tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWeekend with Elaine Ch. 08

Weekend with Elaine Ch. 08


We slept fitfully. I felt the latex sheets stop pumping from time to time and air was pumped in for our 'circulation.' This gave Isabelle and I chance to shift and, over the night, we ended up more in the fetal position with each other. I had no idea at all of what time it was when a slave appeared and ordered us to hold hands and lie flat again, once more to be sealed and unable to move.

Yet another pill was put in our mouths and with a long slug of water, we swallowed them. Used panties that came of Georgie, I think, were placed under my nose, and Isabelle got a pair of Tammy's. We were able to speculate about this and we could just talk. I learnt that Isabelle had never been subjected to this form of restraint and she was enjoying it.

We were left for half an hour and our conversation became more sexually deviant as the pills took effect, and as we couldn't move. The door opened and Elaine and Jenny appeared, dressed in the white lingerie uniform of the Ring.

"Good morning, girls, toilet time for you both."

They came across, climbed onto the mat and stood right over us and kissed intimately. Leaning down they pulled our nasal stimulators off us, and kissed our mouths, their tongues probing deep inside us. They then untied their panties and let them fall away. Elaine was above me and Jenny over Isabelle.

Elaine spoke,

"Clare, I hope you don't need a funnel. Ok - Open your mouths."

Both of them then squatted above us giving us intimate views of their love areas and letting their sex aroma descend to us; then they let their morning pee start to flow in ever-increasing copious streams. I tried to absorb as much as I could but Elaine was peeing everywhere and I was immersed in her liquid, into my nose and eyes, as well as my mouth. She shifted slightly so her anus was right above me, and just like what had happened the night before when Isabelle inducted me to being a human toilet, I saw her anus begin to twitch and open. She delivered what she had promised again on the expectation I would breakfast on her. She was much softer than Isabella had been, and was far more powerful in her taste; it was almost overwhelming. My brain said no to this, but the effects of the servitude, the serious want to please her, the relative pleasantry of Isabelle's product and the pill, kicked through. I took most of her into me, but then she sat on me, forcing her goo to spread all over her bum cheeks and my face.

"Use your tongue and eat me out, my toilet slave, I want to cum on you."

I am sure Isabella was getting the same treatment. A few minutes later, both our lovers were in their heavenly ecstasy as they moved from a basic bodily function to their sexual ones and in duly subjugating us both.

We were released and our fly-eyes were removed. It was daylight.

"Ok, girls, go and get showered down, clean yourselves thoroughly, and also your sheath, Clare. Also do not forget your make-up. No toilet play between yourselves, attention to your mouths and teeth. And then we will take you through to breakfast."

To cut the details short, we breakfasted well and found out it was 10.30. We were instructed by Jenny that we were to attend to basic duties for most of the day and that meant being in the Ring's full latex suit for their fulfillment. Jenny was very particular on what we could and could not do and took time out with me each session to run through tasks and behaviour, and under the threat that later activities may not proceed if I messed things up. In essence, we saw a lot of the type of activities that we had been subjected to being applied to two other novices together,and one 'junior.' This woman was at Elaine's level but it wasn't Elaine, as she was much larger in her breasts with large aureoles and nipples, that were subjected to a lot of vacuum clamps.

Meanwhile Elaine went off into session elsewhere, we presumed. However, Jenny was around and gave us good guidance through the day. In return, we had to pay due homage to her, Tammy and two other juniors during the day, principally with both of us using heavy cock harnesses like the one that Elaine had me use on her and Jenny back at her house.

The day rolled around and into the afternoon. After one torrid session of a junior that we witnessed which included a heavy flogging and then very sensual oral stimulation by Tammy, we were then taken by Jenny into this study; like the rest of the house it was sumptuous. We were sat down and our fly-eyes and mouth plates removed. A slave appeared with what were our handbags and pulled two ziplocks out of them. She informed me that I had to contemplate on Isabelle's used panties and secured this purple brief into place on me with a white ribbon behind me. Isabelle got a black pair of mine. We waited for about 20 minutes, saying nothing, and enjoying the essence of the other.

Finally in walked Tammy, and Jenny again. Jenny got us on our knees, and removed the panties on us. Tammy took her panties off and presented her cunt and anus for ours and Jenny's brief acknowledgement of her superiority as a leading Domme.

"You may sit down on the sofa, Slaves Isabelle and Clare, and you, Jenny can leave us."

Tammy sat down on an armchair opposite us, her wiry haired cunt in full view of us.

"A drink, some white wine?"

She poured us each a cold glass of a Sauvignon Blanc.#

"Now, well done, both of you. You have been subjected to quite a trial this past day, especially you, Clare, in being a novice. Well done, Isabelle, for what you have done in guiding Clare and getting her through some of the basics we expect of a slave. You are a credit to the Ring and I know that you and Elaine will really work hard on bringing Clare through and, in doing so, will enjoy much pleasure at Elaine's Cottage.

"Isabelle, you are a chip off the same fetish block as your mother and a credit to her -- and way beyond many peer slaves for what you embrace and your tender years."

Tammy took a sip of the wine, allowing us to do so as well, and continued,

"As you know, who participates depends in part on who is present and available at our Ring houses and marrying the interests and training needs with the domes and seniors. Last night, there were three dommes here, Georgie, myself and one domme who is into a two day programme of intense training of ponies. We have two seniors present, one of whom is Jenny."

Isabelle and I looked at each other with an "Is this where Elaine was sent?" look.

"Georgie was very impressed with both of you and what you have attained. Clare, it was your sophistication in transformation and overt passivity in being a female sub and all that this should entail; Isabelle, it's your youthfulness, exuberance, learning and the level of subjugation you have achieved, and for both of you its how you two bonded as Sapphics though, of course, we all know that Elaine is a major piece of the relationship jigsaw. So I am not that surprised and I know it will continue and with increasing lesbian love. To this end, with some thought and with Georgie's pleas, exceptionally I am charging you with a very special task overnight tonight. More wine -- its ok? "

"Then let me explain what we want you both to do." Tammy took another swig of her wine. "Normally, what I am going to ask you to do would be for at least the level of Elaine, or that of Jenny s a senior. Indeed, I put your mother's candidacy forward as she has been an excellent fuck-companion to Georgie and has some experience of the task ahead. However, Georgie has asked, no pleaded, for you two"

Tammy went on,

"It is not a 'lets have Elaine and her daughter" 'trophy' scenario that I am going to describe as that would considerably worry me; this proposition does not directly involve Georgiana. However, there is a lot of trust and confidence needed in you for this ahead; I am sure you have it, on the other hand I have to consider your inexperience, and for you, Isabelle, your age. But it is that innocence and novelty factor which Georgie thinks will be an excellent fit to her client's needs and indeed the scenario has been tested with the client and she is very happy to receive you both."

Tammy put down her glass and her look became more grave,

"Georgiana, sorry Georgie, runs a highly successful investment business near Nowich. She has also provided good financial advice to the Ring. The situation is that her corporate lawyer, from a major City firm, will be in Cambridge this afternoon to cement a significant multi-million pound deal for Georgie with an American investor, for which both the lawyer and Georgie will get considerable remuneration -- and, I am sure you realize, that will also help us indirectly."

"Now, more directly, Georgie's lawyer wants to deeply thank the client and they will be staying in Cambridge tonight for a lovely dinner and, perhaps no surprise to you, they desire intense pleasure after dinner. And, yes, you two will be their nocturnal pleasure as 'slaves and lovers' for the night. You are to offer what ever pleasure they need, desire, fetish, and deviancy (within reason) that they will demand of you. I expect that you both will offer, of your own free will, full access to your three main love channels, breasts and any part of your body to receive their attention, penetration and, need I say, any toilet or sex fluids that they may wish to so deposit and leave as their memory in or on you."

Tammy relaxed again, and took another draw of wine, watching our reactions.

"Good, today, Georgie has shared with her lawyer some of your own history, interests and how to really turn you on. I am assured that you will also be more than taken care of, not least the dinner will be wonderful. I am confident that it will be highly orgasmic for all four of you. So, all in all, what is to happen is that I am allowing Georgie to hire you out as a pair of high class lesbian escorts for the night."

I think, at this point, Isabelle and I looked at each other opened mouthed.

"So you are fully aware and to show you the gravity of the deal, there will be a transaction of £4000 in cash involved tonight for your escorting in terms of companionship; whatever you get up to afterwards is legally your own affair. You will be instructed on how to give this cash to Georgie who will then give it to the Ring to help pay for our running costs. Georgie will not be present with you but she will be your driver this evening, and you may use a pre-charged and numbered mobile phone to contact her if you have any concerns. Anything that you make as tips for your escorting, you may keep; however may I suggest you invest it into high quality lingerie, sex toys and equipment for home, and perhaps for your mother's enjoyment too. I need not remind you your discretion, manners and decorum is paramount; in that Clare, you can give guidance to Isabelle."

Tammy then looked us and asked us if we were ok to which we both nodded, yes.

"Now, before the logistics to what will happen, Georgie's lawyer is a brilliant and rapidly upcoming young lady, making a serious amount of money and the escort fee is chickenfeed to her. Georgie would also like her to become a member of the Ring if we expand to the counties south of London. She has had sex with her on several occasions when in the City."

"She is, apparently, 28, unmarried, very pretty and through and through a lesbian. Her client is from California but works out of New York. She is also highly intelligent, 39, and bi. She is married with two daughters, the eldest of which is 17, and I sense from what has come through from Georgie, this one may be of a similar profile to you, Isabelle. Hence, why a night with them could be very opportune. Perhaps we ought to consider a 'cultural' exchange and who knows what could happen?"

"Over this deal and others, she and Georgie's lawyer have become good friends and now know each other intimately, so this will not be their first time together. We wouldn't have let you go if it was. Given their characters, they are both naturally towards the domme side of the spectrum, but both are switches which, I think, makes sense. I am not giving you their names at this time."

Tammy finished her glass and poured some more wine. We took sips of ours.

"So, as to the specifics, Jenny will take you from here and you will relieve yourself of your suits. You will dress in only white Ring nighties, no lingerie and not even slippers. You may see Elaine briefly but no mention of what is to happen as she does not know. However, she has indicated her absolute trust in Georgie and me over what we put you two through. Jenny will instruct you further."

"You will leave here in a black windowed car to Jenny's salon in Cambridge. Here you will shower and you will have Jenny's team assist in any waxing needed, hair preparation, nails and, girls, even though your nails are already nicely manicured, I want your finger nails to be nicely frenched this evening. It is so much more professional and becoming for women of your persuasion and trade. The team will also ensure your love channels are absolutely clean for the evening ahead. You will be exquisitely made up and dressed. Jenny will have your normal clothing and you will wear the Ring's standard lingerie, except your stockings which may be black. You will wear heels (which Jenny has) rather than the Ring's booties."

"As to jewellery, you will wear your necklaces. Exceptionally, I am giving you a second name to be added alongside Elaine's."

And Tammy pulled out two gold names with "I am Georgie's "Georgie is now a co-mentor of you both."

"You will also wear the Ring's membership ring. Here is yours, Clare. I'll give it to Jenny for later, along with the necklaces; it's a reminder of your membership of us. Officially we welcome you in to our circle."

I opened the box and inside there was a gold ring with a ribbon motif on the band. It was sized for my wedding finger.

"Finally, you will wear the black and steel bangles which are symbolic of our BDSM equipment that we all so enjoy and the pain and love we receive or give"

"You will be ready for 8pm. Jenny will give you each a small discreet clutch bag. Inside, there will be a 10 pound note for emergencies, a card with Georgie's number, some lipstick and cosmetics, perfume, breath freshener, a small vibrator and a packet of female condoms; just in case; and any high class whore should be prepared for the unexpected. Georgie will pick you up, again in a darkened windowed car and drive you to the Hotel.

"You will be dropped at the entrance and make your way through the Hotel to the Suite number that she will have indicated to you. You will knock on the door, as any escort does, and wait for your clients. You should receive the money but you may leave it in an envelope on the side and it will be collected. Georgie has arranged for safe delivery of your overnight bags." "Any questions?"

We chorused, "No, Mistress Tammy. " "No, good; remember that you are part of a wonderful Sapphic ring and enjoy the evening and whatever experience comes your way. Remember to especially keep your cunts, anuses and mouths wide open for your clients, and you will not go too far wrong. I would strongly suggest that when you leave here, try and nap and refrain from any sex between you or Jenny and her team until this evening. Now go and see Elaine."


In came Jenny and she indicated us to follow her. We went back past the surgery to the basement and down the corridor we had been in yesterday afternoon. Past the room where I was first ensnared and had met Isabelle and, then, two doors down on the other side, Jenny beckoned us to stop.

"Ok, Isabelle, Mum is in here in a very, very advanced bondage position and perhaps somewhat more extreme than you have ever seen."

"I am sure you can handle it, enjoy it, and your presence may well add to the severe humiliation that she is undergoing. I want you both to only focus on her. Her Domme is not here at the moment, but will return after we leave to continue their exquisite pleasure. Cameras will be running as well."

She opened the door and we entered, into this ante room which was dimly lit, and the walls and ceiling covered in what were sound absorption tiles. Jenny locked the door, and asked us to help each other out of the suits and hoods we were in. What a relief.

From a drawer, she took out two short plain white nighties; each nightie was the same, a cami bodice through which our boobs and nipples could be clearly seen and thin straps over our shoulders, and a lower 'skirt' part that came swishing to about 4 inches above our knees. This was all pretty thin material and gave little protection as we were now naked underneath the nightie, but it felt to be free and a nice feeling after so long in our suits.

We held hands and entered into the main chamber, similarly decorated to the ante-room. The room was dark but for sharp spotlights focused downwards on what was evidently Elaine. Let me describe in detail.

First of all, Elaine was suspended into a shallow pit upside down, being held by a system of chains and pulleys from the ceiling and the wall. The main sturdy chains were attached from the roof and hooked onto wide ankle cuffs which held her legs. She was dressed in the standard white lingerie of the Ring in terms of her stockings and deep suspender belt.

Her legs were splayed wide apart as she could probably be stretched and, out of her anus, exposed to all, was this large pink rubber plate which had obviously been inflated to an enormous size in her so her bottom was somewhat distended. On the top of the plate was a long horse-like tail hanging down over her back. Alongside this vast anal toy, and probably it had been inserted into her cunt first, was a large and long white wand vibrator; this was standing nearly vertical on its own accord.

She was evidently in a state of some excitement as her anal muscles were spasming to press against the plug and, even from a distance, it was easy to see that she was soaking wet and crusted up with her white cum.

Further down her torso, she was supported in the mid-riff by a wide belt also with chains off black posts and the walls. Her breasts were hogtied forcing them downwards into a prominent swollen position and her nipples were standing out by over an inch and very, very distended; she had two small glass-like tubes over them that had been vacuumed and clamped off, squeezing each full nipple to way beyond baby-suckling size.

Looking down into the shallow pit, there was another supporting wide band around her neck with supports coming up from the floor to take the weight off her shoulders. Her head, hanging down, was clamped into this leather and chrome bridle and cap mechanism that embraced her hair and ears. Her mouth had been evidently ball gagged from the bridle, but her eyes were wide open. Her darkly made up eyes stared through the leg holes of a thick pair of, what I would describe as, old-fashioned white ribbed 'riding' panties, and their gusset was tightly set to Elaine's nose being secured behind her head, just how Isabelle and I loved to take used panties in.

Her eyes were open, and here was the extraordinary thing, there was a small television screen right in front of her eyes so she couldn't avoid what was on the screen at any point. There were also large screens in the room on the upper level for others to view.

The pit allowed for her love gash to be accessible at normal height but, to aid comfort for the giver of Elaine's 'pleasure' or for viewers, there was also a small walkway suspended above the pit all around her. Inside the pit, her head was at presentable level to a slave who was in there, and who was wearing another form of latex suit that totally exposed her large breasts and massive nipples, and all of her bottom. We guessed that Elaine was having to please the slave from time to time between inhaling and wand sessions. Up above, there were two slaves 'conventionally' dressed and fully covered, one with a medium horsewhip and the other with a short horsehair crop.

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