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What A Week



It was Winter-time and the darkness arrived early with the night-time cold keeping all but the foolhardy or dedicated, indoor in front of the fire at night. Monday evening and I had finished school and sports practice early and arrived home long before dark. While Mom was putting the finishing touches to our evening meal I had worked studiously in my room, completing most of my homework, finishing it after clearing the dishes into the washer and returning to my room.

The usual procedure at our place was for Mom and Dad to settle down in front of the TV for the evening, eventually stumbling off to bed about 10.00 clock. Dad usually finished up dozing and Mom reading or knitting while I liked to do crosswords. Our lounge was a long room, lavishly carpeted with 2 Lazy-boy chairs bracketing an open fireplace at one end angled towards the TV at the other end of the room. There were a sofa and a chair down each side of the room but I preferred to lie on the floor facing the flickering fire to do my crossword, the junk on TV holding little interest. Each night about 9.30 either Mom or myself made a hot drink following which we all drifted off.

By the time I reached the lounge Dad already had his chair tilted right back, the foot-rest was right up and he was dozing gently with his head tilted to the side facing the TV. Mom was leaning partially back and also had her foot-rest up and was reading her new library book and hardly looked up when I took up my usual position facedown in the middle of the room forward of my parents. I worked on my crossword for some time before dropping my pencil and resting my chin on my hands and gazing reflectively into the flames, thinking how pleasant it was in the warmth. I looked up at Dad and saw that he was completely out of it, snoring quietly and contentedly, and when I looked across to Mom I saw that she was still engrossed in her book and to my surprise I found that in her relaxed state her knees had fallen apart giving me a clear view up her dress to her panties. My mouth immediately went dry and I could not drag my gaze from the sight even though all I was seeing was the bunched up material of the crotch of her white knickers. Mom was not wearing stockings so the whole picture was in fact fairly innocent but to my inexperienced mind it was highly stimulating.

When I finally did manage to drag my eyes away from this view it was to see Mom look up from her page and see where I had been peering. She flushed and quickly closed her legs and I buried myself back in my crossword trying to look innocent. After some time I peeped up again to try and ascertain her mood, be it anger or embarrassment, and to find out how much trouble I was in. I found to my amazement that she was leaning back again and her legs were spread open once more giving me an even wider view than before and I wondered what Mom was up to. As a 15 year old my sexual imagination was on a steep rise but my experience remained at nil. I had had no involvement with girls and full or partial nudity was not something that occurred in our home. The most erotic encounter I had previously had occurred about 5 years previous when I had accidentally walked into the bathroom while my younger sister Wendy was standing in her knickers and vest. Wendy had not really developed much at that time and her breasts did not even push out the front of her vest. Wendy's violent protestations soon had me retreating from the bathroom in acute embarrassment and I had never seen her in an undressed state since, the opportunities being few and far between now that she spent most of her time at boarding school.

I finally lifted my gaze and caught Mom's glance, when she sort of smiled at me, and asked her if she wanted a hot drink. She wanted one but Dad didn't so I headed to the kitchen and heated some milk and when I returned with the mugs Dad was snoring again and Mom was still lying back with her legs still apart. When I had delivered her drink and was back on the floor with mine I again peeped and saw that something had changed – Mom had obviously pulled her panties on tighter as now they were not bunched up at her crotch but were stretched tightly showing an outline of a bulge with what seemed to be a split down the middle. My cock was rock hard and pressed against the carpet and I was frightened that I would start spurting in my pants. I had discovered the enjoyment that I could get from rubbing and fondling my cock some time ago but I had never done anything outside the privacy of my bed where I had always been able to clean up the mess I made afterwards.

As soon as I had finished my drink I decided to head off to bed and relieve myself so I climbed carefully to my feet, trying to keep the state of my cock from Mom's view, and I went to her to give her the usual goodnight peck on the cheek but when I put my hand on the back of her chair and leant down to kiss her she turned her head and our lips met briefly. Mom smiled and. with a twinkle in her eye, said,

"Goodnight, Sweetie, have a sound sleep and don't get up to mischief."

I was soon in bed and quickly brought myself to a very messy peak, fantasising about Mom, and afterwards I wondered at her words.


When I got down for breakfast Mom was bustling around in her nightie and a very thin dressing gown. This was highly unusual as, in the past, she was always fully dressed and I suddenly started to become aware of how sexy she looked. She was a typical middle-aged woman who had borne two children and taken reasonable care of herself. She was slightly overweight but was always well groomed and she was still firm and curvy in the places that she should be. I was immediately ashamed and embarrassed at my thoughts but that didn't stop me noticing the smooth, creamy white flesh of the top of her breasts which was visible when her top gaped open as she leant over to put my breakfast in front of me. I hurriedly finished my food, got to my feet to head off to school and, after pulling on my coat, I grabbed my lunch box and went to head out the door. Mom grabbed me and gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the lips.

"Have a good day, Sweetheart. Look forward to tonight." And she kissed me again as she released me. Even through the thickness of my clothes I could still feel her breasts flattening against me as she hugged me.

School was the usual uninteresting experience and I was pleased to be finally walking up the drive, another day over. Mom greeted me with yet another hug and kiss, an unusual occurrence, us being a fairly undemonstrative family, and sent me upstairs with a mug of hot soup to do my homework with the information that dinner would be a couple of hours. Things happened as normal and I was down in the lounge with my crossword about 8.30, hopeful, but without much expectation, that I might get another sight of Mom's underwear. I lay there for only a few minutes before Mom's knees fell apart and I was on the receiving end of much the same view as last night. Tonight however Mom was wearing different knickers, this pair was pink in colour and were light, filmy and, most important of all, they were SEE THROUGH. I was awe struck – I could see a dark black mass which I took to be hair, the same as I was growing above my cock, and two bulging lips with some pink fleshy bits poking out from between them. This was a cunt which I had heard so much about but never seen or really understood before. The sight almost had me groaning and when Mom lifted her left knee and lay her right one flat, opening herself even more it was too much for me and I gushed out my discharge without so much as touching my cock. Luckily I was wearing underpants and heavy sweat pants that prevented my discomfort showing and when I met Moms gaze the look on her face seemed to indicate that she was aware of what had happened to me.

A sports program started on TV which got Dad's attention and Mom, not being a sport fan, sat up and said she was going to have an early night and for Dad not to wake her when he finally came to bed. A couple of minutes after Mom headed off I climbed to my feet, said 'Goodnight' to my father and followed her upstairs. I couldn't help myself from glancing in as I passed her open door and saw Mom standing in front of her dressing table in her underwear and when she saw me in her mirror she smiled and turned and beckoned me in.

"I see you're going to have an early night as well but would you mind staying up for a few minutes and doing me a favour first? I'd love it if you would massage the tension from my shoulders and neck?" Mom was looking in to my eyes in the mirror and I couldn't speak, my mouth being completely dry, but I did manage to nod eagerly. She smiled, removed her petticoat, sat in front of her dressing table in just her bra and panties, and picked up a bottle of body lotion and handed it to me. I was so nervous my hands were trembling and I almost dropped the lotion and Mom obviously mistook the reason for my nervousness and reassured me,

"Don't worry, Dad always watches the whole of this show and anyway we will hear him coming up if he decides not too."

For the first time I started to realise the forbidden aspect of our actions and became aware that Mom was participating in our wickedness. I opened the lotion, poured some on my palms and after rubbing my hands together to warm it I began to massage her shoulders. Mom reached up and slid the shoulder straps of her bra down her arms and then she leant back and let me rub her, gently at first but firmer and firmer as we went on. After a few minutes I could feel the tension disappearing from her and I slowly changed from massaging her shoulders to rubbing and fondling her throat and neck, softly and gently stroking her and I felt completely gratified that she was relaxed so completely as I petted her. I moved from her throat and began to run my fingers over her face and she just sat there, with her eyes closed, obviously revelling in my ministrations, and I was excited to see her legs fall apart and expose her lightly covered pussy to my view in the mirror. It appeared that her cunt was opening up but I thought that was a silly thought and that I must be mistaken

Eventually Mom reached up and grasped my hands and pulled them down to massage her upper chest and the top of her breasts. After a very short time she unfastened the clip between her breasts and let her bra fall away uncovering all of her breasts for my attention. The nipples were hard and sticking out but I did not realise the significance of this but it was obvious, even to my inexperienced eye, that she loved me rubbing and playing with them. I could see in the mirror that her legs were slowly spreading even further and I watched, intrigued, as her hand dropped down, cupped and then pressed her cunt hard through the cloth of her panties. I don't think she was aware that she was doing this but suddenly she sort of shuddered and reached up and pulled my hands away from her and said, somewhat shakily,

"Thank you for that, Darling. I feel really relaxed now and I will sleep great tonight. I think it's time we both got off to bed now. Give me a goodnight kiss and away you go."

I bent to place my lips on hers and was somewhat shocked to feel Mom's tongue run across my lips as we were pressed together and it was with some relief that I hobbled from her room with my erection making movement really uncomfortable. Another masturbatory session soon had me spurting my second load in a short time and I really crashed completely out, not moving till it was time to get up for school.


This morning Mom was wearing a pair of silk pyjamas that I didn't even know that she owned, they clung to her and it was clear that she had nothing on underneath as when she moved the silk clung to her body and worked it way between the cheeks of her bum and the cleavage between her breasts. Mom was definitely sending me a message but I was too nervous to understand and act on it. When it was time to leave this morning Mom actually wrapped her arms around me and pressed her lips firmly against mine, probing and thrusting with her tongue until I opened my lips a little and allowed the tip of her tongue to brush against my teeth. I daringly allowed my hands to drop down and momentarily squeeze Mom's buttocks before pulling away and heading off to school in a highly excited state. I didn't dare allow myself to think of where all this might be leading.

I arrived home to the news that Dad and Mom were out for the evening and I would be left to fend or myself. To save cooking Mom had ordered me a pizza and she ran me down to get a video so I was quite happy to be left on my own. I consumed the pizza watched the video and then decided to investigate Mom's underwear drawer. I hadn't realised what sexy and sensual underclothing that women wore and I was soon aroused with the thoughts that the sight and feel of these flimsy items induced. I carefully replaced everything and headed off to bed where I masturbated myself to sleep.

I awoke to sound of the front door closing and heard my parents coming upstairs. Dad stopped off at the toilet and Mom stuck her head in my door, which I had left ajar, and I pretended to be asleep, not sure if she was fooled or not. I could make out the sounds of her undressing as Dad joined her and then she came back down the hall to enter the toilet next to my bedroom, not completely closing the door, and I was soon treated to the sound of her piddle hissing and splashing as she relieved herself. The sound of her wiping herself dry and then washing her hands was highly erotic and caused evil pictures in my mind.

Mom returned down the hall to the master bedroom and left their door open, normally a sign that they were not intending making love as they always firmly closed it when they did. She had not been in bed very long when I could hear her kissing Dad and him protesting that they should close the door.

"No. Just leave it. I looked in and he's sound asleep. Don't break my mood - just make love to me." Mom carried on kissing him and I could clearly hear everything. "God! You're hard tonight! I can't wait to feel that ramming into me. Do you want me to suck it a bit for you first?"

This was rapidly getting too much for my imagination and I decided that hearing it was not enough. I quietly threw back the bed-covers and slipped out of bed and began to crawl silently down the hall on my hands and knees.

"God! I'm drenched. Put it in. Please!" Mom sounded anxious and then I heard her grunt and moan out, "Oof! That's great. As hard as you can. Hurt me just a little bit."

By now I had reached their door and I slowly lifted myself up until I could see over the bed-end. Mom was flat on her back, naked, and Dad was lying on top of her, between her widespread legs, and he was still wearing his vest and he was thrusting his hips frantically at her. I couldn't really see what was going on but then Mom wrapped both legs right round Dad's waist and with their violent movements I finally got a glimpse of how his cock was buried deep inside her. I was so engrossed in watching that I neglected to take care not to be seen and I suddenly became aware of Moms eyes meeting mine. I nearly died and stood there in total fear waiting for the outburst that I was sure would follow but Mom merely smiled a little and then carried on with what she was doing. The two of them became more and more aroused, with Dad ramming his cock harder and harder into Mom, and I think that she eventually forgot that I was watching. The sounds of their lovemaking were not as I had dreamed they would be – they were both grunting, groaning and muttering to each other, the dirty words that they were using shocked me a little – I didn't think women spoke like that, and their actions were causing squishy moisture noises from where they were joined together. Dad's cock was larger and redder than I had imagined and the whole business was wetter and more violent than I had thought, not as sweet and gentle as in my dreams. Mom was not ladylike at all and was just as enthusiastic about the whole business as Dad was – I thought that ladies only made love because they had too not because they enjoyed it. Their violent motions seemed to increase in tempo and power until the two of them seemed to reach a peak at the same time, clasping each other tightly and shaking and shuddering and crying out together for some time and then slowly calming down and relaxing, still cuddling and kissing each other.

I crept back to my bed amazed and aroused at what I had seen and a bit jealous of their love for each other. Once again I brought myself to a climax.


This morning Mom was only clad in a thin nightie that draped her to mid-thigh. In the morning sunlight she might just as well have been naked as the bright light turned it almost completely see-through and I could see the cheeks of her bum and the split between them as she was faced away from me fixing my breakfast. I could see the small clump of dark hair framed in the gap at the top of her thighs and, when she turned, her breasts and nipples were almost as clear as if uncovered. I was still a bit nervous about dropping my gaze down to her pussy area when she was watching and did not even glance at this area. Mom placed the plate in front of me, gave me a quick peck on the cheek and said,

"Did you enjoy the show last night?"

"What do you mean?" I gulped out nervously.

"The video that we picked up. What did you think I meant?" she replied, all innocent, and I started to wonder if the whole scene had veen a figment of my imagination.

"Oh! Yep it was pretty good – plenty of action and as usual the hero won." I went on with my breakfast intending to get away to school before things got any more embarrassing.

When I was ready to go Mom stopped me and, wrapping her arms round me again, she demanded,

"Give me a good hug and kiss before you go, I miss you when you're not here." She pressed her lips to mine and once again probed with her tongue, forcing me to open my mouth and let her invade. To my surprise I loved the feel and the taste of her tongue and the sensation of it slipping, sliding and pressing against mine quickly gave me yet another erection which she must have noticed even through all the clothing I was wearing, she was hugging me so tightly. This kiss went on for what seemed like forever and like yesterday I let my hands drop down and cup the cheeks of her butt. Unlike yesterday, this time I kept holding them, squeezing and fondling, which she didn't seem to mind. When she finally pulled her mouth from mine she put her lips close to my ear, still hugging me, and whispered,

"Thank you! That was lovely. You kiss ever so well and taste great too. I think you had better get off to school before we do something we shouldn't! I'll tell you what, since you're being so sweet and caring to me – you can choose what colour panties I wear for you tonight. Mmmm?"

My mind reeled. What was going on here? I wasn't ready for this! But I was going to make the best of it.

"What about some transparent ones?" I bravely blurted this out as I squeezed her bum as firmly as I could and pulled her hard against my erection. Mom's eyes widened as I did this and she did not say another word as I headed out the door to school.

THURSDAY. (cont.)

All day at school the ramifications of what was occurring between Mom and me ran round and round in my head – what was all this leading up to and was I getting the right answers to the questions that Mom's actions were asking? Did she in fact want to have sex with me and if so why? I was only an inexperienced boy and she seemed more that satisfied with what she and Dad had done. Maybe what we were doing was completely normal and happened between all mothers and sons as part of growing up. Should I discuss it with some of my friends? For some unexplainable reason I was reluctant to talk to anyone about it at this stage and decided to wait for a while and let things just happen and see where it would all lead.

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