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Welcome Home



His hands glided from the edges of her breasts down to her hips. His mouth on her stomach. She felt his tongue lick and then the soft love bites on her hips. Impatient she shifted her legs back and forth trying to ease the ache between her thighs.


Trembling at his husky laugh, she moaned as his fingers dipped inside her damp panties. She could feel his thumb lightly brush her clit. Her hands clutched on to the headboard of the bed.

"Lorena Jo, open this damn door!"

Lorena Jo Davis jumped up from a dead sleep. Half scared, more pissed, she fumbled her way to the door. She jerked the door open ready to tell whoever intruded on her favorite dream off, but she gasped, "Jake?"

Jake Tanner's mouth fell open.

He couldn't believe that this petite brunette in front of him was the same woman as his best friend. Long brown hair tumbled in waves over her shoulders to brush against her breasts. Rather large and extremely real breasts.

Barely covered breasts.

He gulped as he took in the view. A stretchy, dark purple, low cut night gown that barely reached to mid thigh was all that covered her lush curvy body. Smooth, well toned legs. Sexy as hell red toenails curled into the plush carpet.

He trailed his gaze back up to meet her chocolate brown eyes. They had always reminded him of hot fudge. Sleep rumpled and flushed her full lips slightly parted taking in much needed oxygen. Which reminded him that he'd been staring too long without speaking. Opening his arms, "Miss me?"

He watched Lorena swallow, "Am I dreaming?"

He trembled as her husky voice washed over him. Grinning he asked, "Been dreaming of me, Ren?" At her deep blush, Jake realized how much the thought of being her fantasy turned him on. When she still didn't hug him, Jake walked inside and slid his hands around her waist. The jolt of awareness shook him. Never had that happened before. Holding her tight against him, "Has it really been 5 years since we've seen each other?"

Jake buried his face in her hair and inhaled her scent deeply. She smelled like raspberries. He ran his hands over her back and down to the curves of her hips. He couldn't help but notice how perfect his hands fit her hips. Finally, he pulled back enough to look at her. He brushed a loose curl behind her ear, "You look great, Ren."

Lorena's eyes filled with tears. His chest felt as if it would cave when she told him shakily, "I've missed you too much, Jake."

Her arms wrapped around his neck and squeezed him so tight he thought she'd choke him to death. He lifted her into a bear hug. Inadvertently his hands cupped her ass and her gasp froze him momentarily. He realized she was naked under her nightgown. He felt her tremble as he fully cupped her ass and guided her legs around his waist. As he turned to nudge the door close, he leaned her into the back of the door. He could feel her heat against his stomach. "Ren look at me."

Even to his own ears, his voice sounded primitive and demanding. Slowly Lorena looked up. Her eyes were damp and more tears threatened to spill. Her soft voice only said his name but he knew she really wanted to ask what was going on.

Never in his life had he seen Lorena so unsure. Since the moment she opened the door, he noticed that his friend had changed. Not only physically, but she was more quiet and subdued. Jake knew that no one had ever pinned her sexy ass to a wall before now, just as much as he knew without a doubt that she loved it. He could tell by the rise and fall of her chest and how damp his t-shirt was getting. Jake also knew that the old Lorena would have kicked his ass for even thinking about how she liked to be fucked.

Jake watched her lick her lips. Wanting to be kissed? God he hoped so. He leaned in for a kiss only to be stopped a mere inch from her sweet lips. The one word he didn't want to hear.


He groaned and squeezed her ass. She tightened her legs around his waist. He was so hard and thick that he was surprised his zipper didn't bust. He practically growled, "Kiss me, Ren."

"You know you don't want this, Jake. You never have." She kept her eyes close while she dropped her head against the door.

He ground his erection into her. Jake kissed her neck and nibbled on her collar bone, "Baby, does it feel like I don't want you? Tell me you don't want me and I'll stop."

When Jake thrust against her, her eyes snapped open. She bit her lip, then her hands were in his hair and she whispered against his mouth, "Don't stop."

He took control of her mouth. Hot, deep, mating thrusts with his tongue matched his hips grinding against her pussy. He groaned as she kept the movement up. He could tell she was close to cumming. He slid his fingers along her ass to in between her legs. He growled at the feel of her hot wet bare lips. Twisting his fingers he thrust them deep inside her. He bit down on her neck at the feel of her clutching his fingers. She was so tight and he knew he needed to stretch her more, "Baby can you take one more? I don't want to hurt you."

"Oh hell. Do it." She moaned throatily as he added a third finger inside her. He barely moved his fingers when she started cumming. Jake continued to stroke her until the last of her climax subsided. Slowly he let her legs touch the floor while he began to unbutton his jeans. Lorena was still breathing hard and watching the rise and fall of her chest nearly did him in.

His dick was so engorged that it hurt. Slowly he lowered the zip. His breath hissed out of his mouth when he felt her small hands ease him out of his pants. He gritted his teeth when her breath was merely and inch away from the head. Ren's hands pumped him twice then she licked the precum from the slit.

Her mouth enclosed the head and he felt her groan and circle it with her tongue. Jake moaned, "Damn baby."

Jake's head felt like it was going to blow off, then he looked down. She was looking up at him. It took every bit of his willpower not to cum in her mouth. He cradled her head and watched her suck every inch of his cock to the back of her throat.



Her mouth made a loud 'pop' when he jerked away. Pulling her to her feet, Jake kissed her hard. Ruthlessly taking her mouth like he planned to take her. She was whimpering and clawing at his back as he pulled his shirt off, "Lorena Jo, you should come with a warning label on your sexy ass."

Walking her backwards to the table he kept kissing and touching her. It dawned on him that he was about to fuck his best friend. Quickly he ignored the guilt and feelings rushing him and lifted her to the table. Her legs immediately wrapped around his waist. Her pussy was so hot and wet that the head of his dick settled at the opening.

She leaned back and moaned, "Please, Jake."

"What do you want, baby? Tell me."

Her creamy pussy was begging him to fuck it hard but he needed to hear Ren tell him. She tried pushing against him, but Jake just hooked her legs around his arms and spread her wide open. She glistened around his dick. He could just imagine how good it would feel stretching her. Gently he nudged her clit with the head of his dick.

Her thighs trembled and he growled, "Tell me, Ren."

A spark ignited in her eyes and she demanded, "Damn you, Jake! Fuck me!"

Jake slammed his way inside her. He could feel the resistance of her walls clutching him. He groaned into her neck as he thrust all the way inside her. She was so tight that he felt her throbbing around him. Slowly he pulled out only to ram into her again. He was so close that he doubted he'd last three more strokes. She moaned and writhed under him when he pressed his thumb against her clit. When her thighs started trembling he asked her, "Is this how you wanted it baby? You like me fucking that tight pussy of yours?"

That was all it took to send her over the edge. He ground his teeth and held still, buried against her womb, while her body went into spasms around him. Her legs went lax and Jake pounded into her. Finally he exploded inside her.

"Well, that adds a new turn to our friendship!" Her husky laugh made his heart melt.

"You know you are mine now. No turning back, Ren." Jake knew his eyes showed his heart. He also knew there was no way he'd ever be able to walk away again.

Softly, Lorena leaned up and kissed him, "Welcome home, Jake."

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