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Wet Nipples


In what turned out to be exquisite irony, I was working for one of the largest dairy processing facilities in the lush southern half of New Zealand. Raw milk came in on tankers and was processed into milk powder, cheese and pure anhydrous milk fat.

I worked closely with the lab staff who were responsible for sampling the dried milk powder and running an assortment of tests to ensure the process was working well. As one of the only men connected with the all-female labstaff, I was in an interesting position to note the bitchiness of the all-female group, and several times I commented on the "gang up and attack" mentality to some of my male colleagues from other parts of the complex.

One young Canadian woman, Ivonne, suffered quite badly at the hands of this group. She was a little bit shy and not yet confident enough to stand up for herself when confronted by some of her bitchy work mates. Having said that, Ivonne was an intelligent, hard working young woman who had a French Canadian accent that made my cock twitch every time I heard it. She had a pretty arse and was inclined to show off a little bit of her mid-rift on days when it warmed up a bit. Ivonne was a fair bit younger than me and while impure thoughts raced through my head, I knew it was never going to lead anywhere. But I couldn't help feeling a little bit protective towards her.

I found out that Ivonne had been reduced to tears by an incident in which she was falsely accused of a mistake by her work mates. I decided to step in and help things along, so I waded in and gave the group an exact description of themselves, leaving them with a complete understanding of what a pack of complete bitches they all were. Having had the riot act read out to them seemed to make most of them stop and think about their behaviour, and I could see some of the group looking a bit foolish as they realised how badly they had acted. As I left I noticed that Ivonne had tears in her eyes, thankful that someone had stood up for her.

The following day, I spoke to Ivonne and told her that if she ever felt pressured and needed someone to talk to, that she should come down and see me in my office which was in a very quiet part of the plant. She was genuinely thankful for the offer and promised to do so.

Several months passed and I had no visit from Ivonne. My inside information told me she had made her peace with the group, which made me happy. In the intervening time she had also revealed her pregnancy and was now very close to being full term. Although not a big woman, her pregnancy had caused her breasts to grow well out of proportion with the rest of her and they were now taut against the fabric of the tops she wore. Her pregnant belly was remarkably slight.

It was the start of her last week at work when I received an urgent knock on my office door. Ivonne came in without waiting for a reply and promptly burst into loud sobbing wails and tears. She was absolutely incapable of speaking and was clearly in pain.

I went to hold her and give her a reassuring hug, but as soon as I embraced her she yelped in pain again and stepped back from me. I didn't understand what had happened, but was very worried that I had hurt her somehow.

After what seemed like minutes of crying she finally managed to talk.

"I'm sorry Mark, I'm such an idiot".

"What's happened Ivonne, what's wrong?"

"I'm only 8 months pregnant" she wailed. "God this is embarrassing - I'm making so much milk already and my breasts hurt so badly I want to scream. I didn't know who to turn to."

She shyly lifted her blouse up showing me the sodden underside of her bra.

"I'm leaking everywhere and I can't stop it". She started crying again.

Like an idiot I realised that my attempt at a sympathetic embrace earlier had simply caused her more pain.

Ivonne was now getting really upset and while I was worried about her, my Y chromosomes had kicked in and frankly I couldn't stop thinking about her tits. The glimpse of her milk-sodden bra had made my cock jump and I was desperately trying to conceal it.

Of course I knew what I could do to help Ivonne, but I wasn't sure whether or not I'd get her to agree.

"Ivonne, there's a way that I can help you, but it's a bit ..ahhhh.. on the edge so to speak..." I said.

"God Mark, I don't care what it is, please make the pain go away –I'll try anything".

So here it was, time to either get lucky or get fired for some kind of sexual harassment.

"Well frankly, I was thinking I could do it the old fashioned way".

I let that thought hang in the air for a few seconds as Ivonne made the jump to what I was suggesting, and I could see the look of shock on her face. But then as her breasts continued to shout out in pain and the tears streamed down her French Canadian cheeks, she nodded in agreement as it became obvious that it was the perfect solution.

Despite everything, I knew Ivonne wasn't going to take any active role in fulfilling this solution. I closed the blinds, put my "out of office" sign out and locked the door. I had a small settee in the office and I led her over to it. I decided to sit down first and then I simply pulled Ivonne over so that she was straddling me from the front, facing me so that her breasts were at eye level. Her crotch was pushing down on my cock, but I was sure she was too occupied with the pain of her beasts to worry about it.

I couldn't believe what I was going to do.

"Ivonne, are you sure you're ok with this?

"YES, just make my breasts stop hurting PLEASE"

I unbuttoned the front of her blouse being careful not to put any pressure on her swollen jugs. As I exposed her wet brassiere I could see the outline of her nipples pushing through from the inside of the fabric. I reached around behind her to unclip the bra but Ivonne knocked my hands away.

"It's at the front Mark"

Despite having her tits thrusting directly at my face, I had neglected to notice the buckle resting between her cleavage. Dope! Gently I unhooked the clasp and let the cups of her bra fall away. As her breasts fell out of the supports, Ivonne uttered a painful whelp.

My god she had beautiful tits.

They were large with prominent dark nipples and the areolae were crinkled, not smooth, and a much lighter colour. I could see the blue veins stretched along the skin on the tops and they both swayed gently together with the obvious mass of her milk inside.

But the thing that made me almost ejaculate in my pants was the wetness. Watery coloured milk was gently pushing out from around her nipples, and started dripping onto the bulge of her pregnant tummy. She was still crying a little, and every time her diaphram contracted with the pain a little spray of milk jetted out from both breasts, covering us both. It was probably the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life.

Ivonne put one hand behind my head and used the other to lift her left nipple directly into my mouth. I didn't know quite what to do, but decided to make a circle with my lips and tried to suck the whole areola into my mouth rather than pursing my lips around the nipple. Clearly this was the right thing as immediately I was rewarded with several streams of milk spraying into my mouth from around the circumference of her teat.

Ivonne groaned loudly above me as the pressure on her left breast was being relieved. As the minutes passed I had given up any pretence of sympathy and instead was suckling on her like a little pig. I was swallowing as quickly as I could and breathing heavily through my nose. Gradually the flow of milk started to wane and I started thrusting my tongue around the swollen nub, prompting it for more of the life giving liquid and sucking hard against her breast.

Reluctantly, I allowed Ivonne to prise my head away. "Quickly, do the other one now".

I hungrily captured her other nipple and started drinking the fresh lactate as it splashed into my mouth. About this time Ivonne started to thrust her crotch in against mine while groaning with delight as her burden was lifted. My cock was erect and painful, confined and with 70kg of squealing woman rocking back and forth on me.

I could hear Ivonne start to mumble incoherently in my ear and I knew that she was now as aroused as I was.

I had managed to keep my hands to myself so far, but now I lifted them from her pregnant tummy and started to caress the swaying mounds of flesh as I suckled. Clearly she was now in her own head space and was rocketing her way towards an orgasm. I was more than happy to keep feeding the fire.

"God don't stop Mark, please, keep sucking, oh god, oh god".

Suddenly Ivonne let out an abrupt sigh in my ear and thrust hard against my cock. Her fingers clenched behind my head and she stopped moving as the tension in her body exploded and then gradually released in a compelling orgasm.

Right then I wanted to slip my hand down the front of her pants and push my fingers through the wetness of her cunt, but despite everything that had happened, I knew I didn't dare. This moment was all about her, and it was still a very fine line with a fellow employee.

Eventually Ivonne regained her composure and then slowly bought her lips around to mine. She kissed me passionately for a little while, deftly slipping her tongue into my mouth and licking along my lips.

"Mmmm, I taste good" she said in a playful voice.

Clearly she was feeling better now as the swelling in her chest had been relieved. She clicked her bra back together and buttoned up the front of her blouse. Her eyes captured mine and gently but deliberately she rocked forward, trapping my cock against the layers of material where her sex was. She was in no doubt that I was hard as a rock.

"Mark, I know what you want, but I can't let you do it".

I was gutted, but not surprised. As she got off me and walked unsteadily towards the door of my office, she looked over her shoulder.

"We'll see what happens tomorrow eh?"

With a satisfied smile she left the office.


Authors note. Kia Ora. I don't normally write stories with more than one part, but I may do so with this one if the feedback is positive enough. Cheers, rheineck1.

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