tagMatureWelcome Return

Welcome Return

bySven the Elder©

Sven waited on the farmhouse doorstep, hearing the footsteps approaching in answer to his ringing of the bell.

The smile as Sam opened the door brightened the cold, damp afternoon better than any sunshine might have done. Sven kissed her as he stepped quickly in, so she could shut the door before the dismal late winter day had time to penetrate the warmth within.

"Sven - it's a welcome return - so good to see you again, it's been too long." Then, "Give me your coat and go in by the fire and warm up."

Sam followed him into the warmth of the parlour, closing the hall door behind her. She stood by him - her hand on his arm - then hugged him to her, tears misting her eyes. Sven held her tightly, feeling her warmth as she rested her head against his shoulder and kissed him gently on the neck.

Sven massaged her back gently savouring the welcome to each other.

"I've missed you - you haven't been back since the funeral."

"Oh Sam - don't think it hasn't preyed on my mind," Sven turned awkwardly away from her gaze, her blue eyes seemingly more piercing than usual. "Pam..."

"Pam..." started Sam in the same instant and they both stopped as they each realised the other had Pam, Sven's wife, laid up unable to walk, on their minds.

Sven continued at Sam's invitation - "knows I'm stopping off here, in fact it was her idea."

Sam, glancing out the window, looked back at Sven and handed him the phone. "I suggest you call her and tell her you're staying the night - you've still got over a hundred miles to go and the mist is right down on the hills now - neither she nor I will let you go anywhere tonight."

Sven started to protest but looking outside realised that it would be silly and dangerous to try and complete the long journey tonight. "If you're..." then having got one of her famous 'looks' from Sam said "Ok - you're right."


A little while later, Pam having told him not to be silly, she'd be furious if he didn't spend some time with Sam and at the same time recover from an already trying journey, Sven agreed that it would be sensible to use her spare bed and stay the night.

Sam smiled and went to make a hot drink, relieved the decision had been made.

Sven followed her into the old farmhouse kitchen, the range throwing out welcome warmth as he pulled out the chair and sat at the table. Sam, waiting for the kettle to boil, passed him a scrap book. Sven opened and looked down at pictures and cuttings from the Group's days together before he had met Pam and moved away.

"Thirty three years ago " he added in wonderment. "So long ago..."

"Indeed," was Sam's only comment.

Sven turned the pages slowly taking in the unfolding story. Sam put the steaming mug down in front of him and pulled another chair close so she could look at things with him. She cuddled into his side, as they laughed at this photo, pointed out that cutting, lost in the memory of the times they had sung and performed together as a trio.

At one point as Sam leaned in Sven turned towards her to say something and they ended up nose to nose. Sven gently kissed the tip of hers. Sam kissed him properly back, holding the back of his head as she opened her lips and slipped her tongue between his, her eyes closed as she took pleasure in the moment.

As the kiss died away Sam opened her eyes and smiled gently. "Sven...?" and she held her hand out as she stood up. He took it and she led him to her bedroom, shaking her head as Sven started to talk and then fell silent as he was pulled gently along.

Sam stopped inside the room and pulled the sweater over his head, then undid his belt and the buttons of his jeans - Sven kicked off his shoes, his socks coming off with his trousers and shorts. Before he could reach her Sam had removed her top - she still didn't wear a bra - and had shucked the skirt off just as quickly.

She laughed. "There! I can still get undressed quickly."

Then she slid into bed pulling Sven with her. She tried to pin Sven on his back, but couldn't and he pressed her down and leaned in and kissed her mouth - open - tasting her lips with his as she pulled him down to her. She hooked her leg over his, groaning, pressing her grey haired mound against his thigh, her wetness already apparent.

"Now - don't fuck about lover. Now. I want you now." She pulled Sven down on top of her - reaching between them capturing his hardness and carefully aiming him into her as they slid together gasping, him at her heat, she at his sliding entry - firmly but gently all the way in. They rested together, conjoined, he kissing her nipples as they darkened and grew harder than ever, she stroking the downy hair in the small of his back. She flexed her muscles round his length and he groaned through the kiss, so she did it again as they moved together.

Sam started to say "Dear Go.." but never finished as she came hard, biting Sven's arm gently to keep from keening as he speared deep inside her, arching his back as he pumped two, three and then a last one before slumping down and sliding gently to the bed alongside her. Sam grabbed a towel and tucked it gently under her bottom as he slid from her - she muttered something about 'wet spots' and 'not sleeping in 'them'. Sven vaguely heard, but still recovering from that huge orgasm, wasn't paying too much attention.

Sam stroked his hair gently as he nuzzled her breasts, first tonguing then nibbling gently at her still hard nipples. Practical ever, she reached down, found a corner of her 'mopping up towel' and dried his semi-hard cock, which responded by stiffening in her hand.

She laughed softly - batting it gently with her hand - "Hey - you're fifty seven years old - fifty seven year old cocks don't do that."

Sven let go her nipple and kissed her again before saying, "And old age pensioners don't invite strange men into their abodes and have their wicked way with them."

Sam eased up on one elbow. "Well you're definitely strange and I was a pensioner when I looked in the mirror last so I guess that makes us about even - and I'm not wasting this."

So saying she grabbed 'this', swung a leg over Sven's waist and eased herself onto his once again quite hard cock. What she was saying was lost as she went "mmmm - yes," quietly almost to herself as 'this' slid easily through wetness not long before produced. She knelt comfortably, Sven's prick buried deep inside, both hands on his chest gazing gently down at him as he held the cheeks of her ass and pulled her onto him. She dipped one breast towards his mouth and he took the hint and sucked hard on it - mouth wide open to slurp as much of it as he could. He shuddered as the feeling made her contract round him. They both groaned at the sensation. Sam eased up, almost off the tip of Sven's prick and he followed her up, flexing to try and stay inside her, then she dropped down again. Now he remained still and let her work on him sliding up his hardness then easing down, her eyes shut, her mouth open in an 'O' lost now as she was on the sensations as she pleasured herself on him.

Sven savoured the moment. Hard he may have been, but coming again he knew was going to be unlikely so soon after the intensity of a few minutes before. He scratched Sam's back with his fingernails yielding an "Oh shit" and an involuntary muscle contraction that threatened to do interesting things to his cock. Sam leaned further forward her breasts now touching his own hard nipples. Sven gathered her breasts together and kissed the nipples before nipping the hard end one of the proffered tits gently with his teeth.

Sam shuddered, then muttered "Oh Fuck!" As the contractions of yet another orgasm rippled though her.

Sven flexed his hips in time with her and was more than a little astonished to have another mini-orgasm himself - he couldn't remember the last time that had happened, but then it wasn't every day he got to fuck the bejaysus out of a horny pensioner!

Now it was Sam's turn to lie on top of Sven - together, still coupled but with Sven's prick now rapidly assuming more normal proportions till it slipped wetly out of Sam's cunt. The creampie puddled slowly on Sven's tummy as Sam pulled the comforter over them and they dozed for a while enjoying the moment.


An hour or so later found Sven with a sweater, otherwise naked, sitting in the kitchen of the farmhouse as Sam - similarly attired - made them a light supper.

They sat opposite each other, making small-talk as they ate. As they finished Sam got up to tidy away the dirty dishes.



"That get-up is very distracting."

"What?" Sam glanced up from what she was doing. Then caught sight of herself in the mirror on the wall and giggled. She came and stood between Sven and the table. "So?" and she wriggled her hips coquettishly.

Sven growled, picked her light weight up by the hips and sat her on the edge of the kitchen table, paused for a second and then buried his face in her centre. Sam groaned and entwined her fingers in his hair as he plunged his tongue into her, tasting the tartness of the remainder of their earlier lovemaking. Licking and sucking her wonderful cunt lips Sven made Sam wet and ready, then, standing up he slipped his now hard prick back into her again as she lay back on the table edge. He pushed her sweater up and kissed her nipples marvelling again at the speed at which they hardened. Sam started to wrap her legs round Sven's waist, but he caught her and put her legs on his shoulder as he fucked deeply into her. Then slipping out he went down on her again flicking her clit with his tongue before again plunging deeply into her.

Sam climaxed abruptly. "Sven enough - I can't take any more - it's too much."

Reluctantly Sven pulled out and Sam rolled off the table and sat in the chair where Sven had been a little while before. Once she had recovered her breath a little she leaned forward and gently she took his prick in her mouth and made love to it, stroking it, licking it, slipping her mouth round it. Taking it deep and then just having her lips round the corona ridge. Sven came - more in sensation than quantity. If there was any come Sam swallowed it without problem.

As he leaned back against the table Sam got up, made sure the kitchen door was locked, closed the range front and set the damper for the night. The she came back took his hand and wordlessly led him out of the room turning out the light as she went. Once in the bedroom she took his sweater off and then removed her own before leading him to the bed. They spooned together in the darkness - his half hard prick between her legs, his hand cupped round a receptive breast as she pulled the comforter over them.

Tomorrow would be another day - another story.


© Sven the Elder 2003

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