as she told him the story, “it’s still one of my favorite ways to masturbate.”

“Mmmmmmmmm is that right? Show me Maggie. Show me how you have the water stroke you.”

She had never shown anyone how she did this, actually she’d always been pretty embarrassed about it. Knowing it was taboo and not something she was supposed to do when she was little. But she didn’t care with him. She wanted to show him, she wanted to give to him. Whatever he wanted. So she scooted lower on the tub, taking him with her until her thighs were wide open and her pussy was under the spout and the water was directly hitting her clit.

“Ooooh, this feels so good baby. I’ve never, oh god, I’ve never shared this with anyone…mmmmmmm”

While she spoke to him in that breathy way of hers, he’d reached down and opened her pussy lips further with his fingers, allowing the water a more direct access to her clit. She started to squirm above him and he could tell that it wouldn’t take her long to cum. Just as she was starting to moan loudly above him, he took the head of his dick and entered her dripping, warm pussy. The jolt she felt and he felt almost dislodged her. So acute was the feeling.

She moaned louder still and grabbed the edge of the tub with both her hands so she could find purchase. And then she started to move. Making sure her clit was still being hit with the water she started to ride his beautiful black dick taking more and more inside her. She felt his fingers where they were joined; putting pressure there, while the water stroked her clit. It was too much, a sensory overload, and she came so hard that she cried out loud.

He took over the fucking then, bringing his hips up and stroking her until he had most of his dick inside her but the angle was all wrong being this close to the edge so he scooted back to the other end of the tub.

She held on to the edges of the tub as he fucked her from underneath, one hand on her hips, the other on her nipples, he stroked her slowly, the water overflowing from the tub on his upstroke.

“Dayum baby this is incredible. I never thought I’d ever fuck like this, I can feel you everywhere. Don’t stop baby, stroke me with that big black gorgeous dick. Can you fuck me for a long time baby? Can you stroke me like this forever?”

Just as she finished asking he stopped inside her and grabbed her hips hard and ground her against him. She moaned loudly as he answered, “Girl I am going to fuck you for hours and when I’m finished, I’m going to fuck you again.”

He stroked her long and hard in that bathtub, stopping every once in awhile and grinding her against him. He had all the patience in the world as he established his rhythm, and she lost count of her slow building, incredibly feeling orgasms. She heard him telling her to get up, that the water was getting cold, that he wanted to go back to the bed, that they were turning into prunes. She heard him but didn’t react right away; she wanted him to just stay inside her but reluctantly she finally, slowly disengaged from him and stood up.

He hugged her tight as he stood next to her, kissing her neck and telling her how good her pussy felt. She was throbbing, already sore in places she didn’t know could be sore. Oh and she wanted more.

He took a fluffy white towel from the chair next to the tub and wrapped her in it. Reminding her to be careful when she stepped out of the tub because of all the water on the floor. Taking a towel for himself he followed her out of the tub and into the bed.

She lay on the bed with her thighs open. Lightly touching her pussy. Inviting him with her eyes and her hands back into her body. “I want you to really fuck me now James. I want you to fuck me hard baby. I want you to unleash it, the animal, the beast. I want it. I want to tame it,” she whispered.

“Are you sure you can handle it Maggie?”

“Why don’t you come over here and try me baby. Because I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything this badly before.”

And he did just that, he mounted her from above and fucked her hard and fucked her fast. And she thought she’d lose consciousness but she didn’t care. It felt incredible. It blew her mind and her body followed like it always did. He moved his black cock in and out of her like a piston. Sweat mingling with water beads on his body as she held on to his shoulders for the ride.

She lost herself while he was fucking her, she became his. His vessel, his sheath, his pleasure. He was like a magnificent beast, lost in his pleasure which was now her. Her body was like a live wire, and for the first time in her life she understood the true meaning of multi-orgasmic. It seemed that as soon as one climax ended, another was there to take its place.

And finally, long afterwards, when he held her head in his hands and looked deep into her eyes on an upstroke that touched her further inside than any man had ever been, he said to her, “Maggie I’m going to cum. Do I cum inside you baby?”

“Yesssssssssssss, please. I want your seed inside me. Baby, please.”

He fucked her harder then, if that was possible, and she felt him stiffen inside and start to cum. He bit down on her shoulders when he did and she welcomed the pain. She had taken what he had to give and she had loved it. And she knew at that moment that nothing in her life would ever be the same again.

He relaxed against her, putting his weight on her and she welcomed that too. He nuzzled her neck and kissed her there. His semi hard cock still inside her, his seed slowly leaking out of her thoroughly fucked pussy.

“That was incredible James. I, damn baby, I don’t even have words.” She breathlessly said while she stroked his back and his neck and his hard ass cheeks.

“Woman this weekend is just starting. There won’t be a position, or a fantasy, or a wish that you have that we won’t do.”

“Mmmmmmmm. Is that right? Like what? Tell me James.”

“Well I would bet that rosebud on your ass is cherry and I want you to know that it’s mine.” He smiled as he said it, but she knew she’d give it up to him, willingly.

“And I know there will be dark corners in that jazz club we’re going to tonight, dark corners where we can touch and fondle and maybe even fuck, we’ll just have to see.” She could almost see them, in some smoky corner of a small bar somewhere in the heart of the city, while he touched her and she touched him. She even saw them running outside to the alley behind the bar, where he lifted her leg around his waist and entered her in one smooth stroke, right there where anyone could see.

“And I haven’t had a chance to eat you for hours yet….” His voice trailed off at the end of the sentence and she felt it in her pussy as if he’d licked it rather than said it.

“And then of course, there are the other things. Things I won’t tell you about but will keep you guessing over. How’s that for starters?”

She laughed her husky laugh and said, “Sounds incredible lover, when do we start?”

Awww…but he liked her. Really.

“Right now baby…” he said as he moved down her body and started to slowly kiss and suck her hard, abused clit. Dipping his tongue inside her pussy and tasting his salty cum and her sweet juices, running his thumb down the crack of her tight ass, threatening to insert it with pressure, while his wicked tongue continued to lightly tease and dip. “…unless you’re too tired of course.”

“Hell no baby…I want all of it, all weekend long. I know I will never have this again. I will never experience anything like you, like this ever again. And I’m going to enjoy every last second of it lover.” And with that she closed her eyes and gave herself over to the pleasure, the incredible wonderful pleasure of his tongue.

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