What Happens Next


Once again the pair needed time to recuperate, only this time, Leah decided that she didn't care any longer if it was wrong, she was going to carry on having sex with her son, after all when he made her feel so good, and with a cock that big, she could forget anything.

The kitchen table wasn't the only place the incestuous pair fucked that night. Knowing that Tommy's dad would be back soon, the pair headed upstairs and into Tommy's room where they once again fucked each other's brains out on his bed and on the floor, cumming hard and getting dressed and downstairs just in time as Carl walked in a couple of minutes later.

And so, every day since Leah and Tommy fucked each other mercilessly and tirelessly at every opportunity they got, only that the more they fucked each other, the more they needed to fuck each other, so they looked for more times, more places, more chances to have sex. It all started off discreetly, they would only have sex when they were alone.

So whenever Carl was at work and they both could get away, they took time off and spent the day fucking all around the house, in various places, and various positions. Tommy fucked Leah in her and his dad's bed. From behind and on the kitchen counter. Leah rode Tommy's dick in the back garden on the lawn. They fucked in the pool outside. Harder and faster, their orgasms growing more intense the more they had sex. They came hard each time, Leah all over Tommy's dick and Tommy all deep inside his mothers pussy.

But as they needed each other more and more, the time spent fucking when Carl wasn't there didn't seem enough, so they began to have sex when he was there.

Firstly in the other side of the house, they fucked with Leah bent over the washing machine, or in the basement. They once again fucked in her and Carl's bed, but this time with Carl down stairs, and Leah came harder than ever as she rode her son's dick as he lay underneath her.

They grew more and more bold and more and more dangerous in how they would fuck with people around.

Once, Tommy was fucking Leah doggie style in the lounge when Carl phoned, and she spoke to her husband as her son drove his big 10 ½ inch cock deeply into her pussy, causing her to moan and groan occasionally down the phone.

Another time, Leah was bouncing up and down on Tommy's big dick in the bathroom as she pretended have a bath, and then she fucked him again in the shower as Carl was talking to her from the other side of the door.

Once, when Carl thought that Leah had gone out and Tommy was upstairs, he heard a noise coming from his son's room, so he went up to see what was happening, but instead of knocking, he stood and listened for a while, then he knew what his son was doing, he thought Tommy was nailing the cheerleader from school and smiling walked downstairs, but behind the door, Tommy had Leah pressed against the door, impaled on his rigid cockmeat and was fucking her hard against the wood.

Quite a number of times they almost got caught, like when Tommy's dad walked in to his and Leah's bedroom drunk one night and Tommy and Leah were both naked and fucking intensely on the bed, only for once, the light was off, and Carl was too drunk to think and just fell over on his side of the bed, inches from the naked pair, and fell asleep. Tommy wasted no time in resuming his fucking, and although Leah protested at first, soon his big dick pumping hard in and out of her, convinced her otherwise.

For months Leah and Tommy fucked like rabbits at least 3 or 4 times a day. They were fucking so much that it seemed on a typical day all they did was go to school and work, come home, fuck, then sleep, fuck some more, then get up and the cycle began again.

They fucked in every room in the house, in the car, in the garden, against the windows, against the front door only seconds after Carl had left for work. They fucked on, over or against near enough every piece of furniture in the house.

And then it happened; the greatest, most ultimate taboo in incestuous sex.

One night, Tommy and Leah were alone in the lounge, and Leah was riding Tommy's cock as he was sitting in his dad's big leather armchair. They were both naked, and fucking with speed and intensity. Tommy was sucking on Leah's big tits as they bounced up and down with Leah's movements as she repeatedly slammed his cock into her pussy hard. Leah was screaming for him to fuck her as usual and they fucked for longer than they ever had. They continuously fucked hard for over 3 hours, fucking over the coffee table, against the windows with Leah's tits pressed flat against them, on the floor and in the chair. Leah was growling dirty things about Tommy's dad, saying how much better Tommy was, how much bigger he was, how much better it felt to have her sons naked cock in her rather than her husband's condom protected one, how she would fuck his big dick even if his dad walked in and caught them. She growled and groaned telling him that he fucked her so good, that he reached deep inside her to places she never even knew, that his cock and cum were the best, that she wanted to fuck him in front of his dad. Then they both heard the door open. They stopped fucking; looking at each other, knowing there wasn't enough time to get their clothes on. They had to think fast, and think fast they did. Pushing Leah off his lap and down on to her knees, he pulled her mouth down over his cock and pulled her hair up onto her head, hiding the ends in his hands so that it looked like Leah had shoulder length hair.

When Carl walked in to the lounge he saw his son naked and a young woman with black shoulder length hair down on her knees sucking his dick. Tommy's head was back obviously enjoying the good head he was getting. Carl smiled proudly at his son, although he would have to tell him to do it in his room from now on, not the lounge, but he strode out of the lounge not knowing that he had really just witnessed his wife, Tommy's own mother, sucking their son's dick.

When Tommy realised the coast was clear, he let go of Leah's hair and pulled her mouth off his dick. Smiling lustfully at her son, Leah mounted his big cock again, confident that Carl wouldn't come back in or take any notice of the moaning and groaning. So Leah did both, and very loudly, even letting herself scream in ecstasy as her son's big hard shaft fucked her harder than before. The only hard part was trying not to mention Tommy's name, that she was his mother, or anything incriminating. It was hard, but the orgasm that they both came to was by far their strongest ever.

Finally, as their orgasms swept over them, and Leah came harder than ever on Tommy's dick, and Tommy once again shot load after load after load into his mothers hot pussy, in the biggest orgasm he had ever had, that they came down out of the clouds. Leah's pussy sucked all of Tommy's cum deep into her pussy and womb where he had once again plastered her completely.

The next day, Leah came back into the house and walked into the kitchen. Tommy and his father were both sitting around the table talking about women, and when she walked in they both whistled and laughed.

She smiled at them both, butterflies fluttered in her stomach. They looked at her, both with loving smiles that she returned. She could still feel her 18-year-old sons cum inside her as she spoke to them; all she said was two words;

"I'm pregnant."

----------The End----------

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