tagIncest/TabooWet Pussied Aunty Wants More

Wet Pussied Aunty Wants More


After it became my habit to fuck Shyam's mom Polly aunty, it would be very difficult to spend a week without fucking her. I even bought her some sexy bras and panties which she would wear when I visited her and then she would roam around her house in only those with me. Everything was going fine when suddenly Shyam informed that he was coming to Calcutta for a month on some office work and would stay with his parents. Aunty was happy that he was coming but then grew sad knowing that it would not be possible to fuck while he was here.

One week later aunty called me on a Sunday and said that Shyam was out with his friends on a picnic and we could fuck. But it was too risky so I told her to wait for sometime. She was a bit disheartened because she had expected me to jump at the prospect. So in order to cheer her up I started to talk dirty with her.

I asked, "Tell me aunty do you always feel so horny?" Aunty, " No dear but you have made me feel so." I, "Aunty what has made you feel horny just now. Have you seen Shyam's pecker this time also?"

Aunty laughed and narrated me the whole incidents of the day before.

Aunty started to tell me - Yes I saw Shyam's cock and did a few naughty things too and that is why I am feeling so horny. Actually yesterday I told Shyam that I would bathe him and to go the bathroom and get naked. I usually keep on my clothes while bathing him. But this time I thought of teasing him a bit and so I went to the bathroom wearing only my petticoat and blouse. The blouse was that white transparent one that you love to see me in. I was wearing the lacy black bra that you bought for me under it. I also left two hooks of my blouse open to further tease him. As I went to the bathroom I saw that he was in his briefs. I told him that I would give him a massage first and then wash him. So I took some massage oil and did his chest and shoulders. I then did his legs and thighs. Then I pulled down his brief and was greeted by his limp cock hanging between his thighs and his nuts which must be full of cream. His hose pipe got me hot in an instant and I longed to take it in my mouth and suck it.

I then took the oil and took his sleeping cock in my hands. I slowly parted the foreskin and rubbed in the oil. I started to massage it longer than required and saw the effect that I wanted to see in him. He was slowly getting stiff. To further his pleasure I started to massage his nut sack. I told him to spread his legs so that his balls hung low and I grabbed them in my hands. By now he was totally erect and his cock head was red with excitement. I started to rub his cock up and down telling him that it was to spread the oil evenly.

Meanwhile I saw that he was looking straight down inside my blouse and my valley. That set me on and I stood up and said that I needed to take off my blouse as it was getting spoilt by the oil. He hungrily looked at my tits as I started to unhook the blouse. Finally I got it off and threw it away. Now I was standing in front of my own son half naked exposing my grand balls. He was now staring with wide eyes at my boobs covered with the lacy black bra. It was so naughty of you to buy that bra for me. oh I just love it. Shyam was staring at my boobs spilling out of the bra. Seeing him stare I said, " Oh I am growing fatter by the day. Just look at these how big have they become. Hold them and you will feel their weight." (Ami mota hoe jacchhi, dekh amar mai gulo kirokhom bhari hoe gacchhe.)

Saying this I just held his hands and guided them to my melons and gave each melon in each of his hands. He started to feel them and press them. It was wonderful. I said, "you used to suck milk out of them as a child and I liked it so much that at times I feel that you should become my child once again so that I can suckle you again. Do you think they are too fat?"

Shyam replied, "no mom they are just perfect. They are really very big but it they look better that way." I said, "Oh no dear you don't know how massive they have become. They hang down so low at times when I am not wearing my bra and just in my blouse that at times I think that they will come out. Now I am wearing the bra so you cannot see their true form. Here let me take my bra off and show you my big balls. You will also say that they are too fat."(Dekh amar mai gulo eto boro hoe gache je amar eke k samay mone hoe je era amar bra te ar thakte parbe na ar berie porbi bra theke.)

Saying this I reached behind and unhooked my bra and threw it down into the wash basket. Shyam was staring at my globes with wide eyes and there was a hint of lust in his eyes. I brought his hands to my tits and gave them to him. He weighed them in his hands and moved them all over my tits. I was already wet between my thighs and his pressing my tits made me even wetter. He looked at them lovingly and licked his lips. I asked him about his opinion and he replied, " Mom they are not fat and are really so good. They are very big but they look so nice to me. I too wish that I become a child once again so that I can suck on your milk."

I laughed and said, "You naughty boy do you think that your momma still has milk in her titties. They are totally empty and look at them how much they have sagged with age. I don't think that you find them attractive. They are too heavy to be attractive." I was looking down at his rod while saying this and I felt his fingers playing with my nipples.

I looked up to see him playing with them and said, " Look even my nipples are not that much attractive anymore. They have become black with age I wish they were pink like that of a young girl."

Shyam was happily playing with my nipples which had become very stiff and the aureoles had shrunk making the nipples even bigger. I was very wet in my thighs and was in desperate need of a long cock inside me. But I didn't relent so that I could tease him a little more. Shyam hearing me say all the depressing words comforted me saying, "No mom you look gorgeous. I mean it. Your ahhh....i mean those things ...ahh...your titties are very attractive to me and your nipples look so inviting. But mom why are they so dark in colour?"

I smiled and said, "They are dark because they have faced a lot of sucking from you and your dad and that have made them mature and dark. When young that is to say before they are sucked by a child or a man they are pink in colour and with more and more sucking they grow dark."

Shyam was now pressing my tits wildly not knowing what he was doing and he softly asked, "Mom can I suck them just once. I love you mom and I want to suck on your tits even though they are empty. I want to feel how I must have felt as a child sucking your milk out of you."(Ma ami tomar mai khete chai, ami oder chuse anondo pete chai jodio jani ote dudh nei tao ami ektu chuste chai oder.)

I said that if he really found my tits so attractive he could suck on them and then holding my tit I brought his mouth near my tit and pushed the heavy melon inside his waiting mouth. He reached behind my back and held me tightly while he sucked my tit. I felt his tongue on my nipple and then he took a small bite at it. I gave out a cry of pleasure and pressed his head more on my boobs. With my other hand I reached down and fondled his cock which itself needed some immediate relief. He was leaking precum like a leaking faucet and I played with him for some more time. I thought that it was enough for one day and that I should give him some relief so that I could get some relief afterwards. So I lovingly pulled away his head from my boobs and asked him if he had enjoyed sucking on my globe. He said that it was the best treat he had ever got from me and I blushed. I then pointed at his dick and said, "Son I think that you need some immediate relief for that. What do you do to relieve yourself?"

He blushed a deep red and kept quiet. I softly took his raging hard on in my hands and started to rub it up and down. The head of his cock glistened in his moisture and I evenly spread it out on his head. Now his tool head was shining with the oil and precum both of which I had massaged well. i got down on my knees in front of him so that his dick was now staring me in my face and his nuts hung near my boobs. I wrapped my fist around his erection and started to rub it up and down just like you taught me. Oh I am very thankful to you that you taught me how to jack off a man. My husband had never shown me that and had never allowed me to do that to him. So now I was applying my knowledge on my own son. I was jacking him off just as I did you the last time. He was looking intently at my tits and then my hand as I did him. He was embarrassed at the same time and said, "Mom what are you doing? I can do that myself."

I replied, "You better keep quiet and enjoy what your momma is doing to you. I can teach you how to do it better yourself so keep watching me. I always did your dad this way and he always enjoyed it with eyes closed."

I lied to him but I could not possibly tell him that I have been getting laid by you. So I kept doing him increasing my speed as I saw him reaching his climax. He closed his eyes, threw back his head and was very much enjoying my hand job. He crept his hands to my shoulders and then slowly to my tits and played with them as I jacked him off. My own climax was building between my thighs and I felt his seed getting ready to shoot up. I quickly started massaging his balls more and fastened my pace on his dong. I could feel his cum rise up his shaft and I knew he was going to shoot his sticky goo all over me any moment. I placed my boobs below his nuts such that I could catch every drop of his cum. Soon he was moaning and gave a cry as he spurted white hot lava from his black long dong on my titties that were there just for the job. The first spurt however went straight to my face and landed on my lower lip. Since his eyes were still closed I quickly licked his boy cum from my lips. It was very tasty and I longed for more but then he opened his eyes and looked down at me with awe- his own mom jacking him off with tits hanging like a mighty cow and waiting to catch his seed on my globes. The next few spurts landed bang on my tits and nipples. As he was still playing with my tits his seed got well massaged on my tits and feeling his hot cum being rubbed I came hard in my petticoat. He was now panting and slowly his cock went limp.

Though I had come, I was not satisfied because I needed a strong pole to ravish me and I don't think that I can do that with my own son. So after giving him his bath I told him to go away so that I could take my bath and while doing so I played with myself thinking about my son's cock and I came very hard again. That is why I am so horny today.

After Aunty completed her story I said, "Aunty I think you can seduce Shyam to fuck you. As you said that he has a nice pole then there is no reason why that pole should lie unused and whom better to use it on than his own mom. So aunty I think you start seducing him. Aunty asked, " How do you want me to seduce him?"

I replied, "First give him a bath everyday for a few days and do exactly the same things that you did yesterday. Next you can start exercising with him when he exercises and while exercising you can be in just a lacy bra. You can discard that bra too after a few minutes when you think that they are wet with your sweat. Then while exercising he will get very excited to see you working out with him half naked. For better effect you can wear just your panty while working out. Whenever you are alone with him flash your jewels to him, ask him to hook and unhook your bra. Tell him to bring your bra and panty after your bath. Wear flimsy nighties at night and hug him tightly before going to sleep so that he will dream of screwing you only while sleeping. And if you want I can help you seduce him by telling him how hot you are and how lucky he is to have such a hot mom and I would do anything to get laid by her. That way he will realise what he is missing and will start fucking you. So what do you say to that?"

Aunty was ecstatic hearing my plans of seducing her son and she gave me some wet kisses over the phone and I returned them making sucking sounds. Aunty laughed and asked, "Oh what is that sucking sound that you are making?"

I said, "That dear aunty is my sucking your cunt hole. Now tell me are you hot? Do you want to have a fuck over the phone?"(Ota kakima ami tomar gud take chuschi. Tumi ki chao je ami tomake phone chudi?)

Aunty was too eager to do anything to quench her thirst and said yes. I said, "Aunty first shed all your clothes and lie down on your bed without anything and spread your lips wide."(Kakima tahole prothome tumi langto hoe jao ar pa duto ke chhoriye dao jate tomar gud ta berie pore.)

"I am already in my birthday suit and lying down but which lips do you want me to spread?" Aunty replied naughtily.

I, "The lips that are between your thighs, that hold the opening to your heaven, your red hot flesh, the lips inside which you want me to stick my pole and pump, the lips where you want me to unload my seed. Now if your lips are spread wide then start playing with your cunt. Rub those lips for me aunty dear. Rub the little clitty that sets you wild. Yes aunty do it." (Kakima tomar gud take ebar aste kore ghoste lag oar tomar clit take rograo jore jore.)

"Oh it feels so hot inside my pussy. Ahhh please lick me dear. I am playing with my sex button......oooohhhhhh......I am going mad. Imagining Shyam's cock and yours I am getting a real kick in my cunt.....ooohhhhhhhhh.." Aunty was playing with herself and saying over the phone.

I continued, "Now put three fingers inside your hole and imagine as if it is Shyam's dong going inside you. Imagine that your son is lying between your open thighs licking your pussy and sucking your hole. You are playing with his stiff rod and he says that you have got a very tight hole and that he is ready to play his hose pipe inside your cave to give it its due supply of rich cream." (Kakima mone koro je tomar chele tomar gud chusche ar tomar raush chatche ar bolche je tomar gud ta khoob tight art ate o nijer lauda ta dhukiye groom maal tomar gude phelte chae.)

I could hear aunty's heavy breathing and knew that she was very excited. I was already playing with my cock from the beginning of her story and I too was nearing my climax.

I kept telling her, "Yes my fucking slut aunty hold your son's cock in your hands and ram it inside your tight hole. Now aunty your son is ramming his erect rod inside your hole and his balls are touching your pussy and now he is pounding inside your cunt giving you the pleasure you seek." (Ebar tomar chele nijer lauda ta tomar chudmarani gude dhukiye diye tomake thap march ear or bichi gulo tomar guder sathe dhakka khacchhe ar tumi pagol hoe jacchho kaam shukhe.)

I was now moving my own hand very fast on my tool and told aunty that I was going to cum myself. Hearing this aunty could not hold back any longer and she screamed over the phone and I heard the receiver fall from her hand. She had climaxed. I could not hold either and came in a second and my hands were full with my cum. I lied down on my bed relaxing and waiting for aunty to come back and in a few minutes she did. I asked her if she had a nice one and she replied by giving me a number of wet kisses over the phone. I asked her to do the seduction game with Shyam from the next day and said that I will help him get over his initial mental block over fucking his own mom. With that I hung up and started to plan how to go about doing that and what aunty would be doing to Shyam from the next day.

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