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Wet and Warm


For the uninitiated, there is nothing much more sexually exciting - without being involved with a partner -- than going to toilet somewhere you know you shouldn't. That will sound anathema to many; I've been lucky in that I've known this for many years and have been able to guide others into experiencing the thrill for themselves. Is it the fact that your genitals are in action and you know it's a taboo thing to be performing this act away from a toilet? Maybe so; it certainly becomes a very satisfying method of embellishing solo sessions and if combined with another who enjoys the same recreation it can become a pleasure of the highest degree.

Panty-wetting has to be the height of excitement in this field; as a man there is an extra frisson involved in the wearing of a woman's underwear against your skin so wetting panties takes the electric feelings to new levels. When I worked out just what I was planning that afternoon I knew it had to involve wearing a pair of panties, but exactly which I couldn't immediately decide. After some thought I slipped a pair of purple bikini-bottoms on; they would not only feel luxurious against the flesh of my arse and cock, they would dry quickly and not hold the moisture against the seat of my jeans afterwards. Why would that matter? Because I was going to be taking my relief a long way from home and I would need to walk a fair distance with wet knickers against my body and hopefully not making things too obvious...

I walked through the estate looking so normal; nobody could tell that under my jeans I was wearing a pair of bikini panties and that I would soon be relieving myself in them. Down the road, along the bridle path, across the fast-flowing stream I went; the sound of splashing gave me an extra kick and I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold on for long. No, let me re-phrase that -- I wouldn't want to hold on for long. At the point where the path split I had to make a decision -- both ways the trees formed tunnels around the path but there was one way which I knew had some extra cover. This was a cutting, an area with hills on one side and a secluded area of high ground looking down on the river on the other. A couple of people were walking on the footpath; men, one in a hurry and one ambling past me. They weren't going to be bothering me but I knew I couldn't afford to leave anything to chance -- for me, being caught is wrong, it isn't something that I want or crave, I just love being in control of my body and where I do things with it and this meant I would have to check out my prospective area fully.

I could see a good hundred metres ahead. I casually turned my head and noticed nobody behind me. I slipped off the path, climbing a steep, mud path and as my legs felt the scratchy drag of brambles I started to get a very strong feeling of needing to urinate. Not yet, I told myself, not until I was sure I could enjoy myself fully. Not until I was sure that the top path, that I knew was rarely used, was also free of people. I looked at a wall with some soft-looking grass in front of it. If I was to drop my trousers there and enjoy myself it would be great, but it was just a little too obvious if anyone was to suddenly come up the path, so on I walked. There was an area cleared by local youths which had been used as a place for a fire and a few cans by the looks of it. Not very attractive; secluded enough and not apparently overlooked but not quite the atmosphere I was after, so I tentatively pushed through the low branches and rediscovered the narrow path. There was a view -- and a steep descent - down to the main path, twenty feet below me, and a middle-aged woman was clearing up after her dog a little way ahead of me. She had dark hair down to her shoulders and dressed in a plain, light blue dress and a dark blue cardigan -- probably a nurse or carer out straight after her shift. I guessed I had been looking a little too long for my ideal place to wet myself and had ignored the fact that there could be others on the main path by now. Careless. She couldn't see me unless she looked up directly at me but of course there may be others around. It was time to take a chance, regardless. I walked a few metres more into the wooded area that I knew was always going to be my best spot for what I wanted. I hadn't really explored it properly but I knew I was getting too fussy and should simply get on with what I had come out for.

The low branches, the thick grass, the sense of being enveloped in green; it was just as I remembered it to be. There was a thick, low-lying bush which straggled out in various directions, allowing some extra protection -- as I sat myself down against it I felt that I had the ideal setting as I really was invisible to anyone who was not walking along the high path. As I settled I made it look as innocent as possible, just in case there was already someone hiding. No sound. I undid the button and zip on my jeans as I continued to look around me, ready to adapt my position if needed and revert to Mister Innocent, sitting on the ground watching the butterflies. My jeans came down to my thighs. No-one around, so I sat myself up and looked down at my bikini-clad penis. What the heck, I thought -- I'm going to make the most of this. I took my cock in my hand and started to give it some serious abuse. I wanted to enjoy the thrill of being in public, of being about to wet myself in a pair of women's knickers, of knowing that I was doing something I really shouldn't... My cock stood stiff and hard in my hand as I looked at the white gusset of the purple panties. I could see the sticky residue of pre-cum across the material; it wasn't very absorbent as it was designed for a bikini that presumably wouldn't normally be worn all day and for such nefarious activities. I liked the way the stretchy material clung to my ass and I reached round to feel it against my flesh. Oh, I really needed to do more than just pee, I really wanted to stroke myself to orgasm as well.

My cock was too hard to pee, so I forced it into the material of the bikini-bottoms and looked around. If I was going to wank here as well as wet myself I needed to be doubly careful, so I moved around the bush to stay out of the way. I pushed my way through a few more low branches and found a soft spot of grass to squat over. I looked at my cock, shiny purple head hidden by the stretchy purple material of the panties and the newest drizzle of pre-cum seeped through the gusset. I touched the wet spot and moved it sensuously around the area of material where my bell-end was pushing through. It made me want to cum and pee at the same time but I had to hold back, I had to keep this going as long as I could to give myself the maximum pleasure. Relaxing, my cock became flaccid enough for a spot of pee to be forced through. The sun through the dappled leaves caught the sticky yellow droplet as it fell from the panties. Another effort and a little bit more came through, this time spreading out a little across the fabric while the drips fell. I was preparing for a long flow when I heard a noise nearby. My cock immediately dried up and I squatted down a little lower, comfortable that I was far enough out of the way not to be seen.

Footsteps approached on the soft grass; I looked out from my cover and there was the woman I had seen on the main path, walking in an apparently discomfited way and looking for something. Maybe her dog had run up in this direction but I had heard and seen nothing. No, there was the dog, wandering along behind her. She seemed to be looking for somewhere to stop, her expression now was clearly that of someone who was getting desperate for the toilet. 'Please,' I thought, 'this is too good to be true, you must have your pee near me.' She wasn't looking too closely at me but was holding her stomach and looking to find somewhere, quickly, where she could take her relief. Sure enough, she came close to me -- she was clearly needing to stop soon and her judgement was a little awry. Surely I was now visible to someone who was really looking hard but this looked like an emergency. She stopped with her back to my hiding place and I watched her put her hands down to the fairly low hem of her pale blue dress. She had a pair of black tights on underneath, and as she brought the dress up so she started to tear at the tights to bring them down. She was pulling the material quite forcefully but she didn't seem to have brought her knickers down with the tights and she was frantically moving her stomach and hips as if trying to stop something inevitable. Her hands came from her tangled tights and reached her dress back up again, this time exposing, to my cock's clear delight, a pair of round-bottomed white panties, plain and simple, well-worn and probably cotton. She hooked her fingers under the sides and hauled them down but as she started to do so the strain of holding on seemed to overpower her and she simply brought them to the base of her thighs as she squatted herself down just feet from my watching gaze.

I was about to watch a desperate woman going to toilet right in front of me; I was about to secretly spy on a middle-aged woman in her most private moments and I was going to love every second. A twig across my face disturbed my view of what seemed to be a naturally hairy vaginal and anal area so, instinctively, I brushed at it. It was an almost imperceptible movement and if the woman had been on her own it would never have been a problem but of course she wasn't, and her dog suddenly picked up on my presence and started barking loudly. The desperate woman, clearly shocked by the prospect of being discovered, suddenly found herself in a quandary. There was obviously a person nearby as her dog was telling her that but she was at the point of no return. Instinctively she tugged at her knickers and tried to stand up but her dress became caught in her panties as they covered her bottom and as she tried to move her feet she found them tangled in her tights, propelling her to her knees with her ass in the air, pointing at me.

The dog came towards me and the woman turned round to see where I was. I don't know who was the more embarrassed -- her with her knickers on display and her dress around her back, or me with my cock enrobed in a pair of purple bikini bottoms. She looked to have a mixture of terror and humiliation on her face and I felt I had to say something to break the horrific -- if momentary -- tension. "It's fine," I said, "please, just carry on, I really don't mind you doing what you're doing, I was doing the same..." I thought it wasn't a bad way of explaining why I was there in the first place although I didn't know if it would put her at ease enough not to flee in panic. Her dark auburn hair was sticking to her face as she had been sweating through the last few minutes and she reached up with one hand to brush it away. "Really, I continued, "let's both just get on with what we were doing, it's quite okay, no-one else ever comes along here!"

The woman had very red cheeks, partly through the strain of her desperation and partly through the acute embarrassment of having been spotted by me. She seemed to be considering the situation momentarily but her body was making her decision for her. She reached round for her ass as a flood of urine cascaded through her knickers and onto the ground between her knees. She gasped with the humiliation and relief as her futile situation became obvious to her. There was nothing more to say, she felt beyond redemption now, beyond the normal conventions of society and seemed to accept that she was being watched as she soiled herself. She moved her knees further apart to avoid them getting soaked and reached back to pull down her knickers but as she did so, with the hot stream of liquid turning into a torrent, she let out a whimper and let her head fall to the ground. I couldn't work out what had stopped her from removing her panties as she'd intended until I suddenly became aware of the protuberance from her white-clad bottom. She was unable to get the knickers off because she was having a poop! It hadn't just been a pee that she had needed; she had taken this diversion to have a shit as well! My Christmases seemed to have come at once -- here was the sort of woman who I'd often fantasised about, defecating in her panties in front of me but utterly unable to control herself. I watched the emerging log pushing the fabric in the seat of the woman's knickers as she cried gently to herself. She seemed to have no consideration for dignity now; she just wanted to get the humiliation over and done with. The lump was clearly getting larger and there was a brown spot now as the wet material gave in to the pressure of the poop. There was a crackling, a little bit of air being released, and then a sudden and forceful load came out along with the remainder of her urine which seemed to flood to the grass.

For some reason I felt I should comfort her in her time of ultimate disgrace and embarrassment; I had to show her that this was an experience to be cherished despite the humiliation. I just hoped I wouldn't come across as a lunatic but it had been she who had come here of her own accord and I knew I could justify being there. I brushed away the low branches and came out into the open, holding my jeans around my thighs as I did so. It didn't seem unnatural in the circumstances as I'd just watched an act of such degradation but I suddenly became self-conscious as I approached the woman's lowered head. I tried to arrange my package so that it wouldn't look so obvious that I had been aroused but it seemed to be a pointless task. I tried to lift my jeans to the point where it wouldn't be clear that I had a pair of women's bikini bottoms on, but that was not as easy as I had hoped either. As I struggled without speaking she turned towards me, seemingly worried by my presence there and being silent but fiddling. I hadn't really thought about how it must have looked -- if I was to appear decent I really should have arranged myself before coming out of hiding. The woman raised her head slowly and I could see that she had a very cute, if well-worn face, very red still and with sweat running down it. She looked at my groin area and I was suddenly worried about my own state, despite the fact that here was a woman who had peed and pooped her knickers on all fours in front of me. "I'm so sorry," I said, "I just hadn't finished what I was doing earlier." I tried to cover myself more but she was now realising the situation was not quite as she had first imagined it.

"You're turned on by this, aren't you?" she said. They were the first words I had heard her speak and I really couldn't decide what her tone was. Was this a warning that I should clear up and go before she started screaming? I tried to look closer at her face and I decided to probe a little.

"I'm sorry," I said, "it isn't often that someone does what you've done in front of me." I waited a moment; there was no sign of disgust, just a little nod of acceptance. "I hope you don't mind," I continued. "I really did get such a shock seeing it all happen and I'm afraid I got very turned-on by the sight."

"You REALLY got turned on?" she responded with a tone of incredulity. "How could that turn you on?"

I thought that I may as well be hung for a sheep as a goat -- it was time to open up to her. "I love the sight of someone wetting their knickers -- and when you let that load go as well; I mean, I just couldn't help but touch myself." I moved my hand away from my crotch so that she could see the full state of my arousal. My cock was pushing hard against the front panel of my panties and the residue of pee and pre-cum was still visible in outline. She looked very interested in what I was doing now -- more interested than someone who was alarmed by the situation would do. She wasn't confident of what was going on but the sight of an aroused eight-inch cock so close to her face was perhaps something rather new to her and there was a definite interest there. "I was actually going to wet my own panties when you came along," I admitted. There we go, said it now. She looked at me incredulously and started to fiddle with her knickers, trying to bring them down without making an even worse mess. "Hold on, please, let me help, I'd love to help you out of them. I mean, that's if you don't mind?"

She looked at me again as if I was mad but she stopped fiddling and nodded, pushing herself up to a slightly more dignified position, albeit still on all fours. "You seem to be a lot more in control of this than me," she said, almost playing into my hands.

"Would you let me be?" I asked, with an air of expectancy. "I'll make sure everything's okay, if you trust me?"

She seemed to let a smile escape across her face momentarily and I knew that I was getting the green light to take things to the next level. "I need to finish what I was starting if you don't mind," I began. With that I concentrated carefully on the sensations erupting from my groin and dulled them so that my cock shrunk down a little. "What's your name?" I asked the woman.

"Call me Jenny," she replied. I didn't care if it was her real name, I just needed something to distract me from raging erection to allow me to pee again. I tried squirting a little and the sticky jewel of liquid erupted from my penis and seeped through the straining material. I breathed heavily as I tried to control my bladder while I was aware that Jenny was watching on with an open mouth.

"God, you're really doing it for pleasure?" she asked.

"It's humiliating for you but for me it's just so fucking dirty and sexy," I responded. As I did so, a steady stream started to emerge and strain through the purple panties onto the grass, with Jenny's eyes taking a great interest in it.

I wasn't finished, but the sensation of wetting my panties was enough to make my cock stiff as a board once more and there was no way that I could release even the slightest extra drop of urine. "Can you see what effect all this has had on me?" I asked her.

"I can see," replied Jenny. "I have to say that it does feel a bit strange having all this warmth and wetness in between my legs."

"Maybe this will be the first of many wettings for you," I said. I hoped that it would be the sort of thing that she would start to enjoy once she realised just how excited I was. It was time to show my own appreciation, so I looked around to make sure that we were still completely on our own. No sign of anybody. I moved around to my earlier position behind Jenny but close up, where I could really investigate what I was so desperate to see. I lifted Jenny's dress completely clear of her knickers and settled myself behind her, resting my hands on both hips. She shuddered lightly at my touch and I could sense that she was becoming increasingly aroused by the idea of being seen and potentially abused by a stranger. Her panties were beautiful -- plain, white, slightly shiny, a sort of cotton-satin material, very soft and slightly stretchy. They were quite large, a full-bottomed design like a bikini bottom, similar in shape to my own. I thanked my lucky stars that there are still women who like to wear this type of underwear rather than thongs, shorts and g-strings. Here was something which was very feminine, extremely soft and, of course, utterly soiled. My hands worked their way in from the outside of her hips and there was a moment where I let them run across the dry part of her knickers that I felt I was going to have an earth-shattering orgasm. I knew that I would have to save myself so looked up at the blue sky dappled through the leaves of the trees and said a silent 'thank you' before looking down and letting my hands move again. There was a large lump in the seat of her knickers and it was hanging down very noticeably, but as she hadn't stood up and her legs were well apart, it hadn't shown any sign of falling out. It was very firm and quite lumpy; it had made the material of the knickers clearly brown but it was mainly because of the urine which had poured through the gusset and spread along the seat. Perhaps it was time to help Jenny out of this rather foul-smelling mess.

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