tagErotic CouplingsWelcome to My Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 06

Welcome to My Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 06


Frank jumped as the phone rang, startling him from his nap. He must have dozed off watching the hockey game. He crossed the room and answered the phone.

"Hello," said Frank testily.

"Wow," said Tara, "I was expecting a nicer response than that. Did I call at a bad time?"

Frank chuckled. "Sorry, Tara. I must have dozed off and the phone woke me up. Sorry if I was a bit testy."

"No problem," said Tara sweetly. "Are you too tired to talk?"

"Absolutely not," said Frank. "How's life?"

It had been four weeks since he'd seen last Tara; she'd been away in New Mexico doing her clinicals. She had only a few more months to go until she graduated. Over the last 4 weeks he'd almost burnt up his phone talking to her at least every other night. They'd covered everything from weather to current events to his report of the college's girls' hockey team, a subject which caused him to chuckle as he struggled not to divulge his night of debauchery with the team's top line. They even talked about each other's love lives with great candor. Frank loved these calls with her, though he knew their phone bills would be outrageous.

"Life's ok," she said, a bit drearily.

"What's wrong?" asked Frank.

"Nothing, really. Just homesick I guess." She didn't sound depressed, just a little down.

"Hey, I can understand that," said Frank sympathetically. "On the other hand, you aren't missing much up here."

"That's not what I hear." said Tara coyly.

"Huh? Did I miss something?" asked Frank, confused.

"Oh come on, I know you've been having a lot of fun up there in the north, sowing your oats, fucking anything that moves."

Frank could tell she was teasing him. "Are you trying to make me sound like the town whore? You know you've been the one who's talked me into going on all these dates. Not jealous are you?" Now it was his turn to tease her.

"Oh, a little. I mean, my excursions into the dating scene down here have been less than stellar."

"I wouldn't exactly call mine incredible," said Frank sardonically.

"Say you never did tell me what happened at the club with Esmeralda that night."

"Huh?" asked Frank confused. Suddenly it dawned on him what incident she meant. "Tara, that was months ago, before you even left."

"Yeah but you promised me you'd tell me and you never did. Come on, Frank. Please?" Tara's voice was pleading and girlish, all traces of depression gone. "I'm sitting here, all alone, wearing that Wild jersey you gave me and nothing else. Tell me a bedtime story?"

Frank's cock became hard faster than he had ever experienced. He thought of her sitting on her couch, wearing the jersey he had bought for her at the game they went to the day before she left. He could see her long smooth legs curving out from under the red and gold trim, revealing just a hint of her shaved mound. He wet his dry lips. "OK Tara, I think I can remember most of it, but you have to promise to tell me one next."

"Oh I think I can handle that," she said. "I'm gonna put you on the speaker phone, so my hands are free."

Frank chuckled. "So it's going to be one of those nights, eh? Ok are you ready?"

"You could cut glass with my nipples, they're so hard with anticipation."

"Ok," he said, "here goes. I can't remember how it all went down because I'll admit it, I was totally plastered. I haven't drunk that much since college. I do remember that once we were in the Ron's limo I sobered up pretty quickly..."


Frank and Esmeralda sat opposite Ron, who just shook his head as dark skinned Brazilian stripper ran her hands all over Frank's body. She kissed him savagely, growling and biting his neck. The normally shy Frank would have been frozen in fear or run screaming in to the night, but his recent encounter with Tara had bolstered his self-confidence. The bottle of rum he'd had tonight was helping a bit as well. Pulling off her top, Frank buried his face between her huge breasts. Obviously implants, they were easily 40DD and topped with small black nipples. He sucked hard on the nipples, biting and squeezing her tits roughly.

Esmeralda looked into his eyes and growled in lust. She then dropped her hands and ripped at his pants to unleash his cock. Despite all the alcohol in his system he was rigidly hard. Esmeralda started to slowly stroke his cock and looked back into his eyes.

"Tara was right; you do have a beauty here. I love big cocks. Love feeling stretched and full." The Brazilian girl licked her lips again. "Let's see if you think I give head as well as Tara."

Esmeralda began to lick his rigid shaft, until her was slick with her saliva. She then began to stroke his cock as her lips took his engorged head into her mouth. Frank could feel her tongue swirling around it as she slowly pumped him with her fist. Soon she was taking 4 or 5 inches into her mouth with each thrust, fucking him with her mouth and hand. Frank's head fell back as he savored the sensation.

Ron's voice brought him back to reality. "I don't know if this is apropos or not, but I can't help it." With that, he yanked his equally rigid cock from his pants and began to stroke it as he watched the scene before him.

Esmeralda took her mouth from Frank's cock and looked back at Ron. She looked up at Frank and said, "I guess I shouldn't let you have all the fun." With that she crawled over to Ronnie and sucked him into her mouth. Ronnie gasped as Esmeralda took all 7 inches of him down her throat until his balls rested against her chin.

"Holy shit," Ron exclaimed as the worked him with her throat. He looked down at her gorgeous lips, impaled on his cock and then looked up at Frank. His eyes got huge when he saw Frank's rigid member. "Oh my gawd Frank! I heard her say it but I thought she was just exaggerating. You're fucking huge!"

"Thanks Ron," said Frank sarcastically, "that's the gayest thing anyone's ever said to me."

Ron turned red. "I didn't mean it like that." His attention was snapped back as Esmeralda reach down and grabbed his balls in her hand and squeezed. Ronnie moaned and grabbed a hand full of hair and began to slowly fuck her mouth.

Frank looked down at Esmeralda, now on her hands and knees, and realized she wasn't wearing any panties. He gorgeous chocolate ass was visible as her short skirt rode up to her waist. Frank saw her black mound, completely shaved and capped with a pair of thin labia which were well parted, revealing the slick pink inner folds of her pussy. Frank dropped to the limo floor and began to frantically lick the hot pink center of her dark pussy. Esmeralda gasped and pushed back against him.

Frank ate her quim with drunken abandon, frigging her clit until she came, moaning around Ronnie's dick. Frank then moved his tongue up and slammed it into her dark puckered asshole. Esmeralda gave a deep moan and her hips began to gyrate. Soon she was going crazy, slamming Ronnie's dick hard into her throat as Frank tongue fucked her ass with two fingers buried in her wet pink pussy. Finally she could take no more.

Pulling her mouth from Ron's cock she turned back to frank. "Fuck me," she commanded. "Take that big dick and fuck this wet black pussy. Hard."

Frank grabbed her hips and slid his cock against her. He entered her slowly letting his cock slide past her wet hole. He entered her with relative easy, compared to the viselike grip of Tara's pussy. Within three stroked he was pumping away, slamming all 10 inches in and out of her quim. Esmeralda was once more sucking Ron's dick with abandon, mercilessly squeezing his balls.

Frank could feel his orgasm start to build as he looked as Esmeralda's gorgeous ass. "Fuck I'm gonna cum, Esmeralda."

"Not yet!" she cried, pulling back from Ron with a pop. "You have to cum in my mouth." Frank wasn't sure if it was her heavy Brazilian accent or the matter of fact way she said it, but it was all he could do to contain himself from launching all over her back. She pulled away from his cock and pushed him back onto the seat. She then dropped to her knees and started to lick and suck her juices from his monster cock.

"What the fuck?" exclaimed Ronnie. "So you're just gonna leave me hanging here?"

"Of course not," said Esmeralda. She crawled over and patted him on the cheek. "That was very rude of me, I'm sorry. Why don't you fuck me while I suck Frank's dick?" With that she crawled back to Frank and began to suck his cock once more.

"Um, are you nuts?" exclaimed Ron. "You think I want to go after him and have my dick compared to that monster? I mean you know I'm going to pale in comparison to that log you just had shoved up there."

"So put it in my ass," she said around a mouthful of Frank's cock.

"Excuse me?" said Ronnie, blinking.

"You heard the lady," said Frank, "get over here and fuck her gorgeous ass." The rum was really making him swim now.

Ronnie scrambled over behind her and positioned his cock at the entrance to her nether hole. He then stopped and bent, tentatively giving Esmeralda's ass a lick. She twitched, and Ron licked her a bit harder, making the stripper moan even louder around Frank's cock. Soon Ronnie had his face buried between her chocolate ass cheeks, eating her ass with abandon. Finally he pulled up and placed his cock at the entrance to her slick hole. He pushed firmly yet slowly, penetrating her a little at a time, though she was obviously relaxed and ready for him.

Soon there they were, Ron fucking Esmeralda's round dark ass with abandon while she struggled to get all 10 inches of Frank down her throat. Ronnie came first. Esmeralda slammed Frank balls deep into her throat like a pro as Ron filled her pretty asshole with cum. Exhausted, he collapsed back onto the limo floor.

When her own orgasm passed, Esmeralda looked up into Frank's eyes. "Cum for me Frank, right down my throat."

She then slammed him balls deep once more and fucked him with her mouth, moving only a few inches back and forth and working him with her throat muscles. Her hands squeezed his balls, and when he could take no more, he grabbed two handfuls of her braids and let loose. His seed shot into her open throat. She swallowed greedily and pulled back to let him fill her mouth. She swirled her tongue around him and he felt her swallow the mouthful of his hot cum.


Frank stopped his story and became conscious of the moaning on the other end of the phone. He listened quietly to the unmistakable sounds of Tara's orgasm. He then realized he'd been stroking his cock, which was now slick with his precum, as he spoke. When he heard her moaning die off, her said, "I assume that means you liked my story?"

Tara giggled. "You bet! But what happened next?"

"Oh we showed up at my house and I convinced Esmeralda that I was too tired and too drunk to perform again, so she went home with Ronnie."

"Wow! Ronnie actually scored on his own." joked Tara.

"Yeah and he now has a thing for black chicks and ass fucking. Go figure?" They shared a laugh, and the Frank continued. "OK Tara, your turn."

"Shit Frank, I don't have any good stories. Every date I've had down here has been a disaster. I usually wind up watching dirty movies on Cinemax and diddling myself with my vibrator."

Oh come on," said Frank, "What ever happened with that young resident you were flirting with?" There had been one young doctor there who had caught her eye, and seduced her, or so he thought, into meeting him in one of the empty rooms. Tara had been describing the set up of that meeting to Frank for a week. She had really gotten into the pursuit, trying to lure him without him knowing, making him think he was the hunter, when really he was the prey. Frank was surprised by her candor, and after an irrational instant of jealousy, found the whole thing quite amusing.

"It was such a joke," Tara said mournfully. "We start making out and next thing you know he's got his fingers jammed in my panties, shoving two fingers in and out of my pussy like he's trying to start a fire or something. The other hand is trying to get my bra unhooked. I finally had to pull away and make a little production out of unhooking it so as not to bruise his ego. So then, the imbecile starts sucking on my nipple like he's trying to pop the fucker off. Now, I like a good sucking as much as the next girl, but this guy was killing me. So I thought to myself, well shit if he can suck that hard, I'll bet he eats pussy like a champ. Not so much. I get up on the table, lay my head back and put my legs up, offer him the best meal he'll ever get. Well, he must not have seen that movie, because the next thing I know he's got his dick in me. I was like, hey that's not what I wanted, but whatever. I was horny as hell at this point. So there he is, pumping away for all he's worth. I had just started to get fired up when whamo, he started making this goofy ass noise and convulsing like an epileptic, and then he collapsed on top of me. All I could do was stare. I didn't even have time to fake an orgasm!"

When Frank finished laughing himself silly, he expressed his condolences that she'd been sent home unfulfilled. "I'm sorry babe, wish I could have been there to help."

Tara was silent for a minute and the said softly, "Actually you were..."


Tara walked in to her apartment and slammed the door. There was no worse feeling than a horny, unfulfilled woman, 1200 miles from home, who'd just had a date with Premature Peter. She flung her purse across the room and went to the bathroom, stripping off her scrubs as she went. She turned on the shower, thinking about taking a cold one, but opted for hot instead, hoping to wash the anger away with steam. As she ran a soapy hand across her pussy, still swollen from her excitement, she was thankful the prick had at least taken the time to put on a condom. After a minute she realized she was playing with herself, and that made her even more frustrated. She finished her shower and got out.

She went into her bedroom and started crying. She'd had worse dates than this one, but the frustration was crashing down on her. She had pursued him, he was her prey, she had manipulated him into thinking her was seducing her, when really it was the other way around, and in the end, she'd gotten nothing for her trouble, her weeks of buildup. That's what was washing over her. She was suddenly homesick, and went to the closet to put on some clothing.

She found the Minnesota Wild hockey jersey that Frank had given her before she left. They had been on their way to the airport when Tara had said to Denae how this was the first time she had ever been away from Minnesota for more than a couple days. When they stopped, Frank had reached into his hockey bag and pulled out the jersey he wore when he played. It was a bit tattered and being cut for a goalie would fit her like a dress, but it might remind her of home. She was very touched but the gesture, and reassured when he told her it was indeed freshly washed. She had never worn it, being way too hot in Phoenix, but tonight she needed a little piece of home.

She picked up the phone to call Denae, but then remembered that Denae had a game tonight. Frank, being one of their coaches, would be there as well. So she pulled on the jersey and sat on her bed. The jersey, even though it had been washed, still held a tiny bit of the funk associated with all hockey players. It was different though, on this minute level, no longer a putrid, rancid scent, but a musky and masculine odor that instantly drew her thoughts to Frank. She lifted the jersey and inhaled deeply. She caught a whiff of the spicy cologne he wore mixed with the musky scent. It brought back memories of their time together, that first night at the club when she had danced for him, the escapes at the hospital, and their primal coupling at the waterfall pool. She felt her pussy beginning to moisten again, all thoughts of her ill-fated seduction gone from her mind. She reached for the nightstand and opened the box that Denae had sent her just a week ago. Inside was a large realistic looking dildo. She had been scared to even take it out of the box because the size and proportions were nearly identical to Frank. She was sure Denae hadn't known, how could she, but the similarities were eerie. She removed the dildo from the box and held it in her hands, caressing it, the touch of the veiny texture making her even wetter. In a break of logic that only medical school could instill, she quickly ran to the bathroom to give her new toy a thorough cleaning before she stuck it anywhere. She then returned to her bed

Laying on her side she began to lick and suck on the massive dong. Soon she was lost in the act. She reached over and grabbed her other toy, a small vibrating egg. She began to rub it over her clit and lips, imaging it was Frank's tongue. She slid it into her sopping pussy and turned the vibrations up, all the while sucking the dildo with abandon. It felt so like him, the scent of him was exuding from the jersey, and all these sensations combined to make the illusion become reality. Forgetting it was a toy, and imagining that it was Frank.

She squeezed her breast and twisted a nipple ferociously as her pussy clenched around the pulsating egg. She worked the Frank's cock deeper into her throat, so excited that her saliva was dripping down her chin and around his balls. Her orgasm hit her hard and fast and her convulsions shot the egg from her quim. She retrieved the gooey sphere and rubbed it across her clit, sparking an aftershock orgasm. She then moved the egg to reinsert it, changed her mind and pushed it against her ass. The slick, vibrating sphere popped into her asshole and worked its way deep into her ass.

She gasped as the vibrations spread from deep in her ass, through her pussy and up her spine. She rubbed her clit furiously and slammed Frank's cock deeper down her throat. Unable to take any more she pulled him from her mouth. So slick was it with her saliva that it slid into her wet cunt with little resistance and she pushed until his balls were pressed against her ass.. Frank's thick cock stretched her aching, tender pussy and she whimpered in pleasure, feeling him inside her once more.

She lifted her legs behind her head and began to fuck herself furiously and she rubbed her throbbing clit. The stretching of her pussy, the harsh vibrations coursing through her ass, Frank's musky scent emanating from the jersey, all sent her into a whirlwind fantasy. She was back in the Caribbean, the water crashing over her as Frank's thick shaft pounded into her with animalistic delight. She cried out, screaming Frank's name as multiple orgasms ripped through her body.

She collapsed, the egg at some point had been expelled from her ass, but the dildo was still embedded balls deep in her pussy. She slid it from her slowly, reveling in the pleasure and pain of her sudden emptiness. Smiling, she gathered the jersey in her hands and deeply inhaled his scent once more. She drifted off to sleep with the mingled scent of Frank and sex coursing through her nostrils.


"Frank? Frank? Are you still there?"

"Huh?" Frank shook himself from his day dream. "Oh shit. Sorry, Tara, but you really got me with that one. WOW!"

Tara giggled. "I thought you'd like that, but I wasn't sure I should tell you. I mean, I didn't want you to get a big head or anything."

"Well, what did you expect," said Frank trying to sound nonchalant, "you did just tell me you masturbated while thinking of me."

"Well," said Tara softly, "truth be told it was a little more intense than just that. I mean, fuck Frank, I could feel you inside me, your hands caressing me, it was totally intense. I mean I've diddled myself thinking of you, hell on the phone with you, but this was different. It was incredible."

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