Welcome To Paradise?


Shelby squirmed under her own touch, slipping her wet fingers from her entrance to rub over her clit before sliding them back inside. Every time she switched back and forth he could hear her arousal building. From her excited moans he knew it wouldn't be too long before she came.

Spencer could see her nipples were standing at attention and she was breathing harder and harder. His hand was stroking furiously now, pulling his hard length.

He could feel the cum wanting to burst out of him. He bit his lip slowing his rhythm a tiny bit. He wanted to prolong the inevitable. He didn't want to explode too soon and miss an instant of the hottest thing to ever happen to him.

Shelby's toes started to curl and her heavy breathing turned into excited little whimpering yelps. Spencer stood right over her, his upper body nearly inside the open window. He hadn't realized he had unconsciously moved closer and closer to her as he watched.

As she started to get really loud, he decided he had to he let himself cum soon. If he waited too long she'd be finished and could catch him.

He got a filthy little thrill when he imagined her seeing his cum burst from his prick while he watched her. Her wide eyes would lock on his, her full lips parted as she gasped at the site before her, but knew he would have to have a little more finesse if he was actually going to hook up with her. he didn't think jerking off over her with no warning was going to attract her, that was "creep on the subway" stuff, not "A game seduction" technique.

She wasn't a girl in a bar he'd never see again. She might be disgusted and reject him or worse, she could tell their parents.

Her desperate cries triggered something primal deep inside him and he couldn't hold back any longer. He hadn't planned ahead and he figured when he came it would just go wherever it went. He was outside and as long as she didn't hear him or open her eyes it would be okay.

Spencer's hand furiously pulled his hard length as he felt himself start to cum. He had underestimated the force of his ejaculation however and the first spurt exploded from his dick and landed right across Shelby's pussy lips right as she cried out, her body arching in the water.

His eyes opened wide as he kept wildly pumping. He had thought it was unbearably hot to watch his own sister and jerk off while imagining fucking her but to actually see his cum on her sex was insane. He felt like his brain broke trying to take in the wrongest, sexiest thing he'd done in his life so far.

Shelby was still rubbing her clit wildly as she thrashed around and the warm splashing water rinsed the first burst away right in time for Spencer to aim his second, almost equally strong spurt onto her soaking cleft right over her opening.

He couldn't believe his luck, two shots right on target!

The first entirely accidental, the second better aimed than he could have ever hoped for.

He turned his still pulsing dick outward not wanting to push his luck with a third attempt. But as he did, he watched his unsuspecting sister slide her fingertips down from her clit, through his fresh cum and right into her sex.

Spencer was hit with a punch of lust so strong he thought he would die. He clenched his teeth as he let out a deep groan of almost painful pleasure.

He never could have imagined how it would take his breath away to see his baby sister push his still hot semen into her twitching pussy as she came. His dick still pulsed with the last few twitches of his orgasm, while he leaned panting with one hand against the outside wall of their room.

Spencer knew his luck was probably running out so he backed away quietly while Shelby was still breathing hard and trembling, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. He forced his sticky and still stiff cock back into his shorts and zipped up.

His head was reeling with what had just happened. He knew that this wasn't going to be enough. He was going to have to see her masturbating again, but only if he couldn't work out a way to fuck his darling baby sister.

Spencer tried taking some deep breaths to slow his heart rate as he walked into the villa and sat down on the couch trying to look nonchalant.

He wanted her to know he'd been in the room while she was playing without having to say anything. He wanted her to know he'd heard her and was aware of what she had been doing while she thought she was alone.

Spencer sent out a silent thought of thanks to his family members. This trip to Paradise was the best idea they'd ever had. And he knew it would be a vacation they'd never forget.

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