tagIncest/TabooWestward Bound Ch. 1

Westward Bound Ch. 1


Life in the old west wasn't always as hard and unpleasant as most thought, back in those days, if you didn't ever have it, you didn't miss it. I remember once, while we were moving out west, the whole family and loaded up into a covered wagon drawn by four mules, my pa rode the only horse we owned, and ma drove the wagon. I was the oldest of eight children, 21, my name is Peter O'Shea, I'm 5'7" skinny as a rail, but very strong for my thin frame. I've a twin sister, Patty, next is Katie whose 20, Rosemary is 19, Edith is 18, Thomas is 17, and a surprise set of twins Robert and Robin just turned 16. The girls took turns riding, and the boys took turns making sure none of the livestock wandered off. We'd been traveling for months, and was just starting to leave behind all traces of civilization.

Ma and Pa hadn't discussed where we were going, just out west, to the land of plenty. I really didn't want to go, but Pa would need all the help he could get to clear land and build a new cabin, so I agreed to go along, much to the disappointment of the girls I was leaving behind in our small community of Greenville, Virginia. Growing up on a farm was hard work mostly, but it had its advantages, I learned at an early age what sex was all about, watching the livestock mate, birth, and then in a one room cabin, the children slept up in lofts, while ma and pa slept in the main room, and by the light of the fireplace, I could lay and watch them fuck like the animals on our farm, many a night I'd lay and stroke my hard cock as I watched my ma's breasts bounce up and down from pa's thrusting.

When my siblings were born, I even got a good look at her furry puss. Skinny dipping was the norm, and I watched in fascination as my twin blossomed into a beautiful woman. It was her that I thought of as I pounded my cock into the local girls. I even tried to stay with other girls named Patty, so when I called her name out in passion it made it seem to be my twin instead. I remember once Patty and I had been in the barn behind a pile of hay, we were examining each other and pa walked up and caught us. I couldn't walk straight for a week from the thrashing he gave me, it really pissed me off that Patty though she was walking with a bit of a limp, didn't show any sign of a thrashing.

It was later in life, she confessed to me that after he thrashed me, he came back into the barn, pushed her down on the hay, and showed her what a cock was for. She said that my thrashing only lasted a few minutes, but pa made her suck his cock, and fucked her pussy and ass several times before he let her go clean up in the stream. He'd told her that if he caught us messing around again, he'd do it to her again. I guess I'm lucky pa only wanted to thrash me, I'd seen pa in the stream, and he was the size of a small mule, I'm surprised Patty could even walk.

Walking along behind the wagon, we ate a lot of dust, and the sweat and dust formed a running mud on our clothes and faces. Patty was in front of me, I watched her sweet ass sway side to side, my cock started to swell and the rough material of my trousers started to make my cock sore. I needed some relief quickly, or I was going to rub my cock raw, I looked around and saw a girl walking behind the wagon next to ours, she looked young but I didn't care, I eased over till I was walking in step with her. I looked at her, our eyes met, we smiled. "Hi, I'm Peter O'Shea."

"HI, I'm Betsy Davidson." she replied in such a sweet voice. "How old are you?" I asked. "18, how old are you?" she asked back. I told her I'd just turned 21 and I could tell she was interested. I wiped some sweaty mud from my eyes, "Sure is hot, pa says, we'll be stopping soon so we can all wash up and cool off."

"I can't wait, I'm melting." Betsy said. We continued on for a while exchanging information about each other and our families. Her family was from a couple of counties over from ours, and had heard that a group was heading out west so they decided to join in. Finally I asked her if she had a boyfriend back home, to this she looked at me, tears filling her eyes. "I'm sorry, Betsy, I didn't mean to upset you."

"No, its ok, just that my pa wouldn't let him come with us, he was a couple of years younger than me, and he folks wouldn't let him come either." she explained. I cocked an eyebrow up and looked at her, giving her my smile that always got to the girls back home, "Are you a virgin, Betsy?" Her eyes widened in surprise, a question she wasn't expecting or prepared to hear. Then she lowered her eyes and head, she barely moved her head and nodded that she was. "There's no reason to be embarrassed Betsy, I know a lot of girls that are still virgins." She raised her face to me smiling, "Its not that I don't want to do it Peter, but my boyfriend said it wasn't right for us to do it till we was married."

"I don't know how true that is Betsy, but its ok really, I was just thinking that maybe we could fool around when we stopped to cool off is all." I said with a grin. Her eyes widened again, surprised by my bold bluntness.

"Oh." was all she could say.

We walked along silently for a few more minutes, "Well, I best be gettin' back over to our wagon, it was nice to meet you Betsy, I hope we can become close friends." I touched her shoulder and felt her shudder under my touch. Smiling to myself, I walked back over to our wagon, my sisters, Patty, Katie and Rosemary were all watching me.

"What's the matter Romeo? Get turned down?" Rosemary hollered.

All the girls giggled, they all knew what I was trying to do, many a night, I'd caught at least one of the girls watching me as I lay in bed masturbating, lust gleaming in their eyes. I'd have done all my sisters, but the thrashing Pa had given me came to mind every time I removed my shirt, I had scars on my back from the switch he used. I raised my middle finger to the girls in a feeble attempt for insult. This only raised a cackle of laughter from the girls.

Several miles later, Pa came riding up and said he'd spotted a good place to stop, and no signs of Indians either. We continued on for almost another hour before we finally able to see the cluster of trees on the horizon that Pa had picked for our camping spot. The four wagons finally came to the area, and Pa had the women pull the wagons into a loose circle. The men and boys of the group started tending to the livestock, watering, feeding, and securing them for the night. The women and girls started gathering wood, and starting fires for the meal they'd cook for everyone. It was going to be several hours before anyone could take advantage of the cool stream that was running close by.

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