tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhat Happens in Vegas

What Happens in Vegas


Eric Richards rose from the table and told the four women he had been sitting with that he would see them later. Erik was 27 years old; six foot two inches tall, with short brown hair, brown eyes and a firm build. He was a handsome man and a well dresser. He, along with the four women he was traveling with, part of a search committee seeking a new youth minister for their local interfaith church of which Eric had been an active member of since his divorce five years earlier. They had flown into Las Vegas to visit a candidate for the job and were now sitting in their hotel lounge enjoying a relaxing after dinner drink. Fortunately the church they attended had liberal views concerning alcohol so this wasn't anything uncommon. Still, Eric limited himself to only one drink before heading for the gym to workout.

The four women he was with were Cheryl Johnson, a twenty-six-year-old single woman who had been a member of the church for nearly two years. She was an attractive lady with medium length brown hair, blue eyes and a cute smile. She was still attractive despite being about fifteen pounds overweight, mostly in the rear and hips.

Kate Hendricks was 35 years old. She had long, light brown hair and blue eyes. Was average looking with a fair body. She had been married for thirteen years and had a son and daughter ages eleven and nine. She worked as a nurse at the local hospital. While she was still happily married, her marriage was not quite what she would like it to be as her husband was a workaholic who spent little time at home.

Fran Hopkins was the senior member of the group. She was 47 years old and had been married since age twenty. She had one daughter who was now fully grown and had two small children of her own. Despite her age, Fran was probably still had the best body of the four women. She was athletic and still had a shapely 34 C, 28, 34 body. Her face showed her age but she was still fairly attractive. Fran's husband was six years older than she was, and the two of them were still happy together.

The fourth woman was 25 year old Esther Haywood. She was a very pretty girl with short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. But she was very petite and stood and was barely five feet tall. She was married to the minister of music for the church and was the only one not drinking.

Cheryl held up her glass as Eric walked out of view and said, "There goes one fine example of a man. Just look at that rear."

"You're so bad." Fran said with a grin.

"If he would only make himself available I would love to go out with him." Cheryl continued.

"He is a looker," Esther agreed. "It's too bad that his first wife seems to have turned him off on women."

"Oh he likes women," Fran said. "But he's committed to remaining celibate until he gets married again. And he doesn't plan on dating until he's certain that he's found the right woman."

Cheryl shook her head. "That is such a waste of a man."

"It's more of a waste than you can imagine." Kate spoke up after taking another sip of beer.

"What do you mean?" Cheryl asked.

"I shouldn't say anything, but his looks aren't the only thing remarkable about him."

The other three waited for her to continue.

"He has a huge dick." She whispered.

"And how would you know?" Fran asked.

"He had to have surgery on a hernia a few years ago. I was one of the nurses and happened to see it. I tell you, when he's hard he has to be ten inches at least."

"Oh my god." Esther blushed.

"Don't tell me that," Cheryl said. "It's been so long since I've been with a man I can't imagine what its like. Much less imagining someone that size."

"I know, my husband is only six inches. I've always wondered what it would be like with someone Eric's size."

Fran laughed. "Well, I've never minded my husband's size, but he has to take the little blue pill to get it hard anymore. So I don't get it as often as I used to."

"What about your husband?" Kate asked Esther.

"I don't think it's very appropriate for me to say anything about that." Esther replied, blushing even more. Esther husband was the only man she had ever been with. Like her, he was a short man and though she never measured him, she guessed that he wasn't even six inches as Kate's husband was. But she was not about to tell the other girls that.

The girls continued drinking, and the topic continually came back to Eric and his reported size. Soon Esther became bored and went to her room.

After a few more beers, Cheryl, Kate and Fran were feeling pretty giddy and horny as well. When they saw Eric return to the bar, wearing his gym shorts and a tee shirt they motioned for him to come over and join them. Eric got a beer and took a sip before excusing himself to go to the restroom.

The alcohol had done wonders to change the morals of the three ladies by now.

"Damn, I'm wet as hell. I really want to screw him." Cheryl said.

"Good luck," Kate told her. "He won't have sex with anyone."

"Well maybe I'll just have to rape him." Cheryl replied. "If I could just get him hard then I might be able to convince him to fool around."

"Maybe one of these will help." Fran said, producing a bottle of pills from her purse. "I take these with me when I travel to make sure that my husband doesn't take one by mistake with his other pills and end up hard all night long."

"There you go, Cheryl, just put one of those in Eric's beer before he comes back and he'll get hard for you." Kate told her.

"Give me one of those." Cheryl said.

Fran gave her a pill and Cheryl used a spoon to quickly grind it into powder then scooped it up with her hands and dumped it into Eric's beer.

Eric returned and began drinking his beer and talking with the three ladies. He finished his beer then noticed that he had suddenly become erect. Dressed as he was he was afraid to stand up for fear of his erection showing clearly through his shorts.

Eric waited until the girls left before he finally dared to get up. He could not understand why he was so hard. He quickly rushed upstairs to his room. But just as he was passing Cheryl and Kate's room the door opened and Cheryl stepped out.

"Eric, come here, we need your help with something."

Eric wanted to ignore her request and run into his room and hide. But there was an urgency in her voice that made him comply. But just as he entered the room she shut the door and grabbed him. At the same time Kate and Fran grabbed hold of him and the three girls wrestled him to the bed.

Eric was shocked and surprised, and recovered too late to prevent himself from being forced down. Once down, Kate and Fran held him while Cheryl tied his hands behind his back with a belt before rolling him over.

"Let's see that cock." Cheryl said, jerking his gym shorts down.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Eric cried out.

"Oh my god." Fran gasped as Eric's erect cock came into view. It was easily ten inches long and five inches in diameter.

"We need to get him off first," Kate said, "I don't want to risk getting pregnant."

"Oh the hell with it," Fran said. "I can't get pregnant anymore so I'll fuck him first.

Fran unfastened her pants and let them drop, then slid off her panties.

"No, you can't be serious!" Eric protested as Fran climbed atop him. She spread her legs over his waist, took his cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy. Fran slid his dick between her lips until she could feel her juices flowing then slowly inserted it into her.

"Oh my." She gasped as she began sliding down on his cock, slowly working the entire length of his manhood inside her before leaning forward and riding him.

"Oh my god, I can't believe she' doing it!" Kate exclaimed.

Eric could not believe what was happening. Fran was twenty years older than he was. And a pillar in the church. But here she was atop him and fucking him against his will. And behind her Cheryl and Kate were disrobing and waiting their turn. He knew that this should be a fantasy come true, but he had wanted to wait until he was married.

But no matter what his thoughts were, his cock was enjoying the sensation of being buried inside a wet pussy. Fran was riding him hard and fast and he could feel his balls growing tight as his orgasm approached. He began bucking his hips up and down meeting her thrust.

"That's it, Eric. Cum in my pussy." Fran said.

Eric responded by blowing his load inside the older woman's pussy.

"Oh yes!" Frank called out as she felt Eric's cock spewing inside her. She banged up and down on his shaft and was soon climaxing on his rod.

"Oh that was good. Your turn." Fran said as she slowly pulled herself off Eric's cock.

"Go for it." Cheryl told Kate.

"I can't believe I'm going to go through with this." Kate said, looking at Eric's still hard cock, glistening with Fran's juices. She climbed on him and sank his dick inside her.

"Damn, Eric, your cock feels fantastic. I've been wanting to feel this inside me for years."

Kate began riding his cock, slamming him all the way inside her over and over again. She was moaning loudly as she fucked Eric and soon found herself orgasming on his cock.

"That was fast." Cheryl said.

"I guess I was pretty damn horny." Kate said as she pulled herself off Eric.

Cheryl leaned over and began licking Eric's cock. Then she shoved as much of it as possible into her mouth and began sucking him. Then she mounted him to take her turn riding Eric's pole.

"Oh yes, that's so fucking good!" Cheryl cried out as she sank his cock inside her. She leaned forward and began licking Eric's left nipple as she began fucking him. Eric realized immediately that Cheryl was not just going to fuck him. She was moving in such a way that demonstrated she was a girl who both knew how, and enjoyed fucking. Her tongue gave Eric almost as much excitement as her well times thrusts on his cock.

Eric worked his hands free, but rather than fight he put his arms around Cheryl and began fucking back. The two of them were fucking with raw emotion. Eric moaned and thrust harder and faster. Then he groaned and came inside Cheryl's tight pussy.

"Yes, cum for me baby, cum inside my pussy!" Cheryl cried as she felt Eric cumming. She picked up her pace and rode him until she climaxed on his cock.

"What the hell are you doing?" Esther's voice broke through the silence as Eric and Cheryl lay breathing heavily on the bed.

"Oh shit." Kate said.

"You three all had sex with Eric." Esther accused. "How can you go home and face your husbands now?" She said to both Kate and Fran.

"Please don't tell anyone." Kate begged.

Cheryl climbed off the bed, feeling a mixture of her juices and Eric's cum dribbling down her inner thighs. "Perhaps if she experiences Eric's cock she'll understand."

"I will do no such thing." Esther protested.

"Oh yes you will." Cheryl said. "Grab her."

Before Esther could turn and run she found herself grabbed by all three girls and dragged over to the bed.

"Eric, you have to fuck her so she won't say anything."

Eric watched as the three women held Esther down and began pulling her clothes off. Esther kicked and fought but was unable to prevent the others from baring her petite body to Eric.

Eric stood there watching as the pretty young wife of the music minister was stripped before him. Esther was a very pretty woman. She was thin and small-chested, but pretty and sexy in her own way. He realized that his dick was still rock hard.

"Come on and fuck her, Eric." Cheryl said as they held Esther down, spread eagle, on the bed.

Eric looked at Esther's fur covered snatch and decided that he did want to fuck her. He crossed the room and knelt down. "That's one tight hole, I better loosen it up a bit first." He said and began licking her pussy.

"No, please don't." Esther pleaded as Eric began licking her cunt. While he licked her Cheryl began licking her nipple. Esther tried wrestling more, but soon found her body responding to Eric's tongue as it massaged her clit. Her juices began flowing freely and she had to grind her teeth trying to prevent her body from enjoying what was happening. But now matter how hard she resisted she could feel her pussy coming closer and closer to climax. Eric buried a finger inside her pussy as he continued licking her. Then Esther clenched and relaxed then climaxed as Eric continued licking her.

"There, she should be ready for me now." Eric said as he stood.

Esther looked at Eric's cock for the first time. It was twice as long and twice as thick as her husband's was. She was afraid of what was about to happen but was unable to resist as the other three women were still holding her down.

Eric pressed his cock against her wet cunt and began to slowly work it inside her. Esther gasped as her pussy stretched to accommodate his girth, then she moaned as it sank deeper than anything had ever gone inside her before.

Eric eased into the small woman beneath him, enjoying the sensation of her tight pussy. Once he was fully inside her he began fucking her with long, deep strokes that made Esther gasp over and over again as he slammed inside her, ramming all the way to her cervix.

Eric pounded Esther's cunt. And before long she was crying out with pleasure, taking every inch of his cock and meeting him thrust for thrust.

"Fuck me, goddamnit!" She cried, much to the surprise of everyone in the room.

Eric pounded her harder and faster. Esther cried out as she had a second orgasm. Her cunt gripped Eric's cock and he came for the third time, allowing her tight pussy lips to milk every last drop off of him before he pulled free.

Eric stood up, looking down at his cock, wondering how it could still be hard.

"Oh, don't worry about that." Fran told him. "It will go away eventually."

"Shit, that was fun." Kate said. "But we can't say anything to anyone.

"Don't worry," Esther said. "Like they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

"Well, thanks ladies." Eric said. "But I better get back to my own room."

"Wait just a minute." Cheryl said. "That cock is going to stay hard for at least a couple more hours, so let's just keep on going."

Eric let them lead him back to the bed where the four women used him for their pleasure for the rest of the night.

They returned home the following day without a new candidate for the youth minister job. But with all of them feeling much better about themselves. And it wasn't long before Eric and Cheryl decided to get married, much to the jealousy of the other ladies.

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