tagGroup SexWe're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 03

We're All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 03


When we were all ready to go, we left for the mall. We spent the afternoon there, walking around and making plans for that night. We were trying to figure out a good movie to rent with Steve tonight, and we decided it should be something light—a comedy, perhaps—but preferably something a little steamy to set the mood. The latter was actually Lily’s suggestion! She clearly wanted to get things moving with Steve as soon as possible! We grabbed a snack in the food court, and then Lily and Julie went off on their own. As they walked away, they started whispering to each other and giggling uncontrollably. I could only assume they were having some ‘girl talk’ about this morning’s encounter. I started to get hard just remembering it. When I calmed down, I stood up from the table and went to do some shopping of my own.

When we met up later, Julie and Lily both had bags from Victoria’s Secret, and I immediately started fantasizing about the two of them trying on lingerie together in the dressing room. Not exactly an original fantasy, of course, but I indulged it nonetheless. Julie and Lily seemed much closer than they had ever been, and I could only assume they had spent the past couple hours bonding over the events of the past day.

When we got home, it was getting close to the time Steve would come over, so we called to order the pizza. Steve arrived around 6:30, and Lily answered the door. They started flirting immediately, and Lily exuded a new confidence. The two of them made themselves comfortable on the couch and talked until the pizza arrived. Julie and I tried to give them some space, so we hung out in her room. When the doorbell rang, Julie and I went out to answer it. Julie gave Steve a little pat on the back as she walked by. He looked up, and she gave him a little wink to signal that she thought things were going well with him and Lily. The two of them went back to talking as Julie and I got the pizza.

Lily and Steve made room for Julie and I on the couch, and we put on the movie as we ate our pizza. It was getting dark outside as we finished eating, and when I got up to throw the boxes away, I turned out the lights. The movie was perfect—it gave us all some good laughs, but we watched breathlessly at the steamy love scenes. Julie and I cuddled close, and nudged each other when we noticed Steve and Lily start to make out during the love scenes. Steve was trying to be discrete, but Lily was bolder, initiating a lot of the fondling and groping. I’m sure she felt that she had very little to hide from Julie and I. As the credits were rolling, Steve and Lily adjusted their clothing and fixed their hair before I turned on the lights.

“Good movie!” said Julie as we all adjusted our eyes to the light. Steve, Lily, and I agreed enthusiastically. “My favorite scene,” she continued, “was the lingerie contest. The judges were hilarious!” We all laughed, remembering the scene. I noticed Julie and Lily making eye contact. “Hey Lily,” she said, “what do you say we show these guys what we bought today?” Lily started laughing, thinking that Julie was joking.

“Are you serious?” Lily asked laughingly.

“Sure! Why not?” Julie replied. “We’re all friends, right?” she said as she smiled and gave Lily a wink. The three of us glanced at each other as we heard this now familiar question, and Steve seemed a little bewildered.

Lily turned to Steve and asked sarcastically, “Well, do you think you can handle it?”

Steve gulped, starting to imagine just what it was they bought at the mall, and replied, “Probably not! But I don’t mind trying!”

Lily and Julie laughed. Julie took Lily by the hand, and they flew off to their bedrooms. I saw Julie grab her bag from her room, and bring it in to Lily’s room. Steve and I sat on the couch, and Steve looked at me with apprehension. I chuckled and shrugged my shoulders. “We’re really in for it now!” I told him. “When Julie gets that playful look in her eyes, I’ve learned that it’s more fun to let her roll with it!”

Steve laughed and responded, “Man, thanks for introducing me to Lily. She’s really incredible! She has this shy side, but man, she’s a girl who really knows what she wants! Did she and Julie really get lingerie at the mall today?” I nodded, smiling knowingly. “Yeah, we really are in for it, aren’t we?” he asked.

“Oooh, yeah.” I replied. We both laughed, and waited with anticipation. Within a couple of minutes, I heard Lily’s door open. Steve and I glanced at each other, our blood already racing. To our dismay, Julie and Lily were wearing the same clothes as before. They walked around in front of the couch, and I stumbled over my words before asking, “What did you get at the mall?”

Julie smiled and replied, “Like I said, we’re going to show it to you.” As she said that, Lily put some music on the stereo. Julie approached me and started dancing sensuously. Lily did the same to Steve. Steve and I chuckled when they did this, looking over at each other thinking, “Yep, we’re definitely in for it.”

Julie was wearing a casual skirt and blouse. She spread my legs further apart, and started to grind on my lap. She stood up and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, and bent over in front of me, letting me just catch a glimpse of her cleavage. I saw a hint of black lingerie. Lily was wearing tight jeans and a blouse, and she was really getting into her dance for Steve. She had turned around, placing her hands on his knees, grinding her ass into his crotch. Steve had a huge smile on his face, and Lily fed off of his enthusiasm. She unbuttoned her blouse from the bottom, stopping at the button just below her chest. She spread the front of her blouse, revealing her tight, athletic stomach. Julie looked over at her as she did this, smiling at Steve’s reactions. I watched Lily, too, as she pressed out her chest and let us enjoy her slim torso, which was bare down to the top of her low-cut jeans. We could see the straps of a black thong just peeking out from the sides of her jeans. Lily mounted Steve, placing her legs on either side of his waist, and presenting her bare torso to his face.

Julie continued to dance in front of me and proceeded to unbutton her blouse the rest of the way. She kept it closed, but when she reached the last button, she slowly parted the blouse, revealing a beautiful black, lace bra. It was, as usual, just a little too small for her, and her breasts pushed out from under it. I could detect the shadow of her nipples through the lace. Lily glanced back at Julie, and Steve followed her lead, getting a good look at Julie’s beautiful chest. Julie smiled and started to run her hands over her chest and stomach. Both Steve and I were noticeably aroused at this point, our pants bulging.

Lily was grinding on Steve’s lap, and she decided to win back his attention by continuing to unbutton her blouse. When Steve saw her hands move toward her blouse, he snapped his eyes back on her. They smiled at each other, as Lily slowly undid her remaining buttons. Steve watched her chest as a black, silk bra was revealed from under her blouse. Lily watched Steve’s reaction as she pulled the blouse back over her shoulders, pressing out her breasts. Lily’s breasts were a little smaller than Julie’s, but the bra showed off just how round and firm they were. Lily pulled off the blouse behind her back and dropped it on the floor. She grabbed Steve by the back of his neck and pulled her chest close to his face as she grinded up and down on his lap. Julie turned around and started grinding her ass into my crotch so that she could get a good look at what Lily was doing. Both of us watch Lily’s breasts hanging in Steve’s face, and Steve sat mesmerized.

Julie moved her ass so adeptly that it felt like she was jacking me off through my pants. I was sure she felt my rock hard erection through her skirt. Julie glanced back at me and smiled. Then she stood up and unzipped the back of her skirt. All I could see were some straps and some kind of sheer black material. I could see the muscles of Julie’s back flexing over her ribs as she unzipped her skirt. Her athletic figure was really sexy. Julie turned around and placed her thumbs in the sides of her skirt. She slowly shimmied it down around her hips, dropping it to the floor. She stood up straight, placing her hands on her hips, grinning at me as I gawked at her. She was wearing sheer black underwear that didn’t hide much. I noticed earlier that she had been wearing black tights with her skirt, but now I realized that they were stockings held up by a strappy garter belt. Julie knew I had a fondness for this look, and she was really knocking me out with the way her sheer, strappy outfit clung to the muscular curves of her hips and legs. Julie turned as she danced, so I could see her from every angle. Her ass looked incredible in that sheer underwear, and I could clearly see the curves of her buttocks. Julie bent over and glanced at me through her legs. She placed her hands between her thighs, groping her ass and running her hands down her inner legs. My cock throbbed with desire, as I restrained myself from fucking her right there.

Lily was monopolizing Steve’s attention, but she began to get up off his lap. She grinned at him, as she spun around and pushed out her ass. She unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped the fly. Then she began to push the jeans down around her hips. As she did this, she bent over, sticking her ass out for Steve to enjoy. Julie resumed her stance with hands on her hips as she marveled at the show Lily was putting on. As Lily pulled the jeans over her ass, she revealed a silky, black G-string. We all got an incredible view of her tight, round buttocks separated only by the thin piece of silk. As she pulled the jeans down to the floor, her athletic legs rippled along their smooth, muscular lines. Though I had seen much of Lily’s body this morning when she wore her towel, this was the most of her figure I had ever seen, and I was pleasantly surprised. Her tawny curves were absolutely gorgeous.

Lily stood up, casting her long hair over her shoulders and smiling back at Steve as she flexed her buttocks. Steve’s jaw dropped open. Julie and Lily looked at each other, checking out each other’s lingerie-clad bodies. They danced closer together, bumping hips and grinding their hot bodies together. Julie rubbed her hands over Lily’s bare ass, and both of them looked to see our reactions. They giggled with delight, as both Steve and I became very uncomfortable in our pants. My heart started pounding as I saw Lily place her thumbs under the straps of her bra. She pulled the straps out over her shoulders, lifting her breasts. Julie did the same, and her cleavage puffed up, screaming to be liberated from those C cups. They watched Steve and me as we looked anxiously to see whether their lingerie would come off. Lily looked over at Julie, and with a devilish grin said, “Wait a minute! I want a show from the guys!”

Both of them returned their bra straps to their shoulders, and looked at as expectantly. My heart sunk, and by the look on Steve’s face, so did his. We were now so anxious not to let this show grind to a halt that we both stood up reluctantly. Julie and Lily giggled as they noticed our cocks protruding through our pants. They walked past us, giving us playful eyes and stroking our chests to encourage us to begin our show for them. The two of them sat on the couch and made themselves comfortable, hugging each other close in anticipation. Their legs and arms were tangled together in a friendly—yet unavoidably sensual—embrace. As Steve and I gazed at this tangle of flesh, silk, and lace, we were set into motion. We glanced over at each other, making sure we were in this together. Then we shrugged our shoulders and started to dance.

We were a little quicker than the girls to cut to the chase because we were both dying to see how far the game would go. The tease of nearly seeing the girls bear their breasts in front of us enticed us to see whether they would follow through with it once we had done our ‘show.’ Gradually we both removed our shirts, flexing our muscles without making it obvious that we were trying to. The girls giggled to each other as they saw our bared torsos. We both worked out and had pretty decent physiques. Steve had a bit more of a washboard stomach than me, but I was pretty well-cut. I turned around waving my ass around for the girls to see, and then started to unbuckle my belt. I pulled it off and spun it around jokingly as Julie and Lily cheered. They giggled and then noticed Steve starting to unbutton his pants. They gripped each other tightly as they watched expectantly. Steve pulled open his fly to reveal some blue silk boxers, and he slipped his pants down to the floor. He was starting to get into this. He cast the girls a big smile, and Julie nudged Lily with congratulations. His erection billowed forth from under his silk boxers, and Lily stared with wide eyes. I dropped my pants as well, and Julie bit her lip as she saw how aroused I was. Steve and I glanced at each other and laughed, hardly bashful as the attention of our scantily-clad audience had pumped up our… egos.

I approached Julie and started to dance around, taunting her with my bulging crotch. Julie grinned and started to move her legs uncomfortably as she watched the thrusts of my hips. Lily, who secretly knew what lay beneath my boxers, stole several looks at me. Still, she tried to keep her attention on Steve, beckoning him closer with her eyes. Steve came closer, leaning over her and placing his hands on the couch pillows behind her. She gazed up into his eyes as his muscular arms suspended his body above her. She withdrew from Julie’s embrace and simply sat in front of Steve, feet planted on the floor. Steve pulled closer, thrusting his hips towards her. His cloaked erection nearly touched her as she sat trembling.

Julie watched this display, noticing the way Lily hoped for Steve’s cock to touch her with every thrust. Julie grinned at me, and reached for my boxers. She grabbed the waistband with both hands, pulled it out around my throbbing erection, and yanked the boxers to the floor. Steve and Lily both looked over in surprise. Lily, of course, now knew about Julie’s playful lack of inhibition, but Steve seemed utterly taken aback. Julie aggressively grabbed hold of my shaft and pulled herself close to it. She looked up at me as she started to pump her hand forcefully. Steve had stopped moving as he watched this take place. He didn’t seem sure whether he should run away or ignore us. He looked at Lily to see whether she was as shocked as he was, and Lily was looking aghast at the motion of Julie’s hand. She couldn’t have been surprised to be witnessing this—after all, she had been much more than a witness during this past day. Her surprise was probably on Steve’s behalf, wondering whether Julie’s bold move had pushed him beyond his comfort zone. Steve clearly wasn’t sure how to read the look on Lily’s face, so he began to stand up.

When Lily saw this, she clearly did not want to see Steve go. To my surprise, she reached straight for his crotch and grabbed his cock through his boxers. Steve halted with a look of supreme shock now on his face. Lily pulled herself close to him, holding his cock tightly. She massaged it slowly and looked up at him with a look that pleaded for him to stay with her. Steve was still bewildered, but he seemed to relax a little as Lily worked her hand up and down his shaft. He looked over at Julie, trying to read her mind. As Julie massaged my balls with one hand, jerking firmly on my shaft with the other, she smiled over at Steve. She watched as Lily followed her lead, and then she gave Steve a wink. Steve finally managed a smile at this, realizing that both Julie and Lily were more comfortable than he was. He then looked over at me and saw me watching Lily stroke him through his boxers. I looked up at him, smiling and shrugging my shoulders, encouraging him to relax and enjoy the ride. Steve smiled hesitantly, returning his attention to Lily.

Lily smiled at him, trying to put him at ease. I doubt Lily would have been nearly this forward with him, but she was now prepared to follow Julie’s lead. She moved her hands up to the waistband of Steve’s boxers, and pulled them down around his cock. As his cock sprung out toward her, she opened her mouth with a little gasp of surprise. She looked up and him and smiled widely. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and massaged it slowly. I watched her do this, surprised by how confident she now looked. Far from the insecurity she had felt just this morning, she was taking control of Steve’s cock like a master. Julie watched Lily working Steve’s shaft, and smiled again with a teacher’s pride.

As Julie and I watched Lily at work, we were both surprised to see Lily make the next move. She looked up at Steve to see whether he had acclimated himself to the situation, and seeing the pleasure on his face, she leaned in to wrap her lips around his cock. Steve jumped a little, but then relaxed, gasping at the feeling of Lily’s warm mouth engulfing him. Lily pumped her mouth slowly around his cock, looking up to read his reactions. Julie looked up at me, smiling with pleasure at how well Lily had learned. Then Julie took my cock into her mouth, matching Lily’s rhythm. I noticed Steve look over to see Julie sucking me off. He had a peculiar smile—it was as if he had always wondered what Julie looked like when she gave me a blow job, and now he knew. I laughed to myself at this, getting off on having my good friend envy Julie’s expertise.

Still, Steve didn’t look for long because Lily was doing quite a job on him. She was licking up and down his shaft, and he began to choke on his breaths. Julie pulled off of me to watch Lily do this, but used her hand to keep me going. We both watched Lily for maybe a minute or so, and then Julie started to use the same technique on me. Lily must have noticed that Julie was copying her because she stopped licking Steve and watched Julie run her tongue up and down my shaft. Lily used her hand to keep a slow pace on Steve. Steve and Lily watched Julie going at me, and I enjoyed the feeling of Julie’s tongue on my shaft as I stole another look at Lily’s body in that lingerie. Her breasts were heaving as she continued to work Steve’s cock, and I traced every contour of her bare flesh with my eyes.

After about a minute, Julie took her last lick, and then turned to look at Lily. Lily averted her eyes so as not to be caught looking, but she soon realized that Julie was waiting for her. With that, Lily turned her attention back to Steve and stuck out her tongue. She made it flat and puffy, and it glistened with saliva as she began to rub Steve’s head against it. She started off slowly, picking up the pace as she went along. She rubbed it vigorously, pausing to pump Steve’s shaft several times with her hand. Then she resumed rubbing him against her tongue. After about a minute of this, she took a little suck of his head and turned to Julie.

Julie repeated this technique on me, matching Lily’s pattern exactly. Steve and Lily smiled as they saw how well she copied it. Lily seemed to be really getting off on seeing what her own techniques looked like from another perspective. When Julie finished, she looked over at Steve’s throbbing cock. Steve’s breath was heaving from seeing Julie rub my cock against her tongue while Lily stroked him. Lily continued stroking him while she leaned under to tongue his balls. Steve was gasping uncontrollably as Lily rolled her tongue around. Then she opened her mouth, pulling in one of his balls and sucking it gently the way Julie had done to me this morning. Steve groaned, and Lily took this as a sign to continue. When Lily pulled away, she smiled up at Steve, and he returned a breathless grin. They both looked over at Julie.

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