tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWet Miranda's Nude Walk

Wet Miranda's Nude Walk

byWet Miranda©

Sarah and Jim are good friends of mine. We like to hang out, get some pizza together and watch movies, and generally just chill and have a good time. They are a couple, and the three of us get along very well. We especially like going to the beach, and often spend long lazy afternoons sunning and swimming.

Sarah is a petite 5 foot 2, with short blond hair and small breasts. She is very athletic and energetic, and won many swimming trophies in high school. She is also a troublemaker, and has a strong interest in doing dares and getting other people to do them. Usually she gets me to do her wild dares. She has quite an imagination; I don't know how she comes up with half of her crazy ideas. Like one time in high school when she dared me to wear a skimpy bikini to the beach. I had never even worn a thing to the beach, and she somehow got me to wear a microkini, which is a thong bottom that exposes your whole ass, and a top that barely covers up your nipples. I had to shave my bush just to wear it. I would never have done it, but Sarah wore an identical outfit, so it was all good, and quite a thrill.

Jim is quite a contrast to Sarah in appearance. He is almost 6 feet, African American, and has big bulging biceps. He is more restrained than Sarah, but when he is with her he can get pretty crazy himself. Like the time in high school when Sarah dared us all to skinny dip at a pool party. I wouldn't do it, and she tried to get other people at the party to disrobe. There were no volunteers until Jim silently dropped his trunks and jumped off the diving board buck naked, his big black cock dangling between his legs. After Jim broke the ice, about half of the people at the party got naked, including Sarah and myself.

Anyway, she is always coming up with some kind of crazy stunt. Many of them involve nudity, but she also can come up with other crazy dares. Have you ever eaten a straight Habanero pepper? I like spicy foods myself, but one time she egged me on to try one, and my mouth was on fire for a half an hour. Sometimes her dares involve alcohol, like drinking shots that are lit on fire. (Not a good idea!) She has lots of non-nude related stunts that she gets people to do. This story is not about one of those non-nude stunts.

It was a lazy hot August day in Miami, and the three of us were hanging out at the beach. We had all swam in the ocean for awhile, and then listened to some tunes on Jim's boom box. This was the early 90s, so we were listening to bands that would make you cringe now, like Color me Badd and MC Hammer. Sarah said she was bored. I asked her what I should do to entertain her. She said we had to do something to liven things up.

"How about getting some ice-cream?" Jim asked her.

"I'm still full from the nachos." Sarah replied.

"Let's go swimming again!" I offered.

"No, been there, done that." Sarah complained.

We all just kind of sat there for a few minutes, and then out of the blue, Sarah asked us a totally unexpected question.

"I wonder if anyone has ever had the nerve to get naked on the beach?" She said to us.

I assumed she was talking about Haulover Beach, a nude beach in the Miami area. We had all been there a couple of times, and I thought she was going to suggest a trip there. "I'm game for going to Haulover if you two want to." I replied.

"No No No, I mean right HERE. Has anyone ever gotten nude on this beach?"

"Are you crazy?" Jim said. "This is not a nude beach; there are families and senior citizens here! What are you talking about?"

"Well, that would sure relieve my boredom!" Sarah informed us.

"O.K., Sarah, go for it." I suggested.

"No, not me. How about you Miranda?"

"Yah, right. Sure, I'll just strip off my bikini right now, no problem. You're on crack, Sarah."

"Would you do it for $100, Miranda?" Sarah asked me.

She had to be joking. "No way!" I said.

She was silent for a minute. Then Jim said something unexpected. "O.K., Miranda, how about this hypothetical scenario. You get $500 dollars. That's a lot of cash, isn't it?"

I replied. "O.K., if you magically give me $500 I'll get naked right here for a minute."

"Oh no, not for a minute. Remember, $500 is a lot of money. Think of what you could buy with that. Cds, clothing, even a new bike. But for that kind of cash, you have to be a bit more bold. You have to walk the entire length of the beach nude."

"First of all, it doesn't matter, Jim. No one is going to give me $500 to do that. As much as you two freaks would like to see me humiliate myself by getting naked on a public beach, I know you won't pay $250 each just for a quick thrill. And second of all, it's illegal. Finally, that is way too daring even for us. Maybe doing it for a minute, but walking a half a mile naked on a non-nude beach is insane. I would never have the nerve to do it for real." I told Jim.

"Would you do it for $1000?" Sarah asked me.

This was going nowhere. I knew they wouldn't have the money to pay me, so I said, "O.K., sure. For $1000 I would walk the entire length of the beach nude. Give me the money and I'll do it."

Sarah said "The key word is walk. It wouldn't be as exciting if you ran, that would basically be streaking. Well streaking is cool I guess, but what we have is a little more bold. You have to walk at a normal pace the whole time."

Jim said "O.K., were all going to meet here at noon tomorrow. Miranda, you won't need to pack a bathing suit."

My head was spinning now. "What are you talking about, Jim? You don't have that kind of money to waste."

Jim replied "Before we take this conversation any further, I need to know, Miranda. Are you serious about doing this dare for $1000? You promise that if I really pay you in advance you will go through with it?"

What the hell was going on here? He had to be joking. How did an innocent day at the beach turn into me agreeing to come back tomorrow and walk around stark naked? I still wasn't taking this seriously yet, so I said, "Sure. I promise. Give me $1000 and I will do it. Except if I get in trouble with the law, you would have to promise to pay any fine." Why was I even considering it? What if he really had the cash, would I ever have the nerve to do this for real?

We hung out at the beach for another hour, and then went our separate ways.

The morning came, and I had a quick bowl of cereal. I still didn't believe Jim would pay me the money, but what if he did, I thought? I put on my favorite red string bikini under my white shorts and black tank-top, and rode my bike to the nearby beach to meet my devious friends.

Sarah and Jim were both there first. They had already set up towels in our favorite spot on the north end of the beach. I was hoping they had forgotten all about that stupid dare. I still didn't think they were serious, but a part of my mind was afraid that they were. Then I noticed that there were about 20 other people sitting on towels very close to them. I recognized some of them from high school. Jim was talking to some of them.

"Miranda, so glad you could make it!" Jim greeted me. He had a huge stack of cash in his hand. Twenties, tens, and even some fifties. Oh shit, I thought, he came up with the money. "I found a few investors!" Jim said with a smirk on his face.

So now I had 22 people expecting me to do this, not just 2. Great. To top it off, I knew some of the guys. This was going to be so embarrassing.

Sarah spoke next. "O.K., here is the plan. We did some research. The fine for public nudity is $250. If you happen to get caught, everyone here has agreed to chip in. It would be a misdemeanor, and not go on your record. Robert here is going to park in the south parking lot. He will park as close as possible to the entrance. Miranda, you will start right here. We have measured it, and it is a little over a half a mile. As we discussed, you have to walk, not run. A few of the guys here will be behind you, watching to make sure no one hassles you. Also, they will be watching you ass, I'm sure. When you get into the car, Robert will drive you to a meeting place were you will get your money. We'd give you the money now, but since you will soon be nude you won't have any pockets to put the money in. Any questions?"

"Umm...what if I told you I've changed my mind?" I said, half seriously.

"Then everyone here will call you a wimp, a welsher, and a poor sport. C'mon, Miranda, think of all the dares we've done together, this one will be one to remember! And also, what you could do with $1000..."

I really could use the money. God, they were putting me on the spot, I hadn't expected the 20 people anticipating this. Then again, that probably helped insure that I would be more likely to do it. I really hated Jim and Sarah right now, though. This was so unprecedented; no one had ever walked around a regular beach stark naked, I bet.

"O.K., when do we start?" I nervously asked.

"It is 12:15 now. Why wait? Miranda, I will hold on to your clothes. We have all decided that you should take off your sandals too. The sand is a bit hot, but you'll be O.K. We all think it will be more exciting if you do it without a stitch of clothing on whatsoever. You can't even wear your watch or necklace, no bit of clothing to provide you with any cover from total nudity."

I was starting to really freak out about this now. I told them I needed a few minutes to psyche myself for this. It was beginning to feel weird having all those guys Jim and Sarah had invited stare at me. I felt self-conscious taking off my tank top and shorts. Then I kicked off my sandals and gave Sarah my watch and necklace. She put all my clothing in her purse along with my watch and necklace. Now that she had possession of some of my clothing it was feeling all too real and scary.

Everyone was just sitting around and talking, but it was all a show, you could feel the tension in the air. And nobody was nearly as tense as me. I kept stalling, but at 12:45, Jim announced that it was time to pay the piper. I stood up, unsure what to do next.

"O.K., Miranda, let's start this show!" He said. I had everyone's attention now. They all looked at me expectantly.

I stood up. The beach was crowded. Families, couples, single guys, seniors, you name it, everyone and their brother was at the beach today. It was 92 degrees and humid. Sweat ran down my arms, but not just from the heat. I felt butterflies in my stomach. Stage fright like you cannot imagine. All these people around me. All these people were about to see me naked. I froze up while standing. Could I really do this? Let all these people see my entire nude body? Not like Haulover Beach were everyone is nude, but just me being nude, and the center of attention.

I imagined how this was going to feel. 100s of eyes on me. Or was it more like thousands? I wasn't good at estimating the crowd size, but it suddenly felt like millions. I put my hands behind my neck and started to untie the sting of the red string bikini top. I realized that I was about to cross the first barrier, and expose my bare breasts in a totally public place. Everyone was about to see my breasts naked. Would they jiggle while I walked? Of course they would, I thought, they will have nothing covering or restraining them. My breasts are average size, not too big and not too small, a 36C cup. My nipples are very red, and the areolas are kind of big and puffy.

I was still holding the strap, not willing to let go just yet. Then I got more scared when I realized that my breasts were the least of my worries. Toplessness is not such a big shock, after all there were guys without shirts on the beach with bigger breasts then mine! It was removing the bottoms that really made me freak out. Everyone would see my bare ass. I hadn't tanned nude much yet that summer, so my bare butt was very pale and would totally stick out. I was comfortable with the size off my ass, but the thought of everyone staring at it made me blush.

And then the final shocking thought raced through my head. My most private parts would also be clearly visible. I have red hair, and the hair between my legs is also red. I keep it trimmed short, which I like, but which also meant that my vagina itself would be more visible. When I am naked the pussy lips and folds are quite easy to see through the light red pubic hair. Oh my god...what did I get myself into?

"You seem to be stalling a bit, Miranda." Sarah said. She squeezed my hand and said, "Take a deep breath. You can do this. Think of the money. A classic technique when you are nervous is to picture everyone around you naked."

"I don't think that's going to work for me in this case, Sarah!" I said while laughing.

"O.K., Miranda. One...Two...THREE!"

I stood there, and still hadn't removed the bikini. Everyone looked disappointed. I told them that I was going to do this on my own time table.

I still kept imagining what this experience would be like. All those eyes on my nude body. Now I know why Sarah made me remove my sandals, watch, and necklace. Just having a little bit of clothing would have provided a little security, something to hold onto. I took a deep breath...and let the top fall to the sand.

The initial shock of being topless was intense. No one but the group of Jim's friends had noticed yet. They all stared at my now bare breasts. When I describe this experience, I use words like breasts, but I'm sure they were thinking more graphically. They were all staring and thinking "Nice tits!"

Now there was no point in hesitating. I had crossed the first threshold. Before I could even think about it, I untied the string of the bottoms, and let them fall to the sand. Sarah quickly grabbed them and put them in her purse along with the top. Having my clothing taken away suddenly made me feel even more exposed. I looked down at my body. Yep, I was stark naked. Totally bare. In my birthday suit. In the buff. Whatever you want to call it, I was on a public beach without any clothing on.

I took my first step into the beginning of the longest half-mile walk of my life.

Looking around, I saw that nobody had noticed yet. They soon would, and I ended up causing much more of a commotion than I had imagined I would. Only the group of Jim's friend's were watching at this point, because they new what to expect. I was already feeling very embarrassed just having them look at my body. Some of them were laughing. I hope they were laughing because of the ridiculous situation and not because of my body. A few of his friends walked in front of me to protect me from any hassle that might occur, and some were walking behind me. Sara walked beside me.

"Are we having fun yet, Miranda?" she asked me with a smirk on her face.

It didn't take long before the first group of people noticed that I was naked. The beach was very crowded, and I couldn't avoid walking close to people. Most of the faces of the people I walked by that day are still a blur, but I'll never forget the first people to see me nude that day. There was an older couple; they appeared to be in there seventies. They were sitting on a large purple beach towel. The man had short white hair, and he was thin. He had been wearing a white visor and a tan bathing suit. His wife had curly brown hair, and she was a little heavy set. She had sunglasses and a plain black bathing suit on. They had a big red and white cooler and paperback novels on their towel.

They had looks of complete shock on their faces. I could tell that the man was enjoying the sight, but had to hide his reaction a bit because he was with his wife. Her look was very shocked also, and I could till that she did not approve of my outfit at all. She kind of frowned and gave me a dirty look.

Then we walked by a younger couple. The woman pointed at me. I heard her say "Look, Stan, can you believe that?"

More and more people were noticing me now, and I saw a lot of people stand up to get a better look at what was going on. It was hard to hear what they were saying, but I can imagine they were talking about me. I was near the water and could smell the salt in the air. The sand was cooler on my bare feet when I walked near the water.

I don't remember very many more specific faces, just a lot of jaws dropping. I was beginning to have second thoughts about this dare, but it was way to late now to stop it. Sarah would never let me have my clothing. The reality of what I was doing began to sink in. This was totally unprecedented, and people did not quite believe what they were looking at. So many people were pointing at me, staring at me, laughing at me, and talking about me. I felt the hot stares on my skin. It was already very hot and humid out, and the embarrassment going on in my mind made me feel even hotter.

I looked down and saw my bare breasts bouncing up and down. I looked down even more, and saw my pussy. I knew people were looking right at my most private body parts, and it felt so strange and surreal. People are not supposed to see those parts except for on nude beaches or in locker rooms! And I knew that everyone was getting quite an eyeful of my back side too. They were looking right at my bare ass as I walked by.

I turned my head and looked behind me just to see if people were staring at my ass. They sure were! Many of the people who saw me nude first were beginning to follow me to keep looking at my body, and I could just imagine the view they were getting. My long wavy red hair flowing down my back. My bare back, with no bikini strap to interrupt the view of flesh. And then were most women had a bikini bottom was a bare round butt, followed by legs and bare feet.

I couldn't look behind me any more, this was too humiliating. I had no choice but to look forward, and when I thought of the view people in front of me were getting, it felt even more humiliating. They saw my very red face, which was red from blushing, not from the sun. My bare neck, and when their eyes wandered down, my tits hanging out on display, jiggling around with nothing restraining them. The only bare tits on the beach. Then a bare belly, followed by the biggest shocking sight of all, my red pubic hair with my pussy partly visible. Oh my god, I thought, everyone can see my pussy lips! That part is so private, I was thinking, I wished this dare had been just to go topless. Then my legs and feet. The whole picture from head to toe: a crazy naked woman just strolling along the beach.

I lost track of time, but it felt like hours when it was probably only a few minutes. The longer I walked, the more people noticed. A few times I made eye contact with some of the people looking at me, which was a big mistake, because that made this feel even more awkward. This was so not cool, I thought, I am going to get arrested for sure.

Then I saw a lifeguard. I wondered if they had the power to arrest me. Looking back on the experience, I'm sure I had nothing to worry about, but when you are in a situation like that, if you see someone in a uniform, the first thing you think is "authority," and I got scared thinking of getting in trouble. Then I remembered that Jim's friends would pay the fine if I got in trouble, but I still did not relish the thought of getting busted for this prank. This was more than a prank; this was exposing my nude body to hundreds of strangers! What were they all thinking? I'll never know. I have never had the opportunity to witness a naked woman walking around on a regular beach; I have just been that woman, not a spectator watching. My guess is that the women were more inclined to be upset, but maybe some of them were admiring me for doing something so bold. I have always been interested in exhibitionism, maybe some of them were too, and maybe they thought I was daring for acting this out. I imagine that men were more interested in watching my nude figure than analyzing what I was doing. I don't want to brag, but I do think I have a cute body, and I bet they liked to watch it. I like to imagine that I inspired a lot of jacking off that day.

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