tagIncest/TabooWestward Bound Ch. 3

Westward Bound Ch. 3


Even after just having fucked my younger sister, seeing Patty bent over like that caused my cock to stir. I saw Pa getting on his horse riding off with the other men of the other three wagons, they were obviously going out to search for game, and any signs of Indians.

Ma was over across the way talking to the other ladies, I snuck up behind Patty, I pressed my hard cock up against her ass, wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her back up against me.

"I love you Patty." I whispered into her hair covered ear.

She stiffened, "You're going to get us both into trouble Peter." She said stiffly. I turned her to face me, Patty's eyes were filled with tears, "Patty we need to talk about what happened."

She only shook her head, looking at the ground. I reached down and moved the pot to the side so that it wouldn't burn, I took her hand and led her into the trees. We walked silently for a few minutes, we came into a clearing, a log making a perfect bench. I sat down, and pulled her down next to me. I told her what had happened at the stream, she looked at me with horror filled eyes.

"Patty, it was you I wished I'd been with, not Rosemary. You're all I've ever wanted, even after Pa thrashed me." Tears running down her cheeks, she then told me what Pa had done to her, how he'd fucked her severely for at least two hours, he put his cock in her mouth, pussy and ass. She'd even told Ma, but Ma said that was what happened to naughty girls, and didn't try to comfort or console her. I sat in shock, she'd lived with this for the past four years, "Why didn't you tell me, Patty?" "I was afraid to be seen with you Pete, I was afraid to give Pa any reason to do those things to me again." I pulled her close to me and kissed her softly, "I love you." I whispered into her mouth.

I could feel the years of stiffness, and longing melt, she kissed me back, and whispered, "God, Peter, I've always loved you." She then told me she'd never been with anyone since Pa did those things, she said the only way she got through it was to pretend it was me doing them to her. She'd avoided being alone with Pa at all costs, afraid that he'd do it just as a reminder, she hadn't even confided in our sisters about what had happened. I couldn't imagine having Pa's horse cock in my ass or any other part of my body. I knew she'd been hurt just as bad as I had from the thrashing, only her scars were inside.

I told her that once we got settled where ever, that we'd go off together, and find a place for just us, and that we'd live as husband and wife, where no one knew us any other way. She smiled, and said that she'd love that, I told her I wanted to make love to her, but not out here in the open like this, I wanted it to be in a bed, like a husband and wife were suppose to do. She kissed me deeply, with all the love and devotion she had pent up inside of her. Her hand came to rest on my thigh, my dick started to stiffen, she felt it move, her fingers softly caressed it through my pants.

She unfastened my pants and pulled my cock out, "OH Pete, its beautiful, not like Pa's." she said. Leaning forward she took the head into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip, working into my piss hole. I moaned in pleasure, I ran my fingers through her hair, I told her she'd best stop, she raised her head taking her mouth off my cock just enough to say, "I want to do this Pete, I want to suck you till you cum in my mouth."

With that she went back down, taking almost the entire length down her throat, as her lips came up behind the ridge of the head, she went back down taking the entire thing down her throat. She took one of her hands and started to play with my balls, gently squeezing them, she wrapped both hands around my balls, squeezing gently she pulled downward, as if she were milking a cow.

On each downward pull, she stretched the skin so tight on my balls, I thought they might actually pop out. When she had them tight, she opened her mouth wide and took them into her mouth, I could feel my cum rising quickly. My cock started to swell, pre-cum drooling out, Patty took just the head into her mouth and sucked and licked. "Oh God Patty! I'm cumming, oh yessssssss!"

I started to jerk, spasm after spasm racked my body, I could feel my cum pumping into her mouth, she swallowed all she could. Any that got away from her she wiped up with her finger and licked it off. The most powerful and intense orgasm of my life, given to me by my twin sister. She kissed me deeply, whispering, "I can't wait to feel you in me Peter." I opened my eyes, and caught a glimpse of her ass, as she headed back to the camp site.

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