What Chocolate Mousse Can Do


"Okay." She followed him through the crowd to a corner table away from the dance floor where the dark-haired boy was waiting. His face lit up when he saw Kyle. Shannon had almost forgotten Kyle even had a boyfriend. He described the relationship as "mostly casual", but the way they touched each other when Kyle sat down very close and the boy snuggled up to him, was hardly casual. Shannon's cheeks felt hot as she tried to keep from staring when they kissed.

"Shannon, this is my boyfriend Stephan," Kyle introduced them. "He's going to school to be an EMT. This is my friend Shannon from the hospital."

"You're as beautiful as Kyle described you," Stephan picked up her hand and kissed it. Shannon giggled. Kyle was thirty-one and Stephan looked to be a few years younger, probably in his early twenties; he seemed very sweet, and Shannon was glad because Kyle needed a sweet man. Also, Stephan was absolutely gorgeous. Kyle was sexy in a wholesome sort of way, but Stephan was dark and exotic, with deep brown eyes and silky black hair, almost too pretty to look at. When he smiled at her Shannon's heart fluttered like a teenager with a crush. They made such a cute couple, holding hands across the table from her, so adorable she just wanted to cuddle both of them; while at the same time, she felt a hot twinge between her legs when the image of their open-mouthed kiss flashed in her mind.

Eventually that picture, along with the drinks, made Shannon's eyes glaze over and she slumped forward slightly. Kyle must have noticed she wasn't listening to the banter between Stephan and himself anymore because she suddenly heard his laugh through her fog.

"Darlin', it's time to take you home."

She felt herself hauled up and between Kyle and Stephan, they found Eva to say goodbye, then helped Shannon outside. Sleepily, she sank down into the back seat with her head lolling back. After only three drinks, she wasn't exactly drunk; by the time they reached her apartment, less than a block from Kyle's, her buzz had mellowed out, making her more clearheaded and able to walk without stumbling, after she kicked off her high heels, swinging them as she walked barefoot across the dewy grass.

Taking her keys, Kyle unlocked her door and let the three of them into the living room, flipping on the light while Rusty wound around their ankles. Shannon scooped him up and cooed to him. Kyle liberated two beers from the fridge and handed one to Stephan, and they snuggled together on the couch as Shannon sank down in easy chair next to them with the cat on her lap.

"Maybe you should've gotten a ride home with that guy you were dancing with," Kyle remarked, amused. "You seemed to like the way he was groping you. Did you get his number? We'll call him right now."

"Shannon could do a lot better," Stephan said with a frown. "He looked like a big, dumb frat boy."

"I'll bet I could teach him a few things," Kyle grinned lazily, dodging Stephan's sharp elbow to the ribs.

"Please," Shannon snorted. She felt warm and pleasantly giggly. "I'm through with men anyway. From now on, it's just me and my cat. Maybe I'll get twenty more cats and just be an old cat lady."

"Men have their uses." Kyle playfully squeezed Stephan's knee.

"I don't need a man for that," Shannon announced. "That's why I have a vibrator."

This comment was so out of character for shy, innocent little Shannon, Kyle and Stephan burst into incredulous laughter. They sat staring at her in amused disbelief as she rambled on.

"I could live without a man forever as long as I had batteries. A man has never given me an orgasm. "

"You can't be serious." Stephan shook his head while Kyle's mouth fell open. "Your ex-husband never gave you an orgasm in how many years of marriage?"

"Seven, and no, never. I swear." Shannon placed her right hand on an imaginary Bible and lifted her left palm. "I had them, but he wasn't in the room. I didn't even have my first orgasm until I was twenty-five years old."

"You're fucking kidding. How is that possible? Didn't you… you know…"

"Sure," Shannon nodded. "But I guess I wasn't doing it right because it mainly just hurt, sticking my fingers in there. And once I figured it out, it took a long time to get it right; once I did, I wasn't even sure what had happened at first." Shannon laughed at herself; across the room, Kyle and Stephan looked like, on one hand, they wanted to laugh, but on the other hand, it was so pathetic they couldn't bring themselves to do it.

Kyle shook his head with a mixture of pity and disbelief.

"And what did your ex-husband think about this? I mean, did you tell him you weren't enjoying sex? Or were you faking it? Did he even care?"

"I wasn't faking; and I'm pretty sure he knew." Shannon shrugged. "He probably just didn't care. We hardly ever had sex anyway. He knew I wanted a baby, but he said he wasn't ready, so he'd only have sex on certain days of the month when he knew I couldn't get pregnant. He didn't want me to get on the Pill because he said it would make me fat."

Identical snarls of rage went over the faces of both of the two guys on the couch. Stephan ground his teeth while Kyle spoke up angrily.

"Where is this ex-husband of yours? The more I hear about him, the more I want to find him and put him out of his misery."

"Well, wherever he is, he's miserable without me." Shannon grinned and nodded. Closing her eyes, she just pictured David sitting all alone in their big house that she'd paid for, surrounded by all the expensive things he wanted that she'd bought, all put in his name. "For tax reasons," he said. That picture alone was worth what she'd been through. He was all alone and crying with nobody to listen to his shit.

"All men aren't like that," Kyle said softly. "All relationships aren't abusive."

Shannon's eyes lifted quickly and met his. "He never hit me."

"Sweetheart, we both know that abuse doesn't always mean hitting," Kyle answered. "Sometimes that's the next step in the cycle. But you work with mothers every day, you've seen it. I see the broken bones every day. Stephan, you'll see it when you work an ambulance, probably the first day. You were smart to get out, Shannon."

"Yeah, really smart. Only took me seven years to figure it out," Shannon shrugged. Kyle gave her a kind smile.

"Darlin', I promise you. You'll get over this rotten marriage, and you'll find some sweet straight boy who wants to eat your pussy for hours on end."

This struck Shannon as hilarious and she laughed so hard, she almost wet her pants. She hadn't even realized she had to pee. Excusing herself, she went to the bathroom, then into her room to change into some flowered pink PJs. In the hallway door she caught a glimpse of what was happening in her living room and she stopped. Stephan was half-lying back on the couch, pressed into the cushions by Kyle, who was over him, one knee on either side of Stephan's thigh. Stephan's hand caught Kyle's hair as they made out with a passion that took Shannon's breath away. She stared, heart pounding, as Kyle slowly rotated his hips against Stephan's thigh, sucking his tongue fiercely.

Over Kyle's shoulder Stephan opened his eyes and spotted Shannon standing in the shadow. She stood frozen to the spot as he smiled; Kyle noticed and glanced back before Shannon could duck into the hall. A deep, horrifying blush washed over her, but between her legs she was suddenly absolutely soaked.

"It's okay," Kyle said in that sweet voice of his. Neither one of them moved from where they were, wrapped in each other's arms. Kyle brushed his lips over Stephan's neck before he spoke to Shannon again, smiling. "We don't mind if you watch. Do we Stef?"

"I'm - I… I wasn't watching, I just…" She stammered, then stopped helplessly. Now they knew what a pervert she was. And yet, the shame she felt could not stop her small nipples from standing out hard against the thin cotton of her tank top.

Dipping his head, Kyle whispered something into Stephan's ear that Shannon couldn't make out; she tried to look away as he began nibbling, but Stephan's dark eyes caught hers and held them, pinning her like a butterfly. Lifting his hand from Kyle's back, he beckoned her with one finger.

"Come here, Shannon," he said in a husky voice. Locked by his gorgeous dark eyes, Shannon could not stop herself. She didn't want to stop herself. With small steps she edged closer, into the middle of the room, where she stopped and stared.

Kyle glanced over his shoulder once before he closed his eyes and took Stephan's mouth. Shannon could see their tongues duel in a rhythmic and sensual tangle, while Stephan's hands slid lower and lower until he was squeezing Kyle's firm ass. So beautiful. Shannon stared at the two masculine and sexy men making out on her couch. At first, they moved so achingly slowly. She kept seeing their eyes glance toward her, aware of her watching, putting on a show for her. Kyle slid between Stephan's legs and went down to his knees on the floor. For a moment Shannon didn't breathe as he pulled away and began slowly kissing his way down the side of Stephan's neck while his hand roughly pushed Stephan's shirt up his belly. Silky dark hair met his eager fingers when they dipped below the waistband of Stephan's jeans.

Short, sharp breaths escaped Shannon's lips. The outline of Stephan's big, hard cock was clearly visible kicking against the crotch of his jeans. He shifted and let out a slight groan as Kyle's mouth left his neck and grazed his nipple through his shirt, nibbling with quick gentle bites. Shannon's knees shook with desperate, helpless excitement. Now Kyle's tongue was out, licking a soft, damp line up and down Stephan's belly, swirling through the black hairs that arrowed down into his jeans; Stephan's hand caught the back of Kyle's neck and he pressed his eyes closed, head going back, sighing softly.

"Mmmm. Kyle," Stephan breathed. It seemed they'd forgotten Shannon now. Kyle grasped Stephan's thighs in his hands and lowered his mouth, trailing his tongue down, down, lower, over the button of Stephan's jeans, down his crotch, tracing the hard ridge of his cock. Before Shannon's eyes a tiny spot of wetness darkened the pale denim as Kyle wrapped his lips around the outline of the head and breathed his hot moist breath to bathe Stephan's cock through the rough layers of cloth . "Jesus… Kyle…"

Stephan's hoarse voice sent a jolt through Shannon's body. "Oh!" She let out a tiny exclamation that neither of the two men paid any attention to.

Now, their gentleness was gone. Stephan grabbed the back of Kyle's head and held it while he ground his crotch into Kyle's face. A low moan came from Kyle's throat and he pulled back, eyes glazed with desire and anticipation. He looked up at Stephan, who was panting through his parted lips, and they almost lunged at each other. The passion Shannon witnessed before was nothing to this. She had never seen such a raw, aggressive kiss. It was almost not even a kiss, at least not the way she knew a kiss. They assaulted one another, hands groping, mouths clinging, little animal sounds coming from them as they rubbed together fiercely. Kyle found Stephan's nipple through his shirt and pinched, twisting it between his thumb and forefinger, until Stephan arched his back and gasped.

"Oh," Shannon said softly, staring at them. "Oh!" Her entire body was on fire; her knees were trembling, her heart was throbbing, and her fingers could barely be restrained from burying themselves in her aching pussy. She had never been so wet in her life. Even her inner thighs were soaked with excitement as she watched the spectacle on her sofa.

"Shit, Stef."

All the sudden Kyle jerked back. His face was red and shone slightly with sweat as he and Stephan gazed at each other through surprised, glassy eyes. Sense returned to them and they laughed in amazement as they looked up at Shannon, whose mouth and eyes were perfect O's.

"You know," Kyle grinned shakily, "maybe we better go before we get more carried away than I planned."

"Yeah, that might be a good idea." Stephan cleared his throat and straightened his shirt with what dignity he could muster. As Kyle stood, Shannon's eyes dropped down to his crotch, to the straining bulge contained by his jeans. He could have been embarrassed, but instead he only smiled at her, smug, but somewhat sheepish.

"See you at work, sweetheart." Bending, he brushed her cheek with lips still damp from Stephan's kisses. He waited at the door while Stephan lingered just a moment, turning to Shannon..

Shannon looked up into his gorgeous eyes and something passed between them. They had found a connection tonight, totally unexpected, but a very pleasant surprise. He opened his mouth to say something, but after a second, he closed it and just hugged her, kissing the top of her head.

"Love you, Shannon," Stephan said with a whimsical little smile. It didn't matter that they'd just met. He turned around and took Kyle's hand as they slipped out the door.

When they were gone, Shannon turned off the lights and locked up. She picked up Rusty from where he'd been obliviously napping on the kitchen table all this time and carried him into the bedroom, where she dropped him on the floor. For the first time in her life Shannon didn't brush her teeth. She turned off the light and lay down on top of the covers. Despite the coolness of the room she was a sweaty heap of shame and arousal, lying there in the dark, going over each image in her mind. The pictures hit her like an electrical shock that snaked into the pit of her stomach and made her feel hot and congested.

Closing her eyes, Shannon reached up and stroked her nipple with the side of her thumb. She hadn't even touched herself in months. Her hand slid inside her soaked panties and her thighs quivered at the touch. God, she was so wet, literally dripping. Delicately she stroked her clit with her index finger, letting it slide between her first two fingers as she rubbed it. Oh, yes. She sighed. The image of Kyle's tongue flicking over Stephan's erection went through her mind and she let out a moan. Faster her fingers moved. Tongues thrusting. Hands groping. Fierce and beautiful. She pictured them right now, in Kyle's apartment, Kyle's bed, sweaty, clothes gone, skin on skin, aggressive but somehow still tender. Wild and rough as they loved each other.


The orgasm hit Shannon full force and she came harder than she ever had before. Boom, like a cannon blast roaring through her, then echoing all in her body, wringing cries from her lips. Yes, yes, yes. Oh. Oh! As the explosion subsided little quivers ran through Shannon's body. Her thighs jerked with the aftershocks. Sinking back into the pillow, she sighed with relief; in her mind, she saw Kyle and Stephan stretching out on Kyle's fucked-over bed, kissing and stroking each other slowly and tenderly as they recovered from their own explosion. She saw them cuddle up and share a kiss before closing their eyes to sleep. Dreamily, Shannon brushed her over-sensitized nipple with her fingers as sleep took hold.


A sharp knock on the window made Shannon and Eva look up quickly. On the other side of the glass, Kyle was grinning and waving at them. He liked to come up to neo-natal after his shift to see the babies. All the girls agreed: too bad he was gay, because he'd make some pretty blue-eyed babies.

Smiling at him, Shannon tilted the sleeping baby in her arms so he could see the little red face and she lifted his teeny arm and moved it in a little wave at Kyle. He laughed through the glass as Shannon put the baby down in the bassinet. It was a pretty slow day in the nursery, they only had six babies right now; so they could take their time putting them back down after bringing them back from seeing their mothers. Shannon hadn't even realized until Kyle appeared that it was time for her shift to end.

She stroked the baby's tiny hand with her finger as she signed off on the end-of-shift sheet. The one thing in the world Shannon used to want most was a baby; she used to cry every month when her period came like clockwork. Now, she was so relieved that David wasn't ready for a baby. Now, she was willing to wait for the right man to be the father. Somebody kind. Somebody who wouldn't get jealous of the time she spent with a newborn, who'd support her instead of pushing off all the responsibility on her. With the new mothers and fathers who came through here, she saw that kind of thing every day. She knew that's how it would've been with David. Her eyes went to Kyle waiting for her on the other side of the nursery window, but she quickly put that thought out of her head. Along that line, there was nothing but heartbreak.

"Have a good day off," Eva said. She smiled at Shannon from the rocking chair where she was rocking one of the newborns to sleep.

"Thanks, see you Saturday." Shannon gave her a smile and stepped through the door to where Kyle was waiting to walk home with her. "Ready?" she asked.

It had been about a week since the night at Changes. At first the whole scenario that happened in her living room really freaked Shannon out. Not that it happened; but how much she liked it. How, when she was lying in the dark, she tried to keep those images out of her mind, but they crowded in no matter how she tried to resist them, filling her with a wild, throbbing heat, until she had to slide her hand into her panties to ease the ache.

In the light of day, Shannon adored Kyle, and had a bit of a crush on Stephan, but she wasn't mooning over either one of them. When she was around Kyle alone she didn't feel anything physical for him; nothing but a warm friendship. It was only him… with Stephan… that made her hot. She was terribly guilty about it. She was some kind of disgusting, voyeuristic freak, to be so turned on by two men together. David claimed she wasn't very sexual, but the truth was much worse. Instead, she was a pervert.

There was no way Shannon would have ever spoken about her deep, dark secret to another soul if Eva hadn't suddenly brought it up on her own.

"How'd you like Stephan?" Eva asked.

"Oh…" Shannon tried not to blush. "He's sweet. Really nice."

Eva laughed. "Yeah, and don't forget smoking hot. The two of them together… whew!" She held her collar out with one finger and pretended to fan herself.

This time the blush won out and Eva's sharp eyes caught it instantly.

"Did you see them kiss?" Eva demanded eagerly. Shannon was flaming red now and Eva had to pry the answer out of her. Yes, and when Shannon added, and then some, Eva's curiosity would not be satisfied until she had the entire story. She stared at Shannon with her mouth open in a mixture of disbelief and envy. "And they knew you were watching the whole time?"


"Jee..zus." Eva let out a sigh and sat back, shaking her head regretfully. "I always miss the good stuff."

Shannon was quiet a moment, avoiding Eva's eyes. Part of her was terrified someone would walk up, even though all of the other nurses were on duty right now. "So…" she began, trying to be casual and not let Eva know how nervous she was. "Two guys… is that a - a turn-on, do you think?"

"Oh, God, yes," Eva announced. "Two hotties like Stephan and Kyle? If only I could be a fly on the wall for that one!" Suddenly it seemed she got a look at Shannon's face because she started to laugh. "Honey, it's perfectly normal! Guys get off on watching two girls, don't they? So why shouldn't we like watching them? There's nothing to be embarrassed about."

The involuntary sigh of relief Shannon let out made Eva laugh even harder. She reached across the break room table and patted Shannon's hand sympathetically. "Please don't tell me you've been worrying about this. Shannon, you are such an angel. There's nothing dirty about it. It's perfectly natural that watching them turned you on. We all feel the same way. Gay men are just sexy. Maybe it's because we can't have it; it's the little club we can never join."

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