Wet Miranda's Nude Wrestling Match

byWet Miranda©

"Yes please."

Jim quickly retrieved a glass of ice cold water. I gulped it down; it hit the spot.

"Well, I think we should get started right away. I'll go fetch Nikki." Greta said.

I hadn't expected the audition to begin right away; I had assumed that there would be an application to fill out or some kind of paperwork first.

"I'm sorry; I didn't even ask what I should wear for this." I told Jim.

"Oh, don't worry about that. Follow me, I'll show you where the uniforms are."

I followed Jim to a big chest on the floor by the wall. It was a white metal chest, and he opened up the top. Inside where about a hundred bikinis.

"They all have the sizes on the labels inside. Pick any color you want."

I rummaged through the chest. I chose a red bikini bottom to match my red hair. I looked for a matching top, but I quickly discovered that there were no bikini tops in the chest. "Jim, where are the tops?" I asked.

"Oh, there aren't any. The bottom is the whole uniform."

"Oh…Um…O.K. Where do I change?" Knowing that I was going to be wearing skimpy bikini bottoms and nothing else made me turn red. The realization that this was indeed an adult site was quickly sinking in.

"We don't even have a locker room, just showers. Just change right here."

I blushed.

"Miranda, I don't mean to be blunt, but this is a porn site, and if you are embarrassed to get naked now, you will not make it here." He informed me.

That was a good point, I decided, so I closed my eyes and braced myself for what was to come. I stripped all of my clothing off as casually as I could, determined to get used to the nudity quickly. My clothing lay in a heap on the floor, and I put on the red bikini bottoms. They were very skimpy. I felt very exposed as Jim's eyes wandered up and down my figure.

"Nice body! I can't wait to watch you wrestle Nikki."

I looked behind Jim, and I saw Greta and another woman walking towards us. She was petite; about 5 foot 3, with a very well built body. Her arms were toned, and she had short black hair. She was wearing a black pair of bikini bottoms and a white t-shirt with the Ultimate Surrender logo on it.

She looked very tough and unfriendly, so I was surprised when her face lit up with a genuine friendly smile, and she shook my hand. "I am Nikki, pleased to meet you, Miranda!"

I smiled back at her. "So you are my opponent, Nikki? Go easy on me, I am new to this!"

"Of course you are new to this! As for going easy on you…no can do, I am going to whup your ass, Miranda! Don't worry, it though. It is all in fun. It is a game, don't take it too seriously. I know this is your first time, just try to do your best."

She put me at ease; at least she was nice.

"O.K., ladies! As you know, Nikki, this is just an audition match. We are not getting to technical with the rules and point system like we do in a real match. We will just do one eight minute round instead of the usual three rounds. Miranda, just try not to get pinned for to long, and if you do get pinned, try not to let Nikki do anything sexual to you. That is the gist of the sport; wrestle and try not to cede control if possible. Are you ready, Miranda?"

This was all happening too fast, I thought. I gulped. "Yes, I am ready.

Nikki whipped off her shirt. She had surprisingly large breasts for being so petite. We walked over to the mat. Jim said that I could start out on top since this was my first match. He told me that normally the two opponents would arm wrestle to see who goes first.

We assumed the starting position. "Are you ready to ruble, Miranda?' Greta yelled.

I gave a thumbs up.

"One, two, three…GO!" Jim yelled.

I tried to take Nikki down. I struggled with all my might, but I couldn't even move her body an inch. I probed her, trying to find a weak spot. I pushed her arm as hard as I could, and was very surprised when she tumbled to the ground. I thought I had gotten the upper hand, but then she somehow got under me and grabbed both my arms. She suddenly shoved my body around, and I found myself flipped on my back underneath her. She pushed her breasts into my face. I remembered that if she held her breasts onto my face for long enough I would lose points in a real match, so I struggled to grab her shoulders and prevent her from smothering my face with her breasts. I held out for a minute or so, and I also struggle to push my body up off of the mat. I was able to avoid being pinned for awhile, but then she grabbed my legs and flipped me all the way around. For a minute I was face down, and then I suddenly was on my back again. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I couldn't move my waist at all. I felt the weight of her chest push my body down. I managed to hold one of her arms, temporarily forcing her on the defense, but she quickly took control. I was soon completely pinned and helpless, and I felt her bare breasts smother my face.

I struggled in vain to turn this around, but she had me physically helpless. I felt my muscles strain as I struggled under her. All I could do was kick my helpless legs in the air as she controlled my body. She was in much better shape than me. She let go for a minute, and I seized the opportunity to break free. Somehow I escaped and I quickly crawled to the other side of the mat. She caught me quickly and yanked on my legs. I quickly went from being on all fours to laying on my stomach again as she pulled my legs hard. I expected her to flip me over onto my back, but instead she tugged on my bikini bottoms, quickly yanking them completely off. I felt so humiliated to be roughly stripped naked by this tough woman.

She grabbed my ass and fondled it for a minute. I managed to get onto my knees for a second before she came around to the front of my body and roughly knocked me to the ground again. She quickly got on top of me and pinned me again. Suddenly I saw her face coming closer to mine. I turned my head to avoid her lips, but I was too late; she grabbed my head with both hands to prevent me from turning away, and then she kissed me on the lips. I couldn't move my head at all as she made out with me. I wondered how much longer the round would last; it felt like it had been longer than eight minutes already. I worried that I was doing very poorly. I got my second wind and somehow broke off her kiss. I grabbed her arm as tight as I could with both of my hands and somehow broke out of her hold. In an instant, I forced her onto her back with all of my might. For the first time in the round, I was on top of her. I tried to smother her face with my breasts, but she was too quick, and she turned her head away and grabbed my arm. I tried to use my legs to keep her waist pinned, but her leg muscles where stronger than mine. She used her legs to somehow spread my own legs apart, even though she was on her back under my body. I used my arms to force her body to stay pinned, but her stomach muscles struggled under me and I could not force her back to stay on the mat. I still had control, though. I tried to force her body into submission. I felt every muscle in my body strain with effort. I felt sweat dripping down my chest, and felt her nude skin on my body as she pushed up on me just as hard as I pushed down on her.

Then I felt something that made me totally lose my concentration. While I was focused on the top half of her body, she had shoved a finger up my pussy! I knew that this was allowed, but believe me, I had forgotten all about that rule, and it came as a total shock to me to suddenly have Nikki's finger probing around inside my pussy. She took advantage of my distraction, and wiggled her way out from under me. I grabbed her bikini bottoms as she wiggled out, and managed to yank them down below her waist. She roughly grabbed my arm and pinned it to the ground as if we where arm wrestling. She used her other hand to pull the bottoms back up.

"Nice try, Miranda!" She yelled. She stood up. I quickly stood up myself as well. This was the first time we where on our feet. She charged at me. We struggled while standing up. Her eyes locked onto mine. I held my ground. Then I felt her foot trip me, and I roughly tumbled to the ground. She seized control yet again. She was on top of me. My muscles struggled and strained, but it was too late. She had worn me out too much; I couldn't put up a fight. I tried my best not to give up, but she used all of her strength to keep me pinned. I knew I had completely lost when she started to kiss me again. I pushed my muscles to the limit, but I could not move an inch. My shoulders where firmly held to the mat, and then I hear the bell ring.

Nikki got off of me. "Good fight, Miranda! I look forward to many more." She said.

"I doubt there will be any more. I lost so badly, there is no way they are going to hire me."

"Miranda, I have fought many new applicants, and trust me; you were one of the best. You had me pinned for 30 seconds; that has never happened before in an audition. You passed with flying colors!"

"How do you know? Isn't that up to Greta and Jim?"

"Partly, but I have a huge say in the application myself, Miranda, and I will make sure you get hired if you want to." "I don't know if I can handle this. I am so physically drained, and that was just one round!"

"Miranda, we will work you like a dog. You will be in such good shape in a month, you will be able to go three rounds. You might even beat me someday in practice or in a filmed match…but I wouldn't count on that happening soon!" She laughed.

Nikki took my hand and helped me to my feet.

"Excellent job, Miranda! I don't normally decide so quickly, but if you want the job, you almost have it!" Jim said.

"Almost?" I asked him.

"Well, as you know from the rules, the winner gets to dominate the loser sexually. I am going to let Nikki chose how she wants to dominate you and film the action."

"Um…I don't know about that." I nervously replied.

"It's up to you. But that is part of the web-site, and I need to know if you are uninhibited enough to do that on film. If you can, then the job is yours. The pay is great, so I think you should consider it."

It already felt embarrassing enough to just stand there naked, drenched in sweat while Nikki, Jim, and Greta stared at my body. I wasn't sure if I was prepared to handle being filmed yet, even though I had been filmed before while naked. This felt much different; in my other film, I had just masturbated, and there hadn't been any sexual activity with another person involved.

"What do I have to do?" I shyly asked.

"That is up to Nikki! Nikki, how do you want to sexually dominate Miranda?"

She had a wicked gleam in her eye. She said "I want to fuck her with the big strap-on!"

I wasn't at all ready for that. "Um…fuck me how?" I asked. I wasn't sure which hole she planned to penetrate.

"Well, Miranda, since you are new I will have mercy on you and stick it into your cunt. But be prepared for me to stick it in your ass sometime in the future if you accept the job! Or if you win sometime, maybe you will do that to me!"

I had been afraid she was going to stick it in my ass. I was relieved that she wasn't going to do that today, but I had to face the possibility of that in the future. I pushed that thought into the back of my head and decided I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

I tried my hardest to smile, and said "O.K., bring it on, Nikki!"

"Excellent! Oh this is going to be fun. Have you ever been fucked by another woman, Miranda?" She asked me.

I blushed and said "Yes. But never on film!"

Greta already had the video camera set up. She turned it on, and I knew the camera was capturing my every move.

"O.K., ladies, back in the mat!" Jim yelled.

She positioned me on all fours, and I felt some cold lubricant being applied to my pussy. She rubbed it onto my pussy lips and then stuck a finger inside me to lube me up inside. She kneeled down behind me, and I felt a dildo start to penetrate me…

It felt really good. It was bigger than what I was used to, but it felt nice as it totally filled me up inside. It stretched my pussy as it buried itself deep inside. Then she started to fuck me. It took a minute to get used to that; this was by far the biggest object that had ever been shoved into my pussy, including cocks. She lightly spanked my bare ass as she penetrated me even deeper and faster. I sat back and enjoyed the thrusting for a few minutes, and then she suddenly stopped and pulled out of me. I didn't know what was happening, and then I felt my body getting roughly shoved down. She pushed me to the mat, and I felt my arms collapse as she knocked them out from under me. She flipped me over and took off the strap-on dildo. Suddenly her cunt was right in my face. She smelled aroused. Her pussy was very hairy and bushy.

"Eat me!" She yelled. Her legs wrapped themselves around my head. I had no choice but to comply. I licked her pussy the best I could. I flicked my tongue onto her clit the way I liked my own clit to be licked. Then I made my tongue all pointy and licked her in circles. I kept eating her out, tasting her salty pussy juices, until I felt her legs getting tighter around my head. She rubbed her fingers through my hair.

"Oh…that's perfect! Fuck yes. Keep doing it like that, Miranda. Don't stop. Oh…OH…OH! FUCK! OHHHHHH!" I had a very close view of her orgasm as her pussy lips involuntarily contracted right on my mouth. I gave her pussy lips sloppy wet kisses as she came. She thrashed her hips around on my face for a minute, and then she got off of me. I lay there, naked and exhausted, aware that Greta was still filming the whole scene.

"Well, Miranda, do you want the job?" Jim asked me.

I stood up. It felt so strange to be standing naked in the middle of a wrestling mat after being physically and sexually dominated by a strong woman. Sweat drenched my body. I knew Nikki's pussy juices were all over my face. I felt Jim's hot stares on my cunt. I walked over to him and said yes to his job offer. "Good! You will be great. I'll set up a schedule for your training and practice matches. I know you are still in school, so we can work around your class schedule."

"O.K., sound good to me. I am going to go hit the showers first if that is o.k."

"Yes, of course! They are behind that red door on the left."

"O.K., thanks for the offer. I hope to do well!"

"You'll do great, Miranda!" Greta said as she turned off the camera. "But be prepared to lose the first few rounds. Nikki is ranked sixth out of twenty here; I am going to have you fight Janice next week. She is ranked third!"

"Janice?" I asked with a puzzled expression. "Isn't she the receptionist?"

"Yes. She looks very voluptuous and delicate, doesn't she, Miranda?" Greta answered.

"Well…to be honest, yes. She doesn't look like a wrestler!"

"Oh, wait till you see her in her uniform. Underneath that soft sweater she has on, she is built like a machine! I can't wait to have you fight her next week."

I was terrified of the next fight. If she was ranked higher than Nikki, I didn't stand a chance!

"Are you excited about next week, Miranda?" Jim asked me.

"I'm not sure if excited is the right word. Scared is more like it!"

"That is good. It will keep you on your toes! But don't take this all too seriously, Miranda. This is all just a game! Go take your shower, then I'll talk to you about the schedule and the pay." Jim told me.

I walked to the shower and turned on the nozzle. I felt the hot water wash away my sweat and fatigue. I was very nervous…yet also very excited. I was about to begin a part time job in the world of female nude sexual wrestling.

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