tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat a Jewel Ch. 2

What a Jewel Ch. 2


Note-By anonymous request, this is the continuation. WARNING-Their is also some scat involved in this story, so if that offends you, don't read this story

Jewel bent her knees and her fingers slowly unzipped my fly. With my zipper open I kicked the pants off. Then Jwel put her fingers around the elastic of my boxers and heaved them off. What she saw put a smile to her lips.

"OH, I LOVE the look of that big cock. I can't want for you to fuck me." She stuck out her lovely tongue and licked the pre-cum from the tip. Then, without any warning, she stuffed her mouth with my 6 inch dick.

"OHHH, Yeah, suck me whore." I put my hands on the back of Jewels head and pushed her face on my raging hard-on. In the heat of the moment, I feriously fucked her face. "OOOOHHHH, YEEEAHH, SSSUUUUCCCCCKKKK MMMEEEEE!!! Lick my cock slut.

Jewel eyed me with ements passion. She obviously licked being called a slut. With one free hand, the beautiful singer played with her shaved cunt.

"OOOHHH, yeah, finger your pussy well you suck me off. OOOHHHH, AHHHHH, yeah...I'MMM CCUMMMINNNGGG! With those words I unloaded a gallon off sticy white cum down the lovely lady. "AHHHH! I pulled my limp member from Jewel's mouth and just watched as she fingered herself.

"OOOOHHH, FFFUUUCCCKKK!" Jewel was furiously riding her finger. "YYEEESSS," her head was violently shaking from left to right, "II'MMMM CCCUMMMIIINNNNNG! With that, Jewel's orgasm washed around her hand. "Now I want that cock in my pussy."

Positioning Jewel flat on her back, I inch guided my cock to the beauty's pussy lips. Then one quick motion, I put all 6 inches inside her cunt.

"OOOOOHHH, YYYEEESSSSS, FFFUUUCCCKKK MMMEEE!" Jewel was riding me like a horse. "FUCK MY WET PUSSY!!!" The blonde put her fingers on my ass and helped me ass I rode her. With each thrust Jewel's breasts heaved. To halt them from bouncing wildly, I placed my hands on them. They felt silky under my palms. "YES, Fuck me like a nasty little whore. Squeeze my nipples. HHHARRDERR!!!"

I pumped her lick a jackhammer. "Yeah, you like that nasty bitch?"


"OOOHHHH, YEEEAHHH, I'MM CUMMMINNNGGGG!!! Just then a massive orgasm spilled from my organ. At the same time, Jewel's orgasm rocked her.

When I came back from my massive climax, I pulled out of the lovely singer. I put a my hands on her waist and flipped her over on her knees. With lubrication from my climax, I slowly eased in to Jewel's asshole.

"NO," she begged, you can put it anywhere, Just not their."

Noting her plea, I pushed my cockhead in anyway. Grabbing on to her waist, I thrust the rest of my enlarged erection up her bowels.


Only for a moment, be calm, I thought. To Jewel I said, "Just give it time." I slammed my cock hard inside Jewel's rectum. With ewach slap her ass would giggle on my legs. With only made me hotter. Then, on impulse, I smaked her ass.



"YEEESSS! I'M YOUUURR WHORE! You can treat me with any depravity you want.

ANY,! I thought.

"FUUUCCCKKK MEEEE!!!" She was fingering herself with each slapped of my cock. "FUUUCCCKK MYYYY SHITHOLE!

"AHHHH, YEAHHH, I"M CUMMMIIINNNGGG!!! I emptied another wad of my spunk inside Jewel's rectum. Slowly pulling out, I noticed some of Jewel's shit on my member. This gave me an idea. "Suck my cock, whore."

Turning around, Jewel noticed some of her shit on my erection. "HELL NO!"

I stroked Jewel's hair, then all of a sudden yanked it. "SUCK MY COCK WHORE!"

"OK, you win." I could tell by the size of her nipples she got turned on by my hair pulling. The gorgeous blonde put her tongue to my head and licked around the head. Then, in one swift move, she devoured my member. She made slurping sounds as she was licking the shit from my cock.

"Yeah suck your shit slut. You lick that, huh?"

"UM." When the singer had every last nibble clean she pooped my dick from her mouth. "Their, all clean.

"Your not through yet, bitch. I grinned from ear to ear. "You said you'd do anything. Walk into Britney's trailer and fuck her, then.

"NO WAY! I'm not a dyke.

"I didn't say you were." I put my fingers on her nipple and squeezed, HARD! "No do what I say slave."

"Alright, I did say I would do anything." She dressed and walked out of her trailer with me bringing up their rear. No way I would miss this. She walked up the steps to her door. KNOCK! "Britney, you their?"

A voice came from inside, "Who wants to know?"

"It's me, Jewel. Can I come in?" The folk singer gave me a nervous smile.

Their was some rumbling from inside, but finally Britney answered. "Jewel, what's up?"

To Be Continued...

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