tagBDSMWhat a Night ...

What a Night ...


The night was peculiar, the moon gibbous, and yet there was a sense of adventure in the air. A heavy stench that betrayed the frantic ferocious love making that hung proud and a smidgen of blushing shame... at least for my part. I stared out of my window, casting thoughts of what had just transpired, trying to make sense of the wetness between my legs that I had been forbidden to wash, mixed in with my own juices, well aware that I was standing naked looking out of the window, while my back away from the naked being laid on pristine white sheets.

That was incredible, I mused to myself, unable to turn and face you afraid that you might read me... read my thoughts as you do so well.

Tonight you had read my body well, only too well, the betrayal of pleasure leapt out of me like a caged animal. All my senses triggered by hands so skilled it had left me panting, sweating, swearing, and crying mercilessly for the release that was threatening to tear apart my whole body, consume my mind, engulf my soul and leave me tarnished forever.

Still transfixed by the stillness of the night, by the creature that so skillfully undermines me and goads me to defend myself, but how can I when my body will not obey me? This wonderment perplexes. Without my realising, I glance over at you slumped with your back to the ceiling, glistening, traces of sweat, flushed to a blushing pink I caress you with my eyes, while my cunt slowly drips of cum. And as per instructions, wherever it drops I must kneel and lick....

I look down at my naked body, inspecting of any bruising, I suspect the only bruising done is inside my pussy, thoroughly abused, sensitive from the thrusting and finger fucking, feeling the trickling, my gaze follows, fascinated by the dollop of liquid gold trailing down my thighs, my legs, I reach it with my fingers before it makes its way down my foot. Instinctively, I turn and glance at your naked body, your breathing has slowed down, as I drink you in I absentmindedly touch my lips, the familiar smell and taste of your precious cum I smear it across my lips while my other hand caresses my apex. I want more of you, in my dreamy state I can feel you touching me, my bud erect craving your touch, your cock stroking my clit, I mustn't get carried away but the thought and my need untamed I lick my lips, savouring the salty liquid, I close my eyes appreciating all of it, unbeknownst to me you have turned and lazy watching me. As though sensing you, I open my eyes I can see the amusement in your eyes-'Touch yourself for me'-you order.

Without a second thought I pinch my nipples and frig my bud with my legs slightly akimbo, I'm lost in a haze, a haze only we know, I'm proud to do this, I strive to be on show for you, my body trembles, as earlier you were so close, so close that the air between us belonged to none of us yet to both, I can feel the gentle wave surfing my body, feeling a slow rise and I watch you as my finger play beautiful music on such a sensitive area . As though to madden me, you gently stroke your cock, teasingly, your body still glistening, echoes of moans filling the room amongst the stink, the wonderful stink that confirms not so long ago I was tied to the bed, restrained, muted not a word uttered as you played with me, every inch of my body was caressed, stroked, teased, pinched, smacked and fucked. Fucked hard and yet gently, pleasure from the pain and pain the pleasure, tingling in my body now as I'm consumed by greed. Greed to put you in my mouth, allowed to touch you finally after the denial but I shan't, in my dreams I am, but for now I can only dream.

Faster my fingers move a soft moan escapes my mouth; I toss my head back, inhaling a huge gulp of air as though to reassure me that my release in nigh but it can be tamed as I await your command. 'Kneel and cum' -you say. I fall to the floor grateful for the terra firma as I felt I was floating, unable to comprehend between reality and euphoria all seems to be one. I run my fingers roughly over my sex ,my heart like the beating of a drum, my bud pulsating, my nipples erect and juices dripping freely into a pool on the floor, the thought of licking us off the floor makes my core quiver, I can feel a slow burn rising before I erupt into a million shreds of glass, frantically my fingers move, my body responds, ascending into a myriad of confusion ,waves clashing ,head spinning beads of sweat gather around, the rubbing intensifies all at once I collapse, my body lucid, drained of all there is, I lick the floor clean you beckon for me to come over and lay on my back in utter silence.

For what seems like an eternity, laying there, absorbing the atmosphere, exhausted by the events of tonight, smelling the sex, the sweaty confines of two people in a capsule, you stroke me gently a faint smile across your face, a small gesture of appreciation, that feels my heart with joy, for I gave this to your pleasure but know better that the night isn't over, I can see the tall tell signs on your face my anticipation and trepidation's of what lays ahead excites me unbeknownst to me my wetness growing, how does my body respond to this I muse, I reach down to feel my wetness as though by instinct you follow my hand and with the pad of your fingers, you circle my clit, whilst holding my gaze, I pant as the touch electrifies my body leaving wanting more.

You gently my nudge my thigh with your pinky and instinctively my leg moves to give you ample space to graze over my already sopping pussy, dripping without shame onto the sheets, I lay my eyes transfixed to the ceiling, trying hard not to betray myself, but I have no control of what my body wants, it's synchronised to your every touch, every movement, my breath shallow but heavily laden with pure lust I gulp, I spread my legs further apart wanting desperately for you to enter me but judging by the meticulous way you played with me earlier I have a feeling I'm in for the longest ride of my life.

You move lower to inspect my pussy, evidence of your earlier humiliations. I wince, remembering the smacks. They hurt like hell, the impaling rough as though I had been very unpleasant and was being punished, my asshole hurt, never had I felt such searing pain. It was a pain that my heart longed for, my core cried for and the remnants of your gift swimming in me, in my cunt and asshole, I longed for it again, I felt my purpose fulfilled repeatedly and somehow after my little break felt a sink in spirit as I wanted more of it, to be treated as the filthy whore I am, I want it so badly to be turned upside down, opened wide, fucked senseless without any thought for me just your fuck doll. I shudder at the sort, you pull me across to the edge of bed, this is it I think, I fill your thumb in my pussy and your index finger my asshole, the pain is excruciating but my body writhes with pleasure, you gesture to stay still, ah, here we go again.

You know I'm in pain, this does not concern you, my discomfort bears no purpose or interest for you, you prod me deeply and gesture to get on my knees, you shove your cock roughly into my mouth with my hands above my head, you fuck my mouth steadily asking me to lay my head at the edge of the bed as you balance one leg on it to gain deeper entry, I gag as this pounds right into the wall of my throat, I can't feel myself breathe, I'm acutely aware that my air passage as been blocked by a hard rock cock determined to hammer it mercilessly, steadily ,the movements swift, the sensations mesmerising.

I love the taste of your cock, the bumps caused by your bulging veins and your ridged knob sliding in and out of it, the shaft proud and strong, I marvel at your navel at the glistening skin, beads of sweat forming, the smell of man musk, my senses euphorically heightened, I loss control and grab onto you lost in lust wanting to consume you farther into me, as though to reach my soul that has been waiting impatiently for you to claim your stakes.

Automatically without ceasing your rhythm, you grab tightly onto my hair. You are displeased by my touch and now you are determined to ruin my hole, I can't breathe but I don't care. I need you in as far and as long as you can, saliva is forming and dropping, your cock wet with me, I steal a few breaths of air with every quick withdrawal as I know this is my only chance, I can feel your head in my inner nostrils, my arms hurt like hell, I'm quavering for the need to hold on, as much as its difficult to hold on I must, you move my head in all directions claiming every corner, my eyes bulging, my head stinging from the tightness of your grip.

I suck. Suck so hard as though my life was nothing without it savouring it in all his glory, how I have come to worship it, I crave his molten in me, over me, covering me, splashed all over, my hungry desperation crawls out of me I don't care whether you will be displeased, this is what I want the craving surpassing my pride I grab on to you and fucking suck the fuck out of you, tears falling freely not knowing where the tears begin, the saliva ends this is my mission and I'm deadly focused to get my prize by any means, I milk you faster and harder until I feel my pleasure grow and the time is nigh for you to bestow me with your gift and spurt as you pound harder, pouring you all into me I devour it with enthused pleasure, my accomplishment fills me with meaning, proud of my determination at last my gift swimming in me claiming my soul.

You withdraw and wipe yourself on my face smacking me with it, I look at you cock adoringly, sticking my tongue out to touch it, to feel it, I want it to loom over me like the majestic hero, for me to worship, I clean you and you look at me knowing this isn't over, I touched you when I shouldn't have, my punishment lingers on....

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