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Welcome to the Family


This is the first story I have written here, and I hope you enjoy it. I wanted to write a hot story, like Boxlicker101 writes, so I read some of his work and his essay on writing smut. If you like it or if you don't please let me know by voting and by leaving a public comment or emailing me.


Marjory was really enjoying her shopping trip at the upscale mall. She was there with Stacy, her son's fiancée, and the best part was turning out to be the lunch, especially the Chianti they were sharing. The petite young redhead had been carded by the waiter, as expected, because she looked younger than her 22 years, especially with her cute, freckled face. She acted younger too, apparently not able to tolerate the wine very well. As Marjory plied her with more, Stacy became more loquacious, telling the older woman things she was very glad to find out.

"Mom, y'know, I really like Mike. Is it okay if I call you 'Mom' even though Mike and I aren't married yet?"

"Why don't you call me 'Margie'? All my friends do and I think we're going to be VERY good friends. Here, have some more wine," she offered, pouring it into Stacy's glass without waiting for an answer.

Marjory had a feeling about the younger woman, some kind of vibe she thought she felt when they were introduced. She hoped her hunch was right then, and she hoped so even more after they had gotten to know each other. For one thing, she quickly became quite fond of Stacy, seeing herself in some of the experiences that the young redhead had recounted. For another, Mike was quite taken with his fiancée, and the feelings were obviously mutual. Stacy would make a pleasant addition to the family and, hopefully, an even better one to Marjory's circle of special friends. As she sipped her Chianti while the younger woman gulped hers, she learned more about her future daughter-in-law.

"Okay. Margie it is. Y'know, I never really liked guys much except for Mike. I was a virgin before I met him. With guys, at least."

"Well, I'm glad you waited for Mr. Right. What do you mean by 'With guys', though?" Marjory was fairly sure she knew, and fervently hoped she would turn out to be right. Both her hands were holding one of Stacy's, the hand that wasn't occupied with a wine glass, while she gently rubbed the tips of her fingers into the palm.

"I mean I never screwed any guys before Mike. I did fool around a lot with some of my girl friends in college, though. In high school before that, too." She thought about those girl friends for a few seconds. "They were more fun than Mike."

Fully agreeing with the young woman, Marjory smiled. Not that she had any personal knowledge of her son's sexual prowess, but her girl friends had always been a lot more fun than Mike's father. There had been plenty of them, before her marriage, during it and after she had become a widow. She was still in her mid-forties and quite attractive, a tall, bosomy brunette with very fair skin. Some people wondered why she had remained unmarried since her husband's fatal auto accident ten years earlier, but her special friends, including some of her neighbors and some of Mike's former school teachers, knew one reason why. Of this group, some were bisexual and some were lesbians, either openly or still in the closet, but all of them had immensely enjoyed the sexual encounters they had shared with Marjory, almost as much as she had.

"Have you kept up with any of these girl friends?"

"No. It's been almost a year since I had a going-away pajama party with three of the girls. Sometimes I wish I had, though. We had a lot of fun together, especially that last time." She smiled, dreamy-eyed, from the recollection. "Well, I guess I'll have to stick with just having fun with Mike now."

"Not if I can help it," Marjory said to herself. "You can have all the fun you want with Mike, but I want to get some of your sweet little pussy too." She was not thinking only of herself, of course. While she was enjoying herself with Stacy, she expected to be giving as much pleasure as she got, maybe more. Her fondness for the young woman, which was increasing every minute, would require that the sexual activities she hoped to begin that afternoon would be exercises in caring and sharing.

Aloud, she said "My dear, I'm really enjoying your company, but I'm not as young as I used to be. I seem to be getting a bit tired from all the walking. What do you say we cut off the shopping for today and come back again tomorrow? We can continue our conversation at my apartment."

"'K, Margie. I'm really enjoying your company too, even more than I thought I would." Stacy had taken an immediate liking to Mike's mother when they met and the feeling had increased since then. She actually found herself somewhat attracted to the older woman, partly because of her mature good looks, especially her large breasts, even though she considered herself completely straight now, with her period of lesbian experimentation behind her.

The two women strolled, Stacy a bit unsteadily, to the exit where they would be able to catch a taxi. A mall employee hailed one and helped them load their purchases into the vehicle. Stacy climbed into the rear seat, and leaned heavily against the backrest. Marjorie joined her, putting her arm around the younger woman's back, and was highly gratified when Stacy snuggled against her side and smiled up at her.

After giving the driver directions and describing the most economical route to follow, Marjory turned her full attention to the slightly inebriated young woman. Her left arm was around Stacy's back, with the hand resting affectionately on her hip. She resisted a strong urge to fondle the breasts that so sweetly filled out the redhead's blouse. "Plenty of time for that when we get home," Marjory assured herself, letting her other hand rest innocuously in her own lap.

"Home" was a high-rise apartment with a doorman. Correctly anticipating a nice tip, the cab driver followed directions to the building and parked at the cabstand in front. After collecting his fare and an even better tip than expected, he turned the responsibility for the ladies and their parcels over to the doorman, who helped them and the results of their shopping spree get aboard the elevator. Minutes later, they were safely inside Marjory's apartment, their purchases piled on the dining room table and their shoes beside the door.

Her shoes weren't the only thing Marjory wanted to remove. "It sure is warm today," she commented. "My blouse feels like it's sticking to my skin. I hope you don't mind if I take it off. Why don't you take off yours too? After all, we're just girls together, and practically family." As she spoke, she was unfastening her buttons.

"Uh, Okay, I guess," Stacy responded. She always felt relaxed and at ease with Marjory, but not as she might have with a mother or mother-in-law. More like an older friend or a favorite aunt she could share confidences with. Seconds later, both blouses were draped over the backs of chairs in the dining room.

The front room of the apartment included a small sofa and Marjory sat in the middle and patted the end to her right in an invitation. Stacy accepted, and the women sat facing each other, their knees almost touching.

"You know, when I get home from shopping or working or whatever, one of the first things I like to do is take off my damn bra. I think the French invented these things just to torture women." Marjory matched her words with actions, reaching behind her back to unhook the offending garment. As she held it in front of her chest, she smiled inwardly at the way Stacy was staring at her, as if awaiting an unveiling.

Her wait was a short one. The older woman pulled the bra away and thrust out her large, firm breasts. Marjory knew they were her best feature, especially their dusky pink nipples. Intrigued but indecisive, Stacy looked longingly at them, some old desires pushing their way to the surface of her mind. She wanted to reach out and fondle, possibly kiss the twin beauties, but was reluctant to take such liberties.

Although she kept her hands away, Stacy expressed her admiration verbally. "Margie, you have beautiful breasts."

"Thank you. I try to keep myself in shape." She knew what Stacy wanted to do and encouraged her. "Do you want to touch them? Go ahead." Seeing the redhead was still hesitant, Marjory gently lifted both of Stacy's hands and placed one on either of the jutting breasts that were so fascinating to her.

Stacy gently rubbed both nipples with her thumbs and moved her hands under the luscious globes to heft their fullness. It had been almost a year since her hands had caressed another woman's breasts and the thoughts that she had been suppressing all that time burst into the open again. Slowly and almost involuntarily, she started leaning forward, but stopped with her mouth just inches away. Silently, Stacy looked up at Margie, her eyebrows raised quizzically.

"Go ahead. Lick them. Kiss them, even. Enjoy yourself; that's what they're for."

Eagerly, Stacy accepted the invitation, kissing both the lovely breasts before starting to lick their nipples. They were truly delightful, big and erect with a multitude of tiny ridges that pleasured her tongue. While Stacy's mouth was busy, Marjory moved in closer, reached behind the younger woman's back and unhooked her bra. She draped it over the back of the sofa and reached around Stacy's arms to cup a small breast in either of her hands.

The sensation of her breasts being fondled by another woman was highly pleasurable but it evoked a twinge of conscience. Stacy had been thinking of them as being reserved for Mike, even though he hadn't paid much attention to them. She moved her hands from the other woman's bosom to her own lap and pulled her face back up. Before Stacy could express any misgivings about what they were doing, Margie's mouth was moving back and forth between her freckled breasts and licking their nipples, which were already erect with newly-awakened desire. Currents of pleasure coursed between Stacy's clit and the pink nubbins that were being stroked so expertly. She had almost forgotten just how erotic and wonderful another woman's tongue could feel when it caressed her there.

Even so, when Marjory raised her head again, Stacy tried to protest, only to have her words stopped by the older woman's mouth pressed tightly against her own. The kiss was something else she hadn't shared with another woman for a long time, but she opened her mouth to let the two female tongues greet each other. Stacy's reluctance was dissolving as Margie's arms hugged her in a close embrace, with their breasts pressed together as intimately as their mouths were. She had shared many such kisses and embraces with naked women in the past and what had ensued was always immensely pleasurable, muck better than anything she had done with Mike. Her mind was telling her to be true to him but her body insisted that she be true to her own desires.

"Margie, we shouldn't be doing this. It's wrong," Stacy whispered when the long kiss ended.

"You're right. This sofa is the wrong place. We'll have a lot more room on my bed. C'mon." Marjory got to her feet and half led, half dragged the semi-reluctant redhead to the place where they could consummate their mutual lust.

She had arranged the bed in advance that morning, in hopes she would be sharing it with Stacy. There were extra pillows and it had been made with only clean, high quality sheets, with no blankets or comforters to get in the way. Pushing Stacy onto the bed in front of herself, Marjory directed the young woman to lie down and slid a pillow under her head. Gently holding Stacy down, she duplicated the kiss she had ended minutes earlier. While her tongue invaded the redhead's mouth, to be greeted with enthusiasm, her hands caressed the small, firm breasts she had fondled before.

After repeatedly kissing Stacy's very responsive mouth, Marjory let her lips stray to the blue eyes and smooth cheeks. Her kisses continued down the younger woman's throat, moving slowly and concentrating on the pulse spots. She took her time, not wanting to rush anything, until her mouth was poised again over the breasts that, although small, were so alluring.

The wine at lunch had helped to overcome whatever inhibitions Stacy might have felt about resumption of the lesbian activities she had enjoyed so much previously. The pleasures she and Margie had shared in the front room and in the bedroom had done even more, and the remnants of any negative thoughts evaporated when Margie's tongue once more began caressing her nipples. Stacy's desire and arousal mounted, and her upper body squirmed on the bed, thrusting her breasts up to the lips that were glad to accept the unspoken invitation.

Congratulating herself at the way Stacy was reacting, Marjory drew one of the beauties into her mouth to suck on it, continuing to lick the nipple and areola. While her lips and tongue were occupied, her hands were also busy, unbuttoning and unzipping the side of Stacy's short, green skirt. When the time was right, she would be able to quickly remove it. While switching her mouth back and forth between the lovely globes, she took off her own longer skirt, her panties and her stockings, undressing completely. Fumbling with clothing would be liable to spoil a mood or cause the other woman to have second thoughts, and both of those possibilities were to be avoided.

With the clothing situation under control, Marjory continued sucking on Stacy's breasts while her hands stroked the younger woman's belly and hips. She was highly gratified by the way Stacy was moaning and in the way she continued offering her breasts to be suckled. It was immensely enjoyable for both women but there were even better times waiting for them after Marjory's mouth had traveled farther down on Stacy's body.

She raised her head and looked down toward where she would soon be licking. The young woman's hips and legs were moving to the same sexual rhythm as her upper body, and Marjory could smell the distinctive aroma of juices from a fresh, young pussy. She buried her face between Stacy's breasts and kissed and licked her way down the slender, body. One hand held the waistband of the skirt she had unfastened earlier, ready to quickly push it down Stacy's legs and off. The panties could be removed more leisurely.

Until then, Marjory had been kneeling next to the younger woman's side, but when her mouth reached the skirt's waistband, she moved so her knees were even with Stacy's breasts. She leaned over the redhead's pussy and reached under her back so her thumbs were hooked in the waistband of the loosened skirt. Giving a strong push down and out, she moved the garment around Stacy's ass and down around her thighs. Marjory would finish with the undressing after she had moved to a different position.

Generally speaking, she prefers taking turns with the other woman when she is eating her pussy, rather than 69ing, but in this particular instance Marjory decided against that. There was still a possibility that Stacy might change her mind, and she didn't want to take any chances of that happening. She threw one leg across the other woman's body and ended up kneeling with her pussy over Stacy's mouth. Marjory believed that, when suddenly confronted with a naked, dripping pussy in her face, Stacy would follow her natural inclinations and start licking.

She was highly elated when she felt arms curl around her thighs and fingers take hold of her ass cheeks and move closer to her crotch. She was even more elated when she felt a tongue licking up the juices that had trickled onto her legs. With that part of the 69 established, Marjory squeezed her hands into Stacy's panties to peel them off. The younger woman raised her ass to help, and the undies and the skirt were quickly removed and tossed onto the floor. The two women were equally naked.

One of the most beautiful young pussies she had ever seen was inches from Marjory's face. Stacy's light red hair is its natural color and her freckled skin is the creamy shade of white that some redheads are blessed with. She does not shave her pussy and has no need to, because the sparse pink hair only enhances the darker pink of her inner lips, which were swollen with desire by that time and had almost pushed their way through her tight slit.

Marjory wrapped her arms around the younger woman's thighs so her fingers met above Stacy's pussy. Gently, she pulled the outer lips apart and looked into the pink hole that was the source of the delightful liquid that was tricking out. She smiled at Stacy's clit that was swollen enough to be peeking out from under its protective hood. Marjory didn't spend any more time looking, much preferring to lean forward and start drawing her tongue along the outer lip, reveling in the feel of the soft skin and feathery hair.

Stacy liked it too, and her pussy was already thrusting off the bed. "Oh, Margie!" she exhorted. "That feels just wonderful! Please don't stop!"

Marjory had no intention of stopping, but she noticed that her partner had. This didn't bother her; she anticipated bringing Stacy to a momentous orgasm and expected the young woman to reciprocate. Even if she didn't want to, eating her young pussy would be extremely pleasurable and Marjory had other things the two women could do together.

After thoroughly licking the first outer pussy lip from Stacy's mons to the bottom of her slit, Marjory treated the other one the same way. By the time she finished the second lip, the woman under her was blissfully moaning, her pussy was moving up and down and her thighs were flexing back and forth, bumping against Margie's shoulders. Her inner lips and clit were even more swollen and had blossomed forth as if contending it was their turn to be licked.

Stacy had eaten quite a few pussies in her life, but always those of her friends or dormitory mates, who were all about her age. This was the first time she had ever even seen the pussy of a more mature woman, such as Margie, and it was beautiful to her, with the big, engorged lips and clit and dark pubic hair trimmed into a Mohawk. The aroma was the strongest and the most enticing she had ever smelled. Some fresh juices had trickled down onto Margie's thighs and they were among the most delicious things she had ever tasted. The strong affection Stacy had already felt for her future mother-in-law increased to something bordering on love, besides the lust she was feeling. She had an urgent need to eat the delectable pussy that was inches from her face, and her mouth started toward one of the succulent lips.

Before she could continue, however, she felt the older woman's tongue caressing her own pussy lips. Incredible pleasure flooded her body all along where Margie was licking, pleasure that she hadn't known for much too long a time. Mike hadn't been inclined to provide it and Stacy had always been too embarrassed to ask him. However, she was definitely not too embarrassed to beg his mother to keep eating her pussy.

Although she wanted more than anything for Margie to continue, Stacy stopped licking the pussy that was available to her. The bliss that was reverberating through her body was too intense to allow her to even think about doing anything but lying on her back and giving herself completely over to it. She could hear herself involuntarily moaning and feel her legs and her pussy moving in a sexual rhythm.

It got even better as Margie's talented tongue probed between an inner and outer lip, while it slowly traveled upward toward Stacy's clit. "Yes! Yes! Lick my clit!" she pleaded with the older woman.

Marjory smiled as she heard the entreaties. She intended to lick, even suck on the delightful clit that was just under her chin. However, before bringing Stacy to a climax, she wanted to give them both as much pleasure as she could. Since it was obvious that they both wanted the same thing and nobody would be changing her mind, Marjory got off the bed and moved quickly to her preferred position, lying between the other woman's legs.

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