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Hi! I love your stories! I am such a big fan of all your work! All your stories always get me so hot, especially the sister stories, which, thanks to you is now my second favorite subject! I never considered incest to be a turn-on, but the way you write … wow!

Anyway, I noticed that you have been known to write stories for people, and I was wondering if you could do that for me. I would really love it if you could write me a story about two sisters who are into water sports (peeing) I think you could really do the subject justice. If you don’t want to I understand, but I would really appreciate it if you could. I have never seen any stories with that subject matter before, and your realism in your stories is amazing! Anyway thank you for all the great work, and keep them cumming!



Thank you for all your kind words! I’m so glad you like the stories. I have written things specifically for other people before, but water sports is something I’m not all that familiar with. Also, I like to keep the stories that I write as realistic as possible, something that you mentioned that you appreciate as well. I try to set myself apart from the typical wham-bam stories, especially in the subject of incest. I think the depth of the characters is what makes the stories that much more erotic, being able to see their emotions and reactions to the situations, rather than just siblings diving right into having sex as if it were the most common thing in the world, and there are no consequences or emotions involved. Anyway, the subject of water sports doesn’t seem to be something that can be easily incorporated into that theory. For example – “hey sis want to pee on me today?” Doesn’t seem all that believable. But it is certainly a challenge, and if I can come up with a plausible theory, I will write it for you! Thanks again, Anne


Well, I thought of a way to work it in. I hope that it’s what you were looking for. Let me know what you think! Love, Anne

Anne, WOW! WOW!WOW!!!!! That was completely amazing! Thank you so much! I wish you could post it! That story is so hot! You have outdone yourself, and you are truly amazing! May I show it to some people of similar taste? I’d hate to let this great work never be exposed to anyone else!

Love Laney


Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it. Consider it my gift to you – show it to whoever you want! I’m not one of those people who copy writes stories etc etc – as far as I’m concerned, my stories are for whoever enjoys them, so do what you want with it! I did start to write more like you asked, but I am so far behind with some of my other things, and just life in general, but I will try and write more for you as soon as I can! Thanks again, Love, Anne

I don’t know why it happened, but when I was eighteen, I started wetting my bed. Later, my mom told me that I did that until I was about four, but then I stopped. I couldn’t understand why, at my age I would start again. I had no control over it. I tried to hide it as best I could, but my mother insisted on knowing why I was washing my bedding everyday. I could no longer keep my secret, and broke down crying to my mother. By that time, it had gotten so bad that I didn’t want to go to sleep at night. I tried to stay up as late as I could, but inevitably, I would fall asleep and wet the bed. My lack of sleep was affecting me at school and at home, and it came to be a big problem. I would frequently fall asleep in school, but my subconscious would jolt me awake with fears of wetting my pants in front of the whole school. My mother decided I should see a doctor.

After spending an embarrassing hour listening to my mom tell the doctor about my problem, he concluded that it was due to stress, and that I should try to relax. He asked my mother to leave the room, and began to ask me about my life. If there was anything that was bothering me. I told him that the only thing that was stressing me out was the fact that I was wetting my bed. After that, he spoke privately with my mom and we left. I felt like there was no hope, and that I would just go on peeing my bed forever. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, on the way home my mother told me that the doctor told her to buy rubber bedding or a special covering for me until my problem passed.

I was terrified, and begged her not to, but she insisted. I knew that if she bought rubber sheets and put them on my bed, that my older sister Karin would find out. If she knew that I wet my bed, I would never live it down. She might even tell people at school, if I got her mad, or just because she wanted to be mean to me. My mother assured me that she would never do such a thing, but I knew my sister. She could be mean if she wanted to, especially to me. I just didn’t want her to have anything on me I guess, and this was major.

I was still in tears when we got home with the sheets. My mother tried to assure me again that everything would be fine, but I knew that she was just saying that. I mean, how could it? She told me to go inside and relax, and not to worry about Karin. She said that she would talk to her, and everything would be fine. I didn’t have the energy to argue.

After mom put the bedding on, she came to talk to me, trying to get to the root of my stress no doubt. She began asking me about school and boys and things, and I just lost it. I started yelling and screaming at her. I felt bad about that later, because I was sure that she would be the only person who was sympathetic to my problem. She was the only one who could help me without laughing at me. But the worst thing happened just then. I was in the middle of screaming.


It was then that I saw my sister standing at the entrance to the living room. I immediately burst into tears and ran to my room. I slammed the door behind me, and cried even harder when I saw my bed. It looked so cold and uncomfortable, and there was nothing on it. I sat down and it made the loudest sounds. It wasn’t really rubber, more like heavy plastic, just like the stuff that covered my grandmother’s couch.

It was about an hour later when my mom knocked on my door. I had just stopped crying by then. She came in and sat down next to me. We both jumped at the unexpected sound of the plastic crumpling underneath her.

“I spoke to your sister. You have nothing to worry about. She has assured me that she will keep your secret.”

“Whatever.” I said, not believing a word of it. I mean, what would she do if Karin told anyway? Nothing. She stroked my hair and left the room. I wanted to stay there forever, until I died. Partly from shame, and partly from exhaustion, but either way, I didn’t want to leave.

A few hours later, my mother came to see me again.

“I think you should try and get some sleep dear.”

“I don’t want to sleep.”

“Well you can’t stay awake forever. Sooner or later, you have to. C’mon, let’s get ready for bed.”

She held out her hand, and I took it, pulling myself off the bed, cringing again at the audible reminder of my dilemma. I shuffled across my room to get a nightshirt.

“Um, sweetie…Doctor Robbins thought it would be a good idea if you didn’t…well, if you didn’t wear anything to bed.”

I turned towards my mother, my jaw wide open, but lacking the energy to argue. I threw my shirt back into the drawer and folded my arms. She walked over and held my face in her hands.

“Sweetie listen to me, everything will be okay. I know this is hard, but you will be fine. It’s not that big of a deal, honestly.”

I nodded my head lightly and she kissed my forehead. She placed a bottle and a towel on the table next to my bed.

“Just get some sleep honey, and don’t worry about anything. If you…If you should have an accident, just clean it up with this and spray some of this on the bed. It's a disinfectant. Or if you want, just come and get me..."

“It’s fine mom, I’ll do it.” I interrupted.

“Okay then, well…goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” She kissed me on the cheek and turned to leave.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” She grabbed an old blanket and put it down on my bed. “Use this, and if…well, I can wash it tomorrow. I love you.”

She left the room, and I felt as if nothing could ever be more humiliating in my life. I stripped naked, got onto the bed and pulled the old blanket over me. The plastic crackled with every slight move I made. It was cold and stiff and very uncomfortable. There was no way I was ever going to sleep again.

About a half hour later there was a light knock on my door. I assumed it was my mother checking to see if I was sleeping, so I told her to come in. I almost died when I saw Karin quietly slide in and close the door gently behind her.

“Hey.” She whispered as she walked towards the bed.


My sister and I never usually got along when we were alone. She would always stick up for me to her friends, or anyone else who gave me a hard time, but usually it was her that gave me the hardest time when it was just us. I was sure she was coming in to make fun of me. She stood right next to the bed looking at me. I didn’t want to move, and let her hear the plastic cover I was lying on.

“What?” I said as she looked at me.

“I just wanted to tell you that I would never say anything to anyone. You don’t have to worry.”

I didn’t say anything.

“I just didn’t want you to think that I would go and tell people something like that.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was really surprised at how nice she was being, and I didn’t want to make her mad.


“What do you mean?”

“I mean why won’t you tell anyone?

“Cause! You’re my sister. Even if you are a pain in the ass sometimes, I still love you silly.”

I could tell she was being honest, and it made me feel so much better, knowing that she wouldn’t tell anyone else.

“So…What’s wrong with you? I mean…uh…What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.”

“So you just like, wet the bed?”


She giggled, and for some reason, I giggled too.

“So, you have to wash your sheets everyday?”

“I did, but the doctor told mom to buy these special sheets, and I can’t wear any clothes to bed.”

I pulled the blanket back a little to show her the plastic cover. She touched it with her hand and it creaked again.

“Wow, just like Nana’s couch!”

We both giggled again.

“So you have to sleep naked on this thing? Ouch!”

“I know. It’s so uncomfortable and noisy.”

“Yea it doesn’t look to comfortable. Let me see.”

She sat down next to me, and then laid back, wiggling around on the plastic.

“Wow, this sucks! It like sticks to you.”

“I know.”

“Oh God, I have no idea how you can like sleep on this.”

She rolled towards me.

“So, what if someone is sleeping with you, do you think you’d still wet the bed?”

“I don’t know, probably.”

“Can you keep a secret?”


“You know my friend Jen?


“Well like, she had the same problem. Remember like two summers ago when I stayed over her house all the time? Well it’s because she wouldn’t do it if someone was in bed with her, only when she was alone, so I slept in her bed with her, and then finally she stopped.”



“Did she ever…by accident?”



“It was no big deal! We just took a shower and cleaned it off. Do you want to try it?”


“I’ll sleep here with you, and we’ll see if it works.”

“But what if…”

“Don’t worry, it’s no big deal. If I did it for Jen, I can do it for you, you’re my sister.”

“I guess, if you want, but don’t get mad at me cause I can’t help it.”

“Shhh, I won’t get mad, I promise. I just wish there was like more room. Jen’s bed was bigger. I should probably like take off my clothes too. If you do pee, I’m gonna get soaked!”

She giggled again and slipped off her nightshirt and underwear.

“Are you sure you want to.”

“Yea, it’ll be fun.”

She moved around for a while trying to get comfortable on the plastic. When she finally settled down we were squished together. It felt kind of strange to be sleeping naked together, but I was too worried about peeing on her to think about it. After a while though I started to relax and I fell asleep.

The next thing I knew, my eyes flew open, and I had that bad, familiar feeling wash over me. I was wetting my bed. Karin and I both sat up quickly, almost at the same time, scrambling to get out of the way. I started to shake and cry. I looked over at Karin who was staring at me with a blank look, but then she started to smile. I tried to get out of bed, but I was tangled in the blanket, and sliding on the now wet plastic. Karin suddenly grabbed on to me, holding me in place. As soon as I realized what was happening, I tried to hold it in, and now it was uncomfortable. I felt like I couldn’t hold it anymore, and I needed to go to the bathroom.

“No, no…I’m sorry…no…no…”

“Shhh, it’s okay.” Karin whispered. “Calm down”

“No, I have to go…”

“Shhh…it’s okay. It’s not that much, just a little. You woke up right away.”

“No…I…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, it’s okay. Just calm down.”

She pulled me towards her and hugged me, and I started to cry even harder.”

“Shhh it’s okay. Don’t cry, it’s no big deal.”

“I knew this was a bad idea! I knew you shouldn’t have slept with me! It’s so gross! I’m sorry I did that to you!”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry just calm down.”

Karin was being so nice. I never knew she could be like that. I hugged her even tighter. I don’t know why, but she made me feel better. I was so embarrassed, but she made me feel better, and I was so tired. I started to calm down a little. I felt dizzy, like this was all a dream. I couldn’t figure out where I was, and I must have fallen back asleep while Karin was hugging me and rubbing my back to calm me down.

Suddenly, she squealed a little.

“It’s okay, just let it out.”

I couldn’t understand what she was saying, but then I realized, I was doing it again. This time it was all coming out, soaking the plastic and us, and I couldn’t stop it. It felt so good coming out. I could hear it splashing against the plastic, and Karin’s skin.

“Oh God! I’m sorry…I can’t help it.”

As it came out, I woke up more and more, suddenly realizing exactly what I was doing, but all I could hear was Karin telling me it was okay.

“Don’t hold it, just let it all out, it’s okay. That’s a girl.”

I was still sniffling from crying as the last drops came out of me and on to the plastic sheet and us. Karin’s voice sounded so sweet and caring I almost didn’t recognize her. It was almost like mom was there and not her. But it was her, and I just peed on her. I quickly pulled away, and I wanted to cry all over again.

“it’s okay, don’t worry.”

“Oh Gross! I’m so sorry Karin, I didn’t mean it, I’m so sorry!”

“Shhh don’t be sorry. I told you it’s okay. Don’t even worry about it.”

“But I just peed on you! It’s all over! It’s so gross!”

“It’s okay, we’ll just clean it. You couldn’t help it. Besides, it’s just pee! We’ll like clean it up, and take a shower, then you’ll be able to sleep tonight without worrying, okay?”

I nodded, still feeling embarrassed. She hugged me again, and I fell into her, resting my head on her chest. I could feel the warm liquid pooling around us, burning my skin.

“I’m so embarrassed, this is so gross.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

She hugged me tighter, then told me to sit up. She turned towards me and pulled the wet blanket back over us. I could feel the wetness on my skin as it touched me. It was already cold from the air. She moved closer to me and put her arms around my neck.

“I know what will make you feel better…ready?”

I didn’t know what she meant, but then I felt it. She was peeing too. I heard it splashing on my stomach and landing in the pool under us. She started to giggle.

“Now you’re not the only one who pees the bed.”

She continued to pee, completely soaking everything that I’d missed.

“Wow, this is awesome!”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just sat there while she peed on me and my bed. I couldn’t believe she was doing it. She finally finished, and it felt like I was sitting in a warm baby pool.

“What did you do that for?”

“So you wouldn’t feel embarrassed. Besides, the bed was already soaked, and it’ll be easy to clean up.”

“But you just peed on me!”

“Hey, you peed on me first! Besides it felt good to just let it go and not have to worry. Doesn’t it feel good?”

“I guess, but it’s gross now!”

“At least it’s warm!” She giggled, and so did I.

“Watch this” Suddenly, she pulled me down next to her, and I could feel our pee puddling around us, touching me everywhere.

“It feels nice and warm doesn’t it?”

“Eeew! This is so gross!”

“What’s the difference? You were already soaked!”

“Yea, but now it’s everywhere!”

She giggled again. “Look, just forget about what it is. Just think about how it feels. It’s so warm and tingly.”

She started to slide her body around, making it splash around.

“It’s nice and slippery! C’mon, it’s fun. We’ll clean up in a minute.”

I started to move around, and soon we were both giggling and sliding around in our own pee. Suddenly she rolled over on her tummy and started to slide around more.

“Roll over, it feels good.”

I did what she told me. I started to slide around, and soon every part of me was covered in pee. I noticed Karin was holding herself up on her arms and sliding her legs back and forth over the plastic. Her face looked like she was in pain, but she kept moving faster and faster. She was breathing heavy too. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop looking at her.


“Hold on…ugh…one minute…Aaaaaah…ugh.”

She let out a long hard breath, and then giggled again.

“C’mon, let’s get cleaned up.”

Karin wiped me off with the towel, and then herself and the bed. There was so much we had to get another towel to clean it all. We sprayed the bed with the disinfectant and headed to the bathroom to clean ourselves up better.

Mom must have heard us because she came into the bathroom. She must have been surprised to see us both standing there naked with our hair soaked with pee. She stared at us for a second, and started to speak. Before she could say anything though, Karin interrupted.

“Bridgette had an accident, and I was trying to help her clean it up.”

Our mother just looked confused as Karin continued.

“I reached over to grab the towel and fell on her bed, and now we’re going to get cleaned up.”

I guess she bought it. She just smiled at both of us.

“Well don’t let me stop you, go get cleaned up. Is there anything I can do?”

“No mom, We did it all. We just have to get in the shower.”

My mom looked over at me and then at Karin as we went into the bathroom. Karin closed the door and locked it, and started to giggle.

She turned the water on and got in the shower. She held the curtain open and looked at me.

“Well? You coming in?”

I climbed in and felt the warm water hit my skin. It felt good, like it was bringing me back to life. Before I realized what was happening, Karin was lathering my hair with shampoo. It felt really nice as she massaged my head. I closed my eyes and enjoyed everything I was feeling.

“Jen and me would wash each other off after too. It feels good right?”


“So why do you think this is happening?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I mean, is something bothering you?”

I was really tired of hearing that question, but I didn’t want to snap at Karin after she was being so nice to me.

“I don’t know. Just this I guess.”

She giggled again and steered me under the water to rinse.

“Remember before when I told you about Jen?”


“Well, I didn’t tell you why she finally stopped.”

“ I thought you said it was because you were sleeping with her.”

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