tagLoving WivesWhat Happened To My Life Ch. 02

What Happened To My Life Ch. 02




That next day was one of the saddest days in my life. Bud had cheated on me. While I had no real proof, I just knew it! A woman knows these things. I started to throw it in his face almost every hour on the hour, again and again, over and over. I made threats and told him I would have my revenge! He would walk away not answering me after the 5th time I told him and I would follow him around the house yelling about revenge even if I had no hard and fast evidence. It was that smell of perfume on his clothes when he came home so late that made me think that way. We fought and yelled and both got madder and madder at each other.

Finally after days for fighting and me yelling, I wanted to really piss him off and make him feel bad. So I told him, no, I actually yelled at him, that I would cheat too. Then I did another dumb thing, I told him in fact I had already had done it so he could live with that! That was a big mistake! Actually I hadn't cheated and fucked anyone. OK, I did have an orgasm and I had made a man cum in his jeans as we dry humped on the dance floor. And, yes, I call that cheating but not fucking, not for real, not what I was sure he had done with his bitch last night! I saw sure Bud had fucked some woman last night and so I told him I had fucked a guy named Ray on the parking lot next to a bar and he was so much better and his cock was so much bigger than Bud's was.

How did I know Bud had cheated on me you ask? By the way he looked when he came home and then smelling that perfume odor on his clothes and his body as he lay there on the bed passed out from drinking until 3AM. I felt his slacks and saw they were stained all over the front. I just knew he was with another woman last night and that he had sex with her for real. Even this evening I could still seen to smell that damn perfume all over the house and on him and his used clothes, which I hadn't washed.

When Bud heard me tell him that I had cheated on him and had sex in the parking lot of a bar, he stopped fighting and yelling back at me and walked out of the living room. Yea!!! I won!! This was absolutely, without a doubt the worst fight in all of our marriage. I went up to the bedroom and closed the door and locked it. I showered and got ready for bed. Hours passed and I didn't hear him. I wondered where he was? Had he left for good, no he would do that to me would he? Maybe he was with that bitch again, I didn't know. Maybe he was in the living room just watching TV and wondering what I was doing. I didn't know. Maybe I shouldn't have said what I said to him. Now he thinks I really did cheat, well fuck him he cheated on me too. We were even now.

Finally I heard the car pull up into our driveway. He was out, I bet he was out with her. I heard the front door opened and bang against the wall behind it. Then a few minutes later there the door shut and there were his footsteps on the stairs. And finally I felt and knew he was standing outside the door to the bedroom. I was scared and nervous and afraid. I didn't know what to expect, but I wasn't ready for the way he came into the room that was for sure.

I heard him try the doorknob but I had locked it! I knew that would really piss him off, locked out of his own bedroom. There was silence for a minute or two and I was pretty sure he had left the hallway and went downstairs or into the spare bedroom. I smiled think of him sleeping alone in the spare bedroom! I called him a pussy under my breath!

All of a sudden, Bud hit the door and it broke open. It slammed against the mirror behind the door and I saw and heard the mirror break in a million pieces. Oh well 7 years bad luck for him! I screamed and jumped off the other side of the bed and stood there as I picked up the lamp on the bedside table. I was about to throw it when he stopped dead in his tracks and said, "Do it! Throw the goddamn thing. Throw everything you want you fucking slut!"

I screamed at him saying, "You're calling me a slut! You're a no good cheating SOB husband and deserved everything and anything I did to you. And baby, that includes getting my revenge and cheating on you with a much younger and much better man."

I again told him this time with spit in my words and my heart that last night I had cheated on him with Ray and that Ray was fucking fantastic. I used those exact words as I threw the lamp.

But, damn it, Bud caught it and sat it down. He reached for me and we started to fight. I mean I was actually hitting him as hard as I could in his face drawing blood as I screamed for him to get the fuck off of me. I didn't want an SOB like him even in the house. I was just able to pull off of him and I ran down the steps and into the kitchen. I tripped and fell. I got up and grabbed a knife as big as I could find and then he came into the room after me. I slashed out at him cutting his arm. That really pissed him off and he grabbed a knife too. He said, "so you want to play do you? Well I may not be as good fucking you as your lover, but baby I'll cut you up in pieces and feed you to the dogs next store."

Now I was scared since I knew he had been in the service and knew how to fight hand to hand. He had told me about a few things he did while in the SEALS. I just started slashing at him again and again and missing him each time. I screamed I'll kill you!" And then realized what I said and what I was doing!

Bud wasn't just faster than I was but he knew what he was doing and I sure didn't. He moved as I slashed out at him again and as I did he moved and grabbed me. He held me with both hands behind my back and squeezed my arm until I cried out. He was breaking my hand and I had no choice, I dropped the knife. When I did he released the pressure and just held my arms. I was crying and yelling and began hyperventilating as I tried to kick out at him. He soon had my legs wrapped up too. When I was panting hard trying to get so air, he let me go. I fell down and he went into the storage closet and handed me a paper bag and showed me how to use it.

Minutes later I was sitting at the table breathing into the bag and was coming stable again. He sat there with a very sad look on his face. Then he said, "Why not use the pots and plates instead of a knife it would hurt more and take longer. He handed me the knife and I let it drop on the table. He asked me if I really felt he was actually going to hurt me? He asked me if I had ever been hit, had he ever raised his hand to me in the years we had been together? I told him no.

Finally when we were calm again he told me he had called Ray. I stopped everything and just looked at him. I waited and waited for the other shoe to fall. He stood up and told me, "OK Ann! OK! Here's what happened to me last night. I went to that bar across from the mall and had a drink, OK; I had a bunch of drinks. Then I walked to the mall next to the bar and some damn woman in one of the department stores sprayed that crap all over me. I went back to a bar but no one would even sit near me. I smelled like a whore. Finally I purchased a pint and sat in the car out front of our house and drank it all. I guess I fell asleep and I guess that was good since I was very drunk. Once I woke up I came in and finally found the bed. I had passed out in the car and then again when my head hit the bed. That's what happened to me last night. Oh and I puked my guts out and that's the stain and sticky feeling on my slacks. There was no cheating, no dancing, and no women, no fucking just my bottle and me. You are driving me to booze Ann! What the hell happened to us?"

He looked at me and I didn't say anything. I could see it and knew he didn't cheat, but yet I wouldn't believe him. So finally he said, "OK! Now I want to know the truth, what did you and Ray do last night? Everything Ann or tomorrow I go to the lawyers and file for separation. I fucking mean it Ann and you better not lie since I have talked to Ray already."

Oh God, I didn't know what to say so I told him that I had danced with Ray a lot last night and he tried to dry hump me on the dance floor. After a while and the drinks I let him do it! He shot his cum in his jeans and I figured I better get the hell out of there. Betty and I left and he stopped me at the car and when I told him how late it was and how much trouble I was in he gave me his phone number. And I swear Bud that's what happened. I know it's bad enough but I didn't fuck anyone. I know I shouldn't have let him do that to me but at the time I didn't really know how very bad it was or what I was doing. You were right I should have stayed home with you and I'm very, very sorry."

He didn't say anything then he got up and left the house again and this time I was very scared. I called Betty and she said that Bud had most likely bluffed me by saying he had talked to Ray. If he had and Ray told him anything, which she doubted very much, Bud would have been much more upset. He was most likely steaming and left before things got even crazier. She told me he would be back. She also told me she would call Ray and ask him about Bud and weather he called him or not. I somehow felt better knowing Bud had gone to all that effort to do that to me. I smiled and felt he was going to make up with me soon. Oh I knew he would be pissed off for days and slam things and act all mad but I would be able to get him to calm down sooner or later once I got him in bed with me again.

I decided I would work very hard to make him very happy and forgive me. We would forget all about this in time. Hell we might even laugh at it! No! That wouldn't happen with Bud, he would never laugh at me with another man.

When he came home it was two hours later and he came in and didn't say anything. He just went to bed. I came up and moved next to him. I circled his stomach with my arm and told him again how sorry I was for what I had done. I knew I would have to say that a large number of times before he was OK with me again. We knew each other pretty well and I knew he would be OK in a few days maybe a week.

But as days went into weeks Bud wasn't OK. He seemed to drift further apart and I couldn't get him to take me in his arms and kiss me let alone make love to me. I had to get him to do that and he would begin to be OK. As weeks past he seemed to stay the same and he was out a great deal. There was no kiss hello when he came home from work, none before bed, and none in the morning when he left. We lived together but he didn't touch me.

Finally 2 months passed and I finally had enough of his treatment. When he came home from work and we had finished dinner I asked him if we could talk. He of course told me yes and we sat in the living room. But he sat in a chair and I sat on the sofa. I asked him if he could come over and sit next to me and he told me no. I was hurt and started to cry a little. He was cold. Finally after a few minutes Bud sighed and said tears weren't going to work any more with him. He said, "What is it you want to talk to me about Ann?"

I said, "Us! I want to talk about us and try to find out how we can fix this."

He said, "OK you tell me how we can do that. I mean you make a stranger cum as you dance with him and he makes you do the same thing. Tell me how I got over that Ann."

I could feel myself blushing. He knew about Ray making me cum too that night. How did he find that out? I had no idea. He sat there looking at me and I hung my head and said, "Please Bud! Oh God I can't tell you how sorry I am I let that happen. Please try and forgive me. I'm so very sorry. Can't we work on getting past this Bud?"

He didn't say anything at first and then said, "OK how? How do I trust you again. How do I know you're still not seeing this younger better looking man you made cum on his jeans as you dry humped him on the dance floor of some bar? What the fuck do you want me to do Ann just forget it?"

I was the one who didn't answer him now. I just held my hands and looked at them. Finally I saw he was getting up and I yelled, "Oh please Bud, Let's help each other. Oh God baby! I am so sorry. Please Bud forgive me please!"

I was in tears and they ran down my face when he said, "And all your so called friends at work know what you did. I have talked to three of the women and they told me what happened. They said they didn't see you actually have sex with the guy, you know intercourse, but you both were going at each other hard and fast on that dance floor like you were. Jesus Ann, how do I get that picture out of my brain. You tell me Ann how do I say it's OK now? And you doing those things and then......... "

He stopped talking when he saw the look on my face. I was red and I'm sure I looked really pissed off. I started screaming, "You talked to my co-workers. How dare you! How dare you embarrass me like that! You had no right, no right at all Bud. Talk to me not them! You met with the girls I work with and interrogated them! You asked them about what I did that night? How dare you, you SOB!"

He said, "Yes Ann, I did. And I got the same answer three times and you didn't tell me everything and so you lied to me again. Look I wanted to be sure you weren't telling me any bullshit or leaving anything out. And, no Ann, no, I didn't embarrass you, you did that to yourself."

I stood up and slapped his face and told him he had no right to ask any of my friends and co-workers anything about what I do. It's none of their business and what they think is private and you had no business..........!"

He interrupted me now as he said, "Well it looks like you really did enjoy what you did Ann and in fact you enjoyed it so much you had an orgasm with him on the fucking dance floor! You seemed to have left that part out of your confession the other day. Yes Ann I found everything, that out too. Seems that all the girls know you both got off on the fucking dance floor Betty told all of them about it. You seemed to be proud and bragged about getting a young guy off in his jeans. Great job Ann that's something your husband is so proud about his wife. They told me they were all envious of you. Seems your boyfriend is really a hunk of a man and he's got a repartition as quiet a lover boy, big cock and all. He has a great reputation with the ladies Ann. Seems he has them falling at his feet all the time just like you did that night. So you tell me how do I get over that, all of that Ann. You tell me how I forgive a bitch wife who would have fucked a man she just met that night. You know you wanted to fuck him, in fact if you would have found a way I'm sure you would have pumped him dry not just dry pumped him."

I watched my husband walk out of the room and I just stood there, mad and very upset. I called my friend to make sure he did call the girls and talked with them. Three of them told me he actually met them at lunchtime and talked to them about that night. He told them if they didn't tell him what happened he was going to tell their husbands and leave me for sure. They finally told him everything.

Betty told me she was set to meet Bud tomorrow for lunch. She was going to call me at work tomorrow morning and tell me so I could be there with her. We talked a long time and she promised me she wouldn't tell him "shit". The other two women told me the same thing. He would get no more information from any of them. So Bud would have to decide what to do with the limited information he had from the first three women.

Them I called Ray! I know I shouldn't have but I did. I wanted to know if he talked to Bud. Ray was so very happy to hear from me and told me right away that he wanted to see me again. He really wanted to see me again. He also told me that my husband was trying to get up with him, and to locate him. Ray told me he didn't want to meet with Bud and that and wouldn't tell Bud anything except to go fuck himself. He said he would protect himself too if Bud tried anything. Ray didn't know Bud like I did and I wondered how any confrontation between them would come out? Ray was so much bigger than Bud everywhere. But Bud really did know how to fight even if he was older now. I wondered if he would hurt Ray or Ray would hurt him. I didn't know but I told Ray that Bud was in the Navy and he was an ex- Navy SEAL. I told him that Bud was someone not to mess with. Ray told me he didn't care he wanted to see me again and kept saying it.

We talked for a long time and finally Ray tried to convince me that he and I should meet and talk about what happened. He told me it might just help with my problem and my husband. He told me he wouldn't tell anyone, and that we could meet anywhere I wanted. He said he would agree to meet me anywhere any time. I could pick a place that I felt safe and felt no one would see us or ever know us. I told him no a dozen times. He asked me again and again if to let him take me to lunch one day this week and talk, only talk?

I started to feel like maybe if I met with him I could find out why I did what I did that night. So finally I told him I would think about it and let him know.

As I sat there I wasn't sure what to do or why but deep down inside I really wanted to see Ray again. I felt that he knew it too and would continue to contact me and ask. I knew if Bud found out he would leave me for sure. He was more than upset with me now. But I had this feeling in me that was growing and I realized I wanted to see Ray. I tried to understand why I felt like I did and why I was willing to risk everything to see him.

It was the thrill of what we did that night. And I wanted to show my husband I wasn't a child that he could order around. After all I hadn't ever come closer to doing anything like that before in my life since I had been married. So I was sure I could meet with Ray tell him it was over and enjoy a lunch.

And then when I looked up, Bud was standing in the room. I wondered if he heard me talking to Ray? He didn't say anything about it so I felt I was OK. But Bud did said, "Well did you call everyone?"

I looked at him still rather mad at what he had done and very shittie I said, "Actually Bud I did! I told them to tell you nothing, nothing at all. I don't want you to talk with Betty or any of the other girls. You better not do it either. You have no right to ask those women. If you have a problem or questions you ask me."

He said, "I did! And you didn't tell me the truth! How do I know you're not telling me bullshit? I'm going to check to see if you're "shitting me" and I'm doing it and don't care if you like it or not. Maybe you'll stop your little fooling around on me. And God help you if you lie to me Ann! I don't trust you any more Ann. And that's a hell of a way to be married."

Then he asked, "And Ray? Did you call him too?"

I told him yes and he called me a whore and I called him a SOB. We went to bed that night him in the big bed and me in the spare bedroom again. I didn't even fight about it! I was too drained knowing we both were so mad at each other and hadn't moved on. Maybe we were even madder that when we started the day. Things weren't going very well and it had been over 2 months now since we had been together and had sex.

Days passed and Bud and I didn't talk. We just lived together without any sexual play at all. I knew he was sexually frustrated as I was and I started to sleep in the nude and walk around half-naked to make him horny. I was super horny all the time and was playing with myself on the bed in the master bedroom just to leave my body and pussy odor on it! I wanted Bud to want me so bad he would give in to me. But he didn't.

Ray called me a few more times but I told him no each time. Then one day I was fingering my pussy on Bud's pillow like I had been doing now for a few days. I wanted him to smell me when he laid down to sleep. I wanted him to give in and make love to me again and I wanted him to fuck me. God I wanted to be fucked so badly! I was very close to cumming when the phone rang. "Fuck it", I said to myself, "let it ring!"

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