tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhat Do I Gotta Do to Get Some Bead

What Do I Gotta Do to Get Some Bead


Every year, in Louisiana, just before the onslaught of the Easter season the masses of the state have a grand celebration known as Mardi Gras. This is the last big party before the religious observance of the Lenten season. People come from all over to enjoy the festive air and decadence that surrounds the partying.

New comers are sometimes shocked at the display of nudity that accompanies the festivities. But those participating in then festivities don't think twice about the scenery.

James, Daniel, and I decided this year to go join the fun. The temperatures were pleasant and we needed something to pull us out of the winter's slump. So we made hotel reservations on Bourbon Street and packed a small suitcase, we didn't need much for just a few days, and we traveled south to New Orleans. We wanted to be in the thick of things.

I was really excited about the aspects of the city. We live in a small town and it is quiet and pleasant. But sometimes one must to bust loose and party hardy. This was one of those times. James was down because of the stress of his job. Daniel just wanted to experience the magic of the celebration for the first time and I needed to let loose and relax.

It's about a five-hour drive from our house to New Orleans so we took some good music, food, and drink to make the ride more comfortable. We took the SUV because it was more comfortable than the truck or the car. James drove and Daniel and I occupied the back seat. We had a really good time on the road.

After we got on the interstate, Daniel took my blouse off and started sucking and playing with my breasts. I noticed James adjusting the rear-view mirror so he could watch the fun.

My pussy started getting wet and I reached down and masturbated. The decadence had begun. Daniel had made my nipples really hard and he was squeezing them gently between his fingers. He noticed that I had moved lower to please myself and he knew we couldn't have that for long, so he traveled a little south.

Daniel has a great tongue, almost as good as James'. He used it to swirl around the entrance to my vagina and lick and flick my hardening clitoris. I removed my hand and let him take over. I spread my legs, and lay back on the seat. I heard a loud horn blow and I saw James wave out the window. The truckers were thanking him for the show and I smiled.

Things were heating up in the back seat. Daniel had unleashed his penis and climbed on top of me. His massive tool found the opening his tongue had provided. Juices were flowing from my cunt and my temperature had risen at least ten degrees.

I rolled down the window so I could feel the breeze blowing across my body. And the cool air made my nipples hard again. While Daniel fucked me he licked my hard breasts and I had my first orgasm.

It was deep in my body and I convulsed uncontrollably. When my body finally settled I let out a long moan and James said "I like that sound."

We all laughed and Daniel pumped me harder. I could tell he was getting close to an orgasm. He had been fucking my cunt for over an hour. Sweat was dripping from is forehead. I could feel his balls tightening and knew that it wouldn't be long before I felt that wonderful cum flow into my waiting love hole.

I said to James, "Better start looking for a rest stop where there aren't many people. Your services are going to be needed here in just a few minutes." And then I screamed with pleasure as Daniel came down hard on me and released that marvelous cum of his deep into my thirsty pussy.

"Mmmmmm, that was great!" I whispered.

Daniel smiled and lay his head on my breast his dick shriveled and hung on the edge of my soaked cunt.

About ten-minutes James pulled into a rest stop. He climbed out of the front seat and into the back. "Clean up time," he said. "Who's first?"

Daniel rolled off of me and offered his cock to James. James looked at me and I shook my head yes. So he licked his lips, kneeled down, and opened his mouth to take Daniel's limp penis into his mouth.

I reached down and undid James pants and played with his little dicklett while he sucked Daniel's growing penis. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over his little prick head and flicked my tongue in and out of his little opening. Then I sucked his entire little penis into my mouth and sucked it as a baby would a pacifier.

He moaned and sucked Daniel more fervently. His tongue was whipping around Daniel's penis head and he was licking at the last of the oozing cum.

Then he attacked the length of his cock -- all twelve inches of it. A moan escaped his lips, as he tasted my juices on the shaft of the instrument he was licking. "Do I taste good to you, James," I asked.

Without taking away from Daniel, he glanced at me and shook his head a glimmer was in his eyes. This pleased me.

Just as Daniel was getting excited at James' cleaning, James finished his job. He shifted his position and I spread my legs for his entrance into my private kingdom. I felt his wonderful tongue plunge deep into my person and fire shot through my stomach warming my entire being.

Daniel had started rubbing his penis. The cleaning always made him horny again. I reached out and took his cock in my hand and rubbed my thumb over his head. It was moist with precum already. I started pumping his dick and he lay back to enjoy the pleasure I was giving him.

James was diligently licking and sucking Daniel's cum out of my pussy and I was very aroused. He knows all of the spots that drive me crazy and he can reach my G-spot with that tongue of his.

I was soaked and a passion was burning in my groin. He licked me for about a half-hour and I had a most explosive orgasm as he pulled his tongue out of my box and gave my eager clit a cleaning too.

I slumped on the seat, exhausted and closed my eyes.

James climbed out of the back seat of he vehicle and went to the back to take out the food we had brought.

I was hungry after burning so many calories. He made me a ham and cheese sandwich and Daniel a turkey and cheese and he had a little of both turkey and ham on his sandwich. He brought around the bag of chips and some drinks and we filled our bellies before we continued our trip.

The rest of the trip took about an hour and a half; I had no idea we had traveled so far. Time really does fly when you are having fun. I really enjoy my men.

On this trip not only did Daniel, James and I have fun but so did the truckers. I know because every time that James would pass one the drivers would honk. They really liked the sideshow below.

For the rest of the trip I made sure that my first three buttons were undone so that my never supported breasts were visible for all to see. And Daniel helped by playing with them and pulling them up when we slowly passed beside a trucker. Sometimes I even pulled my skirt to show the driver my clean-shaven pussy.

When we got to the French Quarter, James found the garage to the hotel and parked the vehicle. The men unloaded the luggage and we walked around the corner to the entrance.

Daniel got the key to the room and we found our way to the floor. I was horny again. It had, after all been two hours since a dick or tongue had been in my hungry pussy.

I stripped my clothes off and turned on the shower. Hot water covered my aching body. I slid my hand down to play with my clit and relieve some of the stress from the road. The curtain was pulled back and James stepped in to help wash me.

He took the soap and lathered his hands. Then he rubbed them over my beasts, stomach, and then down to my hard clit and wet muff. "Mmmmmm, you do that so good," I smiled at him.

He kneeled down and ran his soapy hands down my legs to my feet. He lifted his head and his tongue came out and entered my hungry love tunnel and a fire grew in my belly.

Just then Daniel joined us. James gave way to his masculine counterpart. He slunk to the back of the shower as Daniel took his place in front of me his massive tool pointing at its target.

My mouth began to water. I wanted his manhood to make me feel like a woman. I was weak with passion. I leaned back and James caught me. He held me while Daniel inserted his cock into my dripping snatch.

The water pounding down on our bodies seemed to match the rhythm of Daniel's hips as he shifted them in and out so that his cock pleased my cunt. I could feel James' little dicklett as it hardened against my butt.

Within minutes I had his dicklett in my ass and Daniel's ramrod in my pussy. Their hips pushing towards me in unison, squeezing me in the middle. I don't even think my feet were touching the ground as I was sandwiched between these two men whose only goal in life was to please me.

I don't know how long we fucked like that with the water adding to our pleasure, but when we finally slid down into the tub, a heap of boneless bodies, our fingers and feet were completely wrinkled.

We laughed and James grabbed the soap and lathered all three of us. His hands diligently cleaned each nook, crack, and cranny of all of our bodies. Then he stepped out of the tub and handed me the fluffiest towel I had ever had on my body. I wrapped it around me and as I stepped out of the tub, he took it from me and dried every part of my being. He did the same for Daniel. We dressed and it was getting close to dusk. We had a balcony outside our suite; this was a must for our stay. We wanted to watch and play with the crowds without being stampeded. I love Mardi Gras, but I have an extreme fear of crowds.

I had put on a very short mini skirt and a peasant blouse with stiletto heels. I gathered up my beads and started looking out the window. There was certainly a big party going on.

James put on his slave leather with its silver buckles and Daniel wore tight leather pants and no shirt. We walked out on the balcony with a gross of Mardi Gras beads, long strands, the kind everyone wants.

The crowd noticed us and stopped beneath our balcony. "Throw me something!" the masses, yelled. I smiled, "What do I get for my beads?" I asked.

A young man asked, "What do you want?"

I told him, "I want the thing you value most in your life. What you would miss if it were gone?"

He looked puzzled and said, "Wow, I didn't know I was going to have to think today."

I laughed and called down, "Show me your dick and I'll shower it with beads."

"Oh, I can do that, sure, here; how do you like this one?" he called up to me as he unzipped his tight jeans. A mid-sized penis fell out of its stall.

I laughed and said "I've seen better, but thank you for the show," and I ran a string of beads through my legs to give them my essence and threw them to him.

Meanwhile, Daniel had caught some cute little thing’s attention. His penis was pushing against the restraints of his leather pants. She obviously had large breasts and she wasn't ashamed of them. She was rubbing her blouse around them. Daniel yelled to her, "Hey pretty lady, do you see these beads?"

She smiled at him and said, "Oh yeah, are you going to give them to me?"

"What do I get if I do?" Daniel said.

"I'll give you a blowjob!" she called back.

Daniel smiled and looked at me to get my reaction.

I said, "Go for it!" "Nah, she's too young for me and she could never take all of me into her mouth like you do. I just want to see her breasts," he covered himself.

I laughed and said, "Oh no, you need this one!"

"You say that now," he challenged.

"No, I mean it; I can tell she's hot and she's young enough to be really tight. I think you should show her what a real man is like and ruin her for all those macho guys that think they have big dicks." I decreed.

He smiled, "Take it off," he yelled. She tore her top off without even a thought. She did have beautiful breasts. And I looked at James as his little dicklett tried to break the pressures of his slave restraints.

I turned and walked into the room. The guys kept playing. I walked out of the room and down to the street. I found the girl that had torn off her shirt.

I said, "Do you like the looks of that guy you just took your shirt off for?"

She looked stunned. When she spoke she said, "He's cute and sexy!"
"Yes, he is, isn't he? Would you like to fuck him? I asked?

"Oh do you think he would want to have sex with me?" she asked surprised.

"I know he would, he told me so," I lied.

"Yeah! I'd love to have him make love to me." She said innocently.

"Then come with me and I'll introduce you," I said and led the way back to the room.

When I entered, Daniel looked at me and said, "You are BAD!"

"Yes, I am! This is Rebecca and she thinks you're cute! Why don't you entertain her for a while?" I smiled and winked at him.

"Hi, Rebecca, are you having a good time tonight?" he asked her.

"Yeah, I'm having fun. My friends are never going to believe you invited me to come to your room!" she giggled.

"Well, when we're finished, you will have proof that I did!" he promised.

"Come join me in the other room," he said as he took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

I joined James back out on the balcony. I took his hand and placed it on my breast. He squeezed it gently. "Are you all right with him screwing her?" he asked.

"Sure, I got her for him didn’t I?" He'll have fun and she'll have a story to tell all of her friends. Everyone wins!" I said. "Plus I get to flirt with these guys a while longer." I leaned over and kissed him and he moved his hand to my wet pussy.

"Oh, this stuff really turns you on doesn't it?" he asked.

"Yes, very much!" I smiled and turned to address the crowd.

"Hey, pretty lady, what do you have under that short little skirt of yours?" I heard someone call from the crowd.

I looked around for a face to attach to the words and I saw a tall black man waving at me. I smiled and yelled back to him, "The prettiest pussy you have ever seen, I assure you," I called back.

"I bet you do," he called, "Is there any chance I can take a look at it," he pleaded.

I looked at James. He looked at me and reached over and pulled the front of my skirt open. My smooth, shaven pussy with its hungry clit was exposed to the masses on the street. James leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips and then knelt down and licked my pussy. The crowd exploded in a triumphant cheer.

I threw the black man a long sting of beads covered with my pussy juices. Then I pulled James up and exposed his little dicklett to the crowd. The guys all laughed at his poor excuse for a prick. I knelt down and took it into my mouth and sucked. The guys on the street cheered and yelled, "Do me next, do me!"

I came up and licked my lips. They cheered more. One guy yelled "What room are you in lady?"

I smiled, waved and sent him a pair of beads with my essence.

We spent the next hour and a half playing with the crowd and throwing them beads. It was a dream come true for me.

When we went inside, I went to check up on my stud and his toy. I peeked into the room and Rebecca was riding him like a bronco. She did have large breasts and they were bouncing like balloons as she pistoned her body up and down on his hard cock.

He had his hand on her pussy rubbing her clit as she moved up and down on his body using her knees to support her.

She moaned and threw her head back as he played with her. "Oh, you do that so good," she cried as he pinched her clit between his fingers.

Then she orgasmed and fell face first onto his chest.

I slipped into the room and sat quietly in the chair. I just wanted to watch for a while.

He rolled over and pulled her hips up. He ran his hand over the length of his large cock and put two fingers into her wet snatch. He opened her up and pushed his prick deep into her again.

"Oh, how do you keep going?" she asked.

"Experience, my dear!" he smiled and started humping her like a dog.

"You are like a machine. I want to take you home with me," she whispered as he rammed her pussy with all his force.

"Well, do you think you could handle this every night of the week?" he questioned.

"Oh yeah, that would be like being in heaven!" she cried. "Well, you'll have to talk to my lady about that then," he told her.

As he fucked her I spread my legs and my hand slid down between my legs. I plunged my fingers into my juicy cunt. I was enjoying watching my own personal porn-flick. I liked listening to them and watching him fill her little snatch with his massive tool.

"Is she your lady? I thought she was with the other guy and she got me for you so you wouldn't feel left out!" she confessed her thoughts.

"Oh no, she told me she wanted me to fuck you so she could fuck other men," he teased.

"You wouldn't let her fuck other men would you… ohhhhhh!" She sighed as he rammed her deep and her body convulsed.

"Yeah, if she wanted to. Do you see something wrong with that?" he asked as her reached around and played with her clit.

"Mmmm oh that feels so good. Did she teach you how to have sex with a woman so that she will want you always?" Rebecca questioned.

The harder he fucked her the faster I ran my fingers in and out of my cunt. I licked the finger of my other hand and ran them over my hard clit. I closed my eyes; listened and fantasized that he was fucking me. The faster he fucked her the deeper my fingers went into my box and the harder my clit became.

James came looking for me. I motioned for him to join me but to be quiet. He walked over to me and sat at my feet. He noticed that I was playing with my clit and he brushed my hand away and started licking me.

"No, not really, but she is really good!" Daniel pulled all the way out except for his head. Then he shoved really hard into her cunt and she exploded in a very exciting orgasm.

"Oh my god!" she screamed. "Please don't let this end! I love the way you fuck me!" she cried. "I want your mouth on my pussy. I want you to fuck me like this all of the time!" she screamed.

James was licking me faster and my entire body convulsed as Daniel filled her with his seed.

"Okay baby, anything you want!" Daniel told her and exploded into her pussy.

"Awwww," she moaned and lay there drenched in her and Daniel's sweat.

Daniel turned over and saw James and me watching. "Hi baby! She was a nice gift. She likes to fuck almost as much as you." He winked and smiled at me.

Rebecca realized then that I was standing there. She covered her naked body and appeared to be embarrassed.

"It's okay," I said, "I've seen a woman's body before." I giggled.

"You said you wanted me to have sex with him," she defended her actions.

"Yes, and it appears that he likes fucking you too," I smiled.

"Do you want me to leave now?" she asked?

I looked at Daniel for his response.

"Why don't you stay and have dinner with us?" he asked her.

"Can I do that?" she pleaded.

"You need to tell us," I said, "we don't know if you have people waiting for you or not."

"Oh, they're probably gone by now," she said, "besides I would like to stay with Daniel for the night!" she admitted.

Daniel looked at me for a response.

I just smiled and said, "Well then, you should take a shower so we can go to dinner, I'm getting hungry."

Rebecca looked at Daniel and he said, "Go ahead and I'll join you in a few minutes.

After she left the room and the shower was running, Daniel climbed off the bed, walked up to me and kissed me long and hard. "She is very young and impressionable. She thinks she's in love with me already," he whispered.

"Well, after tonight you must send her home," I told him. "I will sleep with James tonight."

I turned to James and he had a smile on his face. "Don't be too smug," I told him, "I didn't say we were going to have sex."

Daniel went to join Rebecca in the shower.

James got a washcloth and ran some hot water in the sink. He sat me on the toilet and bathed me to get the grit of the city off my skin.

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