tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWet Miranda's Nude Wrestling Match

Wet Miranda's Nude Wrestling Match

byWet Miranda©

Push harder, Miranda! I thought to myself. I lifted the free weights above my head. I had selected a 60 pound barbell, and was struggling to finish ten repetitions. I was about to give up as I lowered the weights for the 8th time, but something in my head made me struggle even harder to complete the ten reps. My arms shook and struggled as I strained to lift the weights again. Sweat was dripping down my forehead, causing my long red hair to stick to my skin. The pain was intense as I successfully lifted the barbells above my head for the ninth time. I had never lifted this much weight before; my previous record was 50 pounds. I lowered the weights and mentally prepared for the final lift.

My body was a sweaty mess. My white tank top was soaked around my chest. I was also wearing a black sports bra underneath the tank top, a pair of plain white panties, and tight black spandex shorts. I grit my teeth and slowly lifted the weights for the last time. I could barely get the barbells to waist level. I felt the burn in my muscles. Determined to complete this task, I slowly lifted the weights even higher. I made un-lady-like grunting sounds as my muscles struggled, and lifted the weights to my chest. Pushing ever harder, my arms shook as I raised the weights above my head. Sweat poured out from under my arms. I held the weights in triumph above my head for a few seconds before lowering them to the floor of the gym. I let out a loud sigh of relief.

After lifting a bottle of Poland Springs bottled water to my mouth and gulping it down, I mentally prepared for a long cardiovascular workout. I stretched my arms and legs, and then got on a treadmill. This was a state of the art Nautilus machine. I set the speed on 5 M.P.H. to start, and I slowly jogged for a few minutes to warm up for the hard workout ahead. I slowly cranked up the speed over the next few minutes until I was at 10 M.P.H. I ran like a maniac, barely able to keep up with the treadmill. I had to run faster to avoid falling off. I was panting hard and breathing very heavily. A fresh shower of sweat started to pour out of my body from may different places, and I wished that I had been smarter and worn a headband. The sports bra struggled to hold in my heaving 36-C chest as my breasts bounced up and down as I ran harder and harder. I had set the timer for 20 minutes of running at this pace, but when the timer went off, I decided to push myself for 10 more minutes. My legs burned, and I felt my heartbeat race. I pushed myself harder and harder, getting my body in excellent shape.

I had decided to go on an athletic kick a few months ago, and I came to the Bally's club every day for at least an hour. My goal was to get my body in the best shape possible. Partly I did it for health reasons, but to be honest, I did it mainly to develop a devastatingly attractive figure. I wanted well toned arms and legs, a soft yet muscular chest, and a perfectly toned cute butt. I always came to the health club dressed in as little as possible in the hopes of meeting an attractive man or woman. My tank top was a little tighter than usual today, and it clung to my figure. I got off the treadmill, ready to hit the showers and wash the sweat off of my tired body.

"Hey, you!" a familiar lady called out to me. I didn't know her name, but I recognized her from previous sessions at the health club. She was a regular like me. She had long straight blond hair, and a very well toned muscular body. She was petite, and had smallish breasts. I was instantly attracted to her. "Yes?" I answered.

"I've seen you here a lot. You work out hard. I like the way you push yourself to the limit, and never give up."

"Thank you, I am trying to get my body in perfect shape." I replied.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Greta Klausen. I work in the athletic industry, and my company is always looking for fit women."

"Do you work here at the club, Greta?"

"No, not at the club. Why don't we go for a walk outside, and I'll tell you all about my company? By the way, I never caught your name."

"Miranda. Miranda Johnson." I introduced myself, offering her my hand.

"Please to meet you, Ms. Johnson." Greta shook my hand.

"I need to take a shower first; I am sweating like a pig!"

"That's O.K., I need one too. Nothing wrong with a little good old fashioned sweat, it is the sign of a good workout!"

We walked side by side to the women's locker room, chatting as we walked. She asked me how long I had been coming to the club, and what piece of equipment I liked best.

"I like the free weight the best! No one can deny that you are serious about fitness when you pump iron." I answered.

"Good choice! I think you might have what it takes. Would you be interested in learning about how to make money off of your athletic skills?"

"How can I make money off of that?"

"I work for an entertainment company. I am looking for new talent. My company looks for women with the right combination of striking good looks and athletic ability. I think you would be a perfect candidate. Would you like to hear more?"

"Uh…I guess so." I answered.

"Why don't you walk with me to the locker room? I need to take a shower."

As we walked to the women's locker room, Greta told me a little more about her company.

"We are called Ultimate Surrender. We specialize in female wrestling."


"Yes, wrestling. Only between women. This is real wrestling, not staged."

"How can I possibly make money doing that?" I asked.

"We film the matches and broadcast them on a website."

"People would pay to see women wrestle on the Internet?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, it is a very hot market."

We had reached her locker, and she started stripping off her clothes. I was about to go to my own locker, but she offered to let me use hers. I stripped off my sweaty clothes as she continued to talk about her company.

"Before I tell you anymore, Miranda, I have to be up front with you. The wrestling involves nudity, and it gets sexual as well. The website is strictly for adults only. If that totally shocks you I understand, and I will go look for another candidate."

"You work for a porn site? What the hell makes you think I would be interested in being in a porn site?" I huffed.

"Well, I guess you could say it is technically porn, but Ultimate Surrender is so much more than porn. I understand your shocked reaction. It is hard to know who to ask; many women immediately get angry when offered an opportunity in the adult industry. But I know for a fact that you have some experience in the adult industry, Miranda!"

I blushed. I had posed for a nude photo shoot the previous school year, and I had also posed for a nude video. I knew that someday someone would recognize me, but it still came as a complete shock to be found out by someone on my college campus. I tried to lie my way out of her discovery.

"I never was in the adult industry; you must be confusing me with someone else!" I said.

"Miranda…I know Jerry!"

She had got me. Jerry was the photographer who had photographed and videotaped me nude. I couldn't deny the facts to Greta.

"Oh…so you've seen the photos."

"Yes, Miranda, they turned out lovely. The video was very nice too! Anyway, I knew that you would be more interested in this opportunity than most women, so I thought I'd ask. I had no doubt that you were sexy enough to be in our website, and after seeing you work out, I have no doubt that you are physically fit enough to handle the wrestling."

We were both completely nude at this point in the conversation, and she led me to the showers.

I started to pour some liquid soap on my chest as she continued talking.

"Miranda, you are probably thinking that the wrestling is all staged, and that it is really just an excuse to film lesbian sex scenes. That is not the case at all. Our site takes the wrestling very seriously. The winner of each match gets double the money as the loser of the match. This ensures that the competition is real. Each woman tries to sexually dominate her opponent while trying not to get dominated herself."

"Dominated? What, like S/M?"

"Oh no! Not like that. It is rather complicated to explain the whole scoring system, but you do things like try to penetrate the other woman with you finger, or smother her face with your breasts while on top of her. The wrestling is very authentic; you try to pin your opponent, just like in any other wrestling match. The competition is very intense; the women take it quite seriously. Each round is eight minutes, and there are three rounds per match. You can expect to be physically and mentally drained after a match. You will sweat buckets."

"O.K., that sounds crazy. You were saying that the winner gets double the pay as the loser. How much is the pay?"

"We aren't ready to discuss pay yet. I would like you to audition tomorrow. Joe needs to make the ultimate decision. He is one of the producers of the website."

"How would I audition, Greta?" I asked. I tried not to stare at her breasts as she lifted her arms above her head to shampoo her hair.

"The wrestling matches are filmed in an office building on Grand River Avenue. We have a private gym. You will wrestle Nikki, and Joe and I will watch and decide if you really have what it takes to be on the website."

"So I have to beat Nikki in wrestling to pass the audition?"

Greta let out a huge hearty laugh. "Oh no! You are not expected to beat Nikki. You are expected to try as hard as you can! We just need to see if you can handle the intense competition, and also see if you feel comfortable with the sexual part of the wrestling."

"I am bisexual, so that doesn't bother me."

"Yes, I can tell that you are bisexual, Miranda, you are looking right at my pussy!" I blushed, embarrassed to have been caught.

"O.K., where and when do I go to the audition?"

"When we get back to my locker I will give you a business card with the address of the office, along with a brochure with the rules."

We finished up our showers, and I couldn't help but to stare at her ass as she walked in front of me on her way to the lockers. I continued to look at her stunning figure as she toweled off her nude body. She handed me a brochure to take home and read.

"The address is on the back. How about you meet me there tomorrow at 9:00 in the morning?" She suggested.

"O.K. I'll be there. What exactly am I going to be doing?"

"Think of it as an audition. You will meet the web-site operator and then you will wrestle Nikki. Like I said before, you are not expected to win; nobody has ever won in their audition match. The point of the match is to see if you have what it takes to be a wrestler on our site; we want to make sure you can handle the intense physical pressure, and also make sure you are comfortable with the nudity and sexual aspects of the site."

I blushed again. Though she was looking at my naked body, I knew that she would soon see me rolling around on a wrestling mat with another woman, and this thought made me very nervous.

"Well, thank you for the opportunity, Greta. I will be there tomorrow at 9:00." I shook her hand and then got dressed. I exited the locker room, and then walked back to my dorm room.

Even though I was exhausted from my intense workout, I did 50 sit-ups and 50 push-ups on the floor as soon as I got in my room. I wanted to be in top physical shape for the next day. I wondered what my opponent would look like. After my quick workout, I sat down on my bed and read the brochure:

"Brief Description:

Ultimate Surrender is a very competitive female on female wrestling site. Wrestlers wrestle, to put their opponents into submission holds, and holds that make their opponent helpless. While helpless the wrestler in control earns (style) points by fingering and fondling the helpless wrestler, the helpless wrestler earns (shame) points at the same time. Style and shame points follow a wrestler's career, on their permanent record. The winner decides how loser gets fucked in the last round.

The following are not permitted:

NO ANGER OR RAGE: Sportsmanship and respect to your opponent will be shown at all times. We are here to have fun.

NO punching, biting, pinching, choking, hair pulling, hitting, slapping, kicking. NO standing. NO arm bars, bending of arms, wrists, fingers, feet, knees, and legs to get a submission. KEEP laughing, and, giggling, to a minimum. This is a serious competition. The Wrestler on bottom cannot lock her own hands or wrists as a defensive stalling move. Definitions:

Control: When one wrestler has the other in a wrestling hold, and that wrestler is helpless to escape at the moment.

Submission: When one wrestler says the word "SUBMIT" the hold they are being subjugated to ends. NO submission points will be awarded until after control is kept for over one minute.

Control Points: 3pts are awarded for every 30 seconds in control, to a max of 1min 30 sec. Then the wrestlers will be separated to start again if a submission did not take place. One control point equals 1 point for determining over all winner.

Style points: Style points are awarded to a wrestler IN CONTROL that performs special actions. One style point equals 2 points for determining over all winner.

Shame Points: The opposite of Style points, these points tell the world that you got pinned. Very Humiliating to have. Style and Shame points follow you your entire career.

Winning and losing: At the end of the match Control points and Style points (x2) will be added together. The wrestler with the most points is the winner. In case of a tie the winner of the arm wrestling competition will be the winner.

The match consists of 3 wrestling rounds and one "sex round". Each round is 8 minutes long. A wrestler is allowed 1 time out per match. Time out = 2 minute break on the mat.

Definition of round One: 8 minutes

Arm wrestling contest in middle of mat, winner gets 3 control points. Wrestlers break and begin wrestling. Only control points and "Outstanding Move" points can be earned in first round. You may remove the panties in this round.

Definition of round two: 8 minutes

Point leader of round one will pick a number (1 or 2) held behind the referees back. The winner can choose either "up" or "down" position to start the round.

Goal of round two: Remove the panties of your opponent and go for style points. You MUST be in control to remove your opponent's panties. 5 style points are awarded for panty removal in control only. ONLY after the panties are removed will you be awarded style points. Control points are still awarded.

Definition of round three: 8 minutes

Wrestler that was in "Up" position will start in "Down" position for start. All nude, if you did not get your opponent's panties off the points are lost. You are wrestling for both control points and style points. Free for all.

Definition Sex Round: 5-10 minutes.

Winner gets to fuck the loser and or decides how that round will play out. Strap on sex, with sucking and fucking. Winner is encouraged to dominate the loser.

Point System

Control points. A wrestler earns 3 points every 30 seconds of continuous control, up to 1 minute and 30 seconds. After 1 minute and 30 seconds in the same hold wrestlers will break and start again. For a max of 9 points during one continuous control.

Style points: Can only be earned by the wrestler in control. Only with control can a wrestler earn style points.

Breast fondling: 1 point immediately then 1 point for each 10 seconds there after in current hold. Once the wrestler stops the fondling she cannot earn points for 10 more seconds.

Pussy fingering (no insertion): 1 point immediately then 2 points each 10 seconds after in current hold. Once the wrestler stops the fondling she cannot earn points for 10 more seconds.

Pussy fingering (insertion): 1 point immediately then 3 points each 10 seconds after in current hold. Once the wrestler stops the fondling she cannot earn points for 10 more seconds.

Breast smothering: 1 point immediately then 1point for each 30 seconds. Once the wrestler stops she cannot earn points for 10 more seconds.

Outstanding Holds: Will earn 2 points immediately and 2points every 30 seconds. Valid once for current control period. Referee's decision, Example: Great head scissors hold.

Face sitting with pussy directly on nose and mouth: Earns 3 pts then 3 pts every 10 sec.

Kissing mouth on mouth with tongue penetration: 5 style points.

Kissing of face, neck and ears: 1pt and 2 every 10 sec.

Submission points: A submission will only earn points after the one-minute mark for the hold in question. The referee will verbally state when a wrestler may go for submission. Submission will earn the wrestler 5 style points! Submissions can be from painful holds, tickling, and or pinching the nipples of your opponent to gain submission. (Note: All submission hold must be applied slowly to prevent injury)

Shame points: Shame points are earned by a wrestler when their opponent is gaining style points. Shame points will be attached to your name and you will carry these your entire career. Do not let your opponent get them!!!

Toughness points: After the one-minute mark during a hold, if your opponent is going for a submission, and you can hang on and not submit for the 30 sec, you will be awarded the prestigious TOUGHNESS POINTS. You earn 5$ for each of these points! Withstanding a submission grants you 5 toughness points.


For every style point you win you will be awarded 3 dollars. Every Toughness point $5 these can add up fast. So go for style points they earn you money, and count as double for winning the match."

I digested all of the information. It sounded pretty unusual to say the least.

The next morning came much quicker than I had hoped it would. I woke up, and felt very nervous about the audition. I had a quick breakfast of cereal and fruit in the cafeteria, and then jogged over to the address on the back of the brochure. It turned out to be an office building in the middle of the downtown area. I entered the revolving doors, and took the elevator to the eighth floor. I entered room 812. It looked like the waiting room for a doctor's office; I thought I was in the wrong place.

"May I help you?" a busty blonde receptionist asked me.

"Yes. I am Miranda; I have a 9:00 audition with Greta."

"Oh, yes! Pleased to meet you, Miranda, Greta told me to expect you. My name is Janice." She shook my hand. "Right this way!" She led me through a door. Behind the door was a long hallway. I looked into various offices; most of them had computer equipment, and some of the offices had men working on computers. I assumed this was where they did the technical programming for the web-site. We finally reached the end of the long hallway and Janice opened another door. Behind that door was a huge gym. Half of the gym had workout equipment, and the other half consisted of wrestling mats on the floor.

"Hello, Miranda!" Greta waved to me from the other end of the gym. I said goodbye to Janice and walked over to her.

"Jim, this is our new contender, Miranda Johnson." A good looking middle aged man firmly shook my hand. He was about 6 feet tall and wearing black sweatpants and a white tank-top. He looked like he worked out a lot.

"Pleased to meet you, Miranda. I'm Jim Mancino, the owner of Ultimate Surrender. Greta tells me you work out like a machine! I think you'll do just fine."

"I hope so, I am a bit nervous." I confessed.

"Of course! Who wouldn't be? Have you ever wrestled before?" He asked me.


"Most of our new contenders have no experience in the sport. That is all right; if you do well in your audition, we will train you for a month or so before your first filmed match. I think you'll do just fine. Just try to relax. Would you like a glass of water?"

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