tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWet Miranda's Live Sex Show

Wet Miranda's Live Sex Show

byWet Miranda©

"Are you sure this is the right place, Dan?" I asked my boyfriend. We were wandering around the Red Light district of Amsterdam, and the streets all looked the same. There were sex shops everywhere, and prostitutes in the windows of the brothels. I punched Dan playfully on the arm when I caught him looking at a tall blonde in a black bra and thong.

"Yes, I am sure. The dude at the hostel told me that it was Achterburgwal 190-45. Ah, this is it!

Dan pointed to a dingy looking staircase leading down to a door. We descended the staircase to the basement level, and opened the creaky door.

A tall black man stood in front of a velvet rope. We paid him the 25 Euros to get in. (about 12 or 13 dollars.) He let us go behind the rope, and we sat at a table near the stage. There was absolutely nothing happening on the stage. We ordered some drinks; Dan had a Heineken, and I ordered a rum and Coke. There was no entertainment going on except for some porno movies playing on some screens on the walls. Some slow sexy trance music was being played on the cheap speakers, and every once in awhile the CD would skip.

I surveyed the scene. There where about ten single guys. Some were dressed nicely, in fine tailored suits, but most were in jeans and t-shirts. There were two other couples besides Dan and myself. The couples looked like they were in their thirties. Every one was staring at the stage, not sure when the show was expected to start.

I held hands with Dan, and he squeezed my hands, no doubt excited about the live sex show we where about to see. We chatted about our vacation so far, reminiscing about the wonderful French food we had dined on the night before. I remembered the wonderful consommé, and I could still taste the crème brulee in my mind. Dan let go of my hand and put it on my leg under the table.

"I am so excited about this, honey!" Dan whispered in my ear. "People having sex right on this stage for an audience, my God, they would never have that back in the U.S.!"

I was pretty excited too. I could not believe that people were about to fuck ten feet away from us. I tried to picture what the couple would look like. Would they be young or old? Would they look like professional porn stars, or just be average looking folks? Would there be any foreplay, or would they tear off each others clothing and just go at it right away? I didn't quite know what to expect, as I had never been to a sex show before. When Dan had brought up the idea of viewing a live sex show on our vacation in Amsterdam, I hadn't believed him. I thought he had been making the whole idea up. I knew that this was a liberal country, but I didn't believe that couples would really have the nerve to get up on stage and do something as private as having sex in front of a bunch of tourists.

I was very intrigued. I thought about what was going on in the performer's heads when they were on stage. Did they ever feel nervous? Did they get butterflies in there stomachs? Did they get stage fright? Talk about performance anxiety.

Evidently there was no waiter or waitress, so I got up and went to the bar. A tall man with sideburns and a top hat was bartending. He looked like someone out of the 1800s.

"Wat kan ik voor u krijgen te drinken?" He asked me in Dutch.

"Geen spreekt Nederlands." I told him. No speak Dutch.

He smiled, and said "American! Welcome. What you having to drink, please?"

I ordered a Rum and Coke for myself and a Heineken for Dan. He made my drink while smiling at me. He chatted a little. "You excited to see show tonight? You never see sex show before?"

I told him that I had never seen a sex show before.

"You like. Frans and Saskia are on the stage tonight."

"When does the show start?"

"At 10:00, if they show up."

I wasn't sure what I meant, and I asked him to clarify. He explained to me that Frans and Saskia where great performers, but they were not very reliable, and sometimes the show was canceled. He promised me that we would be refunded if this happened.

I looked at my watch. It was 9:30. I paid the bartender for the drinks, and walked back to our table. It felt a little intimidating to look around the room and see only two other women. Many more guys had arrived; some where alone, and some where in groups. Some where dressed very sharply, but most of them were dressed very casually, in jeans and t-shirts.

The room had a strange combination of odors; coffee, cigarette smoke, and some very floral smelling incense. It was not unpleasant, just unusual. The furniture was totally mismatched; there were many different kinds of tables, and most of the chairs at each table where of a different design. Some where wood, some were metal, and there where even a few wicker chairs. The lights were dim, and there where many plants along the walls. The walls where all decorated with a striped red wallpaper that was starting to fade. The carpet was also red, and it was threadbare and stained with drinks in some parts. There were slow moving fans on the ceiling, along with a really nice chandelier.

I sat back down, and handed Dan his beer. I looked closely at the stage. It was right in the middle of the room. It was made of wood, and it was about two feet high. There were metal steps in one corner for the performers to ascend. The stage itself was painted black. There was a king sized bed in the middle, with four big fluffy pillows and a nice sheet with a floral design. There was a microphone at the edge of the stage. There was also an easy chair on the stage, along with a small coffee table and a small dresser. It looked like a strange combination of a living room and a bedroom, but all on a black stage with no walls. I was getting very curious about the show.

Dan kept looking at his watch, eager for the show to start. We nursed our drinks, and suddenly I noticed that it was 10:30 already, and the show hadn't started. People in the audience started muttering about the show being late. I was getting bored. I hoped that Frans and Saskia would show soon.

I went up to the bar again, and ordered another round. The bartender remembered me, and he quickly got the drinks. I asked him if the show was going to start soon.

"I am afraid not. Frans called in sick, and there will be no show, I am sorry. I was just about to tell room that show is not going on today."

I frowned, and asked him if there were other performers.

"Yes, we have three other couples for show sometimes. But they are all not here. Some are on vacation in France, some are having night off, and some are not answering phone when I call."

"So what happens now?" I asked him.

"Well, we cancel show and give all people money back in pockets. I feel very sorry, no show tonight. Unless…no, I think no show tonight."

I wondered what he had been about to say.

"Unless what?"

"What?" he said.

"You said 'unless' and then you stopped. Was there something you wanted to say?"

He suddenly looked very embarrassed for some reason.

"No, nothing, no show tonight."

I was going crazy. He had dangled some slim hope of the show possibly going on, and then not completed the sentence.

"What is your name?" I asked the strange bartender.

"Cornelis. And your name, madam?" he replied.

"I'm Miranda. Pleased to meet you, Cornelis. Now I know you were about to tell me some way for the show to go on, please finish what comes after 'unless.'"

Again he looked embarrassed. He turned so that his head was no longer facing me, and he said "A few times, no very many, times, people from audience, they…how you say…step up to plate and make show go on."

It sounded like he was suggesting that couples from the audience had volunteered to be the performers on a few occasions in the past, but I wasn't sure I understood him correctly. I made him clarify his statement. "Cornelis, are you saying that people from the audience have gone on stage and had sex when the regular performers didn't show up?"

He turned very red. He would not make eye contact with me. "Only three other times, usually no one from audience will go on stage. I was going to…no, there is no show tonight."

Cornelis was starting to piss me off. I wished he would complete his sentences.

"You where going to what?"

"I was going to ask…no, nothing."

"Ask what?" I said to him, with my hands on my hips. He was infuriating me now with his unfinished statements.

"Oh, you are very pretty girl. If you and you gentlemen did show, we would be very happy and have great show tonight."

My jaw dropped to the floor. Was this strange man actually thinking about asking me to be in a sex show with my boyfriend? I was absolutely shocked. I had been prepared to see a live sex show, but I had no intention of being a participant in the show. Now I knew why he was nervous to talk to me.

The image of being up on the black stage and having sex with Dan in front of a crowd raced through my mind. The idea got me really horny. I had oftened fantasized about just such a scenario, but that was just a fantasy, nothing that I ever intended to really do. The thought of people having sex in front of a crowd totally intrigued me; that was why I had agreed to come to this place tonight with Dan. I thought I would get to see what it was like, but as a spectator, not as a performer.

I wished I had been prepared for this. If I had seen a few sex shows, I might have considered acting in one myself, but I had no idea what the protocol was. Then again, if I had had time to think about the decision, I surely would have chickened out. I surprised myself when I touched Cornelis's hand and said "Let me discuss it with my boyfriend." His eyes lit up with hope.

Walking to the table, I felt his eyes on my ass. He totally had the hots for me, and wanted to see me get naked and have sex on stage. I suddenly felt extremely turned on, and decided that I might really want to do this. Sometimes fantasies really come true, I thought, and when would I ever have an opportunity to do this again? I knew I would never see the people in the club ever again, and I knew that it would be fun. I really wanted to get up on that black stage and screw Dan in front of the audience. Deep down inside, I knew it wasn't really going to happen. I probably wouldn't really have the nerve to do it, and the only reason I even considered asking Dan is because I knew he would say no. I thought it would be hot to get myself close to a situation of fulfilling such a nasty fantasy without having to actually go through with it.

I told Dan the situation, and he said he was shocked that I would even consider the idea. I felt weird for asking him, worried that he would think I was some kind of freak for even considering the idea. "Are you mad at me, Dan? I just thought it would be exciting."

He laughed hard, and said "Miranda, I'm not shocked in a bad way, like I am upset with you. I am shocked in a surprised way; I knew you were a wild woman, but I had no idea that you were wild enough to consider having sex with me in front of a large group. I am honored. But I don't think I have the nerve to really do it, as cool as the idea sounds to me. Hell, I get shy dancing in front of a crowd at nightclubs!"

I completely understood his fear. "I understand, that was a rather shocking proposition. I am going to go tell the bartender that we are going to take a pass." I got up and walked back to the bar again.

People in the audience where looking at there watches. It was almost 11:00. They had no idea that the show was about to be canceled. I explained the situation to Cornelis.

"Well, I must go tell Fabian. I am sorry there will be no show, Miranda."

"Who is Fabian?" I queried.

"Fabian is the owner of club. He is also, how you say, host of show."

"Does he ever perform in the shows?"

Cornelis laughed. "Oh, no, not Fabian. He is…not a performer. He gets on stage and starts show, introducing couple on stage, and telling jokes at intermission times."

Cornelis walked over to a tall blonde man who was sitting at a table in the corner. The man got up and walked over to the stage. I noticed that he had really long hair. He was dressed in a very crisp navy suit. He walked up the steps, and turned on the microphone.

He spoke something in Dutch, "Ik ben droevig, is de vertoning geannuleerd.," and about half of the audience started to groan. Then he spoke in English, saying "I am sorry, the show is canceled," and the other half of the audience started groaning. People started to get up and walk towards the exit.

Then Dan stood up and surprised everyone in the room, shouting "Everyone sit down. The show will go on tonight!"

Everyone stopped in there tracks, unsure who Dan was or what was going on. I was a bit unsure myself.

He sprinted over to where I was standing, and held my hand tightly. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the sexiest, most loving, wonderful woman in the world. She is also crazy enough to offer to perform on that very stage tonight! Meet my wild girlfriend, Miranda."

People where not sure what to make of this scene Dan had started. I wondered what had made him change his mind. I suddenly felt my knees get weak. I guess when I had first suggested the idea to Dan I had expected him to reject it, and I wasn't truly prepared for the possibility of him accepting the idea. I looked around the crowd, and suddenly felt very shy. Dan had called my bluff, and I wasn't ready to do this so soon. I looked down, and felt all eyes checking out my figure.

"Dan, are you crazy?" I whispered to him.

"Miranda, it was your idea!" he said, loudly enough for people to hear.

I turned to him, still whispering, and said "I didn't think you would agree to it! I can't really do that! It's just a fantasy, I was bluffing when I asked you. A part of me really wants to do it, but the reality of having sex on that stage in front of everyone scares me; I'm not going to really do it!"

Something had changed in him, and he took my hand and started to walk me towards the stage. "Miranda, we can't let down the crowd, they paid to see a live sex show, and they will all be very disappointed if you back out now!"

I was starting to feel really upset with him for putting me on the spot. Then he bent down and whispered in my ear, "I'm just messing with the crowd. If you don't want to do it, Miranda, that's cool…we can turn around and go home right now."

I surveyed the audience. They really did look disappointed, but I didn't know if I could handle having sex in front of them all. I stood there frozen for a moment, unsure of what to do next.

It was a once in a lifetime chance, I thought to myself. It would be so hot to have sex with my boyfriend for a group, I thought. I didn't know if I had the nerve to really do it, though. I whispered to Dan, "I don't know, I really can't decide."

He squeezed my hand again, and whispered back to me, 'Whatever you want to do is cool with me, honey. I respect either decision."

At that moment I made my decision. I walked over to Fabian, the blonde host, and asked him if we could talk in private for a second.

"What is on your mind?" He said in perfect English.

"Fabian, I don't know the routine here. I don't know what is expected. Is there a script? Are the other performers real couples, or are they actors?"

"Well, some are really dating in reality, and some are not. We usually have a routine, but sometimes they change it. Really, there are no rules; I am just glad to have a couple on stage tonight. If you and your man go on stage for a show, you can do whatever you want!"

"When should we start, and do we need costumes?"

Fabian laughed. He replied "You can start whenever you want, hopefully very soon, as the audience is very eager to see a show. And as for costumes, it really doesn't matter; I am hoping you won't be wearing anything at all very soon!"

I blushed, knowing that Fabian was picturing me naked.

"O.K., its show time!" I told him.

Fabian got up on stage. He walked up to the microphone, and signaled to Dan and me to come up and join him.

He made an announcement in Dutch: "Dames en Heren is de vertoning ongeveer te beginnen! Meeting Miranda en Dan, die sex op dit stadium hebben gaat!" The crowded roared, and applauded. Then he spoke in English: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the show is about to begin! Meet Miranda and Dan, who are going to have sex on this stage!" The crowd roared even louder.

He looked at us, and wished us good luck before leaving us alone on the stage. I looked around. There were people on all four sides of us. The tables were all very close to the stage. I noticed that the size of the audience had grown in the last hour to at least 50 people. I was happy to see that some more couples had arrived, along with a group of four women. Everyone eagerly looked at us.

I was wearing a pair of khaki slacks, and a red and white striped long sleeve blouse. Underneath I had on some lacy black panties and a lacy black bra. Dan was wearing black jeans and a white polo shirt with a nice black wool sweater over the shirt. I stood next to Dan, unsure of how to begin.

Dan took the initiative, and started to kiss my neck, which he knew would totally turn me on. I love having my skin kissed, not just my lips. He made loud kissing sounds for the crowd to hear. Everyone was so silent you could have heard a pin drop. I started to breath heavily, almost forgetting that people were watching us. The realization that I was about to screw on stage before a crowd both terrified and thrilled me at the same time. Dan started to run his hands through my long red hair, sending tingles down my spine. Then he took me be the hand and led me to the bed.

We sat down on the bed, and I turned around and started to kiss him passionately on the lips. This was it; I was turning my lover on in front of a crowd, and getting mighty turned on myself in the process. He kissed me back hard, slipping his tongue into my eager mouth, deeply French kissing me. I put my fingers under his sweater and shirt, and began to fondle his nipples.

I looked out into the audience. I could only see some people, because the stage was surrounded on all four sides. Though I still felt a bit nervous, I was starting to really enjoy the experience, and I was very eager to expose some flesh. I whispered in Dan's ear: "Start to undress me; I want to get this started."

Dan cupped my breasts in his hands over my blouse and felt me up for a minute. We changed positions in order to provide the people behind us with a good view. I felt his hands squeeze and caress my tits over the blouse, and I was dying to have him remove my top. He didn't remove it for awhile; he just let the audience wait while he drove me wild with his touch. I longed to have his hands on my bare skin.

Since Dan wasn't removing my clothing as fast as I would have liked, I turned the tables and removed his sweater. I kissed his face and neck, and then removed his white polo shirt, giving everyone their first look at my man's bare chest. He works out a lot, so his chest was well toned. I put my lips to his nipples, knowing this would get him revved up very quickly.

Dan started to unbutton my blouse slowly, exposing my black lacy bra. My breasts are not huge, but they are a good 36C cup, and I am very proud of them. He undid the last button and threw the red and white striped blouse on the floor, and then kissed the newly exposed flesh between my breasts. I let out a loud moan, savoring his hot wet kisses. For a minute I was slightly embarrassed that I had moaned so loud; I had almost forgot that we were not doing this in private. Then I decided that my sound effects would help turn the audience on even more, so I moaned again, louder than necessary. Dan continued to feel up my tits over the bra. I was very eager to be topless, so I took the initiative and put my hands around my back to undo the hooks. I felt a tingle when I realized I was about to let over 50 complete strangers see my bare breasts. I closed my eyes, undid the hooks, and let the bra fall right off. I wondered what the audience was thinking. I hoped they liked what they saw. This first taste of being partially nude in front of everyone turned on my pussy instantly, making it get wet. I knew that they would soon be seeing a lot more flesh.

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