tagAnalWhat I Saw Through The Vent

What I Saw Through The Vent


Ann came home from abroad with a little surprise that she hadn't claimed at customs. It wasn't perfume, or liquor, or contraband animal skin attire; she had a bun, in the oven. We of course were overjoyed to hear the news and to have her home, our beautiful wandering soul. Ann has been just about everywhere teaching English and as a registered massage therapist. She loved to travel, but after a few years abroad she finally slipped and got caught up by a man. She ended up getting pregnant by some Nigerian Spaniard, who wasn't a one woman man and especially, not the fathering type. Well, Ann was fine with that, he wasn't that great of a lover anyway, but she came home to catch her bearings and we were only too happy to have her back.

Ann was a natural beauty, sun lightened brown hair held back by a bandana, a quick smile and flashing hazel eyes. She had always kept fit and when home from her adventures she was my wife's workout partner. So, even with a developing bump in her belly, she was still very fit, toned and tanned. The two were inseparable once my wife came home from work each day. However, over a short period of time we noticed that she was getting a bit despondent, looking down and she carried a feeling of sadness. My wife asked me to pay attention to her. To use some of my flattery to help get her out of her funk. Apparently Ann was feeling self-conscious about her changing body and wasn't taking her new reality too well. I wasn't sure what I could do, but my wife was confident that with me being a writer, I could come up with some creative compliments that might cheer her up.

Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with any that seemed to work, and Ann's condition continued to deteriorate. It deteriorated to the point that my wife was thinking of calling for some professional help, out of fear for Ann's safety. She told me that the storm swell of hormones that were wreaking havoc in Ann's body, could play crazy games with a woman's head, causing her to do things that she wouldn't ordinarily do. I wasn't to deny any of her requests, and she emphasised "any." I figured this meant running to get a new tub of ice cream and pickles. In any event Ann and I were spending more time together than she and my wife so I guess I was a good person to have on point duty.

I wasn't going to complain, I had Anne around all day to keep me company. I enjoyed having her traipsing around the house in her signature tube tops and short lycra shorts. Comfy clothes she called them. Whatever, they showed off her body, and one of Ann's best features, her ass. She had the most amazing ass. I'd often admired her form, spending many "personal moments," eyes clenched tight, imagining it was her hands touching my cock or imagining it wasn't my hand but her lips pulling a powerful orgasm out of me. I really liked having her around and I really loved being able to admire her body.

I'm a writer so I spend most of my time at home, much of it at the computer, though not always writing. As is probably evident, I like to browse the web and enjoy sites such as this. I'm a healthy North American male, I can't get enough pussy it seems. I like writing stories of my exploits, many of which have been amazing, if I say so myself. I like to write a bit, get up and eat, write, workout, this is my loose schedule, no real structure and it's become a habit to spend the day at my computer in my boxer briefs. I've never had a reason not to, my wife and son are seldom home and they don't bother me when I'm at my computer. This was how I was existing, before Ann arrived.

Coming home from away, she stayed with us until she could get herself situated again in the city, something she's done many times over the years. So I was used to having her around, and she was very comfortable in our home. We were pretty much family by now. I didn't walk around the house in my underwear or anything, but it was pretty loose and laidback. Perhaps I got a bit too laid back. In any case, things happen and looking back now, it was a beautiful accident.

So it happened that one day my family was away. The wife was at work, and my son at school. I was home as usual and Ann was sleeping in. I was writing in my office, trying to work on a play that would be going into rehearsals soon, so I needed to nail it down for the Director. I was on a bit of a deadline, and true to form, I'd left it to the last minute; a habit of mine. Well, my office, or spare room actually is down stairs, just off of our living room. I have a red light outside my door that I turn on when I don't want to be disturbed. This comes in handy when I have my pants around my ankles as I read a well crafted and sexy story off the internet. Writing can be stressful work, I need to relax anyway I can. It's for the job. Well, beside my office is a small guest / storage room. This is where Ann was staying while she was with us. This is where she was sleeping this morning, only it turned out she wasn't as asleep as I thought she was.

In our home we have a ventilation system, with vents that bring fresh air into each room and exhaust old air. In some of the rooms the vents, which are in the walls, and let fresh air in; connect two adjoining rooms. I had never really paid attention to this fact until this morning. If someone were to stand on a chair, they could see into the adjacent room, giving them a great view of the entire room, especially the futon that Ann was using.

So I'm writing, deep in thought when I hear a noise coming from this vent. It's a barely noticeable moan and at first I didn't know what it was or where it was coming from. My investigation led me to the discovery of the vent situation. I pulled up the chair from my desk and peered through the vent to see what was going on. I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

On her bed, with the blankets pushed to one side, was Ann, naked and writhing on our guest sheets. She had one hand between her legs, touching herself as she pinched and twisted one of her nipples with the other. Her eyes were closed and the moans that escaped her lips, though quiet, were exquisite. I had instant wood. Ann's hands roamed over her smooth, tanned skin, over her thighs, up to her neck, and through her shoulder length hair which was splayed across our new, white pillowcase. It was a beautiful sight.

She touched herself so gently in places and so aggressively in others, biting her lower lip as she came close to orgasm and eased off before crossing her line. She was playing, and letting it build up into something more than just her cumming in her sheets. I'm good with my own orgasms and I can hold off till I feel like my balls are going to fall off my body. This is what Ann was doing to herself. I couldn't fight the urge to touch myself as I watched her pleasure herself. Touching all the places I wished I could touch, wished I could lick.

I pushed my boxer briefs down enough for me to pull my diamond hard organ out over my waistband. It was engorged, the head taut, shiny and purple. The veins stood out strongly and my cock seemed to be frustrated that it couldn't continue to grow past it's beautiful if average measurements. I have a beautiful cock, a picture perfect cock, and I now had it in my hand, slowly stroking it as I watched Ann deftly manipulate herself to what promised to be a throbbing orgasm.

Ann's moans grew slightly louder as she neared her climax. She was obviously unaware, much as I had been, that our rooms were connected, and her moans, rich with pleasure were drifting through the wall that separated us, and reaching my hyper aware ears. She looked so beautiful, her panties around one ankle, the morning sun falling beside her, across half of her bed, her eyes closed as she writhed on sheets I had placed on her bed only the day before. My hand squeezed my cock as we neared orgasm together. My breathing soon matched hers as we built to a powerful orgasm and when she crested into ecstasy, I wasn't far behind. Her moans grew louder and as I stood upon my office chair, my cock sticking out of my shorts I too moaned, a bit too loud apparently. The moaning in the next room stopped abruptly, a fact that slowly dawned on me as I moaned again as my cum splashed into my hand.

"Hello? Is someone there? I froze as her eyes slowly rose to the vent in the wall; my cock still spurting cum into my hand. Ann stood up quickly on her bed, a white sheet quickly drawn around her body as she saw the light entering her room from my office. Our eyes met. "Oh my God. Jay? Is that you?"

I panicked. In the middle of an orgasm, standing on an office chair with my swollen, pulsing cock in my hand, I panicked and in an instant the chair was no longer under me, it was shooting across the room as I feel backwards to strike my head on a coffee table, knocking myself out cold. I was only out for a couple minutes, but it was long enough.

I came to with Ann kneeling beside me, sheet pulled tightly around her, concern in her eyes. I wasn't sure where I was, or why I couldn't hear Ann, who's mouth was moving silently. I knew my head hurt, I had a ringing in my ears, and I knew I was on my back on the floor, but some of the other circumstances of my situation escaped my hazy attention. Ann was holding my head and neck and forcing me to lie down and not to move, and as the fog cleared a bit, I started to get a bit concerned. In a growing kaleidoscope of muffled sound, her voice finally reached my ears.

"Oh my God Jay, are you all right?" She was feeling the back of my head and looking at her hands. It looked like she was looking to see if I was bleeding. "Does anything hurt? Can you wiggle your toes? How many fingers am I holding up?" Her questions came too fast for me too answer, so I grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to me.

"Shhhhh. Slow down. I think I'm all right. Just a bit cotton headed at the moment. I guess I fell and hit my head. Where did I fall from? I tried to look around but Ann pushed me down again. The look of concern slowly turning to a questioning and amused smile.

"Well, Jay. I think you fell off your chair and hit your head on your coffee table. You have a nasty bump but I think you'll be OK. It serves you right though."

"Serves me right?" I was confused by this apparent lack of sympathy for a fallen and injured man. "What do you mean it serves me right? I fell and hurt myself, and you think I deserve that?"

"Well, if you hadn't been standing on your chair; if you had been a bit less nosey and respected my privacy a bit more, you wouldn't have hurt yourself." She leaned back on her heals, her hand still on my chest. Her hair was tosseled, her skin was flushed, and under that sheet, she was definitely naked. Slowly the clouds parted and I looked up at the vent in the wall.

"Oh man, Oh God. You must. Oh you must be so..." As this all dawns on me I slowly look down at my shorts. There sticking out over the waist band of my Fruit o' the Loom's was my semi erect cock, dribbles of cumm running down it's side, pooling in my pubes. Down the side of her arm, which I was still holding was a smear of my cumm that screamed what I had been doing on the chair. "I, I, I...." I stuttered, and she smiled and put a finger to my lips.

"Jay. I'm a bit surprised by this, but it's OK." I was a bit mad for a second, but now, I'm just glad you didn't break your neck." As I buried my face in my hands in embarrassment, she sat down beside me and pulled my hands away from my face. In my screwed up state, I had covered half of my face with my own cumm. I thought I might just die. But instead of her screaming at me for being a pervert, she just giggled. "It's ok Jay. I'm not mad. In fact, I'm really very flattered. I've been feeling a bit self-conscious these last few weeks about this growing belly. Not feeling quite like an attractive woman. But, I guess I still have it a bit, wouldn't you say?"

"Ann. I'm sorry. I heard you as I was typing and I wasn't expecting to see, what I saw. You are so very beautiful, so beautiful. I think this little bump on your belly is just the most adorable thing ever." I reached out and ran my hand, the one that wasn't covered in cumm, over the soft skin of her belly as I looked in her eyes for forgiveness and some sign of her state of mind. I've always thought you were stunning, but what I saw though the vent, well, it will be with me for the rest of my life, it was that beautiful."

"Oh, you're sweet for saying that." She leaned in to kiss me on the cheek, her lips pressed into me for several seconds as she held my face. "I think you're lucky you didn't kill yourself. Don't do that again OK?" She slowly pulled away but remained seated next to me her arm across my body, hand on the floor. Her other hand stroked my face. Completely unfazed by the fact that it was covered with cumm. The look in her eyes was a bit distant as though she was very far away and she smiled. I noticed some of my cumm on her cheek and lower lip. "Let's get you up." She helped pull me to my feet and walked me to a sofa I keep in my office for my introspective, reflective moments, or when I'm blocked and don't want to talk to anybody. I lay back and she padded to my desk where I had just ate and returned with a dish towel. I started to speak but she put a finger to my lips and she shushed me.

Ann took the towel and folded it, then she slowly started to wipe the cum off my cheek, not paying any attention to the large amount that still covered her arm or the bit that was on her face. She then surprised me by moving down and wiping the cum off my belly. I held my breath when she lifted my cock with her hand and just looked at it for a moment as she slowly licked her bottom lip. Then she used the towel to wipe the cum from my cock and balls. She cleaned as much as she could off my shorts. Every now and again, looking up at me to smile. I never moved or said a word as she cared for me. She grasped the waistband of my shorts and patted my butt to get me to lift my ass off the couch and allow her to slide them off. I now lay on my couch naked below the waste with my wife's friend dabbing the cum out of my pubic hair with a towel as she gently held my steadily growing cock with the other.

Slowly, the hand that held my cock started to stroke it up and down. Ann looked up at me and smiled and I smiled too as she continued to stroke my growing cock. I reached out and ran my hand up her thigh, under the sheet that covered her body, and almost died at the smoothness of her skin. Ann slowly released the sheet and it slide from her body, revealing to me once again her astounding form, breasts as big as oranges with pale pink nipples about the size of Skittles rising out of them. I ran my hand over her growing belly and around to her beautiful ass. I pulled her up to me but she pulled back, instead moving her body parallel to mine on the couch, offering me her pussy as she lifted one leg and thrust her womanhood out to me.

I slowly maneuvered my face into her fine collection of pubic hair, relishing the fragrance of a pussy that only a short while ago, had succumbed to a racking orgasm at the hands of this beautiful woman. I worked my way between her legs, trying to reach her rich valley as I felt her warm lips envelope my cock. Her lips were so soft as they slid down the length of me, her tongue exploring the clefts and ridges of my now, rock solid hard-on. I moaned as she raked her nails gently over my scrotum and thighs.

My tongue also found itself exploring as it moved over the topography of Ann's pussy. With slow wide strokes and deep probing thrusts I discovered more of her beauty. The soft feel on my face of her inner thighs was life altering. My hands reached around to grasp her ass, firmly kneading and stroking and simply loving how beautiful it was. It was soft to the touch but firm to handle, and I thrilled at the fact that I was now exploring this, which had been for so long, the object of my desire, the subject of my dreams. I was in heaven as I felt those two ass cheeks in my hands, my tongue in her pussy, and my cock in her mouth.

She was good, gentle but firm, experienced and unhurried. We didn't speak as we pleasured each other on the couch that had on many nights been my sanctuary from the demons in my computer. I hugged Ann tightly as I ate her pussy then slowly pulled her around so I could kiss her lips. I pulled her in for a deep crushing kiss, our tongues battling for dominance in the others mouth. Our breath hot and moist as we worked ourselves into a bit of a fever. I could smell my cum on her cheek, it was like gas on a fire. I pulled her close and her legs spread, my cock finding it's purchase and with a gentle touch, she guided me into her welcoming pussy. We both let out a gratified moan as I slid my cock into her till I could go no further.

We lay like that, relishing the heat and the buzz and then slowly we started to move against one another. She was grinding herself against my cock and I was holding her firmly against me as we slowly fucked each other silly. Unable to deny myself any longer I lifted her off me, something that elicited a pouty moan from her lips, but when I got up and positioned myself behind her, by cock nudging against her pussy again from this back position she happily pushed against me and I slid home again. Only this time, I was pushing against her beautiful ass. It was every bit as awesome as I expected. The heat of my cock sliding into her, my hips pressing against her cushioning bottom. We didn't do this for long before she started to moan a bit louder. Her breathing grew more stressed and finally she pulled away from me, my cock falling out of her grasping body.

"Jay, I want you to fuck my ass." Her eyes told me everything. They told me that this is what she wanted and at the moment, what she needed. I was only too happy to oblige her and I spit on her pink rose bud. I massaged her back door with my thumb, sliding it in and working the muscle that would soon be stretching around my cock.

"I don't need anything, just please fuck me. I need this so badly. If it does anything for you, you can spank me, I don't mind."

I got into position behind her and slowly started my entrance into the tightest place I had ever entered. I didn't let up the pressure, I slowly pushed deeper into her until she opened up and I slid home with a faint pop. She gasped as I entered her to the full length of me and pushed hard against her, crushing my hips against her wonderful ass, wanting to never be separated from them again. I slowly pulled out and my cock fell out with an unceremonious plop and a moan from Ann, but I pushed into her again and this time I did it a bit faster. This time I didn't rest, I started to steadily piston into her and she started to moan loudly. Her moaning grew louder as I started to drive into her more forcefully, my hips slapping against her ass.

Have I mentioned that I'm an ass man, and Ann has the best ass I've ever seen in my life. Well I couldn't believe that I was balls deep inside that ass when Ann started to shake. Her whole body started to shake like she was hypothermic or something and her moans were becoming restrained screams. I was set afire by this and doubled my efforts. I was pounding against her, and she was burying her face in the couch trying to muffle her cries, then she reached her pinnacle and an amazing orgasm took hold of her. She started to sob and moan as she spasmed on my couch. I didn't let up, I continued to fuck her hard, loving the effect I was having on this Angel, this Goddess, this beautiful and at the moment unrestrained creature. She fell onto her belly and started to tap the couch. Crying out, into the cushions. And I could feel the cum boiling in my balls, pulling at the insides of my thighs, threatening to rip the head off my cock when I reached orgasm. She started to call my name as she screamed on my couch, her body spasming in all its sensitized loveliness and I crested, powerfully, cumming hard deep inside her ass. Ann was slapping the couch and crying out my name,

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