tagLesbian SexWet Miranda's Lesbian Experience

Wet Miranda's Lesbian Experience

byWet Miranda©

Most of my stories are fictional fantasies, and some are way over the top. I thought I'd share a real experience with Literotica.

Her name was Rebecca. I had just turned 18, and it was the summer after high school graduation. We had already kissed a couple of times, nothing serious, just some fooling around while we were buzzed. I didn't know I was bisexual yet, but I knew I liked to look at girls as much as look at guys. She had a small party at her house while her parents were away in Colorado Skiing. Not really a big party, just about 8 or 9 of us, guys and girls. Everyone else had left by 2:00, but I felt like crashing at her place. We were both sitting on the sofa, close enough so our legs were touching.

She told me she really liked it when we made out a couple of times earlier that school year. I told her it was fun too. She asked me if I wanted to do it again. It kind of felt awkward to be asked instead of just doing it like the other times we kissed. (Another story for a later post.) Still, I really wanted it too, and I said yes. She put her arms on my shoulders and started to kiss my lips. The other times we kissed that's all we did, there was no touching really. I really got into the passion, and kissed her back and touched her legs. Then she put one hand on one of my breasts. This felt really strange. I still didn't know I was bisexual yet, and wasn't sure if I wanted to do stuff like that. I made her stop.

She asked me if I felt uncomfortable with her touching my breast, and I told her I didn't know. She asked me if I wanted to stop, and I told her I needed to think about it. I asked her if she had ever done anything like this and she told me she was gay and had done way more than just make out with women. I was VERY intrigued...

'Are you curious what it would be like to be intimate?" Rebecca asked me. "Yes, very much." She told me we don't have to do anything, but now I started to want to. I made her tell me all about her experiences. Turned out she had had lesbian experiences with 3 other women, none of them from our school. She met them at parties in Chicago. She had only "dated" one of the 3, the other 2 where one time experiences. My pussy started getting wet when she told me how good it felt to get your pussy licked. I had had my pussy licked by guys, and asked how it would be any different. "Women know what feels good, that's the difference. I think you'd really like it."

We had another glass of merlot together while talking. She finished her glass and kissed my neck. WOW! She put her hand back on my breast, and asked me if I wanted to touch hers. I wasn't ready to take the lead, it was still kind of awkward, and I didn't make any moves of my own. I put both my hands on her breast over her blouse. I kneaded them in my hands; it felt so weird and so good. Then she put her hands under my sweatshirt and felt my breasts over the bra. (I didn't have an under-shirt on.) She reached around the back of my bra and unclasped it. Now her hands were massaging my bare breasts under my sweater. It felt so good, and was beginning to feel less awkward and more natural. I followed her move and undid her bra too.

I never told you what she looked like. She was very petite, with long dark hair. Very slim, but she had good size breasts, not huge, but very nice. While I was feeling her up, she pulled her blouse over her head, and I got my first look at her bare breasts. Her nipples were very big, you know how some girls nipples are very big, not just the nipple but the areola? They were hard too. I let her remove my sweater too, and we were both topless.

Now it was getting serious, and the kisses were not just on the lips anymore. She started kissing my face and neck all over, and licking my earlobes. My hands explored every curve of her chest and back. We paused only to set up the sofa bed. Now we had more space to move, and one of the best parts of this experience was when she first lay on top of me. I really liked feeling her boobs on mine and feeling the weight and heat of her body on mine. Then I had my first pair of female lips on my breasts, and I got really hot and just let her suck and kiss my breasts and nipples. Later I tasted her breasts and sucked her nipples too, and couldn't believe how much I like it. I couldn't wait to remove more clothing, but I still let her take the lead and didn't make a move to take off her pants yet.

We kissed and caressed each other for what must have been an hour or so, and then she unbuttoned my pants and slowly slid them too the floor. I like being undressed by someone else. I had on some rather plain white panties, because I wasn't expecting anyone to see them that night. Her warm hands on my bare legs felt so good. I wanted to see her legs too. I didn't have a chance to take her pants off, because she stood up and took them off herself. She had on much sexier red lacy panties. I liked looking at her ass, and a little thrill ran up and down my spine when I realized that here we were, too girls in just panties and nothing else, soon to be nude together and doing what I never thought we would be doing.

Again, I let her take the lead to the next step, which was a hand on ass. Ohmigod, I thought, a women's hand is on my ass. It felt nice. I squeezed her ass too. I was feeling really horny know, and couldn't wait for what I knew was coming later. I only had one more moment of hesitation before the final act, when she started to remove my panties. Now I knew this was really serious, we were talking about nudity and oral sex here. My pussy wanted it so bad, but part of my mind was saying it's not right. She sensed my hesitation and we had another talk.

The next barrier was crossed when she touched my pussy. First she brushed her fingertips on my bush, and then she began to explore the folds of my pussy. I let her rub me down there, showing her with my hand the kind of strokes I like. I still couldn't believe I was doing this but it began to feel more natural to me like it did for her the first time. Her finger was hot as it entered my vagina and wiggled around. I didn't know about the G-spot yet, but I just knew that she was touching me in ways that guys never had. I had never touched MYSELF that way before; she really knew what she was doing. I was breathing so hard now, and knew I would come soon, but I wanted the coming to be from her mouth, not her hands. But I was too shy to outright say this out loud. I had to kind of force myself to hold back from coming.

By now I was getting bolder, and I touched her pussy too. It was interesting to explore her pussy; I had never touched any but my own. Her pussy was darker red then mine, and her bush was hairier than mine. I explored the folds, and stuck a finger insider her. She let me rub her clit until she too almost came. As if reading my mind, she stopped my hand and said she knew a better way to finish each other off. This was what I was waiting for, and my heart raced. "Are you sure you really want this, Miranda?" She asked. "You better not stop. Please yes, I am very sure I want this now."

She smiled and kissed my lips for a long time. Then she started kissing her way down my body; first my neck, then my breasts again, and then my chest and stomach. She teased me, not kissing my pussy just yet, but going all the way down to my feet. She kissed my feet, and then up my legs and thighs. I could feel her hot breath on my pussy, and knew the licking was going to start soon. My heart beat faster and faster, and then all of a sudden hot mouth was on my pussy! Oh my GOD. I did not really believe this was really happening. She licked and kissed and gently sucked. Her tongue felt wild, doing all sorts of unpredictable moves on my pussy. I really wanted to prolong and savor this first experience, but I could not wait any longer, and without any warning whatsoever my pussy started to come. Usually I can feel the approach of an orgasm, but in this case it came out of nowhere and hit me very intensely. My body shuddered and my hips rose to meet her mouth.

I couldn't talk for awhile, I just lay there all sweaty and spent while she touched my body all over. "Did you like it?" Rebecca asked me. I still couldn't say much I was panting so hard, I just smiled and said "UH HUH!"

She let me take my time coming down, but I was really curious about the flip side; licking her pussy. I didn't know if I'd be any good at it. She was very patient with me. She smelled musky, but I don't mean that in a bad way, it was just kind of exotic and, well, female. She tasted kind of salty, but again, I don't mean this in a bad way. I felt one more moment of weirdness, but soon I was licking her wildly, listening to her moans and heavy breathing. She talked while being eaten out, giving me friendly pointers, like "I like bigger circler, around the whole area, not just the clit." and "Put a finger inside!" I followed her directions. It took her longer to come than it did for me, but that was o.k. When she did come, she ran her fingers all over my hair, and she was much louder than me, letting out lots of "OHHH...OHH!" noises and grunts. Then she laid her body alongside mine and kissed me deeply on the lips, no doubt tasting her own juices.

It was about 5:00 the morning, so we fell asleep on the sofa bed next to each other. When I got up later that morning we were both nude, and I couldn't help but to kiss her body all over before getting out of bed.

So there you have it, my first lesbian experience. (Besides kissing.)

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