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Weekend Visitor


I was scheduled to work on Saturday. I rarely went in on weekends anymore. Owning my own business was a grind the first five or six years. Now I've been at it for 18 years and it runs pretty much on its own with my limited supervision. This month brought about a special contract, that while making my presence required, would reward me handsomely with a major payday.

So I told my wife not to expect me around much that weekend, as I was most likely going to need all of Saturday and half of Sunday to put the project to rest. We had been married just over twelve years now. The happiest years of my life. Karen and I met after my business was established. Money wasn't a concern for us at this point. We weren't stinking rich by any stretch, but we did have enough to enjoy what luxuries we craved.

Karen is 8 years younger then I. Myself having just turned 42 and her 34 a couple of months before me. Karen is a firecracker in the bedroom. Quite the demure housewife in public. Thin, athletic with a pair of 34C breasts that perk when a breeze strikes. Her tight bottom never fails to get stares when out in public. Even though she tends to dress conservatively, she never fails to draw the attention of any breathing male and the admiring glance of many ladies as well.

That said we had a great life together. Two kids aged 11 and 7. Girl and a boy. Good kids. Busy with sports and the like. When I told Karen of my impending workweek she was a little taken aback, but more then understood. Especially when I told her of the bonus check I would receive if the project finished ahead of schedule. She laughed and told me she didn't want to see me until it was a done deal.

I worked 12 to 14 hour days that whole week. Missing my daughters dance recital, as well as two little league games my son played in. Things were looking good. By Thursday we were well over halfway done with the contract. I stumbled home to my neglected wife about 11:30 that night. She too was worn out from running the kids to school and their various activities all week. Our normal sex life of four or five times a week, had been reduced to a quick fuck in the bed on Tuesday night. I apologized and asked if she wanted to try again that night. She smiled and kissed me and shuffled me off to bed. She let me know I would have plenty of time next week to make up for her missing pleasure. Maybe even on an island somewhere in the Caribbean.

I kissed her back and told her we wouldn't be seeing the rewards quite that fast, but I would more than make up my time in the bedroom with her. I was already in bed half asleep when she came in and sat next to me. "I was thinking..." she said. "As you're going to be mostly gone all weekend, I was considering sending the kids to your parents and inviting my friend Darlene out for the weekend."

Ok I was half asleep; the name Darlene woke me up quickly. My 'demure' wife's friend was anything but the same. To start with she was a bombshell. Legs that seemed to start at the floor and never end. A waist that I think I could fit my hands around. And tits, TITS!!! 36DD natural and sill standing on their own, proud and firm. She was a year behind my wife in college. Fast friends and roommates. I had heard some stories. Well the beginnings of stories at least. I never could get all the details out of Karen. What she did reveal left my cock hard and made for great fodder in our bedroom.

Trying not to sound too excited I replied. "That sounds like a great idea Hun, you two could get caught up." Darlene lived three states over and though they talked on the phone for hours, most always out of my earshot, they hadn't been together in a couple of years. Darlene was always short on time and money so we didn't see much of her in person.

I personally would relish seeing more of her. Who was I kidding; she was the star of most of my masturbatory fantasies. Not just her knock out body but the bits and pieces of the stories I had heard about her left me wanting more. "Why don't you see about flying her in tomorrow?" I keenly suggested.

Karen bent over and kissed me on the cheek. "She will be here on the first flight Friday morning." She giggled, having already arranged the weekend tryst. I feel asleep exhausted, my dick semi erect at the thought of our weekend visitor.

I awoke with a full erection. A combination of normal morning wood and a couple of very enticing dreams of Darlene throughout the night. My wife was already up and preparing to take the kids to their grandparents for the weekend. I rushed into the shower and took matters into my own hands. Thoughts of Darlene by the pool in one of her skimpy bikinis had me jerking my cock like a schoolboy. I shot my load hard and fast against the glass walling of the shower.

A split moment after erupting Karen came into the bathroom looking for some toothpaste for the kid's journey. Turning three shades of red I quickly turned away and acted as though I was washing my still dripping member. I prayed she wouldn't notice my jism running down the clear side panel of the shower wall. She looked up and smiled at me. "Get it nice and clean dear." She giggled. "I'm off to deliver the kids and then to the airport. What time should we expect you tonight?"

Not sure if I was found out or not I answered. "Late, very late as the more we get done today the less we will have to accomplish over the weekend."

"Well don't work too hard. Darlene and I will probably go out on the town a bit and then retire early. She will be tired from traveling." Opening the door she stuck her head in and kissed me goodbye. "I do hope you can say hello in the morning before you run off. Oh and you might want to make the water a little cooler, your face is all flushed."

"I will make sure to schedule it in." I stuttered as she closed the door behind her. I took the shower nozzle and washed my cum off of the shower wall. I have always had a proclivity to be easily embarrassed. I think it started from being caught by a group of friend's way back in junior high. Caught doing what I had just missed getting caught doing this very morning in the shower.

That traumatic event still gave me nightmares to this day. Nightmares and raging hard-ons I must admit. I have never understood how my own inner terror could have that effect on me. My cock has grown to full mast again just recalling that morning so long ago. My stomach full of butterflies, if I hadn't just relieved myself I surly would be locking the door and doing so now.

OK, I know you are probably wondering about that fateful day. I will give you a quick synopsis. I had found one of my older brothers Penthouse magazines. We had a manmade fort in the corner of our backyard. A place that was rarely used anymore as we were teenagers now, too cool for that sort of play. Thinking I would be safe and secure in there, I snuck off to peruse the magazine. After first looking through the pictures I then turned to the Forum stories.

My dick was already up and ready, adolescence does that to a boy so readily. I was reading about a lucky pizza delivery driver and his full body tip the lonely housewife was giving him. My dick out and my mind racing, as I slowly stroked myself. As the stud delivery boy was delivering his load my cock was throbbing and so very close to its own conclusion.

Just as I felt my own cum building and boiling in my loins I heard the voices of my friends in the back yard calling for me. Not just Danny, and Larry, but Sue and Diana as well. I sat motionless, hoping and praying they wouldn't look into the fort. My dick was leaking out precum profusely as I held it and tried to remain invisible. When Larry proclaimed, "He must be in the house after all." I sighed a sigh of relief.

Just when I thought I had dodged a bullet with my name on it; Diana, why the fuck did it have to be Diana? The one girl I had a major crush on, stuck her head in the back window of the fort. "OH MY GOD!! Edward," She just stared at me sitting with my cock in my hand. I turned seven shades of red that day. "I can't believe you are doing that out here." And as she stared and laughed in my face my cock betrayed me. It shot its goo damn near to the roof of the fort.

"OH SHIT! That is just not what a lady wants to be greeted with." She yelped and quickly turned and departed. The other three of course ran up to see what the fuss was all about. Although I did manage to get my spent and soggy member back into my pants before they arrived, the major wet spot forming on my jeans and the cum puddle on the floor along with the open magazine left little to their imaginations of what had just occurred.

It took me years to live that down. Needless to say my 'crush' on Diana never materialized into anything more. She had trouble looking me in the eyes from that day on without laughing.

Well, now that you know of my inner demon, I will get back to the story at hand. I got dressed, tucking my still semi-hard penis into my jeans and headed off to work. As I drove the short distance to the shop I thought about my sweet wife. Her quiet tender personality in public had allowed me to get past my disabling anxiety of being close to the opposite sex. Now, being married to her my confidence had soared to new heights. Why I had reverted to that teenage boy in the shower this morning I couldn't figure out. I wrote it off to a moment in time and got back to concentrating on the days work at hand.

We put in a full and long days work on Friday. I had little time to think about anything other than getting this project completed. We were making great time on it. I got home about 2:30 in the morning. Exhausted I headed straight to bed. Though the thought of peeking in on Darlene did cross my mind. If only I had the balls to chance that. I set the alarm for 6:30 that same morning and drifted quickly to sleep with thoughts of our guest in my mind.

I awoke Saturday morning with my daily morning tree poking into Karen's back. I laughed to myself at her thought of me having time for a 'morning hello'. I would be long gone to work by the time her or Darlene had awoke for the day's activities. I sighed as I pulled out of the driveway wondering if I would indeed see our houseguest at all this weekend. Had the girls planned it that way I wondered? They did so cherish their time alone together. Even on the phone they liked their conversations between just the two of them.

By 8:00 AM Saturday we were much further along than anticipated. Thoughts of half a day off on Sunday began to cruise through my head. Darlene was scheduled to fly home at 5:30 Sunday. They would need to leave for the airport by 3:00 with all the new regulations. That meant I might actually get to see her, um.... I mean them together for a couple of hours.

By 11:00 that morning I was almost sure of it. My dick was twitching at the thought. I decided to call home and let Karen know of my good fortune. I was taken off guard when Darlene answered the phone at our house. Her very voice dripped eroticism. "Hello Eddie," she was the only one that called me that. Well her and Karen when they were together. "Karen is...... unable to come to the phone right now. She's...... she's running an errand."

Sexy as her voice was her message seemed a little fabricated. "I...I just wanted to say hello Darlene, .... I didn't get the chance last night or this morning." I stuttered and stammered a little talking with her. The way I used to in high school and college when talking with attractive females.

"I will be sure to let her know you checked in. Looks like I won't get the chance to see you this visit. A pity for you I'm sure." She stated with an air of superiority in her voice.

I turned red at her words. I hardened at her words. I again stammered as I thought it best not to mention that I indeed would get to spend a little time in her presence. "I.....I am sorry if that's the case." Was all I could manage in reply. We said our goodbyes and I headed to the private bathroom in my office. I didn't need any nudie magazine today as I stroked my hard cock until it matched the color of my face. Shortly thereafter I was cleaning up after myself once more before heading back out to the floor.

About 3:00 PM my foreman found me with an update and a new plan of attack.

"Hey boss, it looks like we will be finished in the next couple of hours. That incentive of 2 days off and a full week of pay to the crew got them really moving. I was thinking if you want, I could drive you home tonight and then use yours and the company's trucks and have the whole project delivered by midnight. I could pick you up Monday morning and drive to work with you, I would just leave my car here."

Surprised!!, to say the least. I went out to check the progress for myself. Sure enough, as I was in my office drooling over Darlene's voice and pulling on my pud, they had finished 98% of the work. So much so, all I really had left to do was a little paperwork to allow for the nights shipment.

I headed to my office and typed up the invoices and packing slips. Took them out to the Foreman as I tossed him my keys. I would be home within the hour. I thought I would surprise the ladies with my unannounced appearance. We headed off on the short drive as I congratulated him on his performance this week. I assured him it wouldn't be forgotten.

As we pulled into the driveway I was dismayed to find my wife's BMW not there. I decided to just go in and wait for their homecoming. I had plenty of old e-mails to get caught up on and headed upstairs to my office computer to get them out of the way as I awaited their return.

Exhausted I must have fallen asleep half way through them as I sat at my desk. I awoke to the sound of voices downstairs. The girls were home, time to surprise them I smiled to myself. As I reached the top of the stairs their voices became clearer. I stopped to listen for a moment hoping to glean one of their 'private stories'. They sounded a little tipsy as I strained to hear them better. What I heard took me for a loop.

"Those were a couple of real hunks at the bar Karen. I can't believe you made me rush off like you did. The old Karen would never have turned down those delicacies."

"Well the old Karen is older and married now." My wife laughed. "They were pretty impressive I must admit." Was that my wife answering? She never seemed to notice other guys when I was around. I figured it was the wine talking. The wine along with the influence of her oversexed friend.

"We aren't talking 'Stan the Man' impressive." One of them snorted. I couldn't tell which one had said that. I wondered just whom that might be?

"AHH yes 'Stan the HOT HUNG Man' Darlene giggled. He was quite your plaything wasn't he?" Karen's plaything!?! Was she kidding? I had always assumed my wife had VERY little experience before me. I knew I wasn't her first by any stretch of the imagination. But I was convinced I was her best and that any others were long forgotten.

"As I remember you had more than one time at that playground yourself Dar." Was this for real? Had they both been with the same guy? My mind raced. What was the timeframe? Who dated him first? Darlene quickly answered my inquiries.

"Only when you would let me have a short turn you possessive Bitch!" She exclaimed jokingly to my wife. "God he used to leave me stretched out and wanting for more."

"YOU!" Laughed Karen, "Think of my poor little used pussy, I wasn't getting fucked nightly like you were in college. I needed my MAN on the weekend." Again she snorted. "Then again it took those five weekdays for my poor abused vagina to recover for the next round." They both howled. My dick pressed against the sweats I had changed into as I eavesdropped on their conversation.

Darlene reminisced, " I remember the first time you let me have that magnificent cock of his. After homecoming when you were feeling a little under the weather. Stan was horny as always. God that man was insatiable. He wasn't going to let you leave that party until he had gotten off. He tried and tried to talk his way into your panties that night."

"Yes I remember," cited Karen "I was having none of it that night. I was ready to hurl."

"And happy you were my good friend." Darlene said "I believe your exact command was "Go fuck my slut friend if you can't keep your pecker dry for one night."

With deemed shock Karen answered her, "Its not like you didn't jump at the opportunity. My gosh you started flashing him your panties before I had even finished my sentence."

"Yes well it wasn't as though I had never shared my riches with you little Miss innocence." SHARED? How many? How often? HOW!!! Exactly? Shared together or separately?

Karen sighed, "That seems like a lifetime ago."

"Well it could have been revisited tonight if you hadn't graduated and became so prim and proper." They laughed. "Well in appearance at least, I'm still not convinced from what I know of you." Darlene accused my sweet wife.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. No wonder they kept their conversations so tight between themselves. I was beginning to feel a little guilty at my spying. I was beginning to wonder if I really wanted to hear more or not? My cock certainly didn't want me to tune out. It was raging and dripping in my sweats. I couldn't retreat. I surely couldn't let my presence be known in my current condition. I thought of going to relieve myself, cleaning up and going down and saying I had just woke up from my nap.

The talking had died down. I could hear the girls in the kitchen pouring themselves some wine. Forgetting my predicament I took this opportunity to sneak down the stairs to access a better listening point. Good thing I did as they stayed in there sitting at the breakfast nook.

I assumed Karen had handed Darlene a over filled glass of wine when I heard her proclaim, "My that's a full load! Just like Stan used to give off." She laughed.

Karen replied, "My gosh he could fill up a pussy. Or a mouth, or......" She cut off her sentence there. Was she failing to add her sweet tight ass to that list? We had never even tried anal, and I am of average size.

"He did leave quite the generous deposits didn't he? That first time you 'forced' him on me," Darlene again mocked disdain for her pleasurable ordeal, "I swear I was dripping the whole drive back to the apartment. There was a puddle of fucking cum in my panties and on the seat of my old VW bug."

"HA! Like you ever wore panties in those days you dirty little cumslut." I couldn't believe my ears. Even in our alone times in the bedroom Karen never talked like this.

"BITCH! I was wearing panties that day. Don't you remember me flashing your stud? Shit I'm probably the one that got that monster between his legs standing for you more times then not."

"Like you didn't run off and diddle yourself when it was up and ready. That fucker got off knowing you were in the next room with your toys or another guys' dick in your mouth when we were in my room fucking. He would always ask if you could join us."

"Well I'm glad your drunk ass finally got me that chance." Ha I thought to myself, they are pretty lit up tonight. She didn't join them she was a replacement fuck. I felt a little better about that. My cock still felt like an iron rod. My hand slid into my sweats and slowly stroked it as I listened.

"If your flakey boyfriend of the week hadn't stood you up that next weekend that never would have happened either." My relief of her tarnished innocence dissipated as fast as it had appeared.

"Truth be known I dumped that turd long before the weekend. I had planned to get a taste of Stanley's meat in my mouth and nothing was going to stop me."

"YOU FUCKING WHORE!!" Karen yelped in mock disgust at her best friends confession. "Believe it or not that was one of only two double blowjobs I have ever performed." One of TWO!?! My God she did this with another guy as well? My demure wife was turning rapidly into anything but.

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