tagInterracial LoveWhat Are Friends For? Ch. 03

What Are Friends For? Ch. 03


The flight back home was not as awkward as it could have been; mainly because Logan was nowhere in sight. He must have flown back on a different plane, or walked for all she cared.

"Pussy." she thought angrily, though secretly she was confused and hurt by his sudden, unexplained departure last night and the fact that he was M.I.A. this morning.

She had been noticeably quiet, even for her, during the group breakfast and the pre-flight boarding. Mainly because she could not help speculating about what she had done wrong last night. What made Logan flee like she had yelled out a proposal of marriage during their sexual encounter? In the end, she assumed her late husband must have been right; she was a bad lay. There had been a lot of things she wanted to do and to try with Logan, last night. But things happened so quickly she did not have a chance to do much more than react and hang on for the ride, and what a glorious ride it was. She supposed to a man like him that was not good enough. Logan was probably used to all kinds of beautiful, sexy, sexually experienced women. Women who probably knew tricks and things she could not fathom. Her eyes flooded with tears of embarrassment and she slid her sunglasses from atop her head onto her face to hide herself from her nosy co-workers.

Lance in particular had taken an interest in her every facial expression and had already asked if she was alright 5 times that morning. He had also taken the seat next to hers and made a point to try and charm her the entire way home. It was unfortunate that she could not appreciate his charisma. He was kind of hot and was being so sweet. But Isa just wanted to get home, curl into a ball in front of her T.V. and pretend last night had never happened or at least had happened differently. Like maybe with her rocking his world hardcore. She thought sighing heavily.

Even though she did not want to think about what had happened between her and Logan, scenes, memories and even feelings continually crept up from her subconscious and startled her with their piercing clarity. Suddenly without warning she would feel a deep pull to her groin when she thought of the way Logan had felt on top of her, the sound of his deep, sexy voice moaning her name again and again, like a chant from his soul, the way he cried out her name, huskily, seconds before he started shaking violently and the intensity of his fucking increased. She relished the way her body felt as he held her tightly, each part of their bodies so closely entwined with every part of the others she could feel his heart pounding as his strong body shook and trembled against her.

Although things had moved quickly, there were moments she relived again and again. How firmly yet gently he held her face while he kissed her, the heady intoxication she felt as she breathed in his manly scent when he first pushed his thick member inside of her tightness. It had felt wonderful and right.

She had never felt that closeness to another person. She felt feminine when he seemed to be out of control because of their love making. She felt powerful when she realized it was her body squeezing him that had made him scream her name. She remembered sex with her husband as this ugly, shameful thing, especially toward the end, right before his death. Suddenly her stomach started to clench and that familiar feeling of revulsion accumulated inside of her and she mentally applied the brakes to any reminiscence from her marriage. Even the embarrassment from the night before was preferable to those memories. If she had been more experienced she would have understood what was going on with Logan physically. She would have known that all that shaking was Logan trying to maintain control over his body so he could hang on and pleasure her. She might even have understood that it was embarrassment not anger or frustration with her that made him leave her so suddenly and without a word. But her limited knowledge in this area did not serve her well.

So she assumed he just wasn't that into her.

Though Isa could not have felt more differently about their encounter, it was true initially, she was terrified at the thought of having sex with her best friend. But she was also pulsing with desire for him she had denied herself so long. Her body responded to his on a level she had not imagined possible. In her mind, he was a skilled lover, his hands firm and magical, his movements smooth and commanding. Seconds before he had stopped he had come so close to bringing her to climax. This morning her body responded to the memories of him as If he were still inside of her, flooding her with heat. Her breathing quickened and she pulled her jacket closed and turned toward the window in an effort to shield her hardening nipples from eagle eye Lance. He turned to face her when he heard her little moan, but before he could speak, they were interrupted.

One of her co-workers, Terri, stopped by their row and looked down at Lance with her brows raised giving her a thumbs up sign and a goofy smile. Terri seemed like a very fun-loving girl but was a bit too sexual and familiar for Isa. She was always wearing clothing that was too risqué for work, and had approached Isa several times as though they were long longs friends which made Isa uncomfortable. Terri made her laugh, though. When they first met, Isa had considered accepting her many offers of friendship but her husband was still alive and she had a lot of secrets when they first met. After he died it was hard to change even when there was no need to remain so removed from normal people.

Isa looked at Terri's exaggerated facial expressions and could not stop the giggle that escaped as she shook her head to let her know there was absolutely nothing going on with her and Lance. Of course at the same moment, Lance looked up from his electronic notebook and caught all their eye twitching, head rolling actions as they broke into laughter like school girls and Terri asked/demanded Lance to switch seats with her for a minute. Lance looked like he was going to argue with her, but Terri, puffed out her huge boobs and tried to make her 5'1 frame seem like 6'1 as her eyes told him to just get his ass up and go on. Lance huffed, but, like many who worked in their department, knew better than to take Terri on, one-on-one.

Terri quickly wiggled her curvy frame into Lance's recently vacated seat and immediately started to grill Isa.

"Ooooh girl, you quiet ones are always the ones to look out for, I swear." she said, as she moved in closer trying to whisper but doing it so loud, like a 3 year old.

"What are you talking about, Terri?" Isa asked genuinely confused.

"I am talking about you, Trick." she said laughing, with merry mischievousness in her pretty bright eyes. "Hell, if I had known you rolled like that we would have been hanging out years ago when I started working here" she replied but continued to whisper louder than any adult human should be physically allowed.

Isa, frustrated and exasperated with everything, jumped totally out of work character and said, "Terri, what the fuck are you talking about? And please keep your voice down while you explain"

"Oh my damn, no you didn't" Terri shouted, looking at Isa with newly found respect but still giggling."I am talking about you dancing all night with Lance's fine ass but leaving the bar with Logan's super-fine ass, and apparently fucking Logan into invisibility or at least oblivion since he is nowhere to be found this morning. Then sitting next to Lance like you did not crush all his hopes and dreams and he might still have a chance to, 'get-it'." Terri over-articulated continuing to whisper loud enough for the pilot and co-pilot to hear her.

Isa, shocked that her sex life was being speculated on by her colleagues, in addition to the shock she felt that she even had a sex life, sat there staring at Terri with her mouth open.

"Close your mouth, girl, before you attract flies." Terri chimed up, as she moved closer, "Spill it!" she demanded as she sat there expectantly like she and Isa exchanged sexcapades every day.

Isa was torn between her normal reserved nature and the possibility of making a friend who might be able to help her figure out what was going on in her suddenly complicated life. "Screw it." she thought as she dumped it all out for Terri to help her unravel. Ten minutes later, Terri's eyes were as wide as saucers, her mouth was the one opened wide and she was for the first time in recent memory, speechless.

"Oh come on, don't fail me now, motor mouth." Isa said good naturedly.

"Holy Fuck!" Terri exclaimed. "I had no idea you actually fucked Logan, I thought you were gonna tell me he walked you back to your room and admonished you for flirting with Lance. You fucked Logan?" Terry said, loudly.

"Oh My God, Terri." Isa whispered loudly "Will you please shut the fuck up?"

"Oh sorry girl, it's just, Wow. I mean wow!" Terri said stunned. "How was it?" she asked eagerly

"What?" Isa asked innocently

"What do you mean, what? Shake the innocent act, Tramp. How was the S E X?" Terri asked laughing and hugging Isa to try and keep her voice quiet.

"Oh, well it was nice, I mean it was good, well I don't know." Isa finished weakly, not really knowing what to say.

"Oh no, please do not tell me that man did not lay it down. I heard he fucked that blonde receptionist/intern from last summer and she sang his praises like he put her through law school" Terri said, laughing.

After Isa told her about Logan's abrupt departure, Terri looked at her knowingly, and said, "uh oh, the Mack Daddy, got 'macked' by little Miss Innocent." Terri laughed hysterically when she realized Isa had no idea what she was talking about.

"Here is my phone number, please do not hesitate to call me when you realize why he left so we can laugh our asses off over lots of alcohol." Terri said, laughing and getting up as she noticed Lance walking back to his seat with a purpose.

Isa was no closer to knowing what had happened when Terri left, but she did feel a little better after sharing what had happened between her and Logan with Terri. Isa had not had a girl friend before, Logan had been her only real friend and she guessed that was over now, she thought sadly.

As Lance took his seat, she turned back toward the window and nodded off a bit. She woke up with her head on Lances' shoulder, she immediately pulled back, almost afraid of what he might think about her getting so close to him. But like always, he was Mister Cool, and just smiled and told her it was all good.

She was so relieved when the plane landed and she was on her way toward her luggage she dismissively agreed to whatever the hell Lance was going on about. That came back to haunt her when she realized she had agreed to share a taxi.

She grabbed her bags, and headed for the outside lane of taxis, limos, vans and buses when Lance started playing tug of war with her bags. She finally gave him the full force of her attention.

"Lance, why do you keep pulling on my bags?" she asked quietly

"Because we are sharing a taxi, Isa, remember?" he asked teasingly. His beautiful brown eyes alight with boyish charm. She studied him a bit more carefully and noticed his chocolate brown skin was so smooth and when he smiled his big sexy dimples made every woman who could see him stop breathing for a second. But his handsome, dimpled smile seemed just for her. And just like that, she hopped off her pity pot and bathed in the warmth of his obvious attraction. "Screw Logan" she thought.

It was at that moment she vowed to learn to be a great lover. "If Logan had truly cared for her he would not have abandoned her because she was so terrible in bed." She told herself. "A better man would have been more patient, maybe even tried to teach me." She reasoned. Well she was going on a journey and at its end she was going to write her own fucking Karma Sutra. Logan be damned. Yes she was going to learn everything about pleasing a man and Lance was going to be the lucky recipient of all her knowledge and pent up yearnings.

At first, she did get a little peeved about the whole sharing the taxi thing. She was concerned that now he would know where she lived, and who knows if he would abuse that knowledge. But he surprised her by asking the driver to drop him off first.

Just as she was getting a bit nervous about being in yet another taxi with a guy from work, He grabbed one of her small, sandaled feet and before she could snatch it away, pulled her feet out of her shoes and began rubbing her arches softly, looking at her thoughtfully.

"What are you doing?" she asked cautiously, her gorgeous eyes, glowing in the darkness of the back of the cab.

"Trying to relax you, beautiful lady." his deep, smooth voice responded. "You definitely seem like someone who would benefit from a nice massage."

"I knew it!" she snapped trying to snatch her foot away

"Calm down, Isa" he said, laughing at her softly. "You are such a little spitfire." I only wanted to relax you because you seem like you are torn between being sad one moment and furious the next." Your body is wound tight as a drum, girl." He chuckled. "Let me help you relax" he whispered, pulling and rubbing on her feet with just the exact right amount of pressure.

"Damn." She moaned as he hit a particularly sensitive spot with his magic fingers. "Well alright, but just a foot massage" she countered as she relaxed a bit into the seat. Before she knew it she had fallen asleep and the taxi was pulling up in front of a beautiful townhouse, on Capital Hill, in Washington, D.C. It was a quiet, beautiful neighborhood tucked away mere moments from the hustle and bustle of the Senate, Capitol and House of Representatives. This neighborhood was not cheap, and she surmised that Lance must be doing pretty well for himself as he slipped out of the taxi with the grace of a tiger and paid the driver, after whispering something she could not hear.

"Good night, lovely, Isa." he said, softly, kissing her on the forehead through the window.

"See you tomorrow, Lance" she said, suddenly missing his body's warmth and wishing she had not fallen asleep during her one and only foot massage by a sexy man.

As the taxi pulled into traffic, she gave him her address and contemplated how she was going to move from sexual novice to sexual deviant using Lance as her muse and guinea pig. The taxi driver pulled up in front of her house, stepped out and carried her luggage to her door. She asked him how much and he explained that the gentleman had paid for her fare along with a very generous tip to make sure he took good care of her. She could not believe that Lance had been so thoughtful. He actually seemed like such a player at work, yet here he was making sure she arrived home safely, giving her a foot massage and not even trying anything untoward. Totally unlike that pervert Logan who had his fingers inside of her pussy two seconds after they were in a taxi. A taxi he told her to take so she would not be taken advantage of by Lance. She totally forgot that it was her gyrating on his lap that started the sexual interactions. Jeesh what a moron she was. She was always picking the wrong man, never understanding human nature and constantly making the same mistakes. "Well that shit stops today." She told herself in a whisper as she walked into her bedroom taking off her clothes, moving toward the shower. She was about to hop in when she heard her phone chime, indicating she had received a text. She looked at it and read

"Please text me and let me know you arrived home safely." Lance

"Logan, who?" she thought angrily as she stripped naked and stepped into the shower.

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