tagGroup SexWelcome to My Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 05

Welcome to My Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 05


Practice the next day was interesting to say the least. He was very apprehensive during warm-up until Sandra skated up and thumped him on the mask with hers. "Relax kid, its play time." She winked at him and skated off, and he knew none were the wiser.

There were some subtle differences though. When one of the freshman girls lost an edge and crashed into him, Denae pounced on her like a mother lion defending her cub. Alan grabbed the freshman as Sandra pulled the screaming Denae off of her. "Damn it Denae, chill out!"

"Well what kinda rube-ass shit was that?" screamed Denae. "We all know he's still recovering from the concussion!"

"Easy, she just lost an edge," said Frank, "she wasn't even cutting it close. It happens; it is a contact sport after all."

"I don't care!" she yelled.

Sandra grabbed Denae by the facemask and made her look into her eyes. "Look Princess," Sandra said lowly so only the three of them could hear, "unless you want these other busy bodies on the team to get the idea that you have a crush on Hasek over here, I suggest you relax a bit. Once, they'll give you because it was your boyfriend who fucked him up in the first place and you feel responsible. Pull that "get off my man" shit again, and they might get the impression that the masked man here spent the even tearing up that pretty pink pussy of yours with that monster he's packing under those pads." Sandra actually licked her lips after that statement, and Frank blinked in surprise.

"So," she continued, "are we cool now."

"Yeah," said Denae, "you're right. Sorry."

"Its ok kid," said Sandra tapping her on the head, "Now go tell the freshman you're sorry you made her cry and explain that you're just feeling protective because your boyfriend beat up our practice goalie."

"Thanks a lot," said Frank sarcastically and Sandra threw him a wink.

"Sucks to be the Captain," she said when she saw Denae and the freshman give each other a brief hug. "OK, time to go explain how there's no crying in hockey." She gave Frank a slap on the pads with her stick and skated off.

"And a fine Captain at that," said Frank to himself.

After practice Frank showered quickly, tossing a few glances at the crack in the tile where he had seen through to the girls' shower the day before. He considered sneaking another peek, but Alan was packing his gear in the next room, and decided that discretion was the better part of valor. He packed up his gear and headed out to his car to find Denae and the Ra-Ra's leaning against it waiting.

"Hey Frank," said Denae in a friendly mater of fact way, "You free for dinner?"

Frank paused a moment, wondering about the implications of the invitation. Was she starting to fall for him? If so he didn't want to lead her on, but he had actually enjoyed hanging out with the four girls for dinner the night before. Fear, that had been ruling his life for too long came rushing back in. What was it Denae had said, that he was scared to hurt anyone the way he had been hurt? Well she knew the score and knew that there wasn't going to be any relationship between them, so why was he stressing about it. It stuck him how ridiculous this would sound to any other guy, that he was actually thinking about refusing an invitation to have dinner with four sexy 20 year olds.

"Sure," he said, "why not. Where are we going? I'll buy."

"Our place," said Denae brightly, and his suspicions were brought back to life.

"Relax tiger," said Sandra in her sarcastic manner, mistaking his surprise as one of excitement at the possibilities, not concern. "I have a project due tomorrow and I need some guinea pigs to try it out on."

"Sandra in the culinary school," said Sara helpfully.

"These three are pretty used to my flavors by now," Sandra said, "I need a fresh tongue."

Frank wondered if the Freudian slip were intentional or not. When Sandra raised an eyebrow, he was sure she knew exactly what she had said. He smiled and looked right into her eyes. "Sure, why not. My tongue is yours to use and abuse as you see fit."

Sandra shook her head and Rashal and Sara started giggling. Denae on the other hand, shot him a pained look that told him very clearly what she'd like to do with his tongue.

"Let's go," said Denae brightly, "I'll ride with Frank."

"Just be careful," said Sandra, "we already lost one goalie that way."

Frank could feel himself turning red and Sandra close the car door and the girls pulled out of the parking lot. He looked over at Denae who smiled back at him with a naughty twinkle in here eyes. By the time Frank had backed up and pulled out into traffic, she had his cock buried in her throat and was working him slowly and deliberately. It was obvious she was just teasing him, and had no plans of bringing him off anytime soon.

"Look," said Frank about 6 blocks from her apartment, "you better either finish the job quick or quit right now, because I'm not walking in there looking like I'm smuggling a billy club."

Denae giggled and removed her mouth from his cock. "I guess you have a point, but I don't want to waste it. I think I'll save it all for later." She gently pushed his cock back into his pants and started to zip his fly.

"Um, why don't you let me do that," he said apprehensively. "Nothing personal, just a bad experience in high school."

Denae giggled and removed her hands. When they pulled up to the apartment building, Frank leaned over and pulled Denae to him. He kissed her hungrily, lustfully and she melted into him. His hand snaked down the front of her sweats and he began to slowly rub small circles around her sensitive clit. Denae moaned into his mouth and within seconds he could feel his hands swimming in her fluids. He suddenly broke their kiss and withdrew his hand from her pants and looking into her eyes, licked her sweet nectar from his fingers. "Payback's a bitch, ain't it?" he asked and got out of the car. She moaned in frustration and crossed her arms, pouting. He laughed and opened her car door offering her his hand. She took it and let him pull her from the car. He lightly kissed her forehead, and she couldn't help but smile.

"You owe me," she said with a wicked grin.

"Don't worry," Frank said, "I'll make good. I don't want to make a habit of this, but since you've already got me in your web, the least I can do is offer you one more night of orgasmic bliss."

Inside the apartment the other three girls already had the table set and Sandra was busy getting dinner ready. Denae went off to the kitchen to help Sandra while the other two girls drug Frank off to the living room to entertain him. Much to Frank's surprise the talk centered on hockey, and mainly them wanting to hear about the good ole days. They listened eagerly as Frank regaled them about what it was like before the days of high impact plastic protective gear and composite sticks. Back when goalie pads weighed more than a large fourth grader, and he wore a mask that was straight out of a Friday the 13th movie. He was relieved when Sandra informed them that dinner was ready. All the reminiscing was making him feel old.

He looked over at Sandra as she sat at the end of the table. He found himself wondering if she was in fact a lesbian. He hated stereotyping people, but all the signs were there. She was definitely the alpha female in the group, and treated them al with an almost mother protectiveness. While she showed him no dislike, she was in no way flirtatious, as the other girls were. She was very athletic and fit, not a sign in and of itself, but she paired it with an almost boyish style of dress. Not to say she was butch in anyway, to the contrary she was quite feminine in appearance. She continued to drop jibes at both him and Denae with not so subtle hints about their sexual encounters, which led him to think there may be a touch of jealousy there, and he doubted it was Denae that she was jealous of. All in all he really didn't care, but it made him curious about what other arrangements might be going on in this house amongst its occupants. The thought of these four girls naked in a pile on the living room floor made his cock twitch, and he had to clear his throat and take a drink of water to keep from turning red.

The dinner was exquisite. He recognized a number of the items, but was completely clueless as to others. Sandra waited until everyone was seated and then laid out the menu.

"Okay, here's what we have tonight. The salad is a mixed greens with Argüelles tossed with almonds and pine nuts, with a coriander dressing. We also have oyster stew, followed by chicken stuffed with figs and covered in a ginger and nutmeg glaze and brazed asparagus with a light truffle sauce. And for dessert, bananas foster and chocolate dipped strawberries." Sandra looked at Frank proudly, almost defiantly, as if daring him to say anything about her menu.

"Wow," was all Frank could say, "And here I was expecting Home-Ec grade lasagna or something."

The girls giggled.

"I'm studying French cuisine right now," said Sandra grabbing a bottle of Chardonnay from the small wine rack. "It's a little uppity for my tastes, but some people like it. Dig in." With that she uncorked the wine and passed the bottle.

Frank was amazed at how everything tasted. Of all the dishes, only the oyster stew was familiar to him. Even the chicken, with its inventive ginger and nutmeg was unique, and Frank was amazed at how the flavors contrasted from the bite of the ginger to the sweetness of the figs stuffed in side, the meaty neutral flavor of the chicken forming a bridge between the two. The asparagus was coated in a luxurious truffle sauce, and Frank wondered how she had afforded to buy real truffles.

When dinner was finished, Sandra sat back expectedly and stared at Frank. "Well?"

"Sandra," he said looking right into her eyes, "are you sure you're a hockey player?"

The girls started laughing. "Seriously," he said, "this was amazing. The menu items were so different yet they all blended together so well. The chicken dish was so complex. I love how there were two distinctive flavors in the ginger and the figs. They easily could have been at odds, but the chicken was the perfect base to bring them together."

"You see girls," Sandra said, "that is what I need to hear, not yeah it was great!" And with that, Frank saw Sandra really smile for the first time. It wasn't a sardonic lopsided grin she usually wore, but a real smile of pleasure at his compliments.

"I don't know," said Rashal. "Why do I feel like I just entered and episode of Iron Chef?" Again the girls giggled.

"Oh shut up," said Sandra. She then turned her smile back to Frank. "Thank you Frank. I'm glad you liked it."

"No," said Frank, "thank you. Just be sure to invite me over for mid-terms!"

"You got it," she said still smiling. "Okay girls, clean up time. Denae, why don't you take your little friend back into the living room and get him another glass of whine while we clear things off. Then we'll have dessert."

Denae poured Frank another glass and taking his hand, lead him into the living room and turned on the gas fireplace. "Be right back, I'm gonna change clothes." She gave him a parting kiss and ran lightly down the hall to her bedroom.

She emerged a couple minutes later wearing a pink camisole and a skimpy pair of pink lace boy shorts which crept seductively up her ass and perfectly framed her round cheeks. Her nipples poked obscenely out through the thin fabric and pink gave her skin a rosy cast. She walked over and sat next to him, curling up like a kitten on his lap. He was instantly on guard again, his self consciousness coming back as he threw a glance toward the kitchen.

"Um, Denae," he said softly, "as sexy as you look in that outfit and you do look damn sexy by the way, do you think it's entirely appropriate?"

Denae gave him a disgusted sigh, "Frank for being wild in bed you are the most prudish person I have ever met. No it's not inappropriate; this is what I always where when I'm lounging around with my roommates. If you're worried about them finding out that we are screwing around, I'd say last night took care of that problem. The pussy is out of the bag, so to speak."

"I guess you're right," he said, a bit embarrassed by everything that had happened.

"Don't be embarrassed and don't worry about it," Denae said, reaching up and caressing his cheek, "it's all good. They don't care at all. Now if I suddenly announced that I was madly in love with you, they might be a little worried, but as long as it's just us having fun, it's cool. I dare say they are even a little jealous."

"What?" said Frank in surprise.

"Yeah," she said. "They gave me a really hard time about being a screamer last night after you left. Then Sara asked me 101 questions about what all we did, what it was like, etc."

"Wait a minute," said Frank warily, "what did you tell them?"

"Oh, pretty much everything," said Denae. She started giggling at his shocked expression to her answer. "Oh grow up Frank, that's what girlfriends do. We have no secrets from each other, but none of the four of us would ever rat out one of the others if we told them not to. I specifically said that what I told them stays between the four of us."

Frank sighed, "You're ruining my reputation, you know."

"You'll live," quipped Denae.

Just then Sandra announced that dessert was ready and the three girls entered carrying trays and a Champagne bucket. Frank was shocked not by the elegance of the presentation, but by what the three girls wore. All had changed clothes and were wearing outfits similar to Denae's.

Rashal was wearing a tiger print satin nightgown that covered her to mid thigh and hung low enough on it's spaghetti straps that he could see plenty of cleavage and cocoa skin. Sara was wearing a white lace baby doll nighty which was semi transparent. As the firelight glinted, he could see her nipples as dark shadows under the sheer white fabric. Sandra was wearing basically the same thing she had the night before, but a different t-shirt. This one was black and in white letters across it was the saying 'Mean People Suck'. Again he found himself wondering what she had on underneath that t-shirt.

Sandra was carrying a silver tray which had the chocolate dipped strawberries and the banana's foster on it, while Sara carried a stack of plates and forks and Rashal the champagne. Sandra winked at him and turned to set the tray on the coffee table and he saw the back of her shirt was also printed. It read "Nice People Swallow'. Frank was about to laugh when she bent over and set the tray down, causing the t-shirt to ride up slightly. He saw the bottom of her bare ass cheeks peeking out beneath the hem of the t-shirt, and swore that between her slightly parted legs he could see just the hint of her fleshy mound. One more mystery solved, he thought, she's not wearing anything under that t-shirt. The site before him caused his cock to jump again and harden just a bit.

She then pulled out a lighter and lit two long taper candles to finish the scene. She stepped back and surveyed the presentation. She brought her hand to her chin as if puzzled. "Something's not right here," she said.

"I know," said Sara, "we're all dressed in something comfortable and Frank still looks lie he should be at a business meeting."

Sandra nodded in agreement. "Hm. What are we going to do about that? I don't think he'll fit into one of your nighties Denae."

"No problem," said Denae, "boxers and a t-shirt will fit in just fine."

"How do you know he's got on boxers?" asked Rashal.

"Why do you think she wasn't hungry when she got her," said Sandra setting the girls into a fit of giggles. "Come on Frank, take em off!"

Frank was too shocked to say anything.

"Oh for the love of..." Denae said as she stood and pulled him to his feet. "Four college girls in lingerie tell him to strip and he stands there embarrassed." She started unbuttoning his shirt like a frustrated mother trying to get a kid ready for bed.

"Alright, alright," Frank said pushing Denae's hands away and unbuttoning his pants. "Give a guy a minute to cope, will ya? This is new territory for a man my age."

The girls once more started giggling. He removed his pants as stood in his white t-shirt, blue boxers and black socks. He looked at Denae and opened his arms for approval. "Happy?" She simply looked down at his feet and raised an eyebrow.

"What," she asked, "you don't like the black socks?" She shook her head and he sighed mournfully and removed the black argyle socks.

"There, much better," said Sandra. "Let's eat."

The arranged themselves around the twin couches and Sandra served them. Each time she bent to fill a plate she would bend a little deeper, her ass exposing itself to his view. When she popped the champagne, she dropped the cork and bent quickly to retrieve it. When she did Frank found himself staring at her fully exposed ass. The round globes were rock hard and muscular, yet the skin was flawless. Not a trace of hair could be seen as his eyes traveled down her crack. Staring him right in the faced was the wrinkled ring of her asshole, its color barely distinguishable from the pale skin around it, only a touch of crimson setting it off.

His eyes continued and he could her pussy obscenely exposed to his view. Two large puffy lips hung down, completely bare and slightly parted. No mound was present around them, a tribute to her lack of body fat. He could see the point where the lips met and the well hidden clit that lay at its top. His eyes strained for a hint of her lightning bolt shaped bush, but saw none. His eyes continued their journey and he was a bit disappointed to realize that the light was too low for him to see the breast concealed within her t-shirt. What he did see was Sandra, staring back at him from between her legs.

She had paused ever so slightly in her bending and looked back at him. He felt the flush begin to creep up his face. Sandra smiled her sardonic grin and winked at him before bending back up. The whole exchange took less than a second, but the implications hit him hard. The little bitch had done that on purpose. She was teasing him. He thought back to his suspicions. Was this a lesbian playing games and teasing him with something he couldn't have, or was it something else?

So there he sat, in his boxer shorts, in between Denae and Sandra, with two other 20 year old girls in sexy lingerie across the table from him, drinking champagne and eating chocolate covered strawberries. He tried to think of something to say, something to stimulate the conversation, but the only thing that came to mind was 'Dear Penthouse...'

They ate dessert and each had a second glass of Champagne, making small talk and chatting about nothing. Out of the blue, Sandra asked Frank, "So what did you think about the way I put the menu together tonight?"

"I thought it was great," said Frank, "I've never had a meal laid out like that."

"Sandra's really big into themed meals," said Sara taking a sip of champagne.

"So what was your theme for tonight?" asked Frank, taking the bait.

"Sex," she said flatly.

"Excuse me?" said Frank.

"Each of the foods and herbs used in the preparation of that meal are purported to have aphrodisiacal qualities," Sandra said, taking another sip of champagne. "That's the basis for my assignment. A Meal for Passion."

There was a pause and for some reason Frank was keenly aware that the normally bubbly girls weren't giggling. This concerned him and he looked around at the four of them. Sandra was grinning, half hiding her smile behind her champagne flute, her eyes dancing naughtily. Sara's eyes were filled with hungry look and her lips were pressed together in a thin line, as if terrified that he might say no. Rashal was sitting back, her legs crossed and thighs rubbing slowly together. She traced a finger around the rim of her flute and liked her lips as he made eye contact with her.

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