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What I Did This Summer


This past summer I had an experience that I thought that would only be possible in my dreams. I was in Ocean City, New Jersey for a couple of days, I had some friends who had a place down there for a week and they asked me to come down and join them when I got off from work. Little did I know how much cumming I would be doing.

I figured on going to the beach and doing the typical things that one does at the Jersey shore. The first day I was there I got up early and headed to the beach. When I got there people were just starting to arrive so I managed to claim a good spot. I figured that I might as well get in the water and did so. As I was enjoying the ocean I noticed a gorgeous, vaguely familiar looking, blonde putting her things down next to mine. She was wearing a bikini that did little to hide her beautiful body. I knew that I wanted to get closer to this goddess so I figured that I might as well head back to my towel. When I got there she had already put all of her things down and was getting out her sunscreen. I proceeded to dry myself while I watched her struggle with the bottle. It was new and the safety seal was a tough one. “Fucking thing,” I heard her mutter.

Since I am not one to leave a lady in distress I of course offered to give her a hand. She looked up, smiled at me and said, “Thank you, I always have trouble with these things.” It was then that I realized why she looked familiar. It was Robyn Stevens of CN8, a local Philadelphia station. I had been jerking off to her since she was on KYW 3 in Philadelphia and here she was, practically naked, in front of me.

I opened the bottle and handed it back to her. “Would you mind putting some on my back?”, she asked. Of course I didn’t mind. She laid face down on her towel undid her bikini top and waited for me to start. I started at her neck, sliding her hair up and slowly began working the cream into her skin. I was getting hard at this time and was really afraid that someone would notice the bulge in my suit. As I worked my way down I caressed her shoulders, back, waist, I hesitated when I came to her legs and ass. Her bikini bottom, while not a thong, exposed a lot of ass cheek and while I wanted to rub those cheeks I did not want to have her screaming that I was raping her on the beach.

She sensed my hesitation. “Go ahead. I hate having a burned ass. One time I went to a nude beach and forgot sunscreen. Between the burns on my ass and tits I couldn’t wear clothes for a week. I had to just run around naked for that long. And make sure you really cover my ass well. Sometimes the bottom will slip and if the entire thing is not covered then I will still get burnt.”

I proceeded to apply the lotion to her ass cheeks. They were firm but not muscularly hard like a female body builder. Just the right amount of everything. I worked my way up to the edge of her suit and then tentatively under it. She did not say a word as I worked my way under her bottoms and over to her crack. Here I was rubbing the ass crack of Robyn Stevens. This was too much for me and I started cumming. While spurting my seed I inadvertently moved my hand forward and down to her asshole, she still did not say anything, and my hard, pumping cock brushed against her leg. I knew that she could not help but know what was transpiring in my shorts. All she did was thrust her ass slightly backward so that my lotion slicked index finger slipped into her asshole. Here I was, on the beach, with my bathing suit full of cum and my finger stuck in the ass of a beautiful woman.

She turned her head to look back at me and smiled, “You may want to grab a towel out of my bag and cover my ass up before we get arrested.” I did as she instructed and then proceeded to slip her bikini bottoms down so I could really get at her. I took some more lotion and continued to cover her ass and then slipped my finger back into her asshole.

I slowly worked my finger in and out of her asshole. I pulled out, “Hey don’t stop that,” she squealed, and slipped my thumb into her asshole and reached around so that I could use my other fingers on her pussy. She was wet and her juices were flowing out of her cunt and coating her bush. From what I could feel it felt like she had a pretty healthy bush. Not a total jungle but not a bald cunt like so many women sport these days. I proceeded to finger fuck her asshole and cunt. She began to whimper slightly. I kept up the finger fucking until I heard her moan and felt my hand coated with her cum. She thrust backward against my hand as she came. I pulled my hand out from under the towel and tasted her cum on my fingers.

She looked up at me; “By the way my name is Robyn. Could you please finish with the lotion?” I did as I was told, pulled her bottoms up and finished with her shapely legs. She then re-tied her top, rolled over and asked for the lotion. As she applied the lotion to her front I realized that this was the first that I had really seen her from the front. Her tits were falling out of her top and as she stood up I realized that her bottoms did not cover her entire bush. About an inch of cunt hair peeked out at the top of her bottoms. She must have realized where I was looking. “You would never guess how many guys I get hard with that strip of hair. I guess they can’t believe that any woman wouldn’t want to hide everything.” Her small body was perfect in every way. God how I wanted to fuck her with my dick.

I blushed and moved my gaze upward. I realized that her belly button was pierced. It contained a small gold ring. “I like the ring,” I commented.

“Fucking Cecily Tynan got hers on the cover of Runners World and had guys jacking off all over the place so I figured why not get one too. I don’t know if you realize it or not but I’m on TV, CN8 weather. Robyn Stevens.”

“Yeah, I recognized you earlier. Never dreamed I would get to do what I did though.”

She looked at me and smiled coyly. “I hope you don’t think that is it. Why don’t we take a swim and then we can go back to my place and fuck.”

“Never let it be said that I didn’t agree with a beautiful lady.” We both laughed and ran hand in hand into the surf.

We finished with our swim, gathered our things, and headed back to her place for the real fun to begin.

More to come...

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