tagLoving WivesWeekend Visit Ch. 2

Weekend Visit Ch. 2


After a day of playing golf, and catching up, Jeff and Darren found themselves sitting around the kitchen table that night with Diane. The 3 of them had started up a board game. Diane had spent much of the day alone or with their child. Whenever she was alone, she could not stop thinking about her experience the day before with Darren. She found herself becoming more aroused as the day wore on, and she couldn't even find two minutes to satisfy her urges with her hand.

Throw in a drink or two that evening, and she was very horny, and incredibly wet. Every time she looked over at Darren, a tingle of lust ran through her crotch. Now that she has tried someone different, she was hooked!

Darren was not doing much better. He jerked off about her the night before, prior to going to sleep. The image of her naked body flashed through his mind throughout the day. When Jeff stepped away to the washroom, Darren breached the subject.

"Did you enjoy our time together yesterday?" he asked quietly.

"Yes." she smiled, breaking into a nervous giggle. Her shyness and discomfort turned him on all the more.

"Are you turned on right now?" he asked, mischievously. He was rock hard by now. She chuckled, nervously again, and gave a subtle nod.

Darren decided he wanted to tease her a little. Plant a seed. Make her want him more so his chances of getting her again are increased. He unzipped his pants and undid his button, reaching into his underwear. He pulled out his cock, which was at full hardness. She sucked in her breath, the tingling in her pussy suddenly increasing to the fullest sensation. That was inside her yesterday. She needed it inside her again.

They heard the bathroom door open and Darren shoved his cock back in his pants, doing it up quickly. Jeff entered the room, oblivious to the fact that his buddy just showed his wife his rock hard penis.

Within the hour, Jeff was off to the washroom again. Just him standing up and heading in that direction had his wife's cunt buzzing with the need for Darren's cock. As soon as Jeff disappeared around the corner, Darren was out of his seat. Her eyes locked on the massive bulge in his pants as they heard the bathroom door close.

He pulled down his zipper, and reached into the hole in his boxers. With some effort, he was able to squeeze his manhood out into full view, just inches from her face. He bent it towards her, and she found herself leaning forward, drawn to it.

The head of his dick touched the skin of her cheek, and he slowly ran it down towards her lips. When he felt the moistness of her lips touch his organ, he felt her mouth open.

The mushroom head of his penis easily popped into her mouth, and he watched her lips slowly slide down his shaft. He ran both hands through her long, straight hair, holding her small head as his entire cock sunk into her mouth.

She began to bob her head back and forth along his manhood, slurping and sucking noises began to emerge.

Again, they heard the bathroom door open, and he pulled his dick out of her mouth with a 'slurp'. With some difficulty, he was able to shove his cock back into his pants and sit down, hiding the evidence. Jeff sat down and gave Diane a quick kiss, having no idea that she just had a cock in that mouth seconds earlier.

They had one more opportunity that night at the table, and they took full advantage. Their baby was crying upstairs, Jeff volunteered to take care of it. Diane was more than happy to let him. She was lusting a little TOO much for that cock, but there was nothing she could do. Even having it in her mouth did wonders for her desire.

They could hear Jeff as he made his way up the stairs, and Diane was on her feet. She was never the aggressor! This was how badly she needed this man's penis. Just to see it again! She knelt between Darren's legs, and he opened them further for her, all too happy to oblige.

Her small hands fumbled with his button and fly, and she had them open in seconds. She reached into his underwear and pulled out his thick pole. Her pussy flooded at the sight. Her small hand stroked it, as her tongue slowly licked from the base of his organ, up to the top.

Once there, she eagerly shoved it in her mouth. 'slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' she sucked loudly on his dick, oblivious to any danger. Darren, however, was listening to the movement upstairs, making sure Jeff wasn't heading back down.

He looked down at her. Her lips were wrapped tightly around his penis, saliva glistened on the skin of his cock whenever she withdrew, her eyes were closed. She was quite good at giving head! He wanted to fuck this woman so badly, even for a second.

Arousal overcame caution, and he gently raised her chin, his dick popping out of her mouth. He stood up, hard-on wagging in the air, and Diane stood up with him, looking at him with such desire. He kissed her, softly, pulling her lip outward. He kissed her again, and they exchanged tongues. The kiss was brief, and then he pulled away, spinning her around roughly. She felt his hands on her crotch, fumbling at the button on her jeans.

"No..." she breathed softly. She didn't know why that word came out when what she meant was an emphatic 'yes'. Her jeans slipped down to her knees, revealing her ass in white cotton panties. He grabbed the skimpy material and forced them down to her knees as well, revealing her naked ass to him. He could still hear movement upstairs so he knew he was safe for the moment - he just had to put his cock in her, if only for a second!

The two of them were breathing heavily, and Diane bent over the table a little, parting her legs. Darren was far taller than her, his cock was above her ass. He bent his knees, running his thick helmet down the crack of her tanned bum. He bent further, completely uncomfortable, but he knew he was low enough. He wouldn't be able to maintain that position for too long, but he was so consumed with desire that he just needed to satisfy his immediate want.

He bent his dick underneath her, touching her slit. She was sopping wet! All that did was make him into more of an animal. When Diane's pussy gripped at his head a little, he knew he found the entrance. He pushed upwards. She sucked him right in, half his penis slipped inside instantly.

"Ohhhh..." she moaned, feeling him pierce her. He grabbed the sides of her ass and forced more of his manhood into her. His cock was entirely sheathed inside her warmth. He began to fuck her from behind, sliding his cock halfway out of her before jamming it back in, over and over. It was heaven. For both of them. He was in her for only 15 seconds, but for each of them it was worth it.

He suddenly heard movement on the stairs. Diane had no idea, so lost in the feelings. He slid out of her cunt and put his dick away. She was caught off guard briefly, but soon wrenched her pants and panties back up. When Jeff arrived, the two of them were sitting, a little flushed, in their chairs.

Darren and Diane spent the night squirming in their chairs. When the night ended, Darren went to bed in the spare room and had his cock out in seconds. It was a 3 minute jerk off and he was done.

For Diane, it wasn't so easy. Their room was down the hall from the spare room, and she didn't have the opportunity to masturbate. Jeff didn't even try to fuck her! Within 15 minutes he was snoring. She gave him another 10 minutes before she couldn't take it any longer.

She eased out of bed, though knowing he would never awaken, and crept out into the hall. She was wearing her night clothes, which consisted of a white T-shirt that went down to her knees, and panties.

She quietly opened the door to the spare room, stepped in, and shut it behind her. Darren had passed out a few minutes ago, and was a bit of a heavy sleeper himself. She stood beside the bed, looking at him, deciding if she should continue. This was NOT like her! She was never aggressive! She never took chances! Now here she was, doing both, and all for this new, beautiful cock. She just convinced herself.

She moved the blanket off of him, and he lay sleeping before her in his boxer shorts. Diane grabbed the elastic of his underwear and forced quickly down to his knees, unleashing his soft penis. Tingles of excitement went through her at the sight. She couldn't believe he didn't wake up yet! Well, she knew how to get him up.

Gently straddling his legs, she lifted his soft penis and slipped the entire thing into her warm mouth, easily. Her long hair tickled around his crotch. He awoke into a state of half sleep, suddenly feeling good. Darren grew inside her mouth, and before he was completely hard he woke up entirely. It didn't take him long to know exactly what was going on - his buddy's wife was sucking his cock!

He moaned, reaching down and running his fingers through her long hair as he became fully erect in her mouth. Feeling him grow like that in her mouth had Diane's panties become even wetter, and she began to bob her head eagerly up and down on his lap. ' slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' she sucked loudly on his cock, her lips gliding up and down his shaft like a pro.

He could hear her loud slurps, and he could see her and the half-light of the moon that poured in through the window. She was giving him an amazing blowjob. Good think he jerked off moments earlier because he probably wouldn't have lasted too long.

Diane couldn't keep going. She needed to slide him into her dripping wet pussy. She was so horny, she had been dying to get that cock back in there all day. She pulled him out of her mouth and knelt straight up. Reaching up under her long shirt, she slid two thumbs into her panties and began to slide them down. She raised one leg and slipped it down off her foot. She pulled her panties off the other leg, crawling up the bed as she dropped them on the floor. She was breathing heavily, turned on beyond description.

Diane reached underneath her with her small hand, even before she got into position, and grabbed his thick member. She raised his manhood straight up into the air and moved her pussy over it. He could feel her wet slit pressing against the tip of his cock as she ran him quickly to her entrance. She let go of his cock when it was in position, and pressed down.

The soaking wet petals of her treasure parted and the head of his penis slipped inside. "Ohhhh..." she sighed, falling forward such that she was holding herself up by her arms. She pushed down hard, and Darren's entire cock slid quickly into her vagina.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned louder. She felt so full! He was really stretching her so wide! She pressed her crotch hard against him and she began to kiss his cheek, keeping him inside her. His lips found hers and they kissed urgently. Her tongue darted into his mouth, exploring him as she kept him inside her.

He sent his own tongue back into her mouth, his hands sliding up her thighs under her shirt until he gripped an ass cheek in each hand. He began to hump upwards, sliding in and out of her horny pussy using small strokes - she still would not let him out of her too far!

Neither gave any though to the sleeping Jeff down the hall, both were focused entirely on one another. Darren slid his hands off her ass and up her back, taking her night shirt with them. They broke the kiss, and Diane sat up, raising her arms as he slid her shirt off of her. Her tits were freed. He was seeing them for the first time. The light was dim, but he still was able to admire her nice figure. Her breasts were smallish, her nipples were rock hard, and she was practically jutting them out at him, as if urging him to take them.

He leaned up, his big hands holding her small back as he sucked a nipple into his mouth. She sighed above him as he ran his tongue in a circle around one breast, before kissing over to her other one. In the meantime, he was subtly humping his hips upward, still staying deep inside her, but moving slightly in and out. He reached around and cupped a breast in each hand, squeezing them gently as he continued to tease them with his mouth and tongue.

Her hands ran through his short hair as she looked down at him, watching him manipulate her small tits, feeling his penis slide just a little bit out of her, and then back in her. He felt so good, so different inside her. She began to ride him, unable to help herself as she increased the strokes.

Darren released her breasts and lay back in the bed as Diane began to slide her pussy far up his cock until it nearly popped out of her before jamming it back inside. His hands slid down to her ass, squeezing it as he watched the married woman ride him with abandon. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Ohh!" her moans began to escape - she couldn't help it!

The orgasm that she had waited all day for was fast approaching. Gripping her ass tightly, Darren forced her to bounce up and down on him even harder. He, in turn, fucked upwards, meeting each thrust. She was gasping for breath, his cock slamming so deep inside her over and over.

In no time, her orgasm struck. She slid her cunt all the way down his penis, rubbing it against him as the intense feelings hit her full force. Diane felt herself lose consciousness a little, waves of black running through her head. Her heart was pounding, her vagina was convulsing, her entire body was tingling as she came hard. "Ohhhhhhh!" she let out her breath finally as she began to regain her senses.

Darren was so turned on that he couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't give her the time she desperately needed to recover. He lifted the small girl off of him easily, and dropped her on her back beside him. He scrambled on top of her and the weakened woman opened her legs for him instinctively.

He looked down as the engorged helmet pressed against her swollen pussy lips. He slipped into her easily, and pushed his entire cock into her warmth. Diane raised her legs in the air, opening them wide for him as he held himself up on his arms above her.

He gave her a powerful thrust. "Ohh!" she cried, pleasure shooting up her spine as his thick dick shot deep inside her. He began to fuck her with abandon, she turned him on too much. He jackhammered in and out of his buddy's wife lightening quick, her tiny feet were flailing above his thrusting ass.

The bed was squeaking a little under the intense force of his thrusts. Her small tits were bouncing up and down to the rhythm, she was biting her lip to reduce the volume of her moans.

He was losing it. It was beyond his control. His cock pistoned in and out of her a few more times before, finally, he slid his penis out of her vagina with an audible 'slurp'.

Darren moaned, dick spasming in his hand. A long, thick stream of white fluid shot out the end of his rod and splattered across her taut stomach, some of it even catching the underside of her breast.

Diane was gasping for breath, chest heaving as she watched more of his cum fire out in a thick stream, again landing on her tanned belly. It felt so hot on her stomach, and it turned her on so much knowing that it was not cum from her husband, but from someone else.

Finally, the last of his semen trickled out of him, dripping onto her furry bush as she lay before him, legs spread wide. Her eyes were closed, she was smiling.

"I needed that." she whispered, as they cleaned themselves off. He kissed her smiling lips softly.

She threw her shirt on and grabbed her panties, hustling out of the room with the dainty things still in her hand.

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