tagLoving WivesWhat Kate Did Ch. 03

What Kate Did Ch. 03


We travelled home in a welter of emotions. On the positive side there was the real prospect of earning the money so desperately needed for Jamie but what would be the repercussions? Could our marriage survive? While I had to admit that what had transpired that afternoon had been incredibly erotic it was only the first step on a road that could lead to Kate's utter sexual degradation. Paradoxically, talking about it only served to reawaken our sexual hunger for each other, a sexual hunger fuelled by the vivid memory of events that had taken place less than three hours earlier. The moment we got home we were all over each. We found ourselves on the stairs, kissing with a passion we had rarely experienced.

I felt for her skirt and raised it. My hand was immediately on her panties, panties that were sopping wet. I pulled them down as far as I was able to given that my tongue was still captive in Kate's mouth. I broke contact in order to complete the task. I was fascinated by my beautiful wife's vagina. A potent cocktail of her lubrication and my semen was seeping out of her and I had an irresistible urge to taste it. I was somewhat apprehensive to start with and, using only the tip of my tongue, I made tentative contact. It was a different taste and texture to normal and it served only to enhance my intense excitement. Soon I was trawling my tongue along her wet furrow, seeking out the source of this newly discovered nectar. Kate was lifting herself up to meet my tongue as it plumbed her depths. I'd barely started licking her clitoris when she climaxed.

She had no sooner got her breath back than she was unzipping me. She carefully eased me out, and a second later I felt her mouth enveloping my cock. Once again I was unable to hold back and barely a few seconds later I was ejaculating. Whenever this happened in the past her instinctive reflex action resulted in an instantaneous disengagement from my pulsating prick. And on those rare occasions when she hadn't been quite quick enough, she would immediately spit it out. But not today! Today she had really been turned on and it showed. She would not let me out of her mouth until I had finished. But I was utterly staggered by what she did next. She looked at me in the most loving way imaginable and she swallowed it!

We kissed again, but these were post-coital kisses, kisses of love and tenderness. Stairs are not the most comfortable surfaces on which to lie and Kate had to move. She got up rather gingerly, adjusted her underwear and smoothed her skirt down. I made a cup of tea for us both and we sat in the lounge drinking it.

"Are you really prepared for me to do this, Joe?"

"How can I answer that, Kate? Of course I'd rather you didn't do it. I wouldn't tolerate it for one moment if it weren't for Jamie. But suppose you don't do it because of me and she dies. What would that do to our marriage? It's hardly likely to make it stronger, is it! We're caught between a rock and a hard place, Kate and there's no getting out of it."

"I would only be doing it for her, Joe. It wouldn't mean anything to me. Actresses get kissed on stage. That doesn't mean anything either."

I resisted the urge to point out to her that an actress being kissed, even being passionately kissed, is hardly the same as having eight inches of throbbing dick thrust down her throat! That was another point. Eight inches? Maybe not, but not far off, judging by some of the guys I'd seen in films. "Did you have many men before me, Kate?"

"No, not many." She thought about it for a few seconds. "Four, no five."

" Were any of them big?"

"Not that I noticed."

"Well, were they bigger than me?"

"Simon was. But I can't remember much about the others.

"How much bigger?"

She was getting a tad irritated. "I don't know! Strangely enough I didn't have my tape measure with me on the Maldives. I seem to recall I had nowhere to put it!"

"Very funny, Kate. But it is a serious question."

"What is it with men? Why are you all so worried about the size of your dicks? Do you think that this is the only thing that matters?"

"Kate, you've seen enough films to know that porn stars are well hung. They're not in porn for their acting ability, are they? They're in it because they've got big cocks. That's why they're porn stars. I am thinking about you here. Look, it's not something men like to admit but my dick is not that big. Some of these guys could be three or four inches longer and maybe twice as thick as mine. Don't you think you ought to check if you can handle that sort of size?"

"That's an excellent idea, Joe. Do you have anyone suitable in mind? Or shall I put an ad in the local paper?" She smiled sweetly at me.

The woman was impossible but I could not help smiling. "I was actually thinking about getting you a dildo, Kate. At least it'd give some idea what to expect."

She looked a little shame-faced. "Sorry, Joe. That is very thoughtful and considerate of you." She kissed me. "You really are a lovely man."

The following morning I went on the Internet and having seen the myriad sex toys on offer, I settled for a non-vibrating lifelike dildo claimed to be modelled on, and endorsed by the porn star, Peter North.

Three days later it arrived. I removed the brown packaging and inspected the contents through the cellophane. They had sent what I'd ordered at least. Kate had already gone to work so I had the opportunity to have a good look at it. According to the blurb on the box it was almost eight inches long and two inches in diameter. I pulled off the cellophane and took it out of the cardboard box. It was made of a malleable milky white polyethylene or silicone that was soft to the touch. In fact it was surprisingly tactile. The shaft was veined and it even had a large scrotum that was so designed that it could, if necessary, be affixed to a flat surface. It was altogether a most impressive looking tool and, if it was authentic, Peter North was a very lucky man. I could not help wondering how mine compared.

I went upstairs and promptly removed my trousers and underwear. I was not fully hard but it only took a few strokes to bring me to that condition. I held the dildo next to my erection and looked in the mirror. I tried all different angles but there was no escaping the reality. My dick was insignificant compared to the one modelled on Peter bloody North!

I thought next about how I should introduce it to Kate. I mean it was hardly the sort of thing I could ask her to try on for size the minute she came through the door. I had to wait until she was in the mood.

We were finishing our evening meal. That was one positive thing about being without a job. At least I had the time to learn to cook. And so far everything had been moderately edible. Tonight we'd had a vegetable bake. We had finished off a bottle of Californian Chardonnay and were feeling quite relaxed.

"You're looking a bit tired, Kate. Why don't we have an early night? We can share a bath and then go to bed." I was being devious but I convinced myself it was for her own good.

We were snuggled up in bed, her bare bum nestling in my lower stomach, when I kissed her ear and gently blew down it. It was as if I had pressed a switch because she immediately turned round and pulled my face to hers. The next thing her tongue was in my mouth and her leg was hooked over my hip. I reached round and under her leg in order to play with her delightful little fanny. She was already wet. I managed to free myself so that I could move down the bed in order to kiss her fragrant femininity. I lapped at her clit too but I stopped when I felt she was getting close to her climax.

"Don't stop, I'm nearly there." Her voice had that breathlessness to it.

"I've got a surprise for you."

"A surprise? Can't it wait till we're finished?"

"No you'll like it now, I promise. Close your eyes and hold out your hands."

I switched the bedside lamp on before placing the dildo in them. "Allow me to introduce you to Mr North."

She laughed when she saw the size of it. "This has got to be a joke." But it was clear she was intrigued as she studied it in detail. She was holding it by the shaft and I noticed her fingers were not able to fully encircle it.

"What do you think?" I have to admit that I was somewhat apprehensive waiting for her reply. I was apprehensive? She was the one who ought to have been apprehensive!

"It's got a nice feel to it but it's rather big, isn't it?"

"Yes it is Kate, but I wouldn't have thought it's any bigger than your average porn star. Do you want to try it out? There is some lubricant if you need it. Stuff called KY jelly."

"I don't think I need any additional lubricant, Joe."

"Well why not give it a try, then?"

"All right, as long as I can do it at my own pace."

She pushed the bedclothes down and placed a pillow under her backside. I adopted a kneeling position at the foot of the bed. She spread her legs and opened herself as she tried to insert the crown. It took a couple of minutes before her flesh dilated sufficiently for the whole crown to suddenly slip in. She groaned.

"Are you all right?"

She ignored me. With the head secure she could use both hands on the scrotum and she pushed a bit more of it into herself. There was now enough in there for her to be able to ease a little out. I could see the sheen on the shaft. She was right about not needing any lubrication. As she slid it back its momentum allowed her to take a fraction more.

"How does it feel?"

"Big!" She carried on working it in and out and a good half was now being accommodated. She had grimaced initially but it was now abundantly clear that she was deriving some pleasure from it. Soon my wife's little fanny had swallowed as much as three quarters of the huge phallus. Seeing her with her legs splayed, attempting to take still more of it was unbelievably erotic. My own dick was threatening to erupt without any assistance whatsoever. I watched fascinated as she continued to take more and more until it was totally imbedded in her, the plastic scrotum resting against her labia She paused for a moment before she eased out three quarters of it and then slowly reinserted it with a smooth gliding action. She did this a couple of times.

"Do you like it, Kate?"

"It's quite nice but I want a real one inside me now, Joe." She removed her new toy. It left quite a void as the crown slipped out.

I attempted to fill the void. She was, however rather loose.

I remembered that she hadn't climaxed earlier. "Finger yourself while I fuck you, Kate." For once I managed to get the timing right and as she was in the throes of her climax I was ejaculating into her. We kissed in that sleepy post coital afterglow. "I love you, Kate. I love you so much."

"And I love you too, Joe."

"So, what do you think of your new toy?"

"Well, let's just say I can see its attractions but I still prefer yours, Joe."

"You may want to check that you can get it in your mouth as well."

She turned on her side. "You'd like that wouldn't you?"

She didn't actually answer the question but I decided not to labour the point.

"Goodnight, Joe." She kissed me once more.

"Goodnight, Kate. See you in the morning." I switched the bedside light off.

She spoke again. "Goodnight, Mr North."

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