tagLoving WivesWhat Happened To My Life Ch. 03

What Happened To My Life Ch. 03


I couldn't believe it. I was completely naked lying on the bed in the hotel room that Ray had reserved. Ray was naked too and kneeing between my open thighs. His cock was only a foot or so away from my waiting and oh so very wanting pussy hole. I said, "Come Ray. Oh come on and fuck me!"

He didn't move. I said, "What? What's wrong baby?"

Again he didn't move. So I said it louder, "What's going on Ray? Put that damn cock in me and fuck me. What are you waiting for? Fuck me like you told me you were going to do? Ray! RAY! What's wrong?"

He finally smiled down at me and said, "Nothing is wrong baby! Nothing is the mater. I just never have intercourse with a woman the first time I'm with her like this. I'll eat your pussy some more if that will help. I'll let you jerk me off or even suck me off, but I won't fuck you today."

I said, "WHAT!!!"

I didn't understand. He had eaten my pussy and made me cum giving me orgasms like I never experienced before, especially that one which drove me wild. It was like none I have ever experienced in my life. I will never forget that one it blew my brains out when it peaked. In fact I was now still shaking from it. I wanted to finish this day off with a fuck. I wanted Ray to fuck me. It was usually what people did after oral sex. I was panting and my pussy was dripping wet. My clit and nipples were throbbing and almost hurt with lust. I needed a dick, his dick, I needed Ray's big hard dick to penetrate me now and fuck the hell out of me. I said it again, "What? Why not?" I asked almost not believing what he was telling me.

I mean I was looking at him and saw his cock super hard and dripping his pre-cum. Why had he changed his mind? I mean Ray's cock was ready and I knew he was worked up from what we had just done. In fact, his cock was sticking straight out bobbing up and down with what I knew was his sexual excitement. He knelt there between my open thighs as I yell at him to put it in me.

"No Ann I won't fuck you today. We'll do it for the first time tomorrow when we meet back here again", he told me.

I had tried everything to get him to change his mind. Then as he walked towards where his clothes were laying, I screamed at him telling him that he was driving me fucking crazy. He stood there and told me how it would be so much better tomorrow when we met. We would both be so hungry for each other. I yelled, "NO! I'm starving now. Come on!"

I cried and screamed at him. And, finally I fell on my knees in front of him and cried some more and begged some more. For a long time he stood there and just watched me going nuts with his big dick only inches from my face. I was begging like a bitch in heat for his damn cock. He pulled me up off the floor taking me in his arms and stroked my hair telling me, "It's Ok baby! It'll be OK I promise. Tomorrow we'll be like pigs in heat we'll rut and fuck all afternoon. Now come on Annie. Clean up and we'll get out of here, unless you want me to eat your pussy again!"

I was mad and I yelled, "NO! And you won't get this pussy tomorrow either. I never want to see you again in my life. I won't be here tomorrow or any other fucking day. You'll never get me to fuck you Ray, it's over don't call me don't contact me and don't expect me here tomorrow. We're done; you have humiliated me enough today to last me a lifetime. You SOB you're a fucking pig! I hate you!"

I went into the bathroom and yelled, "Get out!"

Ray said, "OK see you tomorrow same room Ann around 1PM."

I screamed, "Get out you bastard!"

I sat on the toilet and finally got a grip on my emotions. I was shaking and I wasn't sure if it was from being mad or from not getting what I was hungering for these past many weeks. I washed my face and opened the door. After getting dressed I got into my car and drove home.

When I got there Bud wasn't there. It was just before 6 PM and my husband wasn't home yet. I showered, put on PJs and a robe and then I started dinner. I waited. When 7 PM came I dialed his office number, no answer. At 7:15 PM I dialed his cell phone and got a recording saying leave a message. I yelled for him to call me. At 9 PM I called his cell phone again and got the same recording. At 10PM I still hadn't heard from him. I trashed the dinner and went to bed mad again. It had been one hell of an upsetting day for me all around.

It was well after midnight when I heard the front door slam shut. It scared me and I jumped sitting up in bed. Bud came walking into the bedroom undressing as he came. When he got to the doorway he dropped his jeans and stepped out of them. He kicked them across the room and walked to the edge of the bed in only his shorts. He stood there and said, "Well, well, well! What do you know? My beautiful cheating wife is home and in bed and she's alone. Why are you along Ann? Did your boyfriend leave just before I got here? Where's Ray? Where's your boyfriend Ann? Why not have the motherfucker come here to our loving home and save on hotel rooms? Then I could meet him."

He stood there looking at me. I said, "You're drunk! I don't know what you're talking about? I'm in bed because it's after midnight that's why I'm in bed. Where the hell have you been?"

He said, "Drunk! Yea I'm drunk! You see someone told me that they saw my dear wife going to a hotel room with some man this afternoon. But by the time I got there, you were gone. Guess you both finished up early today. So, I checked the room Annie and saw the cum stains on the sheets and the smell of sex in the room. Did you have fun? It sure looked like it from the mess on the bed. And, oh by the way I brought you something. Here's a pack of rubbers for you the next time you meet with him. I purchased the extra large size since you told me he's so big."

He tossed them to me and they fell on the bed in front of me. I left them there. He walked to the bathroom and I sat there not knowing what to do or say. I turned out the light and covered my head as he sang while he was cleaning up. Finally after a few minutes he walked out of the bathroom tripped. He hit his toe and yelled. Then he turned on the light and said, "Jesus I almost broke my damn toe. Why did you turn out the lights? Didn't you want me to see the cheating wife look on your face? BITCH!"

He was nude and I said, "No! I didn't want to have to see that shrinking old cock of yours! For God sakes put something on!"

I sat there looking at him as he sat on the side of the bed. He said, "We've had it haven't we Annie. Tomorrow I won't be home at all. I'm going to find a place to live during the day. And if I find a place then I'll be moving in at night! After that I'll decide what to do about you and what's his name......oh yea Ray!"

I said, "Look Bud, I didn't fuck anyone today." That part was true I hadn't fucked anyone but only because Ray wouldn't fuck me. I had sucked his cock and he had eaten my pussy and that's why the bed was all messed up. And I guess the room did smell like sex.

Then I said, "For God sakes what the hell is wrong with you. I didn't go to any fucking hotel with anyone today. I went shopping and if you look in the closet you'll see what I purchased. I didn't fucked anyone today."

He said, "Annie, Annie my sweet lying bitch of a wife Annie. You were seen baby! People saw you go into a hotel room with a guy who looked like your son!"

That really pissed me off. I said, "WHAT! What did you say?"

He said it again. 'They told me the guy was young enough to be our son!"

Now I don't think he was trying to piss me on purpose but he sure did! I said, "You no good old SOB. If I had a lover I wouldn't have an old fucking man like you who can't get it up but maybe once a week and lately not even once every three months! No Bud I already have one of them! No! If I had a lover I would make it a point to have a young very handsome very well built guy with lots of stimuli and a very big cock to satisfy me like you haven't been able to do in years, if ever. . Do you ever realize it's been over 3 months since we have had sex? Do you?"

He said, "Funny you should say that because from what I heard that's exactly what they tell me he looks like Ann! Big, tall and handsome guy. A lot younger than you or me too. I can only assume from what you told me before that he has a big cock too. Was he as good as before?"

I yelled, "Now! Right now asshole, get the fuck out of here. This bedroom is my bedroom tonight. You sleep in the other one or any place you fucking care too but here! I don't care where but not here. And sober up before you say anything else to me! Fucking drunk!"

He walked out and turned around and said, "So you're telling me you weren't in any hotel with any guy today right?"

I said, "Right! Now leave me alone"

He mumbled something and I yelled, "What did you say? Speak up like a man if you are one."

He smiled and turned around and said, "I said, I guess you aren't that special or beautiful to have a guy that good looking at that. I told them they were wrong that it wasn't you. Guess I was right and know you better than anyone. You're to damn old for a guy as good looking as the girls told me he was."

I said, "Oh is that so? Is that what you think. How would you know how good looking I am without my clothes on? You haven't seen me in three months. Did you know I dropped 10 pounds since I met him? Do you know I'm much more trimmed now and my pussy hair is trimmed even more? I almost have no hair down there now. I did it for him! Do you even remember what I look like in the nude? And the new sexy outfits I purchased and are hanging inn my closet, I didn't buy them for you, you old fart. I got them for when I go out clubbing with my younger friends and meet him and his younger friends. They like me you asshole. In fact they think I'm very sexy. So don't think I don't turn heads even on the young guys when I wear them. There are some guys who would love to bed this old woman as you call me. There are some guys who would love to be between these legs and there are some men I would love to have between them too! But they're not you any more!"

My husband was walking away as I yell the last part of my rebuttal. He said, "Yea, yea, yea!! That's all great but once they get a load of your mouth they'll leave you standing there. No man wants all that shit coming from your big mouth even if your pussy was made of gold!"

He went into the spare bedroom and I was furious. I knew my face was blood red as I got up and walked to his room just as he was turning out the light. I said, "One of these days, one of these days, I'll surprise you. You won't be such an arrogant SOB when I do decide to bring him home. If you're nice I'll let you watch as I fuck him in front of you. Or maybe I'll just let you listen to the sexual sounds I make when he buries that big cock into me and fills me again and again and again! Yea, maybe you can sit outside the door and hear me scream from cumming. Na, I think I'll let you watch so you can see just how good a young man can be to me. And you'll see how he wants me too. And he does want me and I want him. And what's funny is that if you try and stop him or me from enjoying each other he'll kick your old sorry tired ass."

He waved at me and said, "I dare you bitch! I just dare you to try and humiliate me like that. There'll be two dead bodies in that fucking bedroom if you do."

I said, "Yea, yea, yea! I'd ask you to kiss my ass but I don't want you that close to me. I hope you do find a place to move too. The sooner the better. Then my lover can move in here with me and we'll screw all the time, morning, noon and night! Yes Bud, please move out! I'll help you!"

I turned before he could say anything and walked back to the bedroom. I was steaming, pissed beyond words. I was so mad that I was shaking. As I lay in bed looking up at the ceiling I was thinking about how bad my marriage was right now. How did it ever get to this point! We actually hated each other and we were still trying to get and keep the upper hand. Winning was all that matter between us now.

Then I remembered what I said about bring my lover home. Did I dare to do that? Did I dare to challenge my husband that much? I couldn't answer that question but it excited me.

When I woke up I was still mad. Bud had gone he wasn't anywhere in the house. I dressed and went about my business. I called in sick to work and told the secretary I was having my period and wouldn't be in today. I then rested and was thinking about yesterday and all that happened. Wt was I going to do? Was I going to meet Ray today after he had belittled me that way yesterday? Was I actually considering bringing him home with me so my husband could see me fucking him? I couldn't get that idea out of my head. It would serve him right if I did bring Ray home and Bud found him in my bed. Yes, that would really straighten his sorry old ass out! But was I that brave? Maybe later on when we both realized we wanted to separate or divorce. Not now, it was still a little something in the back of my brain saying we might work this out and stay married. I didn't really believe that but there seemed o be a chance at least until he actually did move out. I didn't believe him last night when he told me he was going to find a new place to live.

Oh well if he did leave then I would bring Ray home and fuck him in my bed. Yes, that was what I was going to do. Wait and see what Bud did. It was my husband's move. If he stayed I would meet Ray away from home. I would be very careful and make sure Bud didn't know for sure. He had no proof did he? No he didn't have any; he was only trying to make me mad and was guessing, trying to piss me off. He sure did last night. But if Bud moved out Ray would move in and we would fuck our brains off. Maybe Bud should move out. I laughed at the idea of him and Ray passing each other in the doorway as Bud left and Ray came to live with me.

Then as I was thinking about how nice t would be to fuck Ray, the phone rang. I picked it up and it Ray on the line. He said, "You are planning to come to the hotel today at 1 PM aren't you Annie."

I said, "No Ray." And I waited.

Ray said, "You're not? Then I guess we're done. You don't want to experience what it's like to fuck me then I guess."

I said, "I didn't say I didn't want to fuck you ray. I just want to change places. It seems we may have been followed yesterday. My husband accused me of meeting you and fucking you in a hotel room yesterday. I told him I didn't fuck anyone yesterday. And as you and I both know I didn't fuck you that's for sure. Now if you'll meet me at 4 PM at the Marriott across town on 34th street, then yes, I still want to fuck you. I have already made reservations in your name at the hotel. So I'll be there waiting for you. You better show up too, because I want to se if you are as goo as you say you are." Ray said, "4 PM at the 34th street Marriott, you're on baby, see you then. Oh and don't wear a lot of clothes, it will only hold us up. Today you'll get to experience what I know you have been dying to try, My 9 inch cock is hard already thinking about you beautiful body baby!"

We said goodbye and I started to prepare for 4 PM. I bathed for a long time and then did my hair and makeup. Then I went and put on the brand new very short skirt, which hardly hid my ass. My long legs were looking even longer. Then I put on the new silk blouse that fit over my arms and showed off my shoulders. I had just purchased both pieces yesterday just like I told Bud. He'll never see them or the other 4 sexy outfits. Not having to put on any underwear was also a sexy thing to do. I felt very nasty as I closed the front door and walked to the car. As I slipped into the driver seat I knew my pussy was showing as I started the car and pulled out of the driveway. I kept looking in my rearview mirror and changed directions three times. No one was following me that I could see.

As I pulled into the underground parking lot I found a parking place near the elevator and went in. I entered the lobby and saw Ray standing there watching the people go past. When he saw me he waved and watched as I walked towards him in that short skirt. He pulled me to him and told me I looked good enough to eat. I asked him, "Eat or fuck? You better fuck me today Ray or we're done. I didn't dress like this and not have you fuck me. I don't have anything on under this skirt so when we're on the elevator and men look up they'll se what you're going to get."

He told me he was very, very happy I decide to meet him today and he wouldn't make me unhappy today. If the truth were known what he said about being so ready was true. God I was almost dripping my juices down my thighs as he and I entered the elevator and went to the fourth floor. I knew if anyone looked up and saw me they could se my ass and pussy. It excited me knowing that maybe someone was watching.

Room 424 was our room and Ray opened the door and we both walked in. It was a normal room with a king size bed and the usual things all Marriott rooms have, you know a TV, desk, etc. He said, "Undress for me."

He pulled the chair at the desk out and sat on it as he watched me undo my blouse and let it drop. I bent over right in front of him to pick up the blouse and I knew Ray was looking at both of my holes. It thrilled me. Then I turned around and looked at him and smiled. He told me I was extremely lovely. I smiled thinking about what Bud has said last night about me being to old for a man Ray's age. I just laughed inside as I then undid the skirt and let it slide down my legs. As I stood in front of my lover complete nude except my high heels I said, "Now it's your turn. Get undressed and make love to me."

Ray had his shoes off already and stood up as he took me in his arms. He kissed me and held me as his hand cupped my ass and the other one cupped my breast. My nipples were hard and my pussy was wet. He said, "Undress me Annie. Take off my clothes."

I smiled as I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it down over his big shoulders. Then as it fell on the floor I knelt in from if him and undid his slacks. As they too fell down his legs to the floor his big cock became exposed to me again. It looked as big or bigger than it did yesterday. I took it in my hand as Ray stepped out of his slacks. I stroked it a few times and then he told me to suck it again.

I was kneeling in front of him and he smiled down at me and said, "Suck it Ann. Show me how bad you want it."

I smiled up at him and began to make love to his wonderful and hardening cock. It was half way up as I used my hand and lifted it to my mouth. He smiled as I looked into his eyes and put the fat cock head to my lips and kissed it. Then I began to slowly suck and lick it as I watched it grow bigger and bigger and felt it growing in my hand and mouth! It was very erotic and I loved doing it.

Ray held my head gently and pushed a little more into my mouth. As I sucked and licked I could feel it throbbing again. I had him worked up real well and his cock was completely hard and bobbing with his excitement. I knew now when he was sexually excited. So I stopped sucking him and stood up. He asked what was wrong and I told him nothing was wrong it was just time to fuck me that's all. He smiled as I took his hand and we walked to the big bed. I moved up on the bed and Ray followed me. As I lay there looking up at my young beautiful lover, I said, "I want this so badly Ray. I ant to feel all of you inside me. Fuck me ray. Take me to heaven." And he moved over me kissing me from my feet to my knees to my thighs and over my wet pussy and as he did he licked me a few times and sucked my clit. It was already hard and red and throbbing just like Ray's big cock.

Then Ray continued to move up my body kissing my stomach and my breasts making sure he has each nipple hard as a rock. Then he kissed my throat and ear and neck and finally my lips. As he did I reached between us and he whispered, "Put me in baby! I have wanted you so long! Put me in baby, and I'll do the rest! Put the head at the center of your pussy hole."

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