tagInterracial LoveWeekend Lovers Ch. 01

Weekend Lovers Ch. 01


Aaron and Antoinette had known each other for three years, having met at a party and becoming fast friends. In the beginning they had played at dating but for reasons neither really understood it never seemed to work out. Still, over the years their friendship grew to one so close they felt as brother and sister, albeit ones completely different.

This weekend was just like any one of thirty they had planed before. They would hang out, come up with hair brained schemes to entertain themselves, watch classic films they loved, play drinking games and otherwise annoy each other.

Antoinette was half Caucasian and half black. She had coarse curly hair that let on to her black heritage; her skin was fair a light crème color with cute brown freckles on her face. She was neither a thin girl nor a fat one, simply an amply shaped woman. Her breasts were 30 B's, she stood 1.7 meters, roughly 80 kilos and she had a 95cm. waist. Still, her most attractive feature was her warm smile and soft brown eyes. Aaron was a large man, stout but carried himself well. He weighed 125 kilos and stood 2 meters tall. His hair was brown and curly, his skin a light brown, he was half Hispanic and half Caucasian still he leaned towards his Latin heritage.

Antoinette had just come up to Vancouver last month. She had rented a room in an apartment with three other people and constantly felt crowded. Aaron on the other hand lived with Sara, an exgirlfriend in an apartment in the same complex as hers. This weekend Aaron's "roommate" was leaving to go to a convention for her work, Aaron and Antoinette thought they should capitalize on this opportunity and have a private party like they had so many times before.

All week they had made plans, joking about what grand adventures lay ahead both wanting the week to end. Friday night finally rolled around, Aaron had just dropped Sara off at the airport and Antoinette had just gotten off work.

Antoinette was busy fidgeting around in her room looking for her pajamas to take over to Aaron's. She always ended up sleeping on the leather couch and she hated the feel of it sticking to her during the night. While searching through her drawers she came across a picture of her and Aaron from the party when she had first met him. In the picture he was holding her over his shoulder preparing to take her to the bathroom. She had way too much to drink that night and most likely would have just passed out in a corner left to the whims of any drunken passer-by. Still this complete stranger who had only spoken to her for 5 minutes before she passed out on the couch had stayed with her the whole night and even bought her breakfast before he dropped her off at home the next morning. She smiled briefly before seeing the pajama bottoms she had been looking for and tucked the photo back into the drawer.

Aaron hastily had said goodbye to Sara feeling somewhat guilty that had felt annoyed at her extended goodbye taking time from his upcoming weekend. She fawned over him constantly, still in love with him. He had been the one to end it, he knew she wasn't the right one, he hadn't figured out who that one would be yet but he definitely knew it wasn't her. Despite his somewhat gruff exterior Aaron was a romantic at heart and firmly believed in the signs of true love and was bound and determined to never settle for less. With Sara it came when she had finally annoyed him to frustration with her obsession for public displays of affection, as though she constantly had to remind him and everyone around that he was her property and no one had better get any ideas.

Putting the negativity out of his mind he decided to focus on the evening ahead. He mentally ran down the check list for tonight: Got to stop at the bottle shop for my big surprise, got to stop at the video store to grab some movies and at a fast food joint on the way home. He made it to the bottle shop and picked up his special gift for Antoinette to celebrate her recent move. He had gone to Europe two years ago and tried Absinthe, finding its intoxication to be like no other. Next, next to the video store where he grabbed their standard mix of comedies and action flix they loved, in addition he grabbed the most ridiculous looking soft-core video they had. It was a tradition of theirs to watch these bad movies and drink every time they saw breasts. That was their way, everything having some sort of tradition or ritual attached to it. Aaron cherished that, for him it brought with it a sense of closeness or of a private world in which only they lived. Last he grabbed food and made for his home with a sense of enthusiasm.

Antoinette went over to Aaron's place early to shower and let herself in with her own key which Sara did not know she had. As she opened the door she got a small thrill that she hated to admit was feeling happy that she had a secret with Aaron that Sara didn't know about. Antoinette didn't dislike Sara but was jealous of her because she was the one who had gotten Aaron to move to Vancouver in the first place. They had talked over the phone and internet but for six months her best friend was hundreds of miles away. Since she had moved up here her situation had been hectic, first finding a place to stay then a job. This was the first time she would have quality times to hang out with Aaron. She hoped that things would be just like old times, laughing and drinking till dawn and waking up the following afternoon comforting each other as their hangovers thundered.

She went into his bedroom admiring the big ebony bed and thick carpet as she undressed herself and placed her clothes on his bed. His shower was a large walk-in stone enclosure with two nozzles, in front and back. She turned on the shower and felt the warm waster wash over her skin. She grabbed her luffa and began to slowly caress herself working up a lather. As the water danced over her breasts a tingling sensation shot up her spine and down into her loins. The sensation was accompanied by a graphic thought of a man holding her from behind while he fondled her left breast and cupped her pussy. While she began to daydream of this aquatic tryst the sponge slid down between her legs and began a slow circular motion over her most sensitive parts. Antoinette moaned as she caressed her soapy breast playing with her nipple and beginning to grind into her hand. Her mystery man had pushed his leg between hers and began rubbing her clit. Likewise she abandoned her sponge to her fingers and began to stimulate herself. Ohh, how it had been so long since she had been with a man, almost a year. Right now this was good enough; she used her left hand to rub her clit and with her right probed the folds of her pussy. With all the vigor she could muster she pushed herself closer to climax, reveling in the warmth of her pussy and electric feelings radiating from her clit. As her man began to bend her over and slowly pump his penis into her she knelt down and began to finger herself.

Then as he fucked her harder and harder bringing her to that ultimate pleasure she released with a wave of orgasm and screamed the name of the mystery man, "Aaron!!" Her pussy contracted again and again around her fingers, squeezing them, holding them, the heat and tingling spreading from her quivering pussy to every inch of her body. The sweet calm of an orgasm washed over her and only then as her eyes lay half open still heavy from the orgasm she recognized the name she had called and the man she had pictured. For a moment she lay on floor of the shower feeling it wash away the soap and wondered where that dream had come from, but then she heard the sound of front door shutting and Aaron announcing his arrival.


Please let me know what you think and if you would like more.

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