tagLoving WivesWhat Happened To My Life Ch. 04

What Happened To My Life Ch. 04


The scene at home was exactly what you would think it would be. Like some sort of movie, we had a hell of a blow up and played out our roles just like you would think.

Bud was standing in the living room waiting for me when I walked in the front door about 2 hours later. He immediately started screaming at me but the gist of the conversation was that he was telling me, "No more! No more Ann that's it, I have had it with you! Anymore cheating or even the hint of cheating and we're done. I mean it, stop what you're doing or I would be single again. He was and did you the D word a number of times."

Then he said I could just move out if I didn't agree to stop. Either I stop seeing that "asshole" Ray or that I should pack tonight and move out and go with my lover.

I told him in no uncertain terms that I had no intentions of moving out and that he should just deal with that since it would never happen. This was my home too. Then I told him that Ray was just a very good friend and since my dear husband didn't give a fuck about me any more, Ray was meeting with me and that we talked about my marriage and the problems you and I are having. "He comforts me Bud, he's a good friend. He helps me work out the problems you and I have created with each other. And, that's all he and I do", I told my husband knowing it was complete lie.

We weren't talking any longer we were both tired of yelling at each other. Finally Bud said that he was sure Ray was giving me more than hugs and pats on the back, and in fact he was sure Ray was fucking me and as my husband he wouldn't stand for it any longer.

I yelled back that was a lie and Ray was only helping me get passed these issues and rips in our marriage, which I blamed on Bud. It was his fault for how we were these days. Then I reminded him that it had been weeks, no months, since we have had any type of sex. That he didn't even treat me like a wife any longer.

But Bud didn't buy it at all and quiet frankly I didn't think he would. He told me that a slut like me that was fucking half the city sure didn't need him in there too. He said that he was afraid to have sex with me any more since I might have AIDS or something as dangerous.

Finally I sat down on the sofa and told him I felt we should think about a separation and to my surprise Bud didn't want one. He told me we should go to counseling but I turned him down. If the truth were known I wasn't sure I even wanted to be married any longer now that I had sampled another man's cock. Especially since I had sampled Ray's big cock. I was sure Ray really liked me and I didn't see how Bud would ever get over this problem we were having in our so-called relationship.

As Bud talked I closed him out and was thinking, "God I loved how Ray get me off with his long hard cock. I didn't think I would even feel much of my husband's cock any longer. Yes, Ray had stretched my pussy and made me his slut and I wanted more, much more."

Than I felt Bud touched my arm and asked if I was listening to him? I couldn't ever think of telling Bud what I had been thinking. I just told him, "Yes I was listening."

Since we again reached an inability to resolve our problems, I finally stood up and told him I was going to bed. We had finally exhaled everything we had to say to each other again and I think we both realized our marriage was sort of a joke but neither of us was brave to walk out yet.

So we lived in the same house but we went our separate ways as we have been for months now. Then one day I happened to be driving pass the work site where Bud managed and when I did I saw him come out of the trailer and he was with a tall long hair blond headed woman. She looked to be almost as tall as Bud was and she was young. I didn't know her and I knew most of his people that worked for him. I also knew he only had two women on the job site and one back in the main office. She wasn't one of those, oh no the blond was new.

When I saw them I pulled the car over to the curb and watched. They could see me from where I was and so I could spy on them. Bud had his arm around her shoulder and she was smiling in his face as they walked to the car. I saw her slowly swung her long legs, which were under a very short skirt, as she got into her car. She hung her head out the window and I watched as Bud kissed her lightly on the lips before she drove off. When I looked around I saw that a lot of the men were watching her and Bud. Then after she drove off they went back to work.

I followed her car to an apartment complex across town and parked on a side street. Since I didn't know who she was or which apartment was hers, I just sat there and looked at the building. I didn't know why I just sat but I did for a short time.

As I sat I began to think this was it. We had done it. Bud was having an affair too. Oh well I couldn't be that upset. I mean I was having one too and had been for quiet a while now. I knew my affair was moving me further and further away from my husband and closer and closer towards Ray. I wondered how long Bud had been having his and just how involved it was? I felt a pain inside my heart, and another one in my head. I wasn't sure what that meant. I didn't think I felt anything for my husband any longer but apparently I did.

Then I saw Bud's truck pull up in front of the place. As I sat on the side street out of his view I saw him get out and walk towards the same door as the blond woman had used earlier. I knew now for sure that Bud was cheating on me. I didn't move, I just sat there. I was stunned and upset and then I got mad, really, really mad. And the worst part was I didn't know why I was so damn mad. I was sure I didn't give a shit what Bud did any longer. It was only a matter of time before he left me anyway.

Actually Ray and I talked about that many times after he emptied his cum in me the last time we were together. We had both decide that if I could get Bud to move out, the house would belong to me. Even when we got the divorce it would most like belong to me. Ray told me that once my old man moved away he would move in with me and we could fuck like minks. I use to dream about him living with me fucking me whenever we wanted and whenever I needed it! There would be no more sneaking around doing it only twice a week. If Ray was living with me I could have his big hard cock every night and some days too. God that would be heaven!

As I sat there I was still steaming when after about an hour later Bud came out and got into his truck and drove off. I waited and about a half an hour later the blond came out and drove off. I followed her to a shopping center and watched as she went into a couple of shoe stores. I entered one of them that she was still in and saw her looking at spike heels.

I walked up next to her and looked at shoes too like I was shopping. As I stood next to her I realized that she was much younger than I was and taller too. She was actually very lovely with firm breasts maybe the size of grapefruits and a flat stomach and round ass under her very long legs. I was thinking Bud picked a good one to fuck and cheat on me that's for sure. I bet she half kills him when she fucks his little old cock. I smiled to myself as I wondered what she saw in my husband, my old useless husband Bud? She said, "I can't believe all these shoes are on sale! I don't know which ones to pick."

I looked at her and said, "Well what are you going to use them for?"

She smiled and said, "Oh my best friend is taking me dancing tonight and then you never know what will happen."

She smiled at me and I said, "Then pick the spike one! They call them "Fuck me" shoes. We both said it together and she laughed

She thanked me and walked to the cashier. I said to myself, "So old fucking Bud is taking her dancing is he? I didn't know he still had it in him. Oh well young pussy does make a man feel younger and a big cock does the same thing to a woman!"

I left as she waved to me not know who the hell I was. I drove past the work site and Bud's truck was there. I went home and called Ray and told him I wanted to see him tonight and that we should go out dancing. He told me he was busy until around 9 PM then he could come over and pick me up. I told him that would be great and I cleaned up the kitchen before I started to get ready.

When Bud came home he told me he had a big meeting with one of his biggest construction unions tonight and would have to go out later to the Raindrop Inn. He told me he would be late since there would be a great deal of drinking after the meeting. He told me he would get food there.

I didn't say anything but "good" and then "goodbye" as I walked out of the room towards the bathroom. I turned on the water to the bathtub. It was close to 7 PM when Bud left and I started to get ready for Ray. As usual when we were going to meet I dressed without any underwear and now tonight I went all out. I slipped on my black, very low cut and very short tight skirt. It was so short that if I bent over not bending my knees my pussy would show. I knew Ray like me to dress that way and I smiled as I wiggled into it.

At 9:30 PM Ray picked me up and I was a little upset he was later. He told me he couldn't get away and we drove to the bar. We drank and danced and had been there for over an hour when I heard a bunch of loud voices and know one of them was Bud's.

He came in with the blond and they were sort of hugging each other. She had her arm around his body and he had his over her shoulder. She had on a tight short dress almost like the one I was wearing but hers was the color red. As soon as I saw her I realized her dress looked much better on her than my dress looked on me. I was jealous and mad and upset. Again I really didn't know why I was so mad.

I pulled Ray up and we danced. I could see Bud from across the room and he too was dancing with one of the other woman that worked for him. They were all there. I could see every person that worked for Ray was in the bar. I realized they were having a party. They all seem to be having a great time and the drink s and food flowed. Then I realized it was his worked crew and some of their wives and girlfriends. He hadn't asked me to come with him and they were having a party. That really pissed me off. I always went to his parties, they were lots of fun and we always had a great time. In fact the last time we had sex was the night we went to one of those parties.

I knew that the job Bud was working on must have been finished or it was way a head of schedule and that meant bonus for all of them. Bud was a fair and good boss who always looked out for his crew. There was no union meeting tonight he just didn't want to take his wife to the party. I was super pissed now. The more I was thinking about it the more madder I got.

I told Ray about it and he said, "Let's dance past the table and then get ready to leave. We can go back to your place and have some mind-blowing sex. That should take you mind off of your husband! Then when he comes home he'll see me in his bed fucking his wife and I can get back at him for hitting me."

I said, "OH! Ray! I don't know baby. He might get to violent if he sees us fucking in his bed. I mean cheating and him and him not seeing us is one thing but doing it in my house in my bed, I don't know baby!"

He said, "Come on let's dance past him so he can see us together and know we saw him with his girlfriend."

I took Ray's hand and we walked to the dance floor. We moved towards Bud side of the building and then danced right past his table twice. I saw Bud look up when someone pointed at me. He looked sad and shook his head and said something but he didn't come after me. Was he sacred? No, not Bud. Maybe he just didn't give a fuck any longer. That was it, Bud had decide I was gone and he didn't care any longer what I did. But funny, that really got under my skin. So he didn't care any more did he? I said, "Ray I want to dance right in front of his table and I want the song to be slow and I want you to dry hump me like you always do to me. I want my fucking old man to see us and I want him to get upset. You're sure you'll be OK if he comes after us this time?"

Ray laughed and said that Bud just had a lucky punch the last time and that tonight if he starts anything he would kick the shit out of that old man. I smiled at him still not sure about ray kicking the shit out of Ray. But as the music seem to turn just then to a slow song I had no choice. Ray took me in his arms and we started to dance. We humped and played like we were fucking right there on the floor in front of Bud. The music played and we continued to hump against each other harder and faster and I watched as Bud watched us.

Just then the blond headed woman that was sitting next to him got up and walked towards us. She stood there next to me. Ray and I stopped dancing and looked at her. Funny now I seemed to know who she was, she looked like someone I knew. I knew Ray had a hard on since his slacks were pointing out like a tent. The blond said, "Hey aren't you the lady who talked me into the shoes today?"

I said, "Yes. Yes I am how are they. Did your boyfriend tell you they were fuck me shoes too?"

She said, 'Oh no Bud would say that to me. And he's not my boy friend my boyfriend is sitting across from me. See the guy with the long hair? Well I just wanted to thank you hon for suggesting the shoes my date and I will be going back to his place later tonight. Thanks again."

And with that she walked back to the table as I watched Bud move out and let her back into her seat. I was sure I knew her. Then Bud looked up at me and didn't do or say anything. As Ray took me into his arms again I watched as Bud and the blond laughed and carried on with the rest of the group. When the song ended I said, "Come on Ray. Take me home and fuck my brains out."

As we left we made sure we walked right past my husband as he was dancing now with a dark headed woman and the blond was dancing with one of the other men in the group, the guy with the long hair. I wondered about that as we drove back to my home. My home where my husband still lived but not like he uses to do.

Ray took me immediately to the big bedroom and took me out of my dress by slipping the straps over my shoulders and letting the dress fall to the floor. As I wiggled out of it I was nude except for the thigh high stockings and heels I had on. Then he took off his clothes and dropped his slacks and I dropped to the floor on my knees just like the good old slut I was for him now.

I knew what he liked from me now and I did it to please him. Once he blew a load of his cum into my mouth and I swallowed it, he would fuck me long and hard. It was always like that now. When we went out dancing he never licked my pussy since he told me I as all wet with my perspiration and didn't taste good enough for him. He didn't want to wait until I washed up he was too hungry to fuck me and I didn't protest since I loved his big hard cock. Oh it used to upset me at first but then I got use to it. He pulled me to the bed and I got on top of him.

I wasn't real dry since each time I saw his hard cock my pussy almost gushed with want for it. Plus the fact that I was fucking Ray exclusively now and he had stretched me more each time we fucked. So as I knelt high over him in order to put his thick hard cock head into my pussy I smiled down and he held my hips. Lowering my pussy on this shaft as hard as iron and almost as long as a ruler I moaned again and again as it went up inside me further and further

Then Ray would thrust up into me lifting us both up off the bed. The fucking of Ann had begun. I held on as he moved up into me again and again. When he pulled me back on top of him I looked into the big dressing mirror across the room and could see Ray's huge cock shaft moving in and out of my wide-open cunt. God it pulled half my pussy insides out and then pushed half my pussy back in as he pumped it in and out of me. I watched mesmerized at the site. It wasn't the first time that I had been able to watch his cock fuck me like this, I always tried to have a mirror there so I could see it going in and out of me. It was so sexual and it aroused me more than I was already. I moaned, "Oh Ray! Oh God your cock feels so good baby! Oh Jesus look at it ray, look in the mirror baby!"

I felt my orgasm building quickly now and I told him I was going to cum. He thrust up into me faster and harder and soon I was crying out for him to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. He said, "Whose cock do you love baby?"

I moaned, "Ray's cock!" Oh God Ray it feels so good baby! Oh God fuck meeeeee!"

He said, "Do you want your husband's old small cock any more now that you have had my big young cock?"

I moaned, "Oh no Ray no just fuck me make me cum on your big young cock! Oh yes baby! Oh God yes! It feels so good! So good! I love your cock! I love it so much!"

As I said those last words I began to climax. I screamed as he pushed all of his meat up into my hole and held me up off the bed with it! His cock had gone as deep as he could get it. I was begging and pleading for it like a bitch in heat. Then I peaked and as my orgasm roared over me I went wild rotating my hips and pumping up and down telling him I loved his big cock and that it was the only cock I wanted.

My body never did this sort of thing when my husband fucked me. I was going crazy being held up on his hard cock so deep I could feel it in my womb! It was like he was in my stomach. It was killing me as my cum leaked out and around his big shaft and he held my letting me fuck myself.

Then finally I stopped cumming and just fell backwards and laid my body back on his. I was facing the same way he was and he reached under my arms and played with my tits as he kept pumping his dick into me. He hadn't cum yet.

He pushed me off of him and I lay on my back knowing what was coming now and I was panting like a bitch in heat. He moved between my open legs and reinserting his big cock easily into me this time. I was wet, slopping wet and my hole was still opened as he pushed once and was fully embedded inside my again. My pussy was full of my own cum and I was fully lubricated for him now. Now he could fuck me without any worry and with wild abandonment he thrust into me again and again! I had been stretched wide from being fucked for 20 minutes already and Ray filled my pussy again and again and again as he rammed all of his meat into me. Jesus I was really being fucked by him tonight. He was hard and fast and I was bouncing up and down on the bed like a puppet.

It was the fucking of my life. I rolled my head to the side and then I realized that Bud had come home with four other people he had been parting with. They all stood in the doorway and watched as Ray on top of me was fucking me as hard and fast as he could do it.

Bud saw the lust in my eyes I'm sure. He saw me moving under Ray like I never did for him. And as he looked at me and I looked over at him, he said, "Don't stop on my part Ann. Not now. You look like you're really enjoying it baby! Hell you might as well invite your friend here all the time now and save on those whore rooms that rent by the hour. You go right ahead and finish fucking your friend Ann. Make sure you work hard to keep his nuts up of the bed won't you? Show him what a good whore slut does to company when they come to our house and our bed! I just came home to get some more of my things and the big TV which belongs to me. I won't be back any more. Everyone, this is my wife the whore and I believe this is her friend Ray. Make sure you take a good look at her since I'll need you to testify at the trial if she protests the divorce."

They all laughed. Ray was up off of Ann and his big cock was swinging in the breeze. He said, "Then get your shit and get out asshole. We haven't finished yet. I'm not like you old man I don't cum in 3 minutes like I hear you do. So get out and stop bothering us."

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