tagGay MaleWhat I Do For My Wife

What I Do For My Wife


"Mister, please step out of the vehicle!"

I looked at the young broad shouldered police officer that had just pulled us over. With what I'm sure was the most drunken look he had ever seen, I tried to smile at him. We hadn't been going that fast and I was pretty sure that we had been staying between the lines, but being slightly drunk and very tired I knew that this wouldn't help now. My wife looked at me, and with a drunken wry smile she said:

"I told you, we risked getting caught here! He's good looking though!"

She leaned over and kissed me passionately, and hugged me. As she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes, she let her hand slowly linger on my crotch. We are both in our late thirties, are happily married and very active. We had been at a party in the town not far from ours. She had told me that we shouldn't be driving, but I insisted that we make our way home to check on our kids. She reminded me that we paid the babysitter for a whole night, and that at least one of us should sober up before going on a forty-five minute trek home. Sadly, or luckily, I didn't listen.

"Sir, exit the vehicle please1"

The officer asked in a stern voice. I opened the door and tried to step out of the car. By try, I mean I failed (at least the first time) because I had forgotten to unbuckle to seatbelt. I got out and he led me around to the passenger side of the car, so we wouldn't risk anything from the cars passing along the road. There weren't very many but every once in a while. It was a small wooded area in the suburbs, and along this stretch there was a gap between the street lights. The night was warm and clear though, and a beautiful full moon lit up the summer night.

"Have you and your wife been drinking tonight?"

He asked the question formally, and I was sure it was nothing more than routine for him. Still it was a little nerve racking for me, I sure didn't want to lose my license. I nodded slowly, almost thoughtfully.

"Yes officer!" I smiled - bashfully of course. The officer nodded and looked over at my wife. I felt my pulse quicken slightly, hoping that I wouldn't find myself spending the night in jail.

He had me do a sobriety test. I hadn't drunk much but of course I failed it.

"What's going to happen now?" I asked rather loudly.

"Turn around. Put your hands on the car, and spread your legs!"

I did as he commanded. My wife looked up at me through the open window. She smiled, and closed her eyes again. The policy officer proceeded to check my legs and body by running his hands over me. I noticed he took good time doing it.

"I think you probably should spend the night in a cell. And apart from the fine the authorities will probably assess your case for retaining your license. "

"What about my wife?" I asked, hoping that she wouldn't need checking into the county hotel anytime soon.

"Well that depends."

He ran his hands over my ass, and then stuck his hands into the pockets of my rather lose fitting pants. Unwillingly I got a hard-on. My wife opened her eyes again, and looked down at what he was doing. We had talked about what it could be like to invite a third person to have sex with us. It excited us both but we hadn't come around to do it. My wife was open to if it was to be a man or a woman. Now she smilingly nodded, and I saw in her brown eyes that she was turned on. It was a strange sensation standing there with a big erection, being checked up by a handsome police officer in the middle of the night.

"I can tell that she too is intoxicated, and I'm pretty sure that she shouldn't be driving a car in her state either."

I nodded. She looked from me to him where we stood outside her door.

"I would probably have to take her in together with you - that is unless you can do me a favor!"

"What kind of favor?"

I suddenly felt nervous and I'm sure my body showed it. I shivered despite the warm wind. Was this happening for real? I suddenly felt like I was in a film.

"Well ...."

Over my shoulder he looked long at my wife, who sat half asleep following our conversation. He leaned closer over my back, and reaching in further in my pocket he gently fondled me. With his hand massaging my balls he pushed his own hard-on against my but. It made me even hornier. In a low voice he whispered in my ear;

"I want you to suck my cock. Right here, as your wife watches."

I must have gasped, but I'm not sure.


My voice was loud and possible slurred, but the shock was real.

I looked at him. He was handsome and muscular. He had dark hair and a face of a film star. I turned slightly and realized he already knew I had a raging erection. I looked over at my wife. She sat with half closed eyes and had put her hands in between her legs. Then she looked up at me and winked.

"If you don't I'll be forced to take both you and your wife down to the station for booking. You'll probably be there all night. Your names will end up in the papers. You might lose your license."

"Are you blackmailing me?"

My voice was feeble. I was incredible turned on. Some cars passed us.

"Yes, I am." He smiled.

"Neither of us wants to go down to the station tonight!" I said slowly and with a thick voice, knowing what it meant.

He nodded and slowly let go of me. I turned towards him and nodded.

My arousal must have been written all over my face because he just glanced around once before motioning for me to get down on my knees. We where right next to the passenger door, but my wife just nodded with her eyes closed. She couldn't have heard what we had just said. She looked beautiful where she sat, and I knew she wouldn't want to go anywhere else but home right now. I dropped to my knees on the soft grass.

"Excited?" He asked almost breathlessly.

"Open your pants and show me your cock!"

I unzipped my pants, and pulled them down. I was rock hard, and I gently caressed myself as he watched.

I was incredibly turned on as I sat there watching him undo the buckle of his belt, unzipping his pants and taking out his big cock. I was surprised at the size. It was already hard and long and thick. His balls were shaven.

Time stood still. I looked at my wife, but she still seemed to sleep. I reached out a shaking hand out to touch it. I grasped his cock softly, like I would touch my own. Slowly I started stroking it with two fingers wrapped around it firmly enough so that he would feel it.

"Lick it!"

He inched forward, and his cock bumped against my forehead. He smelt clean and fresh. He must have just started his shift I thought, as I slowly started licking his long shaft from the root up. Soon it glistened with my saliva. I leaned under him and licked his heavy balls as well. He sighed and closed his eyes as I worshipped his cock.

"Now, suck me." He breathed heavily.

I leaned forward and took him in my mouth. He tasted fresh and good, but felt much bigger in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his shaft and began to bob my head back and forth.

I felt his body jerking softly at first. He slowly face fucked me. A moan escaped his lips and his hands became entangled into my hair. I continued to bob my head, letting my tongue lick the shaft of his manhood. With every stroke I could felt him slip in a little further. I tried to relax. Soon I had swallowed him to the base of his cock. He held me still for a while, and then let me go. I panted heavily. Was it because he was so big that he restrained my breathing? Or more probably, that I was so excited that my heart raced.

I continued to suck and lick him. I looked over at my wife. She sat watching me with a big smile on her face. She nodded. The policeman jerked a little faster and his moans got a lot louder. Some more cars passed, their headlights casting a bright cone across the road and the nature around us.

Suddenly, I felt his body tighten, his cock seemed to get harder in my mouth. Then a rush of cum gushed over my tongue. It filled my mouth. At first I didn't know what to do.

His cum tasted salty and good I realized, and I swallowed. But he came in huge amounts. He shot at least five or six loads. I swallowed as much as I could, as he came again and again, but most of It dribbled across my chin and down across my chest and half-open shirt.

As his orgasm slowly subsided, he slowly softened in my mouth. Finally he pulled out. He milked the last drops into my open mouth and outstretched tongue. Then he stepped back.

"Thanks! Did you like it?"

I nodded. He was re-fastening his pants. He grinned at me. I smiled back at him - I was definitely intoxicated with lust. Not just on the booze that I'd consumed, but on something more – his cream.

"I think you can drive on. I am the officer in charge on this stretch tonight." He said it with a satisfied grin.

I nodded and stood up. I was sporting a very hard cock now, and it clearly showed through my thin cotton slacks. He reached out and fondled me. I didn't move, but let him play with my erection.

"I see you enjoyed that! And so did your wife!"

We both turned and look at her as she opened the window.

"Thank you officer! I really appreciated that!"

Her face was flushed. I saw now that she had pulled up her skirt, and was masturbating as she spoke.

"No problem madam!" he said as he let go of me. I couldn't fully close my pants, but held them together with one hand as I got back into the car.

My wife leaned over and kissed my cheek.

"Thank you my hero, for saving me!"

She scooped up some of the cum from my chest with her index, and sucked on it,

"Mmmm, we should drive this way more often at night ..."

I looked in the rear mirror, and saw that the police car was still behind us escorting us all the way back home.

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