tagLoving WivesWhat Is Going On Up There?

What Is Going On Up There?


I am writing this on my laptop in a hotel bar. The thoughts racing through my mind made it impossible to work, so I decided to write about what was happening.

Cindy and I were married 16 years ago, the 2nd marriage for both of us. Now that we are in our late 40s, we finally got the courage and decided to act on a long time fantasy. Even before we were married I was aware of her fantasy. When choosing a porn video to watch, she always had a preference for interracial videos. I still recall our honeymoon in Jamaica. We visited a nude beach one morning before any of the other tourists from our resort were there; we were the only whites on the beach with about a dozen black men present. It is certainly true what they say, none of these guys were lacking in the manhood department. The men were clearly there not to work on their tans, but hoping to hook-up with the white female tourists. Cindy was all but drooling, and made a comment on how thoughtful I was to arrange for all these good looking men for her. Of course I wasn't about to share her on our honeymoon, but over the years I have thought more and more about it.

About 5 years ago I got the courage to suggest that we try a 3some with a black man, she didn't say anything. I took that for a no. A month ago, I mentioned it again and still no response, but I said "I'll take that for a yes."

She then replied: "I'm too old."

"No you are not, you look great."

"I'm too fat."

"No you are not, you look great."

After a long pause, she said: "How will you get someone?"

"I'll put an ad on an adult internet site."

"I don't know if I want 2 men at once."

"Then it will just be you and him, and I will watch."

"I don't know if I could do that in front of you."

"Then I will not be there, but you will have to tell me about it later."

Talking her into letting me take some nude photos of her took a couple days. She finally realized that if someone responded to an ad with her photo in it, then they would see that she had a couple extra pounds, and those responding would be ok with it. We both agreed that it would be a body photo only, from the knees to neck, her lying on the bed, a nightly pulled up revealing her bush and tits. She has nice 36c breasts but did not want to be standing as she feels they droop too much; actually they are not bad at all for a 48 year old. The ad read: "Attractive MWF, 48, 5'2" 140lbs, looking for considerate, mature gentleman, black a plus. Husband may watch, or may join in (straight only)." I tried to talk her into adding "well endowed black a plus" but she was more concerned about finding someone considerate for her first exploration into this new world than tool size.

There was quite a response, most with photos, some clothed some not, many showing off their erections. We eliminated the crude responses or those that seemed to be from someone uneducated. We exchanged e-mails with 3 of the most promising, and after a few days decided on an attractive divorced black man in his early 30s, Don. His photo in his initial response was face only. We sent a few more of Cindy in various poses, Cindy wanted to make sure that Don knew that she was not a thin model type, I guess still a little unsure of herself and afraid of rejection. Don sent back a full nude shot. It did not show him with an erection, but he appeared to be quite long, probably a little above average girth, but my guess was at least 10" when erect, maybe much more (I am 8" myself, not too bad for a white boy).

On the phone we learned that he was a high school basketball coach. He learned that it was our first exploration into this kind of thing and we set the rules: We would meet in a hotel bar and talk. If any of the 3 of us wanted out, it would go no further. If we were all ok to go ahead, Cindy would then decide if it would be a 3some or a 2some, and if it was a 2some could I be present. I was really hoping to join in or at least watch, but the most important thing in my mind was for her to have a great experience.

We checked in to the upscale hotel a couple hours ago, both showered without talking much. She dressed a little more conservatively than I would have liked. I could not talk her into no panties, but she did wear a relatively short skirt with lacy panties. She had let me help her trim her bush the night before, and I took a last look at that beautiful pussy as she slipped into her panties and skirt. We then settled into some plush chairs at the hotel bar and waited. He walked in right at 7:00 pm as we had agreed. Even though we knew his height from his e-mail response to the ad, we were both a little surprised at just how tall 6'7" is in person. I shook his hand was wondering if he and Cindy would embrace. They just shook hands but I could tell Cindy was a little out of breath just looking at such a tall handsome man, and a black man at that. I knew right then that she would follow through.

A lot of small talk followed, we learned that he played college basketball on a scholarship, but did not have the talent to consider the NBA so decided to concentrate on his education. He was able to get a masters degree and started coaching basketball and teaching math at a local high school soon thereafter. After 20 minutes or so of getting to know each other, I said: "I'm ok with going further, how about everyone else?" Both nodded yes. I then asked Cindy: "Am I invited or do you want to be alone?" She quietly said: "alone."

I was prepared for this, it was not my preference but I was ok with it. I had guessed that she would want to be alone with our new friend, a tall handsome man, who it turns out is well educated and very polite, and she was clearly infatuated with him. After meeting him and getting to know him a little, I would have been surprised if she had said she wanted a 3some or her husband watching. I said: "Well I brought my laptop to catch up on office work so I'll just leave you two alone." I took my glass of Chardonnay, found another comfortable chair in the far end of the bar and opened the laptop.

I could not bring myself to think about work. Stealing glances at them I wondered if they were still discussing what was going on in their lives, or perhaps talking about more intimate things. I had to look busy with the laptop so I started typing this. Perhaps 10 minutes after I left their table, they both leaned forward, and she placed her hand in his on top of the table. I had to adjust my pants to accommodate my growing hard on. They continued to hold hands for what seemed like forever, but was probably only about 5 more minutes. They then rose and headed for the hotel elevator. He had his hand on her back and she had her arm around his waist. Seeing this strong black hand on the back of my white wife, and her white arm around the waist of this handsome black stranger, I nearly came in my pants. There was no jealousy, this is what I wanted.

They disappeared from my sight into the elevator, and I wondered if they would embrace once the doors closed. If so, would his hands wander? Would hers? Was he getting an erection? Would she do what she sometimes does with me, and hold her hand to his pants to feel it grow?

Once they had enough time to reach the room, there was no doubt in my mind as to what was going on. They were kissing and starting their exploration. I was positive that deep French kisses were being exchanged, she loves to run her tongue along my teeth. What I was wondering about was how long would their clothes stay on? Would they undress a little at a time? How long before he felt the wetness between her legs? Would she gasp when she tried to wrap her hand around his swollen member, and just how big was he? Would she go down on him, or just gently stroke him? I knew he would go down on her, I had told him in an e-mail that I loved her taste and he had replied that he loved to give a woman oral pleasure.

Writing this has helped me pass the time. I really wanted her to enjoy a great time and was hoping they would spend at least an hour or hour and a half together before she would call my cell number and told be they were done so that I could return to the room. Now that the 2 hour mark has passed, I am feeling some jealousy. Still a lot of excitement, but she is my wife, and our own sessions rarely go beyond 90 minutes. Is she getting the best fucking of her life?? That thought is in my mind now, it must be true. Will she let me fuck her when they are done? What if she is too sore, after all this will be by far the largest cock her pussy has ever accommodated? Did he wear a condom as he agreed in advance? Knowing Cindy, she will do about anything in an aroused state, and I'm sure in the heat of passion she would have quickly guided his cock inside of her without thinking about protection, even though I had reminded her to be safe more than once.

When would I see her? Should I go to the room now to check on her? I would hate to interrupt her pleasure when she wanted to be alone with our new friend. Could they possibly have sex for 2 ½ or 3 hours?? I have been so turned on during the last 2 hours it would be a miracle if I could last 30 seconds inside of her hot pussy, if she even let me have sex with her tonight.

I will finish this now as I just got the call. Two hours and 20 minutes after they left the bar together. Don just waved as he left the elevator and headed for his car, so I assume that I will not be joining them for a 3some. At the very least I hope to enjoy tasting her wonderful pussy, but what if she allowed him to ejaculate in her? I don't even go down on her after I have come in her, will she tell me if he fucked her without a rubber? I guess I will soon know.

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More cuckold crap!

Look less than 1% of the male population are cuckolds. Why are you writing stories for such a small audience.

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